The Weekly Hufflepuff #68 // My Mental Health is Currently That Gif Of Captain Holt Saying ‘Everything is Garbage’

How is May almost over already what is this sorcery what even is time

I finished Anger is a Gift and I’m dead. So so intense, but so so good guys. Please pick it up (it’s out already because I’m slooow but hopefully I’ll have my review up this Thursday). I pretty much immediately started All of This is True because it’s coming out this week. I’m definitely getting my review for this one up after the release date as well but oh wellΒ πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈΒ Can’t be helped. I’m not really sure how I feel about this one yet? It’s intriguiging but also a bit underwhelming, mostly because of the writing which I’m not really impressed with. But we’ll see!

Well this week was terrible! My anxiety has been through the roof and today I’m still not doing so great. I can’t really talk about what happened, but something triggering happened this week that honestly made me feel like I took SUCH a step backwards when it comes to my mental health and now I’m just,, really struggling.

That said, it wasn’tΒ entirely garbage, as I went to the Moco Museum with my mom yesterday which was fun and I also had to work on Friday evening, which was a welcome distraction. But my anxiety won’t really,, go away. I mean, it never truly goes away, but it’s been very present this week no matter what I do or what happens.

Fingers crossed that this week will be better

Oh but on a lighter note, I really love my new design and am so so happy I decided to change it already after all! I had been sick of my old design for so long now, but I had trouble finding a theme that I really liked. I don’t know why the current theme didn’t catch my attention earlier? Oh well I’m using it now and I’m happy with it

Two posts, which I’m honestly happy with! I used to post three times a week plus a weekly wrap up, but that’s just not do-able for me right now, so I changed my schedule to twice a week (plus a possible wrap up, depending on how I’m feeling on Sunday) and look! I made it!

πŸ’›Β I reviewed Over Raging Tides, a fun female pirates book
πŸ’›Β I talked about books I apparently loved according to Goodreads but I don’t remember them

πŸ’›Β Julianna @ Paper Blots talks about her writing in the Rising Author Tag
πŸ’›Β She also talks about some tired and overused discussion topics
πŸ’›Β Elizabeth @ Redgal Musings did my Your WIP in Gifs tag (Irish Folk retelling of The Little Mermaid)
πŸ’›Β And so did Savannah @ The Book Prophet (#OwnVoices Native American rep)
πŸ’›Β Vivian @ Writing With Style talks about writers influenced her the most
πŸ’›Β The Orangutan Librarian gives some great writing advice
πŸ’›Β Annie @ Blossoms and Bullet Journals shares 7 reasons why she loved Summer of Salt
πŸ’›Β Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books talks about her WIP in the Milestone Writing Tag
πŸ’›Β Farah @ Smiling Dreamer is back!
πŸ’›Β Chiara @ Delicate Eternity shares 5 reasons why you should watch When Marnie Was There
πŸ’›Β Olivia @ Purely Olivia shares 5 reasons why she still reads and loves middle grade fiction
πŸ’›Β Cait @ Paper Fury talks aboutΒ her favourite and worst things about being an author

Despite my struggles with my mental health I’ve actually been kinda throwing myself into blogging?? Why can’t I do that when my mental health is better adlgkfsj I’m actually kinda keeping up with the blogs in my wordpress and bloglovin feed and even trying to branch out and find other posts to read. I’ve actually kinda been neglecting school, though also not really because I DO feel like I’m kinda keeping up with it, but I’m just used to giving it my all, putting all my time into it, working ahead etc. so now it just feels weird?? My anxiety is of course not helping because it keeps telling me that I’m behind!! And I should work on school!! Or I’m going to fail!! Which is ridiculous because I know I probably won’t (did you notice the ‘probably’ because I did sdkgjh) but… Ugh

me @ my anxiety

I just can’t wait for school to be over for the year tbhΒ even though that means I’ll have all the time worry about next year and internships and freelance work and then graduating hahaha

How are you guys? Hopefully doing better than me, if not sending you lots of hugs. Read anything good? Find anything good to watch now that B99 is on hiatus? Let me know in the comments!

35 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #68 // My Mental Health is Currently That Gif Of Captain Holt Saying ‘Everything is Garbage’

  1. Hugs. I’m sorry this week was so garbage. I hope the coming week is better. At least we get to sweat some more (blegh).

    Maybe you find it easier to blog when your mental health is down because it helps you to divert your thoughts more easily?

    • Thank you ❀ Yesterday and today sucked, but fingers crossed that the rest of the week will be better. Ughhh yeah I do like the warmer weather, but it’s a bit TOO warm.

      Ah that’s possible!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your anxiety :( I know it sucks so much. I hope it passes soon, but we are never prepared for those moments that unexpectedly hit us, are we? I am glad you had a good time at the museum with your mum though and that you enjoyed Anger is a Gift! I really want to read that one.

  3. Awe thank you for sharing my post <3 I love your new design!! It looks so good :D I hope your mental health will get better this coming month! Try doing some self-care things.

      Thank you so much ❀ Things got worse yesterday and today, but I started to feel slightly better later on today, still not great, but it’s progress

  4. I hope you feel better, Michelle. You’re such a lovely person and you deserve some love. β™₯ I can’t wait to see your thoughts on All of This is True! I’ve mostly heard positive things about it, so it’ll be nice to see a different perspective!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

  5. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this hasn’t been the best week, I am sending you all the love and hugs and hope that this week will be better <3 <3
    I hope you'll enjoy All of This Is True, I read and really loved it, but I get that the format can't really be a hit for everyone. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it :D

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