The Monthly Hufflepuff: February and March

*insert intro about how time flies blabla sorry I have no inspiration for a fun intro so this will have to do*

Basically I read a lot of comics again.

Since I read so many comics I’m doing really well on my Goodreads Challenge. I’m 51 books ahead of schedule lmao.

Other than that? I haven’t made any progress but it’s not like I expected that since I barely blogged and wrote.

This feels a bit odd since it’s already the middle of April, but hey let’s talk about April! Right now I have less than 11 weeks left until Summer break and I’m so ready. So looking forward to that even though that more a next next month (or next next next? I have no idea). April means Doctor Who will be back though! I’m so excited for Bill (BLACK LESBIAN COMPANION) and I can’t wait to get to know her better (and I’m also glad that this will be Moffat’s last season #sorrynotsorry)

QUESTION: how do you pronounce lmao? When you’re reading I mean. I pronounce it as ‘luh-maa-ooh’. Who’s with me? Who’s against me? Kidding you’re not against me if you pronounce it differently. Are you? Let’s not fight about this okay it’s ‘luh-maa-ooh’.

17 thoughts on “The Monthly Hufflepuff: February and March

  1. Ah Princess Princess! I didn’t know that was a book. I read it as a webcomic and loved every bit of it. I’m so behind with Doctor Who. I think the last series I saw was 9, but I was so excited when I saw Bill was going to be the next companion. Did not know she was a lesbian, too ♥

    I say the letters :)

  2. Ooh you read a midsummer night’s dream?! I feel like I should read some shakespeare haha. Also yasss Doctor Who and Bill will be FABB. I pronounce it ‘luh-ma-ay-oh’ haha so kind of similar to you!

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