The Weekly Hufflepuff #67 // Uhhhhhhh *insert witty title*

Yes a weekly wrap up on a Monday but it’s okay

It’s been over a MONTH since my last weekly wrap up and?? I don’t know how that happened?? I did talk about some personal stuff in April’s wrap upΒ (IT’S ALMOST TIME TO WRAP UP MAY HOWWWW) but I didn’t share any blog posts that I read?? Be prepared to get lots of great posts thrown in your facesMy memory is failing me and I have no clue what I’ve read since my last wrap up (both weekly and monthly) so I’ll just talk about what I’m reading right now which is okay because it’s SO GOOD. I was hooked from the first page and I immediately knew Anger Is A Gift would be a new fave. It’s coming out tomorrow so IΒ should have finished it by now so I could have my review up but… I requested it not that long ago thinking I wouldn’t get accepted anyway, but then I DID and now I’m kinda screwed. But I’m halfway there so my review should be up next week at the latest*

* That’s what I thought when it came to Starfish and that took me a MONTH hahahaSo last wrap up I didn’t talk about what classes I’m following this term, which surprises me because I remember being prepared to RANT but then I just forgot because school is eating my brain. Oh well

Anyway, in either your third or fourth year you need to choose a specialisation. I chose culture, which means I’m taking fine arts, film, literature and philosophy of culture. Fine arts and film are a lot of fun, philosophy of culture is okay – it’s not a lot of philosophy, mostly it’s history and a lot of it I already knew? And then there’s literature

Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘Michelle, you’re a book blog! Are you saying you don’t like your literature class?’ hahahaha

That’s exactly what I’m saying

Okay but hear me out. My entire class is focusing on ONE book. ONE. A book of course written by a white, abled straight cis man, who also!! Is incredibly islamophobic, sexist and homophobic!! So the book we’re reading?? A MESS. My teacher? LOVES IT. My anxious ass? QUIET. I really wish I could speak up but,,, ugghh. Anxiety. The teacher doesn’t seem to have a problem with the book at all. She even went out of her way to say that she doesn’t think it’s islamophobic. Oh and the sexism?? ‘so absurd that it’s unrealistic’ yeah the main character thinking women shouldn’t vote is so unrealistic hahahahaha and the objectifying of women? Doesn’t happen!!! Never!!Β But to make matters worse there was this:

”Do you guys think there’s any humour in this? I do”*proceeds to read aloud a quote that I personally found homophobic/lesbophobic but apparently she thinks it’s funny!!*

And of course a few people laughed

Meanwhile I felt like I had been slapped in the face and was about to cry

So yeah. FUN

But my other classes are a lot more inclusive! Not as much as I’d like, but still. Plus at least they’re not this woman :) We have to fill out surveys for each class each term, so I’m definitely going to say something about her and her class. Maybe I’ll find the courage to speak up in tomorrow’s class now that I’ve finished the book but that woman makes me really anxious (speaking up itself already does sdjgh)

Anyway what else happened?

πŸ’›Β EUROVISION. Eurovision was once again a blast, though there was not enough weird Eurovision stuff, glitter and gay. Also I don’t like the winner. I had SO many faves why did my two least favourite ones end up first and second. Countries were robbed. Not enough meme material. But it’s Eurovision and I will always love it


πŸ’›Β Two weeks ago I had to take care of the neighbours cat and she was the CUTEST thing #blessed

πŸ’›Β Uhhhhhhh

πŸ’›Β I seriously need a PensieveSince my monthly wrap up I wrote four posts wow so much many posts much impressed

πŸ’›Β I reviewed My Name is Victoria which was,,, okay? But the plot twist at the end ruined it for me
πŸ’›Β I also reviewed Starfish which was INCREDIBLE and my favourite book of the year nothing will surpass it
πŸ’›Β I shared my reactions to the Hogwarts Mystery game
πŸ’›Β I shared another playlist for Monthly Mixtape

