LGBTQIAP+ Books I Want To See Turned Into Movies Part II

A little while ago I talked about LGBTQIAP+ books I want to see adapted, but there was no way I could fit all of them in one post, so here’s part two! One day there will be a part III, but there’s no way I’m getting that up before Pride ends. So for now, here are six more LGBTQIAP+ books I want to see on the big screen!

Leah on the Offbeat

Now that Love, Simon is out, I want to see a movie about two bi girls falling in love okay? Also while I did like Katherine as Leah, I really want them to recast her with a fat actress. Fat bi girls deserve rep too.

Magnus Chase Trilogy

Just noticed that the center image is cut off adfjsbg I’m too lazy to make a new one

Obviously not made by the same people behind the Percy Jackson movies* The Magnus Chase books would make such a fun movie franchise. Can you imagine the Nine Worlds on the big screen? Also a pansexual main character and brown genderfluid love interest – yes please. Plus a huge focus on friendship! One of the things I love about this trilogy is that Magnus truly is a healer, and that’s how he solves conflicts – he’s not the best fighter, but his love for his friends keeps him going.Β And let’s not forget the other rep among the main cast, like a Muslim Valkyrie and a black dwarf.

* Wait what movies am I talking about are there movies??

Six of Crows Duology

Though a tv show would also be lots of fun?? I don’t know, as long as it’s done well. Whether it’s two movies or a tv show, I do hope they make it a lot more obvious that Nina is bi, because I learned that she was by reading it on the internet, because apparently Bardugho said so?? Did I miss that in the books?? If you’re not familiar with Six of Crows it has a black bi boy and a white boy fall in love (I don’t think Wylan ever showed interest in girls? But I don’t want to just label him). It’s a great slowburn, but all the relationships in this duology are great. Plus heists!! Heist movies/tv shows are GREAT. Who doesn’t want that


This one is SO underrated. I mean a sequel came out but no one is even talking about this? That includes me though because I haven’t read the sequel yet hahaha I’m a terrible fan. BUT THIS BOOK. It’s absolutely beautiful and so unique? The main character is gay and has PTSD (such great PTSD rep!!) and he falls in love with the spirit of a clock tower. There’s also a biracial girl trying to make it in a men’s world. In this world they are dependent on clocks (like the Big Ben, not a regular clock in your living room), if a clock breaks, the entire town will be stuck in time, with no way of getting out. Mechanics like the MC and the girl have to make sure that doesn’t happen. I did all that from memory so I hope that makes sense. The romance is adorable and, spoiler before I get attacked: they get their happy ending*

* The sequel better not ruin that asdgbj

I Was Born For This

I just finished this the other day and I have no words?? I Was Born For This blew me away and I definitely get all the hype for Alice Oseman. I’m not sure a movie could do this book justice, as it would miss the incredible, thoughtful writing, but it would be a great movie nonetheless. Plus that rep!! The two main characters are a Muslim girl and a trans gay boy with anxiety. There’s great rep among the supporting cast as well plus it’s a great take on fame and how it affects celebrities. This would just be an incredible movie??

The Upside of Unrequited

The main character of The Upside isn’t queer herself, but she has two moms (one of them black) and a twin who’s a lesbian, dating a pan Korean girl. Same sex marriage has just been legalised so the movie would start with that and show how everyone outside is celebrating. Her moms decide to get married as soon as possible, so the MC is busy with their wedding, as she’s taken it upon herself to plan everything. Ending a movie with a big gay wedding is the best kind of ending to be honest. While the book doesn’t show much of her twin and her girlfriend, because it’s told from the MC’s pov, the movie could show us more of their relationship. Plus the MC is fat and has anxiety – so it’s just a fun, happy movie with lots of great rep and important messages! A.k.a. the perfect feel good movie

I need these movies ASAP okay?? THE WORLD NEEDS THESE MOVIES ASAP. Please let Love, Simon have been the first step to getting more LGBTQIAP+ YA books adapted

Have you read any of these? Which LGBTQIAP+ books would you like to see adapted? Let me know in the comments!

