Brave Chef Brianna: Cook With Anxiety in a City Full of Monsters

It’s time to talk about another favourite comic! This time it’s Brave Chef Brianna‘s turn, which sadly only has four issues. Though the story is wrapped up neatly and more issues aren’t necessary, I just want them! Four issues is way too short for me haha. So what is Brave Chef Brianna about?

Brianna’s father sets her and her brothers a challenge: the sibling with the most successful restaurant will earn the family empire. There’s only one restaurant allowed per city and Brianna decides to start hers in Monster City.

So why should you read it?

  • Brianna is a great character. She has anxiety which is portrayed in a very realistic way, which she constantly battles which is very inspiring to see. Despite her anxiety she doesn’t give up
  • It takes place in Monster City, so there are lots of interesting characters (almost all of them monsters)
  • Supportive friends!
  • Especially girls supporting girls!
  • Great art – characters don’t look the same, it’s colourful yet also fits the sometimes darker atmosphere
  • Fun recipes (at the end of each issue a recipe is included)
  • Basically it’s just a fun read!

Though I wish the story had delved a bit deeper into the history of Monster City and the reasoning of its laws, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was a fun read and I especially appreciated Brianna’s portrayal of anxiety. I’d definitely recommend this one (plus it’s a short read so what’s stopping you?)

Have you read Brave Chef Brianna yet? What did you think? Any other comics with great portrayals of anxiety you think I should read? Let me know in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Brave Chef Brianna: Cook With Anxiety in a City Full of Monsters

  1. Omg, I’ve never heard of this but it sounds SO COOL! (And I’m on the hunt for more comics/graphic novels to read. The only problem is they cost the same as books but take me way less time to read haha.) Yay for girls supporting girls as well!

      • Omg I just added something to my TBR pile and it made me think of you, because the main character is mourning the suicide of his boyfriend. Ah “We Are the Ants.” I don’t remember the author. Also have you read Saga at all? It’s representation levels are amazing.

        Yup! Anxiety definitely manifests differently for everyone, but I never want to miss any story that gets it right regardless of how it portrays it :)

      • Oh I must look into that thank you! I haven’t read Saga. I did think about it but then read that it was pretty graphic when it came to sex scenes? If that’s the case then unfortunately it’s not for me :(

      • Hm, yeah, it is a bit graphic in that area AND it’s graphic with the violence, too. I think the fourth volume opens with a very gratuitous shot of childbirth, so it might not be your thing.

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