LGBTQIAP+ Books I Want To See Turned Into Movies Part I

That’s me right now. I know I didn’t disappear on the blog* but it’s how I feel because ugggh exams are next week and I’mΒ dead. I don’t even know how I’m writing this post right now. Planning exams during Pride is homophobic tbh

ANYWAY. Today I thought I’d talk about some LGBTQIAP+ books that I want to see follow in Love, Simon’s footsteps. Hopefully it opened doors for many other great YA books with LGBTQIAP+ leads to follow *fingers crossed*

* I did skip a weekly wrap up but I mean,, I do that all the time so

Queens of Geek

Obviously I want to see one of my favourite books of all time on the big screen, but I mean?? That rep though?? The two leads are a Chinese-Australian bisexual girl (Charlie) and a fat, autistic girl with anxiety (Taylor)?? And Charlie’s love interest is a black girl (Alyssa*)?? Both romances are adorable, but Charlie and Alyssa’s first date?** ICONIC. ADORABLE. NEED TO SEE THAT ON THE BIG SCREEN. Taylor and Jamie were adorable and so healthy too though! It’s a super fun and cute read (it takes place during a convention!) but it also addresses so many important topics adgnjs I just love Queens of Geek and I need to see it adapted asap ok pls thank u

* I don’t remember her sexuality and I hate myself
** Don’t quote me on this I remember it as their first date but hey maybe it was their second I haven’t had the time yet to reread this beauty because exams ugh

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

SO APPARENTLY GREG BERLANTI, DIRECTOR OF LOVE, SIMON, HAS SHOWN INTEREST IN THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE AND MAKING ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE. Okay so apparently he’s planning on making it into a tv show and I know this post is about movies but?? Idc?? A tv show would be even better because MORE of my kids. I haven’t gotten around to reviewing this yet which is,, offensive tbh,, but I want to reread it first because I barely remember anything. But!! The protagonist Monty is bi, his love interest is a black boy who has epilepsy and Monty’s sister is most likely ace*. The book touches on so many important topics like racism, sexism, ableism and so much more. Also PTSD rep! Plus it’s just super fun (road trip! friendship! siblings! pirates! shenanigans!) and the romance is great?? Wow I am not doing this justice curse my bad memory

* I don’t know if this has been confirmed yet or if we have to wait for her book to come out since I’m very out of the loop

Anger is a Gift

I’ve already talked about how good Anger is a Gift is and why you should read it in my review hereΒ but seriously you need to read it? And it would make an INCREDIBLE film. Anger is a Gift is a very powerful look on police brutality and just like The Hate U Give will open so many eyes. I really hope studios won’t think ‘we already have The Hate U Give’ so we don’t need to adapt AIAG as well because boy we need so many more movies on police brutality. It’s also super diverse: none of the main characters are white, many LGTBQIAP+ identities (multiple trans characters AND a nonbinary character? I was shook), a disabled character, a character with PTSD, a muslim character… We need this movie okay

Cinderella Boy

Okay so I haven’t reviewed this yet (I will! Though more towards the end of the month) but this would be such a cute Disney Channel like movie? I say ‘like’ because I doubt Disney Channel is ready for a Cinderella retelling with a genderfluid main character and a queer Prince Charming. But yeah, this would be such a cute, empowering movie? Plus queer kids fighting for their rights!! There are moments of injustice in this book that will make you mad of course, but in the end it’s also a ‘feel good’ book as it shows these kids supporting each other and fighting against bigotry, and *spoiler, though it’s very much a fairytale so a happy ending is to be expected* they win! Plus that epilogue isΒ perfect and would make such a cute ending scene

Tash Hearts Tolstoy

I just finished this one and immediately thought of putting it on this list because asexual protagonist! If Tash Hearts Tolstoy were made into a movie it could really teach people about asexuality and give ace teens great rep, while at the same timeΒ it would be a really fun movie about a bunch of kids adapting Anna Karenina into a webshow (it could switch between the main storyline and their webshow?). Tash Hearts Tolstoy isn’tΒ about Tash’s asexuality, it’s just a part of who she is and of course of the romance. If done right it could break harmful stereotypes and ideas about asexuality and help so many ace kids. If you haven’t read Tash Hearts Tolstoy yet, it’s up for free on Riveted during the entire month of June!


Autoboyography shows a gay mormon kid coming to terms with his sexuality and is really respectful towards religion – it really shows that the authors did a lot of research. I think Autoboyography could really help a lot of LGBTQIAP+ religious kids, while it also has great bi rep. While it can get pretty intense it’s also just beautiful, fun and cute and would make suchΒ a heartfelt movie.Β I was honestly blown away and haven’t been able to fully gather my thoughts yet. I’ve mentioned before that Autoboyography is up for free on Riveted this month, but in case you missed that or forgot go grab your chance to read it!

Did I even do any of these books justice?? I feel like I just gushed because I love them all a lot and writing cohesively isΒ hard. If you haven’t read any of these yet, I highly recommend all of them. I loved the rep, the characters, the stories, the queerness, the writing… Just everything okay?? I need all of these as movies and not just for selfish reasons but let’s be real here, movies have a far wider reach than books and these stories and characters are so important. If any of these get adapted I will cry

Part two hopefully coming soon, because I have a lot more LGBTQIAP+ books I want to see turned into movies that I need to talk about

Have you read any of these? Which LGBTQIAP+ books would you like to see turned into movies? Let me know in the comments!

