The Weekly Hufflepuff #57 | HELP I’M NOT READY FOR SCHOOL

I’m sorry the old Michelle can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh! Cause Crooked Kingdom murdered her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A lot of you warned me that Crooked Kingdom was going to break me, and guess what!! It did!! It would’ve put me in a reading slump (BECAUSE WHAT CAN COMPARE) but I had already started Marked by Kim Richardson while on the bus the other day. Which was so bad that I just need to read something that’s slightly better (so hey at least it cured me from my possible reading slump that Crooked Kingdom almost put me in!). I’ll hopefully review it soon but… So much lost potential.  I also read America‘s latest issue and am so glad that we’re leaving this artist behind. I really didn’t like that art style. Though the arc felt really rushed, which is a shame because I really liked the previous issue. Issue 1 and 5 seem to be exceptions to the really odd pace the comic has going on.

As for The Reading Quest, I’m currently at 70 EXP, which means I’m now a level 2 Mage and 145 HP


I worked a lot this week, so I barely had any time for myself (and the blog) too, but at least the work was fun and you know

On Tuesday and Wednesday I had meetings from the social media team, on Thursday I was the host of the Keith Haring Summer School (throughout the entire week a group of teens followed lectures and workshops and the like, all in the theme of Keith Haring) and got to meet fashion designer/artist Bas Kosters which was really cool since he incorporates LGBTQ+ and gender themes in his clothes and on Friday we had a party to close the Summer School so I had to help set that up. Oh and there was a moshpit at the museum lmao (not an agressive one but it was still funny) Oh and I saw an old teacher from secondary school which was really weird?? He only taught me for like half a year so I don’t think he recognised me and I felt too awkward saying hi.

I was going to meet up with a friend after work on Tuesday, but the meeting was shorter than anticipated so I had to wait for her for an hour or so. But the weather was nice and I had brought Crooked Kingdom with me so it was fine (tbh I really like my friend but I was a bit disappointed when she showed up since that meant I had to stop reading – I’m sure a lot of you relate right?) We just sat in the sun, looked at dogs playing in the water, caught up and then once we got to my house watched Pretty Little Liars. We still haven’t finished it and with school starting again I guess we’ll finally finish it during winter break. I’m kind of amazed I haven’t seen any huge spoilers yet? Really hope I didn’t just jinx it 

Oh I’ve also been listening to Keiynan Lonsdale’s Good Life nonstop and obviously I need to spread the love so give it a listen:

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And that’s a wrap! I’m really worried about how I’m going to be able to combine blogging and school, but I’m determined to make it work and not let school dictate my life. I’m going to take my advisors’ advice from last year and work a little less hard. I need to think about my health (both physical and mental) and blogging really helps my mental health. You’ll probably see a little bit less of me, but I’m hopeful that I’ll stay around

Anyway, how was your week? What have you been reading? Listening to? Should we start a support group for all of us who are not ready to go back to school (or are already back in school don’t worry you’re all welcome too) 

30 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #57 | HELP I’M NOT READY FOR SCHOOL

  1. Best of luck for school, Michelle – I hope everything will go great. Don’t stress yourself out too much about blogging, let yourself ease back into the school rhythm and everything at first, then I’m sure that you’ll find the right balance between school and blogging :) Always here if you need to talk in these moments! Sending you tons of love! xxx
    (also, I would very much like a support group for those working people who just don’t want to go to work hahahahaha)

  2. Good luck with school — and yeah, it’s SO important you don’t let it dictate your life. I always found it helpful to have another outlet — blogging, reading, writing, photography, etc. — so cope with the stress.

  3. You went through Crooked Kingdom so fast! I am glad you didn’t fall into a slump afterwards, because I totally would have gotten that.
    I feel like no one is ever ready for school or work … or other adult-related responsibilities hahaha I wish you the best of luck!

  4. DUDE… WAS IT NOT LIKE TWO DAYS AGO THAT YOU DID A WEEKLY HUFFLEPUFF??? Why is time going so fast adlfja;sdlkfjasd. And omgggg MICHELLE DON’T. That “cuz she’s dead” line is the CRINGIEST THING EVER from Taylor Swift. I can’t even stand it dear god. But MWAHAHAHAHA WE WARNED YOU ABOUT CROOKED KINGDOM MICHELLE. *shakes head* *offers tissue*

    • I KNOW I FEEL THE SAME?! Though I guess it also feels really fast because I recently did a monthly wrap up lmao. HAHAHA SORRY I LOVE THE MEME. I knowwww I was warned but I was not prepared. It’s not like I didn’t believe you but I didn’t think it would breake me this much??? Possibly because it’s been a long time since a book broke me like this *takes the tissue* thank you I’ll need it

  5. I was a much better blogger when I was in school! It’s a good outlet for when you don’t want to be doing schools things. Still is, as I write most my posts at work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    OMG that thing with people showing up and all you can think is SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN RN AND I CAN’T TALK TO YOU AHHHHH… but that’s rude, so we put the bookmark in anyway. *siiiigh*

    Thanks for featuring my book box! <3. BTW I made a poll thingy for future make-your-own boxes and INCLUDED A HUFFLEPUFF OPTION WOOOO. So the next time you are over there you should vote for Hufflepuff. :)

    • Haha I’m the complete opposite unfortunately. Though I was a better blogger back in secondary school, just not in college

      Yesss or when someone starts talking to you RIGHT in the middle of something exciting (usually my mom) and it,, completely ruins it. The tension is just gone. When you get back to the scene it’s just not the same *sigh*

      You’re welcome!

  6. Good look with school!! You’ve got this😊👍🏾
    And oml time has gone so fast I swear I was only reading last week’s weekly hufflepuff two, three days ago😭😭

  7. WHAT this week went by so fast???!?! *cries* ALSO YES. Crooked Kingdom IS HEARTBREAKING AGH. I reread it not too long ago and I DIED. AGAIN. *sobs* Good luck on balancing school and blogging!! Sending you all the love and tissues (for CK, obviously)!! Also yes, this support group is 100% necessary haha. <3

    • I know??!!! Omg I really admire that haha. On one hand I know I will definitely want to reread the duology in the near future, but?? My heart?? It’s almost been a week since I finished and I’m still broken. Thank you! Good luck to you as well :) Haha thanks I could definitely use that!

  8. Yeah Crooked Kingdom basically bulldozered right over my heart as well… WHY WHY DID BARDUGO DO THAT TO US!!! See, it’s been a long time since I finished it and I’m still not over it. xD Good luck with your new Uni year! Fingers crossed they won’t take away too much of your time.

  9. Ahhhh I still have to read Crooked Kingdom! I feel terrible that I haven’t even read it yet, because it’s been soooo long since it released.
    All the best for school! You’re going to do awesome. And as always, put school and your other priorities first – all of us will still be here if you take a short break or take longer to post and everyone understands!
    As for me, at the moment I’m reading an ARC of Meet Cute! I’m enjoying it a lot so far and can’t wait to read more of the stories. What are you reading at the moment, Michelle?

    • Ahhh don’t feel terrible CW it took me ages to even pick up this duology even though it sounded amazing and everyone was raving about it haha. Hope you’ll get to it soon though!
      Thank you! I definitely will :)
      ohh glad to hear you’re enjoying it! I’m reading both Flame in the Mist and Daughter of Smoke and Bone :)

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