Introducing My Characters

Since I suck at summarising my Camp NaNo WIP (which I really need to get better at woops) I decided to instead show some aesthetics and talk about my characters, because I can talk about my children all day. Plus I always struggle with whether or not I really know my characters or not, so I’d figure this would be a helpful exercise. And hopefully at the same time this will be fun for you guys to read? I hope? LET’S GO


Okay so if you’re new/never read any of my previous posts on this WIP/forgot, what is this about? I suck at summarising it, but in an earlier post I explained my WIP as the following:

‘Friendship, banter, food, karaoke, The Gay™, Dora the Explorer Discourse (I’m not even joking I really hope people will find this very very long scene as hilarious as I do lmao)’

Anyway it’s very light and fluffy though it tackles some more serious issues like anxiety, bullying and abusive parents too.

Here’s a general aesthetic of the WIP to hopefully make it less vague?

It doesn’t take place in Rome. Okay, it partially does, because they go there on a schooltrip, but it mostly takes place in a fictional town in The Netherlands which I still need to name (my antagonist is also still called [antagonist] hahaha rip)


Yong-sun An

💛 Is a blue cow
💛 Very organised
💛 Needs to plan everything
💛 Confused lil bean
💛 Wants to be a journalist but is scared his anxiety will get in the way
💛 Keeps a diary
💛 Prefers to write down his feelings rather than talk
💛 Will think about the worst possible scenario
💛 Tried to hide under a bed once but there was no room rip
💛 Is immune to Drew’s puppy eyes
💛 Loyal friend
💛 Worries about his grades all the time, no matter how well he did
💛 Blows everyone away with his vocals
💛 Boots from Dora the Explorer was his favourite
💛 Hides in bathrooms
💛 Is tired of All I Want For Christmas – there are other Christmas songs
💛 Is not best friends with Drew (except he is)
💛 Completely clueless: ‘He felt an odd sensation at reading the message, probably a new level of annoyance.’ ‘There was also a weird feeling in his stomach. Annoyance, he decided.’ Yeah, ANNOYANCE
💛 Has no idea what flirting even is

Andrew ‘Drew’ Lewis

💛 Don’t call him Andrew
💛 Is a lil shit but everyone loves him anyway
💛 Will come up with the stupidest ideas
💛 Thinks he’s cool
💛 But he’s not
💛 Wants to see the world and get away from his past
💛 His flirting is very uneffective pls help him
💛 Is not subtle at all
💛 Always hungry
💛 Takes food very seriously
💛 Sleeps with a bunny sleeping mask on his face
💛 Feelings haha what are those
💛 Original Mom Friend™
💛 ‘I’m gonna wing it’
💛 Will fight you
💛 Asks deep questions about pigeons
💛 Just because he can’t sing doesn’t mean he won’t sing
💛 He’s a growing boy
💛 Believes ‘please’ is an actual magic word
💛 Hates Boots from Dora the Explorer

Reyna Vélez

💛 Former student council president
💛 Loved by pretty much the entire school because she stands up for everyone and is genuinely friendly
💛 Wants to become a succesful director
💛 Vlogger
💛 Will fight you
💛 ‘Do it for the vine’
💛 Netherlands is not Germany dammit
💛 Ships her friends
💛 Will not accept help
💛 Actual Queen
💛 Will drag you out of your bed in the middle of the night for karaoke
💛 ‘Like my picture’
💛 Has a youtube channel where she covers social issues and movies, tv shows, documentaries etc and posts cute vlogs about her friends
💛 Will never make you do something you don’t want
💛 Always looks good in pictures
💛 Can’t stop, won’t stop
💛 Will throw you out of the group chat
💛 Doesn’t like showing people her weaknesses
💛 Changes the group chat’s name all the time
💛 Will make you take awkward pictures (but won’t post them if you don’t want her to)
💛 Would jump out of a plane without a parachute
💛 Most likely to embarrass you with her speech at your wedding

