Books I Loved But?? Memory?? ERROR CANNOT BE FOUND

Do you ever look at your highest rated books on Goodreads and marvel at the fact that you don’t remember like,, half of them? ME TOO. So I figured I’d talk about them, see if I can remember if I loved them, whether you should read them and if should reread them. Oh and possibly freak out because sequels were published without me even realising it help

Rise of the Darklings 

The book that inspired this post. The other day i noticed it on my goodreads shelves and saw the five star rating but?? I had forgotten this even existed?? I remember two things about this book: 1) at some point Merlin showed up and my inner BBC Merlin fangirl freaked and 2) for some reason I imagined the piskie (a fairy creature) to look like the Pokemon Sneasel 

what fairy creature looks like this why does my brain work this way

I don’t think it was described to look anything like this. I remember not getting why I pictured it that way back then too lmao Since I read this before I started blogging there is no review so I guess I’ll never find out why I loved this one so much that I gave it five stars  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I Am Princess X

I raved SO MUCH about this one when I read it back in 2015 and even included it in my top 10 reads of that year but now? When someone asks me for my favourite book, I Am Princess X definitely does not pop up into my head. Granted, I’ve read a lot of books since then that do surpass it, but still. It makes me sad that I didn’t even remember this book, considering how much I loved it back then. If you’re not familiar with I Am Princess X (which is likely because I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone mention this book??) it’s about two best friends who created the comic I Am Princess X together, but then one of them goes missing. The other stops working on the comic, but then suddenly I Am Princess X resurfaces, and she begins to wonder if maybe her best friend is behind it and that the new comics are actually clues about what happened to her. It focuses a lot on friendship (no romance!!), I found it to be a page turner and I loved that the comic pages were included. Okay now I want to reread this

The School For Good and Evil Series


Very, very underrated which is SUCH a shame because it’s so good? It’s about two girls who get taken to The School For Good and Evil, where they have to prepare for their own fairytales. The books play a lot with tropes, references so many fairytales, has great worldbuilding, is actually quite dark?? But also has great messages and the friendship between the two girls is central to the plot. Look at that more books I want to reread.

Made You Up

I didn’t exactly forget about this one, especially with Eliza and Her Monsters, written by the same author, coming out last year, but I still feel like I kind of forgotten about it, especially on the blog! It was one of my favourite reads of 2015 but I never mention it? I remember Made You Up getting me out of a slump as I just couldn’t put it down. Also the author reposted my photo on her insta #nobigdeal #ifreakedout 


To be fair I don’t think I’d enjoy this one if I were to read this one now haha. Looking back I’m actually surprised I enjoyed it this much and gave it four stars? There are a lot of mixed feelings about this one (at least back when it came out) and I’d probably be more on the negative side if I were to (re)read it now. I don’t even remember what I liked??? I just realised I reviewed it thank you past me for being helpful. Looking at my list of things I disliked though…I can just tell that that would outweigh the good for me if I were to reread it now haha. Apparently Ava quickly adjusted to her new life after just dying and then suddenly finding herself on a ship with magical bird people*, there’s a love triangle which included a jerk and apparently the concept is a bit vague and not really explained?? Past me was a mysterious being for giving this 4.5 stars

* This is not a spoiler btw

The Parasol Protectorate

Look! It’s one of my favourite series from when I was 15. I’ve seen The Finishing School series, its YA prequel series (though written after The Parasol Protectorate), around a bit in the blogging community, but The Parasol Protectorate? My bisexual* parasol-wielding badass heroine Alexia Tarabotti? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. The series takes place in the Victorian era* but the supernatural is living out in the open. Vampires are THE fashionistas, while werewolves serve in the army. Alexia on the other hand is Soulless, which doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a heart, but she can be a bit cold if I remember correctly which is so refreshing to see. There are also other multiple queer characters and it’s just so wonderful? Definitely want to reread this now. Hopefully I remember this correctly and I won’t find anything problematic during my reread *cue nervous laughter* ***

* It’s been years since I read this but I remember her clearly being interested in another woman? She didn’t act on it though as she was in a relationship with a man. I don’t think it was ever stated that she was bisexual, that’s just how I read it back then and you will have to pry this headcanon from my cold dead bi hands
** Don’t quote me on this this entire post is written around the fact I have bad memory lol
*** 15-year old me was clueless as heck y’all how are 15-year olds and younger nowaday so wise and aware I didn’t know anything

Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress

I accidentally took this picture but I really like it? Plus it gives of a fantasy vibe which is perfect

Think Percy Jackson except it’s about an Indian boy, Indian mythology and I don’t think he’s a demigod? I have no memory of this except it being a really fun read and siblings!! And that it was a real page turner. If you love Percy Jackson or any of Rick Riordan’s mythology series I’d definitely recommend this one. There are two more books that I never ended up reading, because I just,, like any other book on this list,, forgot about it?? Which is such a shame. I blame new shiny books coming out every day and taking my attention away.

The Invisible Library

Uhhh I accidentally used the sequel but I didn’t want to redo the picture with the first book because the red looks so pretty??

Look!! Another series that I just remembered has a new book out and I haven’t read it yet even though I really enjoyed the first two books. The main character is a spy for the Invisible Library, having to retrieve books from all these different kind of worlds, which is just so much fun. I loved the detective atmosphere and travelling through other worlds.*

* Just went to check because I had a feeling a fourth book may be out already AND YEP I’M TWO BOOKS BEHIND SOON THREE BECAUSE BOOK 5 IS COMING OUT THIS YEAR RIP ME

I might actually do a part 2 if I come across more books I loved but forgotten about. Considering my memory that’s very likely! So if you liked this post and want to see a second part let me know.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Do you forget awesome books regularly as well? Let me know in the comments!

41 thoughts on “Books I Loved But?? Memory?? ERROR CANNOT BE FOUND

  1. Oh I can definitely relate to this post, because some books that I read 5+ years ago … are no longer stored in my memory 😂 I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, but I have a few books of my own that I … mainly forgot about. E.g. like TMI, I cannot remember what happened in City of Ashes, it’s gone from my memory 😅

    • Haha saaaame. I hate it, why can’t my brain remember everything I’ve read 😂 Ohhh uh City of Ashes… That’s the one where Simon turns right? I remember a fight on a boat. And possibly an explosion on that same boat?? I think Simon also bites Jace and thus becomes a Daylighter in this one? I don’t remember much else though 😂

  2. I feel like I forget all the books I read WAY too often and I hate this feeling so much hahaha. There are just too many books to remember? I should get back to my Goodreads and see if I actually remember all of these 5-stars reads as well haha. I’m so glad to see Made You Up here, I REALLY want to read that one, thank you for the reminder :P

  3. That Ash Mistry photo really does look great. And yes, yes I feel you. I actually just got the third protectorate parasol book. Now to get books 1 and 2 some day lol.

  4. I have not read any of those, so I can’t really talk about them, but I DO forget the actual content of books all the time hahaha I remember feelings, especially strong ones, but so much of the names, places and general happenings just vanishes as soon as I pick up the next read.

  5. Haha, too funny! I can’t say this has really happened to me. Mostly since I’m a big re-reader, the books I love stuck with me pretty well. Now, my LOWEST rated books have a whole lot of memory gaps!

  6. I love The School for Good and Evil! And I totally get what you feel, whenever I saw my GR rating I was like “okay, why did I like this book again?”

  7. Oh I relate SO much! I forget things all the time and then look back at my “favourites” shelf on goodreads like…who are these people. 😂😂 I mean, I guess it makes rereads worth it, but sometimes that’s awkward if you don’t have time to reread! I have read Magonia and The Invisible Library from your list! And I loooved Made You Up too but I need to reread because I remember next to nothing haha.😂

    • Haha yesss 😂 I’m Gandalf ‘I have no memory of this place’ 😂 Yes, that’s true, I really want to reread so many of these now, but alas no time (yet) I remember a magic 8 ball, and I think there was a snake, but other than that I don’t remember much about Made You Up either 😂

  8. I actually have a vaguely good-ish memoy when it comes to books i’ve read?? At least I thought I did UNTIL TRAGEDY STRIKES and I forgot a book and I wanted to read the sequel. NOW I TOTALLY GET YOU AND CAN WE JUST HUDDLE TOGETHER AND CRY?? Its tragic.

