Characters I Would Fight You For

Look, I’m not a violent person. I literally can’t hurt a fly. I’ll open a window and wave my arms around the fly towards the window hoping it will fly out the window. But if you talk bad about these characters there’s a chance I’ll fight you. At least mentally

Harry Potter

Maybe you’re thinking: Michelle, who hates Harry frickin’ Potter?? Well lots of people apparently! A while back I was looking for annoying YA characters for a tag (my mind was going blank so I needed inspiration) and I found Harry on pretty much every list?? And of course the reason he was on there was because of his behaviour in Order of the Phoenix.


Yes, he shouldn’t blow up at people and having PTSD isn’t an excuse for it, but it is aΒ reason. He’s 15 years old, having dealt with a lot of traumatic crap already and now he’s finally blowing up. Order of the Phoenix Harry shows us how human Harry is and that watching Cedric die, facing Voldemort once again and this time with his full powers restored, being surrounded by Death Eaters, seeing his dead parents come out of Voldemorts wand… That was all just too much for him and he can’t handle it anymore.

Another complaint is that Harry won’t go to Dumbledore about Umbridge because he doesn’t want to bother him. He grew up in an abusive household, where he wasn’t even allowed to ask questions, let alone ask for help or go to the Dursley’s with his problems. Not to mention he already felt like a bother to Dumbledore since he was avoiding him.

I swear I will fight you for my son Harry Potter

Ron Weasley

I know Ron has flaws, but let’s not forget that he’s incredibly loyal to his friends? And he won’t take any crap from pure-blood supremacists? His wand was broken and he still tried to hex Malfoy, even though he knew it could backfire badly. He stood on a frickin’ broken leg and used himself as a shield to protect Harry from a supposed mass-murderer who was supposed to be an expert at the Dark Arts. Yes, he lets his jealousy get to him sometimes, but he’s only human. He wrote his mom to make sure Harry would get Christmas presents. He broke Harry out and invited him to his home. That boy would do anything for his friends.

Is this Ron protecting Harry from Sirius or me protecting Ron from the haters

Heroes of Olympus characters that aren’t Percy and Annabeth (and Leo before Blood of Olympus came out)

Especially on Tumblr I saw a lot of hatred towards these characters, for the most ridiculous reasons. I’ve already talked about Piper in my Book Aesthetics Tag, so I won’t repeat myself. But why would you hate on the cinnamon rolls that are Hazel and Frank??Β That’s an actual question. If you hate/dislike them, could you please tell me why?

People hate on Jason because he’s ‘a boring version of Percy’. I’m pretty sure RiordanΒ meant for Percy and Jason to be pretty similar, except they were each other Greek and Roman versions and thus perfect to take each other’s place and bring the two camps together. Personally I love my dorky son Jason who tried to eat a stapler.

Leo was really loved, until the events of Blood of Olympus. I get why people were angry, but the hatred I saw was a bit too much back then. He was the fandoms golden child before Blood of Olympus though, and the other four took all the heat.

Of course you don’t have to like all these characters! Everyone has different opinions but personally I find hatred a bit much? They’re not Octavian

Agatha WellbeloveΒ 

Okay I know I’ve already talked about her in my Book Aesthetics Tag as well, but like Piper I didn’t want to leave her out. I get not liking her or not being interested in her, but hatred? She isn’t The Mage (yes I’m repeating myself but,,) I mean the girl just wanted to live a quiet life with a cute dog and realised she deserved better than being the hero’s reward at the end of the quest.

If you do hate these characters, that’s fine! I won’tΒ actually fight you (really hope I didn’t scare you lmao) I’ll just start screaming on the insideΒ  Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Which characters would you fight someone for? If you do dislike/hate these characters, why? (seriously don’t worry I won’t fight you) Let me know in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Characters I Would Fight You For

  1. WAIT WHY WOULDN’T YOU FIGHT PEOPLE FOR PERCY AND ANNABETH??? Is it because they’re universally loved because I know some people who don’t love them and :)))))))) FITE ME. Percy and Annabeth are my favs tbh. PLUS GROVER. And yes! Harry is hated on and I get he’s the Chosen One and perfect and all, but still — he has gone through SO much! <3

