The Writer’s Tag | Where I Talk About My WIP (Sort Of – I Tried)

Since it’s NaNoWriMo (and this blog technically is also a writing blog) I’ve been on the lookout for some fun writing tags. Thus I found The Writer’s Tag on Head in the Clouds.

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

Mostly fantasy, though my current WIP (like the one I’m trying to focus on instead of all the others) is a contemporary. I’m also planning a detective series though.

I’ve found that I often focus a lot on friendship, no matter the genre. I just have a soft spot for friendship and definitely prefer it to romance (though I do love my ships). Some other topics I often write about are anxiety, loss, grief, PTSD, family, corruption and discovering yourself. There’s probably more but my mind is drawing a blank haha.

How long have you been writing?

This may sound cliché but it’s true: as long as I can remember. I can’t pinpoint an exact moment when I started writing, nor do I remember what my first story was. I’ve just been making up stories and characters as long as I remember.

Why do you write?

Because I can

Because I love how I can immerse myself in all these exciting worlds and do whatever I want.

Because I can express myself and my feelings throughout my stories and characters.

Because I’ve always had trouble expressing myself through speech, so I feel so free when I can write my words down

Because I love it

When is the best time to write?

Whenever I can, and when I say can when my mind is in the right place and I’m not too exhausted. School can drain all of my creativity out of me which makes it hard to write during the school year. Other than that, time of day doesn’t really matter.

What parts of writing do you love and hate?

I love the excitment when you come up with a fun new idea, when everything comes together and you can picture your world and characters, when you reach that stage where you feel like you know your characters in and out, when you figure out how to fix an annoying plot hole, when inspiration (finally) strikes and how the world seems to fall away when you’re writing.

I hate that my mind keeps coming up with new exciting ideas when I still need to finish other stories, I hate when I come up with great ideas/scenes/lines/etc when I’m lying in my bed trying to sleep, I hate how school and life in general can get in the way of writing and just suck all of your creativity out of you and obviously I hate writer’s block (related to the previous one, but I can still get writer’s block when school and life aren’t getting in the way of course).

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I probably don’t? I usually get writing’s block during the school year and I have no idea what to do. I’m so stressed and exhausted that I can’t get myself to write, even though there are times that I want to (and actually have the time). So sorry no wise advice from me haha

Are you working on something at the moment?

I am! I’m working on my contemporary WIP that was my Camp NaNo project last year and this year as well. I’m having a lot of trouble summarising/explaining it without giving too much away so here’s my summary on my NaNo page: ‘Friendship, banter, food, karaoke, The Gay™, Dora the Explorer Discourse (I’m not even joking I really hope people will find this very very long scene as hilarious as I do lmao)’

Yes there’s is Dora the Explorer Discourse. And it takes up several pages. I should be ashamed of that shouldn’t I

I’m not thoughAnyway it’s very light and fluffy though it tackles some more serious issues like anxiety, bullying and abusive parents too.

Other than that I’m always planning and thinking of other stories. Like just two days ago I started planning a new novel (*whispers* send help). Like I mentioned before I’m planning a detective series, there’s still my urban fantasy series The Chosen Ones that I’m planning all over again because I’m not satisfied with it at all), a superheroes story (might be a series) and a retelling (standalone contemporary). And about a million other ideas floating around in my head

What are your writing goals this year?

Just write more in general. But also finish my Camp NaNo project. Not necessarily this month (that’s definitely not going to happen with the way my month is going), but I really want to finally finish it so I can start working on other projects


Whoever wants to do this!

What are you currently working on? And what are your goals? Also any tips on how to deal with writer’s block? Let me know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “The Writer’s Tag | Where I Talk About My WIP (Sort Of – I Tried)

  1. This is such a fun tag, Michelle :) It’s crazy, having so many ideas and not knowing what to do with them, right?! I wish we could write all the things at the same time ahah. best of luck for all of your writing projects! <3 <3

    • Haha yep, if only! I tried doing that before and it didn’t work out though 😂 So I’m making myself write one project at a time. Thank you good luck to you too! ❤❤

  2. Good luck finishing your WIP! It sounds fantastic. I also love focusing on friendships more than romance! I am already intrigued by the Dora the Explorer discourse :D .

  3. I loved reading your answers to this and especially that you focus so much on friendship in your stories. That is the best! I am kicking myself in the butt for not doing that myself, even though I value it so much in other books.
    I might just have to steal this tag from you ;)

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  6. I LOVE FANTASY. And detective? COUNT ME IN. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember too! I love the reasons why you write, I mainly do it because of its so much fun!!! Also the motivation that one day your books will be loved and treasured and be in bookstores *Dreams*

    • Yess those are great reasons too! I can’t believe I forgot the dream of having your book get published, finding it in bookstores and hopefully being loved by people :D Let’s hope we’ll get there one day! :)

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