All About My TV Shows Tag

I got tagged by the Queen of TV Shows Kat herself, so thank you Kat! If you’re not familiar with her blog, go check it out!

1. First TV show you ever watched

I definitely don’t know what the first one was, but one of the first was of course PokΓ©mon haha. I know there were many other cartoons/anime I watched, but I don’t know which one was first? It might have been PokΓ©mon, but there’s also a good chance it wasn’t. My first tv show might have been the Dutch Sesame Street as well haha. I really wish I remembered!

2. All-time favorite TV show

For a really, really long time this was definitely Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is still one of my favourite shows, but it has been so long since I’ve seen it, I’m not sure if I’d still call it my number one? I definitely still love it a lot though. It shaped and inspired me in a lot of ways.

My all-time favourite tv show might actually be The Fosters though. I love it to pieces and it’s so so so important. I’ve talked about it before here and I’m considering writing a separate post on it because though it’s not completely unknown, it definitely deserves more love

3. Your character crush

Oh my gosh only one character? And are we talking current or past as well? Because I think as a kid I had a tiny crush on Ash Ketchum (I’m not sure if I approve of that hahaha).

Right now, it’s really hard to pick because I’m pretty much crushing on all the Shadowhunters characters (minus the obvious ones like Valentine and Sebastian – though Will Tudor is making it very, very hard – why is he so cute this is illegal)

4. Favorite OTP

I have so many OTPs that the ‘one’ part has kind of lost its meaning lmao. It’s really, really hard to choose though. It also depends on what I’m currently watching/reading. Like for a while Victuuri from Yuri on Ice were probably my favourite OTP, but since it stopped airing I lost my obsession (now it’s just a healthy love haha). Right now, I’d have to say Malec from Shadowhunters and Trimberly from Power Rangers (please don’t make me choose I already chose two out of the many, many ones I have)

5. Most disappointing ending or cancellation

Most disappointing cancellation is probably (I say probably since it’s not official yet) is BBC Class. It hasn’t been announced yet, but the ratings weren’t great since BBC barely marketed it and there has been no news regarding a second season yet. Even if it does get renewed though, I’ll have mixed feelings about it since it will be without Patrick Ness, the showrunner and writer of all the episodes. Another disappoiting cancellation was Powerless. I saw it coming, but I didn’t think they were just going to quit airing the remaining episodes. Rude. It was such a cute show, with fun references, a fun (and diverse!) cast, and it covered some important issues while still remaining a light show.

Most disappointing ending is definitely How I Met Your Mother and I will leave it at that or I will go into a rant and believe me no one wants thatΒ πŸ™ˆ

6. A show you would like to be on

As in a cast member? Or a crew member? I’m way too shy to actually star on anything haha (also my anxiety is telling me nope no way start running now), but the Shadowhunters cast seems so lovely and fun that I’d love to work with them. Behind the scenes that is

7. A character you would love to take out on a date

Let me take out all my babies, buy them some ice cream and protect them from the scary thing that is the television industry (stop hurting them you monsters)

8. A popular TV show you can’t stand

Hahaha so many? Woops. Though I really, really can’t stand The Big Bang Theory #sorrynotsorry

9. A scene that made you cry like a baby

So many?? I’m super emotional so there are many scenes that made me cry. It’s also hard to choose one without spoiling anyone. Small spoiler for The Fosters (but a good one? And it’s not like you won’t see it coming?) but Stef and Lena’s wedding(s) made me cry like a baby.
There’s also a scene in the Andi Mack finale that I really, really don’t want to spoil. It’s a happy moment as well though, but oh my god I can still cry just thinking about it.

10. A character with a killer wardrobe

I love Petra Solano’s (Jane the Virgin) wardrobe. Not for me though, but still. Jane herself also has a great wardrobe. Bill Potts’ (Doctor Who) wardrobe was on point. Andi Mack (from Andi Mack) has a great wardrobe that I would’ve appreciated greatly at her age (I do on my age as well haha). Callie from The Fosters usually has great outfits too. Oh and how can I forget Queen Lydia Martin!! I also adored Kira’s wardrobe. Wait I was supposed to pick one?


Ash | Smiling Dreamer | Nisha

What’s a popular tv showΒ you can’t stand? Is there a tv character you’d eat some ice cream with? Let me know in the comments!



23 thoughts on “All About My TV Shows Tag

  1. I saw an Amanita gif and I feel the need to tell you to go watch Sense8 (if you haven’t already) because it’s amazing :)

    • Haha I wanted to watch it but heard there were very graphic sex scenes and I’m not that comfortable with those πŸ˜… unless it’s not that bad? I did get through some awkward Dear White People scenes πŸ˜‚

      • Nope no no no they’re VERY graphic, definitely uncomfortable. It’s the only thing I didn’t like about it but still it’s a great series!

  2. I loved watching Pokemon when I was younger!! I’ve never watched Buffy but I’ve heard great things about it…. people seem to get SO invested in it :) Awesome post!!

  3. It’s so great you did this tag! :D I’m with you on the ending of HIMYM, I’m still not over it, it makes me so mad just thinking about it ahah. I agree with Petra and Jane’s wardrobe, love both so much! And yes for The Fosters. I haven’t started the new season yet but I’m eager to :)

  4. First, thank you for calling me by my rightful title. Second, I just want to point out that I didn’t declare myself Queen of TV. I was granted this honor by the higher power that is my Twitter and blog followers hahaha Now third, great answers!
    I thought I could see a pattern in your wardrobe preferences for characters, but they are either quite stylish and fancy or pretty casual hahaha it’s difficult to say. Working on Shadowhunters would be so much fun for sure. I kind of would like to actually be part of the cast in one of my favorite shows. Just to try it out, you know? I don’t think I belong in front of the screen, but it would be so cool to just appear once.

    • Haha you have been democratically chosen as the Queen of TV ;)
      Hahaha yeah there’s probably a pattern if you look at some of the characters I mentioned, but then other characters completely ruin that pattern. I chose characters whose wardrobe I’d love to own but also characters whose wardrobe I love on them I guess :P
      Yes a short cameo would be fun! I could handle that haha :P Just having one line to say to your favourite actor on the show (though maybe that’d be a hard pick haha)

      • And I humbly accepted that title.
        I totally get why you chose those characters. I loved Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe and while I wouldn’t want to wear it myself, I adored it on her.
        Having to say one line can be SO hard. Acting class really taught me that. I once did one line 7 times and it still didn’t feel entirely right.

      • Ohh I adore her wardrobe too! Didn’t think of her as I’ve only seen a few episodes. A friend of mine used to call me Blair because I used to dress a lot like her haha (I didn’t watch the show back then so it was unintentional)
        Oh my gosh really? Maybe one word would be more realistic then πŸ˜‚

  5. Ohmygosh I had a massive crush on Ash Ketchum when I was a wee one. To be honest I think he might have been my first ever crush? Including humans, haha XD

    I actually really like the sound of this tag so I hope you don’ mind I I steal it ;D I watch a lot of shows and I’d love to think about all the answers.

    For a while Buffy was my favourite show as well, but it has been superceded. It still remains amongst my very top favourites, but it just doesn’t hold number one anymore.

    • Hahaha I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a crush on Ash XD

      No of course go ahead and steal it :D

      Yeah same here! I’ve just discovered so many amazing shows after Buffy that I can’t really call it my number one anymore

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