Do You Need To Read All The Blog Posts?

Though it’s something I always struggle with, with school starting again (having started again actually, by the time this goes up) it’s something I struggle with even more: do you need to read all the blog posts?

I by no means readΒ all the blog posts published by every blogger I follow. Sometimes I have no interest in the topic, I don’t want to know ANYTHING about a certain book so I’m avoiding all the reviews, the post might be triggering etc. so when I say ‘all’ the blog posts, I don’t actually meanΒ allΒ the blog posts. I doubtΒ anyΒ of us actually read all of them, even though we might have tried when we first started out (I did. And I forced myself to read posts I wasn’t interested in at all, really bored me and then I clicked like while I didn’t remotely liked it – don’t be like me kids).

When I say ‘all’ the blog posts, I mean all the ones you’re interested in, especially when you’re a bit behind on reading blog posts. Do you need to read them all? Is it okay to just skip them and read the latest ones? Okay, that last question is a bit weird, because OF COURSE IT’S OKAY. There’s no law that tells you what to do, but you might feel guilty if you don’t read everything, especially if it comes to your friends/favourite blogs. I know I do. Last year I got super behind, because the amount of posts overwhelmed me. Instead of just reading a few whenever I could, I didn’t read any at all. Didn’t work.

I know I’ll be trying to read all of them anyway, but I’m going to have to try and not stress myself out too much. Because that stress is another factor why I took a hiatus, and I don’t want another hiatus. I want to be able to keep blogging, read everyone’s posts and talk to everyone, because blogging brings me a lot of joy.

So now it’s time for my cry for help: how do you keep up with all the blog posts??? Help a fellow blogger in needΒ 

Do you ever struggle with this question? Do you try to read all the posts, or do you just read whenever you can? Let me know in the comments!

45 thoughts on “Do You Need To Read All The Blog Posts?

  1. AGH, I used to comment on ALL the blog posts in my readers (unless, I just couldn’t think of anything to comment?) but that was in HOLIDAYS and now I limit myself to 5 posts a day to comment on (you are the 5th and last comment i’ll be making!) and only blog hop on posts I REALLY REALLY am interested in since school makes me so busy

    • Blogging is so much easier during the holidays! Limiting yourself to a certain amount of posts a day sounds like a good idea. I might try that haha, though sometimes I’m just too exhausted to even read 1 post!
      Yeah I might have to resort to only reading posts I’m REALLY interested in as well :( It makes me really sad because it means I have to judge posts on their titles and/or featured image. I could easily miss out on great posts that way! Good luck combining blogging with school! ❀️

  2. I can totally regret with your struggle here hun. There’s so many interesting topics and/or reviews I’d like to read, but sometimes I’m must not in a reading mood or something else catches my attention first. What I’ve been doing lately is book marking the posts I’m interested in but don’t feel like reading at the moment so that I can go back over the weekend or something to read them.
    Best of luck and have fun at school btw! #NOSTRESS <3

    • Yeah exactly! Even when I do have the time, I’m just not always in the mood/have the energy to read posts, or I just want to spend my free time differently haha. Ohh that’s a good idea! I’m going to do that too, since it’s hard to keep up with the WordPress reader and in the past Bloglovin deleted posts from my reader after a while. Thank you! ❀

  3. I usually check my reader every evening and catch up on posts I’m interested in, but sometimes I’m really busy and can’t do that for a week or so, then I just have a sort of binge reading session where I catch up on the posts I’m interested in. It’s ok to not read every post though, although i definitely understand how stressful it can be when all the posts pile up and thinking you need to read them! I have the WordPress app on my phone just because I find it easier and quicker to read other people’s posts on my phone when I have a spare few minutes or so 😊

    • Yeah I try to read a few posts each day, but I don’t always have the time so they do pile up and then I just get so discouraged at the sight of how many there are haha. You’re right that it’s okay to not read all of them of course, I just want to haha. I have the WordPress app as well, but my phone battery sucks so I only use it to reply to comments :( Glad to know it really helps you keeping up with posts though! 😊

  4. I had this question since I reached 100 followers! Because I could see some of my regular followers have more than 500 followers and they don’t miss any of my post. So i was thinking how they are doing it! I’m going to read all the comments on this post. :D

    Right now, I don’t have that following huge number of blogs, so I can catch up with most of the posts. I guess if you schedule a time for just reading post and nothing else it might help.

  5. I just tend to read the ones that interest me now, I do try to blog hop everyone’s blogs to catch up on all the other posts on a day off though because I always end up feeling so bad but there aren’t enough hours in the day otherwise!
    I have no tips or tricks i’m afraid, i’m pretty useless at replying to comments too i just tend to throw myself on when I have some spare time and try read and comment as much as I can.
    I’m trying to not stress myself out over it though or let my anxiety take over too much over me missing some.

