Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | Spreading More Blog Love

What is Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In the spirit of Christmas I shall highlight some amazing bloggers during this month. As there’s no way I can fit all of them in one post, there will be multiple posts over the last few weeks of this year*. This isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random. You can find the first highlighted bloggers here

* last few weeks of w h a t

Yvo @ It’s All About Books

💛 On hiatus right now, but still worth checking out
💛 Reviews are short but to the point
💛 Reads a LOT and from a lot of different genres, so it’s likely you’ll find something you’re interested in





Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages

💛 Blogs about a bunch of different things, including books and fandom stuff
💛 Very creative, like this DIY Galaxy Painting she made
💛 Makes lovely playlists
💛 Friendly Dinosaur





Elly @ A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts

💛 Obviously I’d vouch for a Hufflepuff
💛 Personal posts, but also books, beauty, playlists and other ramblings💛 Huge Dodie stan
💛 Also cats
💛 Blog’s design is just as cute as this bean



Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl

💛 As her blog’s title suggests, is a huge fangirl
💛  Super colourful design!
💛  Aside from books, also talks a lot about manga and anime
💛 Will talk about anything that she’s passionate about though, not just the former three





Analee @ Book Snacks

💛 Pink aesthetic
💛 Lots of fun, original posts
💛 Lots of lists. Who doesn’t love lists??
💛 Really funny and comes up with some really unique topics






Amy and Nikki @ Bursting with Books 

💛 Nikki hasn’t posted in a while now and I haven’t been super active myself this year, so I might’ve missed if she quit blogging or is just on hiatus. Amy is still active though!
💛 Really funny
💛 I always feel like I can just feel their excitement through their posts




Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much

💛 I’m seriously in love with that header
💛 If you love romance and new adult books, Cátia is your gal
💛 Though she reads other genres and young adult too






Annemieke @ A Dance With Books

💛 If you love fantasy (YA, adult, doesn’t matter), Annemieke is really the blogger for you
💛 Also reads other genres and comics, but mostly fantasy
💛 If you’re a Dutchie and are looking for more Dutch bloggers, look no further 





Hopefully you’ve found some great new blogs to follow again! I meant to get this up on Saturday, but unlike Elsa the cold bothers me very much and I just stayed under my Eeyore blanket all day doing nothing*, but this week I’m hoping to get up another part, because otherwise I’ll never finish before 2018**. Though I guess if I really can’t make it I can just continue on in the new year***

* Well not NOTHING. I read. I looked at memes. I uh did other things?
** I know the feature is called MERRY CHRISTMAS but Christmas is the entire month so I still have those last days of December too

Do you follow these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!*

* Yes I copied this from my last post THIS IS MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT**
** See I’m a fast learner


11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | Spreading More Blog Love

  1. Okay, so again, I’m in a very weird blogging slumpish mood thing ??? So I’d LOVE to follow these blogs but I wouldn’t be able to support them as well as I support others and I just !!! But anyways, YOU’RE AMAZING for doing this, and I LOVEEEEE Analee’s blog so much!!

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