It’s February So Obviously It’s Time To Share My Favourite Books of 2017

Uhh better late than never? 2017 was a strange year honestly. While making this list I noticed books I couldn’t even remember having read in 2017. I thought it was longer ago?? Was 2017 even real *X-Files theme starts playing*

My Favourite Books of 2017 In No Order

Queens of Queek

When I first found out about Queens of Geek I expected to love it, but I had no ideaΒ how much I would love it and how relatable it would be. Queens of Geek was everything I wanted: two dynamic female leads, great bisexuality and anxiety rep, friendship, friends supporting each other no matter what, friends helping each other through anxiety, the exciting setting of a comic con, geekiness, calling out abusive relationships for what they are, healthy romantic relationships, lots of cuteness, the CUTEST date at an arcade, Taylor not being magically overcoming her anxiety through the power of love but trying to step outside of her comfort zone which has honestly been such an inspiration to me and just… So much more? Just a fun, important read full with positive rep and messages. Read my full review here.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

You know when you read the summary of a book and know it’s perfect for you and you need it in your lifeΒ now?Β That was me with The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, except I was on a book buying ban as I was saving up for Manchester and thus had to wait until the holidays to get it as a gift. I haven’t had the time yet to review it yet, but guys. I was wrong.I didn’t know perfect The Gentleman’s Guide was and how much I needed it. Despite having super high expectations it managed to exceede them and make me love it so much more than I had expected and I had expected to love it A LOT. I mean: a bisexual lead, a road trip and it’s historical? SIGN ME UP. Yet I got so much more
than I expected and just dsgjhsf I can’t wait toΒ review this one

The Hate U Give

Okay so I never reviewed this one as I felt like everything had already been said? I just had nothing new to add, but if you haven’t picked up The Hate U Give yet, please do so. It’s such an important read,Β soΒ well written, Starr is an amazing lead, one of the greatest family dynamics in YA, friends standing up to their racist friend and supporting each other, a healthy romance… Just read it. There’s a reason it continues to be #1 at the best seller’s list.


Take Me With You

How do I even start or do these beautiful poems justice? Once I finished Take Me With You I immediately read it again and I know that I will do so many more times (especially once I get a physical copy). Gibson manages to transition from beautiful and heartbreaking to funny without it being tactless or ruining the heartbreaking lines. Take Me With You made me feel all the things and I can’t even pick a favourite line as I pretty much marked everything on my Kindle app. If you love LGBTQ+ poetry, especially spoken word, then I 100% recommend it. If you don’t, I still recommend it. Read my review here

What’s A Girl Gotta Do?

Despite this being the third book of the trilogy (I didn’t know this when picking it up at a bookstore at the airport) I absolutely loved it. I had a lot of feelings when I finished this one and I couldn’t wait to review it, but alas, I didn’t have the time and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten a lot about it now? Lottie is an ICON though. She’s a great main character and SUCH an inspiration. What’s A Girl Gotta Do? made me want to get up and doΒ something to fight the patriarchy. Maybe not as extreme as Lottie, but damn I loved her.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy

Why did I wait so long to pick this up? I had a feeling I would like this, and yet. I kept picking upΒ different books at the bookstore. Though only picking this up now meant I could read the entire trilogy in one year – #noregrets. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is such a fun and charming trilogy. I adore Lara Jean apparently a lot of people find her annoying but? I really don’t see why. This also has one of the best families in YA and the cutest romance (where can I get my own Peter). Basically: IT’S FUN READ IT. No review yet because I wanted to review the entire trilogy in one post and haven’t gotten around to it yet rip

The Upside of Unrequited

Considering I read this twice this year, I think you can tell I loved this one. I would’ve loved to reread everything on this list, but when I found out I missed Simon vs Homo Sapiens Agenda cameos and references I just HAD to reread it (I felt so stupid when I reread it – HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THOSE). Anway: Molly is a sweetheart and such a relatable protagonist, cute sisters relationship, cute family dynamics overal, a very diverse cast, cute healthy romance, the message that you’re never ‘too old’ for anything and there’s nothing wrong with you if you’ve never dated, a big gay wedding – basically a gem

