What I’ve Been Up To | Recap

Ah guys this feels so weird. My last post wasn’t even that long ago, but?? It sure feels that way? And I posted quite regularly in February too (at least more regularly than I expected) but this sure feels foreign.

I’m not going to go ‘YAY I’M BACK’ because? I don’t think I am? I definitely want to be back and I am for now, but the new term starts next week and I don’t even dare to hope to have time and energy to blog lmao.

So what have I been up to since my last wrap up in January? (well technically it was in February but I wrapped up January so…)


Can we take a look at this quote from my January wrap up:

I’m more excited about this term, since most of the classes seem more fun

*cue maniacal laughter because boy was I wrong* I had one class on politics which was fun, really! But the other two? Advanced research could have been fun, but we had the worst teacher (I kind of wrecked her in the evaluation and I feel a bit bad but?? This is my education we’re talking about and she didn’t know shit??) so that ruined it. Then in the other class we made radio and tv broadcasts and looking back I guess it was fun, but I was so stressed that I couldn’t enjoy it at all. We had deadlines every week and since I’m not that confident in my skills I felt very pressured and  just uggh. I’ve dealt with a stomach ache due to stress throughout the entire term. Not fun. At least I had my friend by my side! Seriously I wouldn’t have wanted to go to school if it hadn’t been for her

One more term left! I definitely need that Summer break


I’ve mentioned before that I work at the Stedelijk Museum here in Amsterdam which has been fun. There has been some openings for new exhibitions, we went on a gallery tour (which gave me inspiration for a new Blogsterdam post that at this rate will be up in about five years lmao why did I ever think a monthly feature was doable), we had dinner at someone’s house and just had a good time. It’s been a lot of fun.


Okay so I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I’ve been a big fan of Busted for years, but by the time I became a fan they had already broken up, so I didn’t think I’d ever get to see them live. BUT THEN THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER AND THEY CAME TO AMSTERDAM AND I DIED. The end.

No but seriously they were amazing and so much fun (so many space cake jokes omg). I’m so happy I got to see them live.


I won’t go into too many details as I’m still planning on doing a separate post (hopefully I’ll actually get to that yikes) but I’m so happy it finally came to The Netherlands! It was a lot fun and I definitely recommend all Dutchies to go (unless you don’t like Harry Potter. In that case I guess you shouldn’t go)

This basically sums it up. I do feel like I’ve forgotten something, but mostly school took over my life. As usual *sighs* BUT. I still enjoy studying journalism, no worries. Also I just realised I still need to wrap up… two months. Ay that ain’t that bad (not as bad as I thought anyway). So get ready for a wrap up (which won’t be that long considering I barely posted and read anything lol)

WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN UP TO?! WHAT HAVE I MISSED?! Any blog posts you wrote you think I should read? Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To | Recap

  1. I MISS YOU MICHELLE <3 It's good to hear from you! Sending you lots of love and strength for the next term and everything, YOU CAN DO THIS and you are AWESOME :D <3

  2. Aww sounds like you’ve had a stressful time but I hope next term is less stressful and summer is almost in sight – yay! OMG YOU SAW BUSTED THAT’S SO COOL!! Also I had no idea there was a touring Harry Potter exhibition!?!

    • Oh my gosh I didn’t see this comment in my wordpress notifications?? It’s lucky I checked out the post itself. Yes nine more weeks until summer vacation! Just have to pull through :) YES IT WAS AMAZING. and yes there is! I didn’t know either until I think last year?

      • Ah that’s weird!! Yess, you can do this!! AHHH SO COOL. Oooh that’s exciting!! I guess it probably doesn’t tour the UK tho considering we have the studio tour in London, but London is so far from me rip 😂

  3. Hang in there, only one term left! Love that you work at the Stedelijk Museum (somehow I had missed that fact before) and I remember I had Busted songs on repeat for a long time during my high school years (damn I feel old now haha). That Harry Potter exhibition sounds awesome! <3

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  5. Welcome back! I’ve been off for a few months too due to school. :( It’s so hard to balance school and blogging.

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