46 thoughts on “LGBTQIAP+ Books I Want To See Turned Into Movies Part I

  1. I know about a lot or at least 80% of those books, but I have only read Queens of Geek myself so far (others are on my TBR though). And I just really, really would love to watch that one as a movie. The fan experience and convention setting would be a dream.

  2. I’m crying because YES YES YES MONTY ON THE BIG SCREEN (I mean even if it’s for TV, STILL. GGTVAV IS LOVEEEEEEE.) IS THE MOST PERFECT THING EVER. I really hope to see further development on that news. I have yet to read most of these books, but I’m getting on it. Honestly living for those aesthetics, Michelle. <3

  3. Oh I love this list so much, Michelle! I only read Queens of Geek from here, but that would make a FANTASTIC movie. I need to read Autoboyography soon and you have me really curious about Cinderella Boy now, too. Also, your aesthetics are SO GREAT how do you do it, you’re the queen haha :) <3

    • Wouldn’t it?! The setting is just perfect. Ohhh Autoboyography is FANTASTIC. I expected to love it but it blew me away. And Cinderella Boy is a lot of fun :D Aww thank you Marie ❀

  4. STOP EVERYTHING GENTLEMAN’s GUIDE MIGHT BE ADAPTED? STOPSTOPSTOP OMG THIS IS BEAUTIFUL I WANT TO CRY???? Also can we fangirl about Autoboyography together I NEED TO YELL ABOUT IT INSCESSANTLY. Thank you for this post; I would LOVE Tash Hearts Tolstoy and all the other books ahhhh the Cinderela retelling is GOING ONTO MY TBR RIGHT NOW

  5. Ahhh I love this post, Michelle! <3 I absolutely love The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue and Autoboyography and it would be so amazing to see them turned into movies/TV shows! I haven't read the other books on this list yet, but I've added them to my TBR! :)

  6. If Greg Berlanti helped make a GGtVaV show I think my soul would actually ascend into heaven, holy wow. I HAVEN’T READ SO MANY OF THESE AND I’M VERY SAD. (Side note, bless Riveted for all their free book deals for Pride month?? YOU GO, RIVETED.)

    • same Evi *whispers* same. Like on the one hand I’m SO READY but on the other hand… am I?? Am I really?? Will I ever be?? Ahhh I hope you’ll get to read them one day they’re all so amazing!! (and I know?? First I thought there were just,, like 2 of them, but then Tash Hearts Tolstoy suddenly appeared too and I found out all the others have rep too like bless them)

  7. I’m actually a little scared of Gentleman’s Guide TV show? Like, it works so perfectly as a whole story, and TV shows always add so much unnecessary stuff *wails* But I’d watch it anyway, I know that. I just hope they’d do a lot of casting auditions to find Monty because I think he’d be insufferable if they cast the wrong person. He needs to be vulnerable enough to balance the not so wonderful aspects of his personality.

    The only other book I’ve read on this list is Queens of Geek, and I agree that it would make an adorable movie. I’d love to see how they represent a pop culture convention on the screen! And hopefully it would start before they jetted off to the US so we get some more background and family info, as well.

    Looking forward to seeing what others you want on the screen :D

    • Yeah that’s true! I’d probably prefer a movie, but I’d take anything I could get. As long as they stay true to the characters and important plot points, I think I’ll enjoy it. Oh yeah definitely! If they were to cast the wrong person Monty I might even end up hating him even though I absolutely love him in the book haha.

      Ohhh that’s a great idea! I’d love to see a little bit of their families

  8. Your aesthetic boards are the best darn things, just lovely. I want to see alllllll of these adapted lol but esp Anger Is A Gift and Queens of Geek (I say this having not read either yet aiiiii but I have Anger out from the library so sooooon).

    I’d love to see We Are Okay by Nina LaCour and If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo adapted <3

    • Thank you! ❀ Ohhh I hope you’ll get Anger is a Gift soon! It’s such a fantastic read and would make such a powerful and important movie. Queens of Geek is such a fun read definitely recommend it.

      Ohhh We Are Okay is on my tbr – what I’ve heard about it sounds like it would make a great movie! I need to look into If I Was Your Girl :)

  9. Why have they only just started making happy LGBT+ films? Should’ve happened a long time ago in my opinion, but better late than never, right? ;) also these books sound like they’d be good films even though I haven’t read any of them… oops but I will!
    Simi ~

    • I knowwww I’m always so wary when watching LGBT+ films because either they’re depressing or they have bad rep, or both ugh. I definitely recommend all of these, and apart from Anger is a Gift they all would be really happy films that would be so much fun to watch! (while at the same time being emotional and having important messages)

    • Right?! It would make a FANTASTIC movie. I don’t know! It might have happened behind the screens, but we wouldn’t find out about it unless things are official I think? Fingers crossed that with Love, Simon out more LGBTQIAP+ YA novels will get adapted!

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