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I can hear you thinking ‘Michelle it’s not Christmas yet??’ though on the other hand I know a lot of bloggers already yell ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’ November 1st so maybe not?

Anyway, I’ve decided that for this month I’d start a new feature/sort of campaign called: Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers, inspired by Home Alone. Well, the name is. Other than that it has nothing to do with Home Alone.

So whatΒ is Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In multiple posts this month, I shall highlight some amazing bloggers. I’ve been very hesitant to do this all year (I’ve thought of it multiple times) because I hate the idea of people feeling left out. Of course that’s going to happen anyway, but I still want to spread some love and introduce people to some blogs that they may not know. And maybe other people will pick this up and spread the love for bloggers I missed?

Also this isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random.

Anyway, what better time to do this than Christmas? Let’s spread some love

Eve @ Twist in the Taile

πŸ’› Smol lovely bean
πŸ’› Will make you want to read Les Mis
πŸ’› And watch all the musicals!!
πŸ’› Talks a lot about (web) comics too
πŸ’› Oh and podcasts too!!
πŸ’› Basically if you need musical, (web) comics, podcasts and book recs Eve is the person you’re looking for
πŸ’› Also talks/rants about school, LGBTQ+, feminism, politics, and other stuff
πŸ’› Oh and they make lovely playlists!!

Janet @ The Storyteller

πŸ’› Another lovely bean! Okay everyone’s a lovely bean
πŸ’› Writes about anything really
πŸ’› Books, feminism, politics, personal stuff, movies, travel, guides for uni, advice…
πŸ’› Anything really!
πŸ’› Basically writes very helpful posts!
πŸ’› Seriously her university posts are so helpful
πŸ’› Also has a Youtube channel


Elm @ Just Call Me Elm Or Something

πŸ’› Actual Queen??
πŸ’› Seriously Elm is at the TOP of the blogging game
πŸ’› Such a great writer (just read this poem)
πŸ’› So lovely!!
πŸ’› Writes very personal and relatable posts
πŸ’› Is hilarious

Aentee @ Read at Midnight

πŸ’› Actual Queen of Readathonsβ„’
πŸ’› I’m serious she came up with another great one??
πŸ’› Also AMAZING graphics
πŸ’› Also makes wallpapers!! Of books!!
πŸ’› Writes thoughtful reviews
πŸ’› Also has a BEAUTIFUL bookstagram




Kat @ Life and Other DisastersΒ 

πŸ’› Mostly talks about books, movies, tv and writing
πŸ’› Seriously if you’re looking for new tv shows and movies to watch: KAT’S YOUR GAL
πŸ’› Seriously she is on top of it all (or so it seems to me haha)
πŸ’› Went to Canada for 6 months, visited tv sets and met a bunch of actors which is so cool??
πŸ’› You can read her WIP Arcadia hereΒ so what are you waiting for?


Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

πŸ’› Will give you so. much. wanderlust
πŸ’› Shares her blogging wisdom in a regular feature
πŸ’› Regularly rants about blogging #relatable
πŸ’› All her posts are super relatable tbh
πŸ’› If you need contemporary recs Marie is your gal
πŸ’› Also fun posts about writing!
πŸ’› Is everywhere?? Seriously if I’m reading a post and am about to leave a comment there’s a good chance I’ll spot Marie among the comments

Amber @ The Literary Phoenix

πŸ’›Β Insightful, well-thought-out posts
πŸ’› Also original!
πŸ’› Like she creates her own book box ideas (she chooses items for them, but doesn’t actually make them. She does link everything so you could make the box yourself)
πŸ’› Like this one!
πŸ’› Shares a lot of less known books


Em @ Yellow’s The Word

πŸ’› First of all look at that aesthetic??
πŸ’› Blogs about a variety of things. Like personal stuff, school, feminism, politics, world affairs… You name it. Now she’s busy with Blogmas**
πŸ’› Very thoughtful and relatable posts
πŸ’› But there are also lots of fun, cute posts
πŸ’› Also blogs in French like whaaat?? #talented
πŸ’› Β Is no longer looking for Herman because Elly found him*

* One time Em wanted to expres her love for German, but accidentally wrote ‘I LOVE HERMAN’ and thus Herman and our search for her soulmate begun. But recently Elly found Herman in a book so now we only need to reunite them
** Sorry that this isn’t in chronological order but I don’t work in chronological order. ANYWAY I first typed Blogman so almost a new man in Em’s life was born

So that’s the first eight! I’m not sure how many posts there will be in total. At first I thought I’d do one post a week, but I quickly realised that would not be enough haha. We’ll see!

