Monthly Mixtape // Mellifluous: Sweet and Cute Songs

musical hufflepuff

Monthly Mixtape is a music feature created by Eve @ Twist in the Taile and Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages (check out their blogs!!). Each month they come up with a one-word prompt as inspiration for a playlist.


mellifluous, adjective: 1 : having a smooth rich flow 2 : filled with something (such as honey) that sweetens

Unfortunately I missed last month’s mixtape, but when I saw this month’s theme I was DETERMINED not to miss it. It’s just so sweet and cute?? That’s also what I went with when picking out songs. So I ended up with a lot of love songs lol.


What kind of songs or music do you think of when you hear ‘mellifluous’? Any songs on my playlist that you like? Let me know in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Monthly Mixtape // Mellifluous: Sweet and Cute Songs

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  2. MICHELLE THIS IS SUCH A SOFT LOOKING PLAYLIST OH MY GOODNESS. Troye Sivan AND Hayley Kiyoko AND Mary Lambert? I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. Thanks so much for participating <3

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