I can’t wait for summer break to get here and I swear if I don’t pass my exams and have to redo them my school is going to catch these handsπŸ’›Β Emma @ The Book Crunch shares her favourite YA books that feature mental health issues
πŸ’›Β LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks recommends some contemporaries that deal with mental health as well
πŸ’›Β Julianna @ Paper Blots reviews My So-Called Bollywood Life which sounds like a great book so check out her amazing review
πŸ’›Β Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink talks about her writing in the Rising Author Tag and shares some amazing snippets
πŸ’›Β Annemieke @ A Dance With Books celebrated her blog’s third birthday
πŸ’›Β She also wonders if these days 3-star ratings are bad ratings
πŸ’›Β Eri and Alexis @ Lacy Literacy talk about their day at YALLWEST
πŸ’›Β Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books shouts about 10 books she rarely screams about but feels like she should
πŸ’›Β She also wonders if you have to review books to be a book blogger
πŸ’›Β Oh and of course she once again made me even more excited about her WIP by doing my Your WIP in Gifs Tag
πŸ’›Β Amber @ The Literary Phoenix talks about the worst movies adapted from books
πŸ’›Β Sarah @ Written Word Worlds talks about stereotypical YA characters and created a quiz to figure out which one you are
πŸ’›Β Kat @ Life and Other Disasters wonders if you fight for your tv show
πŸ’›Β She also created another great writing tag called The Milestones Write Tag
πŸ’›Β May @ Forever and Every recommends YA Asian booksΒ 
πŸ’›Β She also reviewed Furyborn and rants about the messy and vague bi rep which you should really read
πŸ’›Β Ever wondered how to write a shipable OTP? Elizabeth @ Redgal Musings has a guide for you
πŸ’›Β Holly @ Nut Free Nerd talks about book blogging as a feminist space
πŸ’›Β Lu @ It’s Lu Again started a new blogging series called ‘Coming Out Series’ and I can’t choose which one to share so: Part 1 about LGBT+ Rep // Part 2 about 2018’s LGBT+ themed books // Part 3 in which she reviews Autoboyography
πŸ’›Β Aimee @ Aimee, Always shares 5 things Children of Blood and Bone made her doΒ 
πŸ’›Β Vivian @ Writing With Style talks about how she avoids inconsistencies in her writing
πŸ’›Β Amena @ Nerd in New York talks about how blogging changes the way she reads
πŸ’›Β Inside My Library Mind shares all you need to know to start using Edelweiss
πŸ’›Β Chiara @ Delicate Eternity gives 5 reasons why she enjoyed Ace of Shades
πŸ’›Β Cristina @ Girl in the Pages talks about YA books set in college
πŸ’›Β Fadwa @ Word Wonders shares how she manages to not drown under blogging and reading
πŸ’›Β And last but definitely not least, Cait @ Paper Fury announced her second (!!) novel

I have four more weeks to go until summer break* but it feels sooo much longer. Probably because I never even got to properly rest from last school year dskngjhd I have so many blog post ideas and I’m so excited about blogging again, but it’s hard to find the time and energy to be honest. Even though I don’t want school to dominate my life (which I’m kind of succeeding in?) I just can’t bring myself to blog as much as I’d want to. I also really, really want to change things about my design** and technically I could make time, but I’d rather use that time to write posts and blog hop. It’s starting to bug me though, I really want to change things haha

* If I pass everything please I’m begging you
** You may have noticed I changed my ‘summary’ and ‘review’ banners in my review

So yeah after I scheduled this post I got reaaaally annoyed with my old design and realised that the new posts I’ve got planned (emphasis on planned I haven’t written anything lmao) wouldn’t be done justice soooo LOOK NEW DESIGN. And a few new graphics. It’s not done yet, as I need to replace a bunch of other graphics and I want to clean up my categories more (you may have noticed that my menu is a lot smaller, but I want to come up with more categories and just order everything better) So if you only see one post from me this week blame the new design lolΒ 
Are you almost done with school? (please don’t tell me if you’re done this week I will cry out of envy) How are you hanging in there? Read any amazing books? Did you cry at the Peraltiago wedding? Let me know in the comments!

39 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #67 // Uhhhhhhh *insert witty title*

  1. I immediately noticed the new design and I like bees or bumblebees :) I think they are cute, so yay for the design that is still very much in tune with what you previously had.
    Thanks so much for featuring my posts! YOU ARE THE BEEEST!!
    And that book for class you have to read … gosh, my non-confrontational ass would probably keep quiet as well, while inwardly almost bursting with rage. Maybe when she talks about certain shitty quotes and stuff again, don’t look at the prof but rather at your classmates. Maybe someone else can’t hide their disgust either and then you can bond over it outside of class??

  2. You’re so right about Eurovision – not nearly enough glitter and glitz, but still fun. I did not like the winner that much either, but the song is kind of ridiculous so it works πŸ˜‚ Thanks so much for the shoutout πŸ’—
    P.S. I am loving the bees/bumblebees design!

  3. I’m sorry about your professor and that’s really strange to focus an entire class on one book…ugh. Hopefully things get better! Anxiety sucks. I finished school 2 weeks ago and I’m so glad because I needed a break. Also, I just started season 5 of B99! (Only started watching properly like less than a month ago or something.)

    • Right? I know we only have ten weeks but still :/ Also if we HAVE to focus on one book, why this? Ahh enjoy your break! Ohhh season 5 is my favourite so far – I love all seasons but season 5 is just SO GOOD.

  4. The first thing I noticed was the bumblebees! The new design is so delightfully springtime. :D

    Out of curiosity, what book are you reading in lit? Sounds like something I want to avoid. And it’s too bad about that philosophy of culture class because the class title sounds sooooo interesting!