28 thoughts on “LGBTQIAP+ Books I Want To See Turned Into Movies Part II

  1. Oh my gosh, your moodboards are so gorgeous, I can’t take my eyes off of them. <3

    I'd love to see a movie adaption of LOTO, even though I didn't enjoy the book as much as I did Simon Vs. & haven't read I Was Born For This yet, but I adore Alice Oseman, so any book of hers should be made into a movie really. :')

    This is such a beautiful post, Michelle! <3

  2. I still haven’t read Leah on the Offbeat, but I would watch it just as well as The Upside of Unrequited. I could relate to Molly in so many ways. (And I understand what you mean about Katherine Langford as Leah)
    Ultimately, I am pretty sure I would watch all of these?

  3. I am missing out on so many great LGBTQ+ stories!!! I wish there were bookstores close to me! Great post! ❀️

  4. First off, those pic collages are giving me life rn. Also I completely agree! I feel (though correct me if I’m wrong) that there is more representation in the bookstore, but not even close to enough on screen!

    • Thank you! Right? Books (and comics!) are doing such a great job when it comes to diversity and rep, tv shows are slowly getting there but movies?? There’s not nearly enough, while movies tend to get a lot more general attention and hype than books do, so if any of these get adapted that would make such an impact!

      • YES! I completely agree! I’m not sure what is taking movies so long either, it’s not like they wouldn’t do well? They just need to hurry up and get on it really!

  5. Michelle your aesthetics are way too good, I’m crying I just want to read everything and it’s so, soooo pretty. <3
    You will be very proud to know that I will read Six of Crows, like, very soon – like in the next days – and I'm even more impatient to now. Timekeeper also sounds amazing, I soooooo need to read it?!
    I would love to see I Was Born For This as a movie, it would be soooooooooooo amazing. <3

    • Thank you Marie!! ❀ Yesss I’m very proud that you’re reading SoC :P
      Timekeeper is such an underrated gem. It’s just such a lovely read?? I need to reread it. Wouldn’t it?! It would be incredible and I kinda need it right now hahaha

  6. Love this post! πŸ’— Omg I’d love to see Leah on the Offbeat and The Upside of Unrequited as movies too; that would be incredible. 😍 I also love the Magnus Chase trilogy and it’d be amazing for it to be turned into a movie as well! (And lmao yes we don’t talk about the PJO movies. πŸ˜…) I haven’t read I Was Born For This yet, but I’ve ordered it and I can’t wait to read it because I’ve heard SO many amazing things about it. ☺️

    • Thank you! ❀️ Right?! God I need those movies. I loved writing this post but it made me so impatient πŸ˜‚ I need them NOW
      Ahhh I hope it gets to you soon! It’s so so good!!

  7. I didn’t like the book very much but I LOVE your aesthetic for Leah on the Offbeat!!! It makes my queer heart so happy and warm and fuzzy <3 I also realllly want to read I Was Born for This but it's not out in the US yet so I'll probably have to get it from book depository which will take forever to ship but based on this aesthetic and all the amazing things I've heard about it I NEED it. So much love for all of your aesthetics!! <3 <3

  8. Yess, Magnus Chase would be such a fantastic movie! I love the trilogy and I would love to see the characters translated to screen, especially because there’s so much rep. I mean, I don’t even remember the last time I saw a movie with a well represented (or represented at all) deaf character.

  9. hi Michelle I know you know how I feel about your aesthetics but… I LOVE THEM THEY’RE ALL SO PRETTY FJSL;AKJGSLKDHKDHGSKDJLSF

    first of all, I agree with pretty much all of your choices here (besides the books I haven’t read yet). second of all, the Leah aesthetic is SO CUTE and the girl who’s supposed to be Abby is so cute I’m crying. third, I’ve been wanting some show or movie of SoC on screen because, if done right, IT WOULD BE AMAZING

    • Ahhh thank you May I’m glad you like them! ❀️ I KNOW I’M IN LOVE WITH HER SHE’S ADORABLE I DON’T KNOW WHO SHE IS BUT CAN SHE BE MY GF
      Right?! It would be SO good (unless they screw it up then we don’t talk about it like how some people claim there were Percy Jackson movies?? I don’t know what they’re talking about?? They don’t exist hahahhaa)

  10. oml these aesthetics are so beautiful sdkflsdkfjsdk!!! also YESSS with Leah being recast with a fan actress (altho I did like the original actress as a person!!) because we need more fat representation in movies and tv shows. also the Magnus Chase trilogy would be so BEAUTIFUL and I would love it so much and just. let’s hope that they didn’t RUIN THE FREAKING MOVIES by introducing some weird shortcut plot or something!!!