Heroine Complex

SUCH an underrated gem?? Basically it’s the first in a series about Asian female superheroes like what more do you want. It’s just such a fun read with comic book vibes, women kicking ass, female friendship, healthy romantic relationship, great character growth, humour and just a whole lot of comic book silliness. If you love superheroes and want to see more female and/or Asian superheroes than this is the book for you. Do keep in mind that this is an adult book and there are some sex scenes in it – there aren’t that many and as someone who doesn’t enjoy those: I easily skipped them. Please give this gem a try

Six of Crows Duology

Sooo I finally picked up Six of Crows in 2017 as I knew it would take me forever to finish The Grisha Trilogy and I’d be 89 years old before I’d finally get to Six of Crows. I’m so glad I made that decision because it definitely lived up to its hype. I’m sure you’ve heard all about Six of Crows as it’s one of the most popular series in the book blogging community, but I know I’m not the only one late to the party (Marie I’m looking at you 😜) so join the party/the hype train/the crew, because Six of Crows is one of the best fantasies I’ve read in a while and it put me in such a slum. It’s justΒ so well thought out, the characters are all fleshed out, their dynamics are so much fun to read, well-developed relationships (both platonic and romantic), great action… Honestly it has everything a great fantasy should aspire to have

Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith

This was such a lovely surprise! Usually when books are marketed as similar as Harry Potter I’m a bit wary but Ewan Pendle and The White Wraith is really like Harry Potter, but it’s not a rip off. Are there similarities? Yes, but I think it’s easy to find similarities with books taking place in magic boarding schools. Ewan’s world is well developed and magical all on its own. To quote my own review:Β You know how when a book is really good you forget you’re actually reading something, and you’re not actually there? That was me with Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith.Β This book just filled me with joy and warm fuzzy feelings and I can’t wait for the sequel. Read my review here

Chasing Eveline

Chasing Eveline was SUCH a refreshing read I still can’t get over it. While there are a few small unrealistic elements, overall it was incredibly realistic which I absolutely loved. Don’t get me wrong, I love my unrealistic contemporaries. Hell, I know my current Β WIP isn’t always super realistic – and that can be fun! (though there’s a limit) But Chasing Eveline? It dealt with Ivy’s mom having left her so well. Ivy’s pain and trying to hold on to her mom feltΒ so real. It was also nice to see her relationship with her dad getting a lot of attention, a great friendship between her and a boy without any romantic feelings, a realistically built up romance which I want to say so much more about but alas

Read my review here

Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor

This was my first read of 2017 if you don’t count comics so I don’t remember it that well, but The Hammer of Thor made me fall in love with Magnus Chase, which was a relief considering I was a bit disappointed in The Sword of Summer. The characters felt more developed and unlike with the previous installment I was never bored. It was just plain fun like I’m used to with Rick Riordan’s books. Also Alex Fierro (who’s genderfluid!!) aka the love of my life was introduced.

And those are – finally! – my favourite books of 2017! Obviously I’d recommend them all in a heartbeat, so if you haven’t yet, please consider picking them up!

Have you read any of these? If so, are they also among your favourites? What were some of your favourites of 2017? Let me know in the comments!

32 thoughts on “It’s February So Obviously It’s Time To Share My Favourite Books of 2017

  1. OH MY GOSH YOU FINALLY READ SIX OF CROWS!!!! Have you read Crooked Kingdom yet? Those books are my babies. Also loved seeing THUG and Gentleman’s Guide on your favorites list! I hear about Queens of Geek everywhere but haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet but I’ll get to it this year :-) . I also have to read Heroine Complex, I’ve heard great things about that one too.

    • YES I FINALLY DID! And I just realised that while I did write ‘Six of Crows Duology’ I only talk about SoC? πŸ˜‚ But I did read Crooked Kingdom and it’s one my best books of 2017 as well! Ohh hope you’ll get to read Queens of Geek and Heroine Complex soon! They’re amazing :) (obviously I think that or they wouldn’t be on my list :P)

  2. Ooh, I’ve been meaning to read Queens of Geek & Upside!! I heard that they were both super diverse and I’m soooo excited. 😍 But I’ve heard mixed reviews on both of them so I’m a little hesitant… 🀀

