The Weekly Hufflepuff #59 | *Tries to Think of a Witty Title* *Fails*

I had to skip last week’s weekly wrap up, as I was really not in a good place. I wasn’t feeling that well physically last week, but I also struggled a lot with my mental health. I just didn’t feel like blogging, and I’m so happy that I scheduled this month’s posts in advance (if only I had done the same for October but oh well)

I was really in the mood for Squirrel Girl last week, so I read volumes 4 and 5. I’m falling more and more in love with this comic and really need to write a post about it. I also started The Backstagers last week and finished it in one sitting yesterday. It’s super cute and fun – I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did! It’s about a bunch of boys who are part of the stage crew for their high school theater club, but backstage is a magical place. Literally. Also it’s super queer!!

Last week I also started Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith – I haven’t finished it yet but that’s definitely not the book’s fault. I’m really enjoying it, falling in love with the characters and loving the Harry Potter vibes (but it’s notΒ tooΒ much like Harry Potter)

Like I said, I’ve been struggling with my mental health a lot last week. That’s not to say that nothing good happened! My friend and I went to ‘Boekenfestijn‘, which is an event that’s held every month in either The Netherlands and Belgium in different cities where they sell a lot of books for good prices (though there were also quite a few regularly priced). The only one that’s close to me is the one in Utrecht in September, and since we go to school there we decided to go after class. We spentΒ a lotΒ more time there than we had expected and it was a lot of fun to do something bookish with a friend. And obviously to haul some books.* Afterwards we went to eat at Julia’s, which is an Italian restaurant at the train station. After our pasta we decided to get a Swirl (is this ice cream a thing in other countries? If not I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU IT’S HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH COME TO THE NETHERLANDS TO EAT ONE) and ummm at the time it seemed like a good idea? But once I got to the platform, in autumn, in the evening, with my ice cream… I started to rethink that decision lmao. Once I got home I suddenly felt so ill that I immediately went to bed. I still don’t know if it was exhaustion, the ice cream so soon after pasta, or both

The next day I went to see a play with a few people from work, which was about modern art and was really, really good. It was so clever, witty, funny and well done. Dutchies if you have the chance to go see it, please do! You may need some art knowledge though (I’m not sure how much you’d be able to get if you don’t know anything) but if you’re interested in art, it’s definitely worth it

This week wasn’t so special. While I did struggle with my mental health again later this week, it started out pretty good. I’m doing pretty well in school again so far (last week I was really behind because I just wasn’t feeling well, which wasn’t doing my mental health any good) and I’ve just been focusing on that.

* Usually I’d post a picture of the haul, but I forgot to take one and now it’s too dark

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πŸ’›Β Lia created a new fun tag: The Book Mashup TagΒ 

I didn’t read as many posts as I would’ve liked, but after writing about this struggleΒ I’ve really come to term with that. When I do have the time (and energy!) I’ll try to see if there are any posts that I really want to read that are a bit older, but other than that I’ll just try to read more recent posts. I’m really going to try to not stress myself out about blogging this time

SPEAKING OF WHICH. This month you probably didn’t notice that I started school again and got really busy, except for my ramblings about it in my wrap ups. Like I said at the start of this post, I scheduled almost all my posts for this month ahead. There were a few posts I hadn’t scheduled yet when school started, but I got to that pretty soon. This week I have two posts scheduled instead of three, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to post that third one. I don’t have anything scheduled for October yet, and I may post once a week for a while if that works out better for me. I’ll let you all know. I don’t want to neglect this blog again, but I also don’t want to stress myself out

Anyway, how was your week? Read anything good? Any good comics you’d recommend me? Do you have Swirls in your country?? Let me know in the comments!

21 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #59 | *Tries to Think of a Witty Title* *Fails*

  1. Oh thanks so much for featuring my post this week Michelle, I’m really glad you enjoyed it and I’ve loved seeing everyone’s posts for the Book Aesthetic Tag as well. There are so many amazing ones out there. :)
    I’ll definitely check out some of the other posts you featured this week, they certainly sound interesting, and I hope things go better for you in regards to your mental health soon, definitely can’t be easy, but I am glad your week started out good at least, and that things are going well for you at school as well.
    Great post Michelle! :D

  2. Oh Michelle, make sure you schedule some You Time! For me that’s yoga, or hot tea, or lying on the floor in the dark and forcing all the anxiety away… with school and life and blogging and everything, your mental health is so important and should come first. Whether that means one post a week or none, it’s okay. ❀️

    I love Vivian’s post you featured! I’ve got that one flagged for my monthly wrap up, actually! :)

    I hope this week turns around and you have a really lovely, fulfilling week!

    • I definitely will don’t worry ❀️ At least I’m trying to haha. Thank you for your concern ❀️

      Right? Even though I love art and it inspires me as a writer, I never thought of going there solely for writing reasons!

      Thank you, hope you’ll have a great week too! ❀️

  3. Hello Michelle! Make sure to take some time to relax and take care of yourself. Hope you will recover and feel better soon :)

    Thank you for linking me in this post! It was such a fun tag and it got me hooked on making aesthetics! I also love your tutorial :)

  4. I hope your mental health gets better soon! <3

    But it's great that you had a fun time with your bookish friend and got to haul some books! Also I don't know what a Swirl is so therefore I must move to the Netherlands to find out??? If it's yummy ice cream I WILL GLADLY MOVE???

  5. I’d written a bunch of posts over the summer but, er, those are rapidly dwindling… Thus why I am scrabbling to write each weekend. I just got vol 1 of Squirrel Girl out the library & I’m really looking forward to starting it! I’ve never heard of a Swirl so sadly I don’t think we have them… Also, thanks for the shoutout!

    • Ahh I feel your pain. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with blogging with school and other life obligations *sigh*
      Ohhh I hope you’ll enjoy Squirrel Girl!! It just gets better and better ahh
      Oh no that’s so sad :( Hopefully you’ll be able to eat one one day
      You’re welcome!

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