Hye-su Seung

💛 Too pure for this world
💛 Shy lil bean
💛  Unless you’re close to her
💛  Very observant
💛  Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you
💛  Can’t even hurt a fly tho
💛  Forgives pretty easily
💛  Art hoe
💛  Doesn’t know what she wants to study because she wants to do all the art/theater things as long as it doesn’t put her in the spotlight
💛 Plays with her sleeves
💛 Don’t disrespect the Colosseum
💛 Will hit you if you disrespect the Art
💛 Second Mom Friend™
💛 Will pet a rock
💛 Always has good advice
💛 Paint. Paint everywhere. Behind nails, ears, eyelids, walls, windows. Everywhere
💛 Good listener
💛 Knows when you need a hug
💛 Biggest procrastinator of them all
💛 Stereotypical Hufflepuff
💛 Is sick of anxiety dictating her life

So that’s a short summary (meme??) of my kids! Turns out I know them pretty well, but I wonder if all of this is even in the WIP?? I know that Reyna being the previous student council president isn’t, because I came up with that not too long ago. But the other stuff?? I DON’T KNOW. I NEED TO EDIT. EXCEPT I WANT TO FINISH IT FIRST #writerproblems.

I hope that was interesting/fun to read? And hopefully that made my WIP less vague, at least a little bit haha. Can you relate to any of these characters? If you were to describe your characters in this way/as memes, how would you describe them? TALK TO ME ABOUT YOUR KIDS

42 thoughts on “Introducing My Characters

    • Thank you! Haha I’m glad you think I’m funny XD Whenever I’m working on my WIP I’m like ‘well I hope someone out there shares my humour’ because otherwise my book would just be weird 😂

  1. O M GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I FRICKING LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS AND AESTHETICS AND HUMOR PLS CAN I BE YOU AND/OR YOUR CHARACTERS. I love the overall aesthetics, and then I love the aesthetics for each character. LIKE WHOA. Oh my god oh my god *fangirls about literally everything* I LOVE THIS POST AND I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS. I looooove softies who are too pure for this world (I had one in my old novel lol). Reyna seems like an absolute LOVELY and Drew seems like someone I would date in another life (if I was a boy and gay). And AWWWWW YONG-SUN <3 <3 <3 I love this post so much, Michelle. (As you probably can tell???)


      Yesss I love pure characters I need more of them in my life. They’re just,, so soft?? I want to hug them?? The world needs more soft, pure characters (though we are getting more of them lately) I’m so happy that you love my characters ❤️

  2. CXLXMXKWO HOW AM I ALREADY IN LOVE WITH YOUR CHARACTERS? 😭😭 MICHELLE, I HAVE A NEED FOR THEM NOW. I’m an aesthetics hoe (lmao I literally have an ig account for them) so seeing yours which are stunning, made this post 100× more awesome to me 😍

  3. OH I love these aesthetics so, SO much, Michelle, they look sooo pretty – also, I’m quite curious about the book now. Glad you’re sharing more about your WIP, this was so cool to read – and also encourages me to maybe do that as well someday! :) I think my favorite is Hye-su Seung already :P

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  5. OMG BLESS I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH this is such a cool idea!!! Honestly I love hearing about other people’s characters. I have so many fictional children of my own but I’m just bad at thinking up, like, plot or conflict or conveying their character in actual writing haha. Love ‘will hit you if you disrespect art’ A+ content. Also taking food seriously, #RELATABLE.

    • THANK YOU EVE 😭❤️
      Yesss me too. Ahhh I feel you. Like I know my characters pretty well, but?? Are they the same characters in the story itself?? I dunno
      Haha thank you :P Right? Food should be taken VERY seriously

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  8. AHHH I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS SO MUCH!!! Can they just be real and my group of friends?? PleasE?? They’re so fabulous and just ahajahdjsfkjwefowef. Also those aesthetics!!! SO PRETTY! As usual. ;D I hope your WIP is going well?! I’m so curious about your book now ahah.

    • THANK YOU!!! Awww haha thank you that means a lot ❤️ Ahhh it’s going… okay? I worked on it a bit a while ago and I’m constantly thinking about it, just not writing woops I’ll finish it one day 😂

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