The Weekly (#47) and Monthly Hufflepuff: April

And ANOTHER weekly wrap up! And a monthly wrap up! Is my blogging slump over? Am I going to rock combining blogging and school this term? WHO KNOWS BUT I’M EXCITED ANYWAY

Also I’m sorry that I once again have to freak out but… IT’S MAY ALREADY? Okay technically it’s still April but it feels like May since I’m wrapping April up. I’m kind of not ready for it to May already, because then soon it will be June and before you know it it’s June 6th and I’m turning 20

Peter Pan where you at mate

This month wasn’t very exciting when it came to books, though some good comic issues came out (I still need to catch up on some!). It wasn’t a bad month either though!

Zodiac Starforce was SUCH a fun comic I need more. I think there’s going to be a second series this year? Fingers crossed! Hopefully I’ll review it soon.

I read the 2015 Archie comics last month, so I started Jughead as well. While I do really love his character, I found it hard to get through. Also it made me really, really despise Riverdale’s Jughead even more. Not only did they erase his asexuality (and it seems like he’s aromantic as well, nor does he like to be touched) they completely erased his fun personality?? I will eventually pick up volume 2 though, because as I said I really love Jughead (also was anyone else really disgusted when in this week’s episode he said that Archie’s songs made you want to slit your wrists like that’s not okay??? Don’t joke about that??)

I really liked the first issue of America, but the second one? Wow. It was a bit of a mess story wise. There was so much going on that I got really confused. Still love the character though, so I’m not giving up (besides it’s only the second issue)

And I really, really need to get to reviewing Brave Chef Brianna and Goldie Vance as these comics are AMAZING. I’ll get to reviewing the BBC Class books as soon as I’ve finished Joy Ride. My review for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be up this week! I think I scheduled it for tomorrow?

This school week was so much better than the last! I’m really looking forward to this term now. It also helped that I only had three days of school (though I didn’t go to one of them because I was exhausted and needed to sleep) since Thursday was Kingsday and we had Friday of as well. This gave me plenty of time to do school work and blog – I scheduled three posts for this week again!

I missed Doctor Who yesterday (I’m already caught up though so here’s my weekly reminder that I love Bill Potts. Also the Doctor punched a racist bigot – iconic) because I finally went to see Hidden Figures! It was my most anticipated movie of the year, so I’m not sure why it took me this long. It was INCREDIBLE though. It exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were really high already. I need to see it again. It’s so powerful and just

I had no idea I posted this much this month?! I really hope I’ll be able to keep this up, because boy did I miss this.

And once again that’s a wrap! How has your week been? Have you seen Hidden Figures? What did you think of it? Are you enjoying Doctor Who season 10 so far? What have you been reading? Tell me all about it in the comments!

13 thoughts on “The Weekly (#47) and Monthly Hufflepuff: April

  1. Thanks for the mention. Those are some amazing posts I’ll have to go through later. Hope next month has more interesting reads.

  2. I didn’t realize Emma Watson was a gif, I thought it was just a picture and then her eyes moved and I nearly freaked out…

  3. Aww, thanks for linking my post! I’m so happy you like my poetry. 😊 And days off from school is awesome! I’ve heard of like none of the books you read lol. Except my friend likes Riverdale and Jughead, so I guess I’m not completely clueless??? XD Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  4. Thanks for the mention!! Dont worry, my laptop broke so I havent posted in a while, so youre fine. Im glad this week was better for you! I dont watch Doctor Who, and I feel like every week Im just going to keep remembering how much I should… Also, its May??? What?!?

  5. Hi Michelle!
    Thank you so so much for featuring my post! That’s so kind of you and I really appreciate it.
    How did you find the Jughead graphic novel(?)? I’ve been meaning to, but don’t know much beyond what it is about!

    • You’re welcome! I loved it so I had to share it :)
      I watched Riverdale and as I found out how they changed some things (that they really, REALLY shouldn’t have changed – I wasn’t familiar with the comics at all so I had no idea) I decided to check out the comics, but the older ones didn’t really appeal to me, so I read the Archie 2015 ones and in one of those volumes they advertised Jughead’s own comics. I don’t think there’s one main arc, but I’ve only read one volume. I think just like in the Archie comics there will be several stories/adventures taking place in Riverdale? In the first volume Jughead investigates the sketchy new principal, so maybe they’ll be mystery related. It’s definitely a fun read though!

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