Manchester Week 1: A Beautiful Library and Town Hall And RIP My Wallet I Found The Disney Store

So in my previous post I said I might talk more about my first few days in Manchester in a weekly wrap up, but I decided a separate post would be better – so here we are!


I had to get up early to catch my flight, but unfortunately it turned out my flight had been delayed. Check-in times and such hadn’t been changed though, so I still had to leave early. I hadn’t brought a book with me, since that would take up extra space and weight, but since I had to wait about three hours I ended up buying It Only Happens In The Movies by Holly Bourne at the airport. I’m glad I did, because I was stressed enough and if I had to wait three hours I needed something to keep me distracted.

I was supposed to fly at 10, but in the end I flew at 13:30 and arrived at my room at 15:00 UK time. I had planned to unpack, get some groceries, explore the area and then write the post I now wrote on Friday, but since nothing went according to plan* I didn’t really have the time and energy for that, so I just unpacked, got some groceries, face timed my mom and watched Power Rangers 2017**

* Not just the delayed flight, but a broken handle on a suitcase, apparently I had only paid for one suitcase so I had to pay extra, my dumb ass who had flown I don’t know how many times had put scissors in my carry-on and who knows what else
** Bless UK Netflix


On Thursday and Friday I had my introduction days for international students. I had first gotten an email that said it would start at 10:30, but then another one that that was a mistake and I had to be there at 11:00. Except when I arrived a little before 11 almost everyone was already there?? Thankfully I didn’t miss anything though.

We got some general information and a police officer who talked about safety and traumatised me, but when I told my friend back home she was like ‘you’re from Amsterdam no one needs to tell you to be careful’. She has a point but my anxiety was like ‘ALERT ALERT STAY IN YOUR ROOM AFTER DARK’. We also had a library tour which was of course a lot of fun.

After the introduction I went grocery shopping with my new friend, but we were mesmerised by a pretty building that turned out to be the Manchester Museum. There weren’t any grocery stores that way (maybe if we had walked any further but it was basically our first day there and it would get dark soon, so we didn’t want to get too far away from the campus) so after looking at the courtyard next to the museum (which is part of the other university) we went back to campus and went to a convenience store there.

Friday was a lot more fun, since we got a tour through Manchester. Unfortunately it was only an hour – the guide had so much to tell I just want to kidnap him and bring him with me everywhere*

* If there are any cops reading this I am joking

Seriously everything was so interesting and I’m afraid I’ve have forgotten everything.

After the tour my friend and I went back into the center and did some shopping.

Me: is worried about money
Also me: *buys Hedwig pillow*

In my defense, I’ve wanted this pillow since forever, but they never sold it at the Primark back home? So yeah I caved

We also went to a pound shop where I made some sensible adult purchases*

* And skittles and chocolate

The Town Hall at night


Since I had the day off I wanted to take this chance to explore the city a bit. I still didn’t have my timetable though, so I went to the students union since nothing else was open. I still don’t have a timetable as I’m writing this, but thankfully the programme leader is super nice and sent me when all the lectures are and seminars that I can join for now until I have my timetable.

I don’t remember what this building is but it’s pretty

Our tour guide from Friday had told us that the Town Hall will be closing in two weeks for six years and that it was worth a visit, so since I didn’t know how busy I’d be once classes start, I decided to go right away.

You can easily walk to the center from the campus* and the weather was nice, so why not?


* Though I’m definitely thinking of getting a bus pass because it’s all fun and games now but soon I’m used to my surroundings and I’ll just be suffering in the cold

Before I went to the Town Hall I decided to visit the Central Library* which was absolutely gorgeous. They also had a small exhibition related to Harry Potter so obviously I had to check that out.

Β Β 

* Surprise – not lol

I went to every floor to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but of course not everything was super exciting.

Afterwards I finally went to the Town Hall which definitely is worth a visit. It’s such a shame that most of it is closed for the public, because I wanted to see more haha



I considered doing some more sightseeing, but I didn’t want to do too much in one day and I also wanted to go back to the pound shop since my socially anxious self wanted her own mug and bowl Β because I was too scared to ask if I could use any of the mugs and bowls in the cupboards. Besides, when I got here the kitchen was… It wasn’t THAT bad but it was certainly dirty and it made me think twice about using anything there. Thankfully my third roommate arrived Sunday and suddenly things were a lot cleaner and cleared up, but I still don’t want to use the kitchen*

* I also don’t want to ask if I can use anything and if I have to actually cook there I’ll have to spend more time there which will increase the chance of running into someone have I mentioned I’m pretty much Cath from Fangirl right now

The pound shop is inside the Arndale Shopping Center, which I had explored a bit with my new friend on Friday, but today I ended up in a different part where uhhh I discovered the Disney Store

All together it was eight pounds, I doubted the Christmas Tsum Tsums* would be there for much longer and well, I couldn’t resist the other Minnie Mouse (she smells like Apple Blossoms omg). And now I’m going to save my money to hopefully buy an Easter Stitch that will be sold starting this FebruaryΒ πŸ™ˆ

* Which were on sale!