    • Yeah you’re right; there are just not enough hours in the day. I don’t understand how some people are able to read so many posts haha. I really admire them.
      Yeah that’s really important! Blogging should be fun after all, and not cause us extra stress and anxiety

  6. This is such a great discussion, and I feel you on this! I definitely don’t read all the posts in my Reader. Sometimes, I just skim and like them, and sometimes, I just completely skip over them! I don’t have all the time to read every single blog post, so I don’t, unless it really interests me or I really have something to say! I understand if not EVERY SINGLE one of the people that regularly comments on my posts doesn’t every once in a while because I know I can’t; sometimes, I’m just plain busy! :D

  7. OH YAAAAAAAS. I used to leave a comment on every post in my Reader but BOY DID THAT GET STRESSFUL. Now I just comment on the ones that interest me — but even then, sometimes I mean to comment on a post, but then totally forget about it. I think that sometimes, you can’t comment on ALL the posts that interest you. Sometimes you have to let it go, because there are more important things. Of course comments are amazing, but you have priorities in life besides blogging. How do I keep up with all the posts?? HAHAHA I DON’T KNOW. I just do. And promptly avoid everything else that I need to do. (Like right now BUT I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST POST I’M COMMENTING ON… TODAY AND FOR THE REST OF MY HIATUS.) I think what I’m gonna try when I get back from my hiatus is setting a time limit on post-commenting, so I don’t spend TOO much time on it!! GOOD LUCK, MICHELLE, AND DON’T BE STRESSED OUT IF YOU CAN’T READ ALL THE POSTS!!! ❀

    • YES IT GETS SO STRESSFUL! Especially since I tend to open a lot of posts in different tabs at the same time, so seeing all those tabs? STRESS. STRESS OVERLOAD
      Yeah I only read/comment on the ones that interest me as well, but even then I still don’t have enough time and it just makes me so sad. I want to read them all haha. Letting go is definitely something I need to do lol
      Hahaha don’t avoid everything else May! (though I know it’s tempting ahhh) That sounds like a good idea! Definitely don’t be like me and try to read all the posts you missed during your hiatus lol. THANK YOU MAY GOOD LUCK TO YOU AS WELL WITH SCHOOL ❀

  8. I just tend to scroll through my reader and see what takes my fancy! Some people write reviews for books that don’t interest me, or discussions about a tv show I’ve never even heard of, so I skip over those which saves me a lot of time! I do agree though, it can make you feel a tad guilty when you follow someone and then skip over their content! Very interesting post topic!

  9. I usually just go through the latest posts in my feed whenever I have time. Like if I’m waiting for an appointment or if I wake up before my alarm 😁 It does get really overwhelming, but I’m trying to go to the WordPress app on my phone instead of Facebook or Instagram and it has made a HUGE difference in the amount of posts I’m able to read and engage with πŸ˜…

  10. I definitely need to work on keeping up with blog posts!! My problem is that I generally read them in the morning when I first wake up, which means I’m more likely to read ones by people who post in the mornings because they’re the first ones that show up in my feed every day. I feel so bad sometimes because I really want to support all my fellow lovely bloggers out there but there’s just not enough time in the day!!

    • Ohh that makes sense! I tend to scroll through my feed until I’ve seen every posts (and I open the ones that interest me), but that’s really hard to keep up with πŸ˜… I understand wanting to support every blogger, but I guess we just have to accept that we don’t have enough time, as sad as that is!

  11. I gave up on feeling guilty about reading all the blogposts a LONG time ago because let’s face it, I don’t need any added stress in my life haha. When I fall really behind I just read the latests ones and call it a day. I just don’t want to get overwhelmed because that’s a receipe for disaster.

  12. I hear this a lot, people feel they need to and should read everyone’s posts, share them all and comment on them all.! Its not possible, unless you devote every minute of your life to blogging! Blogging is supposed to be fun, not a chore and if we read everyone’s every post, it will become a chore. People shouldn’t get offended and shouldn’t pick others up for not commenting, but sadly some do.
    I read and comment (usually only at the weekend). And only on the posts that interest me. I go straight to my favourite bloggers first, and then if I’m still in a blog reading mood, I will read some more.
    I think the more people try to do, the more it makes others feel they need to do. We are a great community (mostly), we need to support each other, whether this be by commenting, or accepting that we don’t have time to comment at this time.
    Happy Blog Reading – enjoy it.

    • You’re completely right! We all started blogging because we thought it would be fun, if we start to pressure ourselves to do something impossible it will become stressful and a chore.
      Thankfully I haven’t met any bloggers that get offended when someone doesn’t comment, but I do know they’re out there. I don’t think bloggers like that help with the pressure a lot of us feel, especially when they write posts about the importance of commenting back and such. I love the idea of commenting back and I really want to, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to do so and I always feel sooo guilty.
      Thank you for your lovely comment, it made me feel a lot better :)

  13. I’m struggling with this right now!! I’m currently 3 days behind on blog posts and I’m franticly trying to catch up now😭 Usually I comment on all blog posts I read but now I’m just reading them ( admittedly skim reading some which I do feel bad aboutπŸ˜” ) because I just can’t not catchup on other’s blog posts because I’ll just feel bad, plus, I have a feeling the fear of missing out plays a part in that…?
    But anyway, I don’t know what to do! I want to read them all, but school takes up time. But I can’t make myself ignore other’s posts😭😭 I’m as stuck as you!