    AND YES YES YES SIX OF CROWS AAAAHHHHH. It’s literally one of my favorite books EVER (+ Crooked Kingdom) and I love the characters so much??? And hey, better late than never, right. πŸ˜‚

    Love this post! I’ll definitely have to check our some of the other favorites you mentioned. 😍

    • Queens of Geek and The Upside are AMAZING ❀️ I haven’t read any mixed/negative reviews so I can’t argue against them, but boy I loved them so much. I mean obviously or they wouldn’t be on this list :P The Upside has such a diverse cast and it just felt so natural ahhhh

      YES I FINALLY READ IT AND I’M SO HAPPY I DID Yep better late than never πŸ˜‚

      Thanks! Ohhh please do I’d recommend all of these in a heartbeat ❀️

  3. Ahhhh I have so many favourites on this list!! THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE WAS PERFECT. <3 I mean choosing one favourite fo 2017 is impossible, but that one does come pretty freaking close.😍😍I also totally adored Unrequited and Queens of Geek and The Hate U Give and basically the Six of Crow books are so clever my mind is still blown.😍 And my feels are a little mangled from the finale of Crooked Kingdom BUT THAT’S OK WHO NEEDS HAPPINESS ANYWAY. β€οΈπŸ’”

    • YES THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TRULY WAS PERFECT. Yes oh my goodness it comes really close for me as well. It just had everything?? HOW is that possible
      Haha no one needs happiness Cait, definitely not bookworms otherwise we wouldn’t be reading all these heartbreaking books :P

  4. I haven’t read any of these books πŸ˜‚ except THUG which I DNFed because it was too stressful to read. Great list and no it isn’t too late πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Ahhh I love your favorites here so much! I read and loved Queens of Geek, the characters were so relatable. The Hate U Give was pretty amazin as well, such a powerful, important read and what a cast of awesome characters??? I loved them all <3 I can't wait to read The Upside sometime soon, it sounds exactly like the kind of book I could love :)
    Great post, Michelle! And it is NEVER too late to talk about your favorite books :P

    • Hope you’ll get to The Upside soon Marie! I really think you’ll love it 😊
      Thanks! Haha very true :P I’d feel a bit more awkward if I had posted this in June, but I guess even then it wouldn’t be too late :P

  6. Have yet to read all of these, but! Six of Crows I have won and am greatly looking forward to, and I’m also really looking forward to reading Ewan Pendle, because I have recently reviewed a literary book by the same author (like last week! The Girl in the Blue Shoes) and HIS WRITING, OH MAN, it was so amazing! He said it was a different book, but oh man, I can’t wait to read it! And I’ve also got Chasing Eveline, there was a giveaway… And nope, I don’t just have it because it’s almost my name xDD so you’re inspiring me to remember these and pick them up from my list :D

    • Ohhh hope you’ll enjoy all of these! They’re all so good. Ohh I need to read The Girl in the Blue Shoes! Yes his writing is SO GOOD. He’s such an underrated author.
      Haha I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to get Chasing Eveline because it’s almost your name :P

  7. I agree with so many of these!!! SIX OF CROWS, OMG YES. UPSIDE. OMG YES. GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE. YES.

    It looks like you had a great reading year 2017!!! (and yes.. now is TOTALLY the time to be sharing this list… better late than never amiright?) shahah

  8. Six of Crows and Gentleman’s Guide are two of favourites ever!! I’ve been meaning to read the Magnus Chase series but I’m trying to read Riordan’s books in order of release so I’m starting the Heroes of Olympus series soon!:)

  9. Hello Michelle!
    I absolutely LOVED the To All the Boys series and The Upside of Unrequited!! (How can anyone not!??!) I just finished To All the Boys, and I really loved the ending, although it was bittersweet.
    Chasing Eveline and Ewan Pendle both sound like they would be up my alley! I added them to my TBR :)

      • Yes! That is how I felt about the ending as well. I loved the characters so much and I wanted Lara Jean and Peter’s story to continue, on the other hand, I thought that the author picked a good spot to end the novel :)

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  12. I just love your list! I still haven’t read Gentlemen of Vice and Virtue and The Hate You Give! Dying to read it! And you will not regret finishing To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! These books are unforgettable and the people that find Lara Jean annoying are sooo basic!

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