If these blogs sound like your cup of tea, please go show them some love!

Do you follow these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!

51 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | Spreading The Blog Love

  1. This is such a cute idea! I’ve been wanting to do something similar but I never really thought of how to do it, and of course there’s always the thing about not being able to include everyone, which always holds me back!
    I’ll definitely go follow many of these blogs, I’m already following quite a few of them :D

  2. Oh!

    <3 <3 <3

    This is lovely and you are lovely. Thank you! You've linked some AWESOME blogs (Drizzle & Hurricane Books is one of my favorites!) and I've added more to my feed. :) This is such a sweet and wonderful idea. You made my day. :)

    Thanks, Michelle!!!

  3. MICHELLE!?!?!? You can’t just spring such awesome kindness on me without a warning!? <3 Thank you so, so much for the kind words and for spreading the love in general. We don't do this often enough, I feel like, so you are double – no – triple the awesome!
    *whispers* and yes, Marie is everywhere! It's her secret superpower!!

  4. I’m feeling the love! You’re too kind to me 😭β™₯οΈπŸ’ 100% made my day. I’m so thankful for your blog and your constant positivity in the book community 🀩 This is such a lovely feature and I’ll be sure to check out everyone else listed here. Thank you!!!

  5. AW MICHELLEEEEEEEEE YOU ARE THE SWEETEST, thank you so much for featuring my blog <3 <3 Also, yes, to answer your question, I am everywhere, I have eyes everywhere and you won't get rid of me, I am magiiiiiiiiic haha.
    Thank you for doing this feature, it is so, so sweet of you and I can't wait to discover all of these amazing blogs (well, the ones I don't know yet :P)

  6. Oh wow, this is such a fantastic feature! I always love to highlight some of my favourite bloggers and I love it even more when others do it because I always discover new, incredible people to follow! I am absolutely in awe of Aentee, her graphic design and her readathons are OUT OF THIS WORLD. She’s so cool XD I love how you structured this in bullet points by the way! I can’t wait to see more of these posts <3

  7. You listed so many of my favs!! I mean, obviously the Squad are my loves forever and always, but I hadn’t read any of Marie’s posts before, so I’m definitely going to follow her! This is a super cute idea, I can’t wait to get more blog recommendations from you :)
    Obviously though, of all the people you mentioned on here, Herman is the #1. Hermem is my ultimate ship ;)

    • Happy to hear I introduced you to a new blog to follow :) Haha very true, no one can top Herman. Herman is πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I will go down with Hermem. If I have to find a German called Herman, who’s around Em’s age, drag him to the UK and get them to meet to make our ship happen, I will

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  9. Aww, you’re so sweet to do this! I’ve actually been wanting to do something like this for a while, so I might actually do it for Christmas or something?? And I would totally check out new blogs if I weren’t so freaking BUSY and STRESSED OUT. I can hardly keep up with my Reader as it is (aka… why I’m commenting so late). But I am a HUUUUUGE fan of Marie & her blog!! She is so sweet and amazing and I just love her so much???

    LOVE this idea!!

    • Ahhh I feel you May! I love discovering new blogs but also,, I can barely keep up with the ones I’m already following lol
      Yes Marie is the best! She’s just too pure and she writes amazing posts

      Thank you!

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  12. Omg I am SO VERY LATE to commenting on this post but!! Thank you so much Michelle that’s so sweet! <3 And, I know right, all the bloggers I know here are just AMAZING. I'm definitely going to check out the others, I love the idea of choosing items for a book box :)

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