    • WHO DOESN’T LOVE MY BABIES PERCY AND ANNABETH. I’ve never seen anyone hate on them, so that’s why I didn’t include them. This is basically a list of characters who get hated on and I’ll fight people for πŸ˜‚ SERIOUSLY WHY DO THEY HATE PERCY AND ANNABETH. WAIT ARE YOU SAYING GROVER IS ALSO YOUR FAVE OR THAT PEOPLE HATE ON MY BABY GROVER? NO ONE HATES ON GROVER

      • I KNOW HOW COULD THEY EVER HATE ON PERCY OR ANNABETH??? I think people mainly disliked Annabeth becsuse she was bratty/mean/selfish but honestly THEY’RE READING TOO MUCH INTO IT??? Annabeth is such a great character. :’)

  2. Omg anyone who talks bad about HP loves all my respect and gets a knuckle sandwich!!!!! Not really. But I’m with you!!! No one can talk bad about them!!! I feel this way about Peet’s from Hunger Games (books not movies) I FREAKING LOVE PEETA AND HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE TALK CRAP!!!!

  3. I still can’t believe anyone dislikes or, worse, hates Harry. Or Ron. They’re both such great friends. Sure, they can be annoying in their own way sometimes, but who isn’t? Like, come on, they’re people. Good people. Anyone should feel lucky to have them as friends :)

    • I knowwww they’re just realistic characters with flaws?? Like people complain if characters are too perfect without any flaws, but then when characters DO have flaws (and are good people despite those flaws) they get annoyed too lol. Yeah I wish Harry and Ron were my friends!

  4. Spoiler for ACOTAR:

    One character I would fight for is Tamlin. Not because I’m trying to excuse any of his actions but I just think a lot of people are way too hard and critical about him.

  5. I’ll admit it. OOTP was my least favorite HP for a long time due to Harry’s behavior, but looking back on it, you’re right. It makes psychological sense.

    I feel this way about Sansa Stark from ASOIAF/GOT, which I know isn’t your type of story, but people hate on her for being a “stupid little girl.” πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ She’s a child! You can’t expect her to make decisions in a world even adults can’t navigate that well. Also misogyny πŸ™„

    • Yeah I completely understand why people get annoyed by his behaviour, I just wish people would understand it and not hate on him for it haha (I probably get really annoyed by it because I always related a lot to OOTP Harry)

      I don’t know much about GoT but that sounds really annoying :/ A kid in our world can’t be expected of to make good decisions, let alone in a world like GoT!

      • I think you’re supposed to be annoyed by him, but then check yourself and reexamine *why* he’s feeling that way.

        That’s funny that you say you related to Harry Potter in that book, because that’s how I feel about Sansa at last in terms of being sheltered! I was VERY sheltered as a child, and people used to give me crap for it. It wasn’t my fault that I was inexperienced, and it’s extremely unfair to put someone into a situation where they don’t have the tools to navigate then judge them for not knowing how to find their way :(

  6. OH YES, I love this post so much, Michelle. I don’t get why people would dislike Harry or Ron, they are both fantastic characters, mostly because they both are SO, well…human. Having gone through so much, everything in the Order of the Phoenix is so understandable.

    • Thank you Marie! Yes exactly, they have flaws and it’s okay to find those flaws annoying, but it makes them so human and realistic! Hatred is a bit much for me considering that despite their flaws they have hearts of gold

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  8. YES YES YES!!! Neither Harry or Ron are perfect (as humans aren’t!!) but they get so much more hate than they deserve???! And also yessss, like WHY would you hate on Frank and Hazel?? I just don’t get itttt. And Leo got so much hate after Blood of Olympus! I was a bit disgruntled at him, I’ll admit buuuuut hate is wayyyy overboard like noooo Leo is still precious. <3 And Jason. And Piper. ALL MY HEROES ARE PRECIOUS OKAY. We shall fight the haters together!! xD

    • Yesss exactly they’re just imperfect humans which makes them such great characters and so lovable! I honestly don’t get the Hazel and Frank hate either. They’re just precious cinnamon rolls?? Yeah I completely get hating his actions (though I also get the reasong behind his actions) but hating on him this badly?? Whyyy YES WE SHALL START A FIGHT CLUB TO PROTECT OUR PRECIOUS CHARACTERS

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  10. Every single person on here, I was like, I WILL FIGHT FOR THEM!!!!! A little while ago, in Spanish class, we were describing characters, and we had already done Harry and Hermione, and I was suggesting Ron, but everyone was saying mean stuff about him, and it made me so sad. :( :( :( *millions of sad faces*

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