After looking around a bit more at the shopping center I started my way back home and once I got there I was really glad I had bought Cup a Soup the other day because I was too tired to go out again. I managed to avoid my housemates yet again and am now convinced that they must think I’m a ghost or something*

* I met two of them on Friday and then awkwardly left to stay in my room all night

Sunday wasn’t too exciting – I cleaned, vacuumed, did some grocery shopping and then stayed in all night, rewatched One Day At A Time and tried to cry silently at the finale. If you haven’t watched ODAAT yet, please do so. It’s such a gem and season 2 will come out later this month so you’ll be right in time

All in all, this has been an eventful, stressful but I guess also fun week. It’s weird to be away from home, especially without any family or friends. By the time this goes up I’ll have had my first classes and I have no idea how busy I’ll be. It does help that I can be home within five minutes haha. Anyway, I hope to at least tell you guys about this coming week next week and read some blogposts, but I can’t promise anything. I’mΒ trying to keep my Instagram updated if you want to check if I’m still alive, but uh I kinda suck at Instagram.

UPDATE: I know updates are usually written after a post has gone up, but I hadn’t gotten around to scheduling this yet before classes started, and just wanted to let you guys know that I met my third housemate and she’s really nice

Have you studied abroad? And/or been to Manchester? Tell me all about it in the comments!

29 thoughts on “Manchester Week 1: A Beautiful Library and Town Hall And RIP My Wallet I Found The Disney Store

  1. OMG you’re in Manchester!! We’re both in England at the same time!! :D Glad you’ve had a great time so far <3 It looks like a really exciting and gorgeous place.

    • Haha yep! Hope you’re still having a great time in Oxford Holly! ❀ I feel like I haven’t read your blog in a while but then again I have no sense of time right now since it feels so weird to think that I’ve been here for a week already haha

  2. Manchester looks gorgeous, I love all those pretty buildings!! I’m glad you got so much time to explore before classes started 😊 Good luck with your housemates, I’m sure they’ll all be nice, they’re probably just afraid to introduce themselves to you as well!

  3. I’ve never been to Manchester but I live in Brighton! You should organise a book blogger meetup because it’s so beautiful up there!

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous!! I really want to visit the UK, everything seems so pretty. And your kitchen/housemate struggles are certainly relatable; I would like to suggest, however, that if you do use the kitchen & bake cookies or something everyone will automatically love you. :D

  5. Meeting new people in a student situation is stressful! I wish you all the best and I’m sure you’ll be friends in no time. Even if you aren’t the best of friends, it’ll be easier!

  6. I want Power Rangers on my Netflix tooooo … the injustice of different territories content is real *sobs*
    Anyway, sometimes you have to treat yourself, especially when anxiety is real. The Hedwig pillow and the tsums were totally justified!! They are SO cute!
    You did so much exploring already :) good on you! I hope this experience will be the best of times.

    • I knowwww I’ll be so sad once I’ll have Dutch netflix without Power Rangers again – hopefully it will be added to both of our Netflixes soon!
      Yes that’s very true haha. Thank you Kat I hope so as well ❀️

  7. I ❀️ MCR! (Manchester not My Chemical Romance!) You might be interested in going to the Portico library (, I’ve only ever seen it on tv but it’s a beautiful private library, parts of which are freely open to the public. Have a wonderful time in the UK! X

  8. Love your pictures, Michelle! I am glad to hear you are exploring England now and I hope that Manchester treats you well and that you’ll have an incredible time there <3
    I would have caved and bought that pillow as well, if you ask me. IT IS WAY TOO CUTE. :P

  9. AHHH I loved reading this!! It makes me so happy to read experiences like this😊❀ Good luck, but you don’t need it! Xx

  10. Ah Michelle, your in Manchester!! You most definitely have to visit John Rhylands Library you will love it. Free to go in and the Architecture is so so beautiful also very close by to it is a Waterstones Book Store which I think there are like 3 or 4 floors but it’s HUGE!!

    • Yes that one’s on my list!! Really looking forward to it :D Oh I didn’t know about that Waterstones! I’ve been to one here so far and it was nice, but 3 or 4 floors?! I need to go, even though I’ve forbidden myself to buy any books I just need to take a look at that bookish heaven haha

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