London Day 1 | One Year Later Because PROCRASTINATION

As I’m writing this it’s exactly one year ago since my last day in London

While the previous school year was ridiculously busy, hectic and stressful for me, I could’ve written these posts during the Christmas holidays. I could’ve written these at the end of each term when I had barely anything to do (except sleep. I needed lots of sleep). I could’ve done it over the Summer. So the biggest reason why it took me so long to actually get myself to finally start these posts is

So this is going to be interesting! How much will I remember? Thankfully I have pictures to remind me and help me keep track of what happened each day (sort of). SO LET’S DO THIS

We left on Wednesday, since we had booked tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Thursday and Friday evening. This meant missing school, which I kind of stressed about back when I booked those tickets two years ago but in the end it was fine – I didn’t miss any obligatory classes Β πŸŽ‰

We left Wednesday in the early morning, meeting my aunt and cousin at the airport. I don’t remember much from what we did at the airport, but I don’t think it was anything special? I do vaguely remember getting a sandwich of some sort that at some point made me nauseous #rip

About to border the plane Snapchat #thatdoublechintho

While on the plane I took a few more pictures, but then I laid down my head on my mom’s lap and closed my eyes for a bit. You’re never too big to lie your head in your mom’s lap*

I also remember candy! Yes I ate mentos to fight that Plane Ear Painβ„’**

* Though physically I unfortunately am
** Look at me!! Remembering stuff!! *wipes away a tear* I’m so proud of me

When we got off the plane we had to take a bus from EasyJet (I think?) which we had already booked. While on that bus I spotted the happiest doggo


(excuse me while I figure out the order of the day because my pictures are not in the right order because some pictures were taken with my old camera, some with my phone and some with my mom’s phone)

We had to get off the bus nearby a metro station, where we could take a metro to our hotel, which was in the Paddington area. This meant it was my goal to acquire a Paddington plushie and take pictures with him in this neighbourhood*

* Spoiler: I succeeded.** Also yes I’m only an adult ON PAPER
** Don’t be confused by the gif I didn’t actually put my Paddington plushie on any roofs. BUT I WOULD’VE IF I COULD’VE

After getting all our stuff to our rooms, we decided to find the theatre, so that we wouldn’t have any trouble with it the next evening (HAHAHAHA WE HAD TROUBLE ANYWAY LEMME TELL YOU*)

* Actually I won’t tell you because SPOILER. We’ll leave that for the second post which at this rate will probably go up sometime next year

Seriously though that day it was so easy to find??

Oh but I’m getting ahead of myself, because you know what was right in front of our hotel? A courtyard. And you know what was in that courtyard?


I swear I was more excited on the inside

After finding the theatre, we went to Forbidden Planet which I wanted to visit for two reasons. 1) Fandom stuff!* 2) At the moment I was blogging about feminism and comics for school, and I wanted to see how much merch with female superheroes they had

* I don’t even remember buying anything?? I remember WANTING all the things, but actually buying something?? No clue. Still a fun store though!

Then we just walked around a bit, trying to find our way to Regent Street, but not before stopping at Starbucks. Y’all I never thought it would happen, but it did


I am way too excited about this

Anyway, so Regent Street! As we tried to get there, my mom constantly played around with her selfie stick* which um kind of got on my nerves at some point? I’m not proud of this photo


* And they say WE are the selfie generation smh

When we finally got to Regent Street, I uh, did another thing I’m not really proud of? Namely abandoning my family. I just… started to walk faster and faster until they had no idea where I was (well they did see me fasten my pace even though they had no idea why)

You wanna know why I did that?