    • Thank you! Yeah I have absolutely nothing against Katherine and I doubt she had any faults in this but come onnnnn there already is barely any positive fat rep let alone bi fat rep??? Plus it would be so important for so many young girls to see how body positive Leah is
      IF THEY EVER MAKE MAGNUS CHASE MOVIES AND RUIN IT I WILL HUNT THEM DOWN LIKE YOU ALREADY SCREWED UP ONE OF RIORDAN’S SERIES DON’T DO IT TO ANOTHER. Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if Riordan never sells any rights anymore, being traumatised after what happened to PJO sdgsj

  11. I love all your aesthetics so much! They make me want to read all the books! I’m so here for a Six of Crows adaption – a tv-series would be amazing. I’d binge that so fast πŸ˜‚

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  14. I’ve been super grumpy about this topic because of the ScarJo debacle >:( I’m so sick of Hollywood being so freaking white, cis, and hetero to the point that trans characters are STILL played by non-trans actors. I’ve been reading A Reaper at the Gates, the third book in the An Ember in the Ashes trilogy, and that’s one of the YA books I’d love to see a TV or movie adaptation for, but they’d probably make the main characters white when they’re CLEARLY not. The only main character who might be is Helene. The way the rest are described they’re clearly people of color. The author is also a woman of color. My only hope is she’d have a big say in casting, but I don’t trust Hollywood at all with anything.

    Sorry to be a big grump over this positive post, but I know this is something you feel strongly about, too.

    • No don’t apologise! I’ve been very angry and frustrated about this whole thing as well. I’m trying to avoid it now though, because pretty much everywhere there are people defending ScarJo and it’s getting really bad for my health to get so angry all the time. Seriously, it’s SO frustrating though. Especially the people who are claiming that he wasn’t trans but a butch lesbian?? STOP ERASING PEOPLE’S IDENTITIES. And ughhh ‘pretending to be something you’re not is what acting is’ just shut up and educate yourself PLEASE there’s a reason (well, multiple ones) why so many of us are upset about this

      I haven’t read An Ember in the Ashes (yet!) but if they don’t whitewash the characters it sounds like it would make an amazing adaptation.

      • And it’s not like it’s even the first time she’s done this! Ghost in the Shell was another one I refused to see. And people saying, “You’re playing a role anyway!” are just apologists for it. A cis woman is not the same thing as a trans man. It’s not that hard to understand, yet I’m shocked that even people in the LGBTQ+ community don’t. I had to constantly correct one of my college friends about misgendering when he was complaining about trans men hitting on him. No one is telling you you have to date ANYONE, but how do you not know the lingo. It was frustrating.

        I’m so tired of being angry all the time, too, but I’m an anti-capitalist liberal becoming more radical living in the US, so…you can guess I pretty much fight anger and depression all the time. I used to love both ScarJo and Jennifer Lawrence, but SJ of course has the issue above, and freaking J-Law desecrated sacred stones when she was in Hawaii and laughed about it like it was a joke. I’m just…tired of basic white women :(

      • Ugggh yeah Ghost in the Shell was… Did you know that by the end of it it’s revealed that the character is still Japanese?? The original body she was born in is Japanese, but now she’s in the body of a white woman and at the end of the movie she embraces her Japanese mom I mean jfc???
        Yeah things like this really shows how much transphobia there still is in the community :/

        Ughhh Lawrence is so problematic :/ She’s used transphobic slurs as well, bodyshamed, used lesbophobic language… And that’s just at the top of my head I’m pretty sure there’s more that I just can’t remember it right now

  15. MAGNUS CHASE! I really need them to make a movie, but pleeease this time a bit more accurate than the Percy Jackson movies πŸ˜… (even though I like them … they are sooo not like the books) and TIMEKEEPER yes!! I love the books, but they are sooo underrated :o I’ve read the sequel and I can say that the books just keep getting better β™₯

    • Yes!! They’d make such fantastic movies. But they definitely do need to stick to the books more. I liked the first PJO movie when it came out because I hadn’t read the books yet, but now I really hate it haha. Though I do still love Logan Lerman as Percy!
      Ahhh I’m so glad to hear that!

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