    • Ahhh no I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with this too :( I definitely feel you on your fear of missing out. I really want to read all the posts, because so many of them are interesting and/or fun to read! I don’t want to miss that. But I fear that sooner or later we’re going to have to accept that :( It’s only the start of the school year and we’ll probably get busier and busier, so it will be even harder to keep up. Hope you’ll soon find a balance with school and blogging, good luck ❀️❀️

  14. I wish I could give you any sort of advice, but I suck at this SO much. I am always and forever behind on reading other people’s blogposts. I do have the excuse of being abroad and literally not being in front of my laptop 80% of the time now, but even back home I struggled. I sometimes discover posts in the person’s wrap up from the beginning of the month or so .

    • Ah that’s okay Kat! I think most people struggle with this haha. Oh yeah wrap ups are a great way of catching up! I’m so grateful that almost all the bloggers I follow do them πŸ˜‚ Being abroad is a great excuse; you should enjoy that fully and not spend all your time behind your laptop which you can do back home as well 😊

      • Yeah, it takes some time to get the brain to shut up about the whole guilt trip for not checking the blog and stuff, but by now it’s better. I’d rather spend my time here exploring than cooped up in my room haha (although I love doing that at least twice a week)

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  16. So, I can’t read them all. I follow over 100 blogs and I CAN’T. So then I sort of go through and click the links I find really interesting and open them all in a window and if I don’t get through them all by the end of the work day… oh well? But sometimes I’ll end up at a blog and see a link through to something that sounds really interesting and I’ll pop over to another post. This happens a lot on your blog and Ilsa’s….

    I do have Must Read blogs though? I think I have 3 at the moment where every post is gold and I love reading everything. Like Paperfury? I feel like everyone reads all her posts no matter what, because Cait is hilarious. I also really really love May @ Forever & Everly, but she’s off on hiatus now. And Vivian from Writing with Style which I’m pretty sure you introduced me to via your weekly linkups? She’s got some awesome stuff as well. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, it’s very random what I’ll read.

    Plus blogging takes a lot of time? Between keeping up reading and writing reviews, then trying to put out extra content and then if you’re a blogger that likes to write I feel like this hobby is a full time job haha.

    So, in short, if you don’t read my posts, I forgive you. Fridays are usually my most interesting posts?

    • I follow over 100 blogs too so I feel your pain. I only open the posts that sound interesting to me as well, but I’m determined to read them all haha (with school having started again this is going to become impossible) Oh yeah I sometimes find interesting posts through other posts as well! That makes it a little bit more difficult to read everything considering that gives me something extra to read haha

      Oh yeah I read all of May’s posts too! I don’t read every post Cait writes, though I do love her blog she posts so much that I can’t keep up haha (I tend to be more caught up on posts in my WordPress reader than my Bloglovin feed)

      It does! There’s so much you need to do for your own blog alone, so reading everyone else’s on top can sometimes be a little too much. It’s definitely a full time job, minus the pay haha

      Ohh once school gets too busy to keep up with everything, I’ll make sure to read your Friday posts :)

  17. I struggle with this ALL the time. I’m struggling with it right now. Like…literally. I’m literally checking my blog posts, and I’m only on 9/7 so I have so many days to catch up. No, I don’t think you need to check all of the blog posts. I get emails immediately from the ones I want to really keep track of and others I get on a weekly basis. Sometimes, I’ll just like them especially if it’s a review of something I haven’t read, watched, or played, and sometimes I’ll just like it if it’s not something I’m interested in, but I want to support my blogger friend. I do often feel guilty about this, but I also know that I’ll definitely read, like, and comment on things the same person will post that I AM interested in. It’s okay to not be interested in everything someone posts, and it’s okay to just not have the time to read everything. Sometimes I’ll save posts I REALLY want to read, but know I don’t have time for until later. It’s like another job keeping up with them sometimes D:

    • Blogging is definitely another job! A fulltime one even that most of us don’t have the time for lol. I don’t get emails for any of the blogs I follow, because I won’t read them anyway πŸ˜… Email notificiations don’t work for me at all lol (I did try) Glad it helps for you though!
      Yeah you’re right! I do know it’s okay, it’s more that I feel guilty haha. I should definitely try not to, since I’m never going to be able to read everything anyway. Hopefully we’ll both be able to sort of catch up/keep up haha

      • I used to go through the reader or a daily or every other daily basis, but I never really read anything. I figured if I’m getting an email, it’s going to sit there until I deal with it lol.

        It’s so impossible for me to feel guilty especially when I see people commented on my own posts, I’m like “MUST RETURN FAVOR D:”

  18. I have my subscriptions set up by daily, weekly, or instant for notification emails. Depending on how often a blogger posts. I try to check the emails first thing every morning. I try to read all or skim the posts depending on what they are about. If it is something I am not interested in at all or something I don’t like (like erotica books) I lightly skim. All posts get likes except for posts about sad life events, or posts I don’t like or agree with. It is getting harder to keep up with all the blogs I follow though, so in the future, I don’t know if my system will keep working.

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