Yep I abandoned my family to follow a pug* like the creepy Pug Stalkerβ„’ I am. The picture is very blurry because 1) My old camera was at the end of its life and 2) I didn’t want anyone to notice because I felt awkward. Clearly paparazzi is not the career for me

* If you didn’t know yet that I’m obsessed with pugs you definitely know now

Once I got reunited with my family though (my mom was NOT amused) our next stop was Hamleys, which is always so much fun to visit (she says like she’s been there a bunch of times instead of two)

So when I first saw that picture I thought ‘AHA! I DID BUY SOMETHING AT FORBIDDEN PLANET’ but then I remembered that I had to carry my mom’s bag so it’s probably hers

TEDDY BEAR AND PADDINGTON. Okay so I know what you were thinking: this is it. This is when you bought a Paddington plush so you could make the Paddington area unsafe with your shenanigans.

Nope. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t buy one and then run into a cheaper one later, so I waited. Patience my friends, the Paddington shenanigans shall happen soon*

* If I actually post about it soon lmao. If I keep up this pace it will be in a couple of years

Okay so this is were my memory gets fuzzy and where my pictures don’t help. I KNOW that at some point we ate dinner, because duh. We needed food (I think we ate at Subway?). I just don’t know when exactly, and if we went back to the hotel first? I also know we ended the day at Primark*

* Β Well technically at the hotel but detailsΒ  Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

And that was day one! I hope I’ll be able to write post 2 soon, before I forget even more lmao. But I’m quite proud of myself. I thought this would be really hard (which resulted in more procrastinating) but I remember quite a bit with the help of my pictures!

Have you ever been to London? Have you been to any of the places I mentioned in this post? Do you love Paddington? Have you ever abandoned your family like that, for whatever reason? Let me know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “London Day 1 | One Year Later Because PROCRASTINATION

  1. I miss London so much! I can’t wait tl go back this winter❀ Also, I honestly feel like it would take me a year to write a post if I didn’t force myself to do so or make myself feel guiltyπŸ˜‚

  2. AHHH this is so exciting can’t wai to read more!!! I’m so in love with London and you staying in the Paddington-area brings back so many memories as when I was younger we used to get the train to Paddingotn and explore London for the day!! (Also I lov Paddington Bear what can I say *casually bitter that my gran threw out her Paddington Bear rthat we used to play with as children*). I’ve never been to Hamley’s but it looks fab! And gotta love a Primark haul :)

  3. Aweee yayyy you went to London!! ( the city I was born in so I’m oddly protective of itπŸ˜‚ ) Can’t wait to read part twoπŸ˜„

  4. looks like you had so much fun there! i went to london a few years ago and LOVED it. i can’t wait to hear more on what you did!! :D

  5. YES YOU DID IT. You might be a bit late, but you wrote this post and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU MICHELLE :P
    I really loved hearing about your London adventures – London is probably one of my favorite places on earth, I am so happy to hear you had so much fun there. And HAHAHAHA the creepy pug stalker, I LAUGHED SO HARD at that. But… pugs need to be followed, no reason for your family to get mad, right? hahaha :P
    Can’t wait for part two. Please don’t wait another year to do it :P

    • Thank you Marie! :P Yess I agree – London is definitely one of my favourite places as well ❀️ There’s just so much to see and do and I love the atmosphere.
      Hahahaha I’m glad you find it funny, my mom on the other hand πŸ˜‚ (though she does find it funny NOW just at the time…)
      Haha I definitely don’t want to wait that long for part 2 :P I’m hoping to have it up before the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

  6. YOU LITTLE PUG STALKER. But omg you’re too hilarious I love you agahhagahha. I am SO jealous you went to London — it’s one of my top places to go to one day!! And you got to see Cursed Child! While I really didn’t enjoy the book, IT’S STILL HP-RELATED. Can’t wait to see the next post in this series!!

    • Hahaha I’m glad you find it hilarious love you too
      I hope you’ll get to go one day soon! London is absolutely lovely. I can totally see why you didn’t enjoy the book – if I had read the book and not seen the play I would’ve disliked it too. Now I just see it as a non-canon standalone play. I hope I’ll get part 2 up soon!

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