Magical Girls Save the Day Once Again in Zodiac Starforce

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always loved magical girl anime. So naturally I was really excited when I discovered Zodiac Starforce. Which means I really want to make all of you excited about it. Right now there are five issues: four in the Zodiac Starforce: By The Power of Astra arc and 1 in the new Cries of the Fire Prince story

So why should you read it? I’m glad you asked *finger guns*

💛 If you love magical girls, why are you still here? Go go go!
💛 It’s a very diverse group of girls too!
💛 Different ethnicities, different sexualities and different personalities of course
💛 There’s an f/f relationship that’s major to the plot!
💛 Friendship!
💛 The art is beautiful and of course magical
💛 It skips the whole origin story of how the girls became magical girls (and friends), but it does so in a clever way – I was never confused (though now I want the origin story)
💛 While it’s definitely not as dark as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, it does cover the darker side of being a magical girl
💛 But it’s definitely not that dark! I mean, it definitely gets dark at times, but overall it’s still a light and fun read
💛 Their ‘magical girl identities’ and powers are based on their zodiac signs, which I personally find really cool
💛 They have really cool weapons and magical powers
💛 Healthy romantic relationships!
💛 Realistic teen texts (there’s one convo between two of the girls that is definitely me and one of my friends)
💛 It’s funny!
💛 Did I mention the art and their outfits and hair I am in love
💛 It’s fun!

But my biggest reason why you should read it really is magical girls. I mean, girls who are often still feminine and girly (and they’re allowed to!) who kick ass? How could I not love that! How could you not love that?

Have you read Zodiac Starforce? Or any other magical girls comics that aren’t that popular that I should read? Or maybe underrated magical girl anime that I should watch? Let me know in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Magical Girls Save the Day Once Again in Zodiac Starforce

  1. I love Zodiac Starforce too!!! My trusted friend who ownes a comic bookstore has told me that she doesn’t think there’ll be more in that particular story, which made me a little sad. But I haven’t checked out Cries of the Fire Prince yet, so I might have to do that.

  2. I have to remember that we’re friends on Goodreads, because I keep coming across these books that make me think about you lol. I know you love diversity in ethnicity and LGBTQ, and I keep finding a bunch I think you’d like. Happiness is recommending books to your fellow bookworm friends ♥

    Oh! And I bought Goldie Vance. It arrived the other day from Barnes & Noble. Their comic/graphic novel section wasn’t as extensive as I thought. They had a lot of Marvel and DC, which is fine. I know that’s the most popular, but I wish they had more non-Marvel and DC.

    I’m adding this one…or trying to o.O Goodreads is currently over capacity :-O I was interested already, but the powers based on zodiac signs sold me!

    • Haha I’d love some recs :D Very true! I love spreading the love ☺️

      Ohhh I hope you’ll enjoy Goldie Vance! Ahh that’s a shame :( There are so many great (and popular!) non-Marvel and DC comics/graphic novels out there :/

      Oh yeah I had trouble with Goodreads earlier as well! Hopefully it’s working for you again. And hopefully you’ll enjoy this one too :D Right?! I find it so cool and unique!

      • Right? I guess they want to try to compete with the comic book store, but when I went to the one in the mall, they at least had Saga and other things. Oh well, there’s always Amazon and B&N online. I will get my fix somehow!

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