    OMG. I thought my husband was going to die when he heard B99 was cancelled. I’m a low-key watcher but I have ALL the appreciation for Rosa. +10pts. NBC for rescuing a great comedy!!!

    • Thank you! :D Haha I hadn’t even thought of that, but it is perfect for this time of the year!

      It’s Submission, from Houellebecq. Right?! I expected a lot more from that class, oh well.

      Haha oh no your poor husband! I was on the same page though, I was so upset πŸ˜‚ Rosa is great ❀️ I love all the characters so much, though if I REALLY had to choose a fave, it’d probably be Holt :P Yes bless NBC!

  5. Ahhhh I love this new design it looks GREAT! :D <3
    I'm so sorry to hear about that class and that awful book :/ surely you're not alone in feeling this way, maybe you will find some classmates with the same thoughts as you do about it, and you can team up somehow to speak up? <3 I hope everything will go well, I'm sending hugs and love! <3 <3
    Have a wonderful week!! <3 <3

    • Thank you Marie! ❀️ (I can’t like your comment because it’s disappeared from my notifications ahhh)
      Yeah I don’t know, it doesn’t seem that way :/ I’m too nervous to ask around :( This week might be our last class though, so fingers crossed!
      Thank you Marie ❀️ Hope you had a good week ❀️

      • Oh don’t worry about it – I HATE when notifications just don’t show up all the way anymore, it’s so frustrating :/
        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you <3 <3

  6. Love the new bumbles! That professor honestly sounds atrocious. I had at least one in college that did use their own shoddy work in the curriculum and it was awk but not as bad as your situation D: I hope, as well, that others in the class are in agreement with you and speak up, or that you can at least commiserate with them.

    I was SO SO SO SO happy with that episode of Brooklyn 99. What a freaking perfect lovely show. They’re such a /family/ *gross sobbing*

    Do you watch New Girl? I recently binge watched the last couple seasons and that series finale was honestly pretty perfect. I wish more shows would just let their characters be happy. It’s a nice change of pace, lol.

    • Thank you! Next week might be our last class so fingers crossed. Oh no that sounds really awkward! I hate when teachers use their own work in class.

      Yes oh my goodness B99 is such a blessing what did we do to deserve it I can’t wait until season 6

      I don’t! But I have thought of watching it. Haha right?! I know angst is necessary for certain kind of shows, but still. It can be so exhausting πŸ˜‚

  7. I got approved for Anger is a Gift as well and I’m so excited to finally read it 😍 I didn’t manage to read it in time for release though. Oh no I’m sorry that your literature class is so horrible :( I totally get you, I don’t think I would be able to speak up because of anxiety :/

    • Ahhhh yay I finished it yesterday and it’s SO good. Very intense, but very very good.
      Glad I’m not the only one :/ I really wish I could speak up at least once but aghhh Next week might be our last class though so fingers crossed

  8. Thanks so much for the shout out! :) Sorry to hear about that one literature class- I’m glad to hear that your other classes are more inclusive though! I can’t imagine how there’s enough materials in one book to cover a whole course…

    • You’re welcome! Well terms here last 10 weeks, and we’re probably done next week (week 7, exam is in week 10) but still, wish we could have at least discussed more books :/ Or if we had to discuss one book, not one like this *sigh*

  9. Can I rage with you? I’m gonna rage with you about that class. It is really hard to speak up when one, you have anxiety, two the teacher, a person in authority and another woman doesn’t see anything wrong, and three, when people are laughing at bigoted bullshit. Omg women can’t vote. It’s SO funny because clearly that doesn’t happen anywhere in the world >:( Do you get those assessment forms at the end of a class, because that’s where you could vent your rage.

    • Thank you, that makes me feel better, because I felt so guilty for not speaking up even though I know my anxiety makes it difficult. She’s said so many things that just left me at a loss for words. I forgot to mention it in my post (because there’s just too much to remember) but she also described a deceased Dutch writer as a ‘practicing homosexual’ ???? Like??? I have no words tbh
      Yeah, we get those forms in the mail and it’s all anonymous, so I’m ready to vent

      • My jaw just hit the floor. This is reminding me of a training one of my IRL friends had to take where the instructor was saying heinous bigoted things just casually. Of course they’ll say “You’re too sensitive,” but what it really is is white het dudes who’ve been allowed to spew garbage for so long that it’s seen as normal. I hate it and I hate when I’m the only one who notices it and/or says something. Some days I can do it; some days I just don’t have the energy, and that’s okay. So often women are expected to do a TON of emotional work, and it’s exhausting. You’re allowed to be exhausted and overwhelmed, and if you have one of those forms, you definitely have a voice and outlet to bring that kind of crap to someone’s attention β™₯

      • That’s something I struggle with every day. Gaslighting is terrible, especially when you’re hyper sensitive. You hear it your entire life and it makes you doubt your feelings and real lived experience ;_;

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