    And so many of these books actually sound amazing?? I realise I’m probably not making this any better for you haaaaa sorry 😅? BUT DAMN NOW I WANNA READ ‘EM ALL!

    • Ohhhh no I feel your pain! You THINK you’ll be fine, that you remember everything, or at least the important stuff, before you start the sequel but then you start it and ??? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. WHAT IS GOING ON. YES LET’S JUST CRY TOGETHER

      Haha I want to reread so many of these now 😂 I can’t wait for school to be over :P I don’t have the time for them now, since all my reading time is spent on ARCs 😅 YOU SHOULD

  9. I JUST read the The School for Good and Evil, thinking it was going to be ridiculous. And it WAS and I enjoyed it immensely. Definitely underrated.

    I WILL be reading the Parasol Protectorate. And I read the fourth book (yayyy out of order) of the Invisible Library earlier this year! I think that the blogging community grasps on to new releases and almost nothing else, which is a shame.

    • I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! It’s become a bit more popular now, compared to when the first book came out, but it’s still very underrated. It deserves so much more hype

      Ohhh hope you’ll enjoy the Parasol Protectorate! Oh no, I hope you still knew what was going on? 😂 Very true! And often the same new releases, which is a shame, because there are so many great new releases out there that deserve some love too

  10. hehehe I relate to this post- I somehow forget loads of books I’ve read and see books I don’t remember reading at all ;) I don’t think I’ve read any of these (unless one of them is also lurking on my gr shelf) so I can’t fill in the gaps for these- I have heard mixed things about Magonia though. Awesome post!

  11. This is such a clever post idea! I honestly never remember books I read unless they become some of my all-time favorites.😂

    I remember reading I Am Princess X! I remember liking it, and I remember the basic premise, but other than that I am also drawing a blank haha. I also read The School for Good and Evil as well as a couple of others in the series, and once again I honestly don’t have a very clear recollection of it.

    Great post! If you come up with more, I’d love a part 2 of this post!

    • Thank you! Haha same, but the sad thing is some of these ARE my all-time favourites 😂 Time for a reread :P

      Ohhh I’m glad you liked Princess X! It’s such an underrated book.

      Aww, I’ll see if I can find more books I loved but completely forgotten about :P

  12. This is such a cute post and was so fun to read! I don’t think I’d ever have this problem though because I am waaaaaaaay too picky about what ends up in my highest rated category. I think I have like 5 books that I’ve rated 5 stars ever. But it was so great seeing you write about such an original idea!

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  14. I’m reading Soulless right now! If Alexia is bisexual, it is NOT being written in the novel version (can’t speak for the graphic novel) >:( That’s really irritating even though I like her werewolf lord love interest. Let’s have more bisexual, no-nonsense Victorian ladies. Gods…that would piss her irritating mother off SO much, and I can’t stand her.

    • Ahhh yeah I didn’t get my headcanon from Soulless. I don’t remember what book this happened in, but I remember there was a lesbian character who showed interest in Alexia and I read it as Alexia being interested as well, but not acting upon it because of Lord… Maxxon? Am I making that up? It sounds right 😂 It’s very possible that I was just desperate for rep and read too much into it though

      • *sigh* Sadly that’s honestly what they often do. Like movies will *say* “Oh this person is queer!” but then never show them in a queer relationship, and LGBTQ+ people are so desperate for representation that they’ll run with it and the creator gets to say “He look we’re queer friendly!” while not pissing off their conservative base. Like…take a stand for what’s right and stop throwing bones.

      • Oh that’s not what this series is doing! It does have actual queer characters, it’s just that Alexa being bi was probably my own head canon. But yeah that does happen a lot :/ I remember being super confused when I found out that Moffat had said River on Doctor Who was bi because I had never seen any hints that she was?? Then eventually in a Christmas special YEARS later she did make a comment that alluded to her bisexuality but,, Same thing they did with Clara – she’d make playful comments that hinted at her bisexuality but that’s all we got :/

  15. I haven’t read any of these books.. The School for good and Evil sounds like a great series!
    I ofte forget about books.. Especially the ones I’ve read before I started writing reviews.

    • I definitely recommend The School for Good and Evil! It’s so much fun :) Haha I feel you! I already have trouble remembering the ones I did review, let alone the ones I didn’t :P

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