The Weekly Hufflepuff #72 // Writing What Is That I Don’t Know It


I started Ace of Shades at the end of June and am still reading it. I am enjoying it, but the beginning is a bit slow and I’m just in the mood for contemporaries. So meanwhile I’ve been reading quite a few of those as well. Riveted has some summery contemporaries up for free this month which were perfect for my mood. In theory anyway lol. I didn’t enjoy The Summer I Turned Pretty, though it was a quick read, and The Museum of Heartbreak was cute but not much else? Alex, Approximately is a new fave though. Absolutely loved it. Expect a mini review soon! I also read Fawkes, as that came out this week and I needed to get my review up but… Eh. Not much happened? And finally I read a short manga called Cotton Candy about two girls falling in love. Though a bit short, it was really cute.

I skipped last week’s wrap up because I’ve been struggling with my mental health, stress and just lack of inspiration and motivation when it comes to writing (and thus blogging). It’s been really difficult for me to actuallyΒ do something, which definitely has to do with the pressure of finding an internship. I absolutely hate writing motivation letters and that’s really getting in the way of me actually taking care of things. I did end up writing one for a job and now I feel like I need to take a nap for 1000000 years. I haven’t heard back yet which is not helping for my stress.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything these past two weeks. The start of last week was actually pretty good, especially writing wise. I actually ended up writing quite a bit, but then by Thursday I didn’t really have much time and tadah before I knew it I was out of the flow and it’s been really difficult to start again, with me feeling anxious about it again. The reason I didn’t have time to write on Thursday was because I went to Scheveningen with my best friend,which was definitely fun because it’s been a long time since I went there. It’s a seaside resort in Den Hague and since the weather was really nice it was beautiful to look at. I loved walking down the pier (which we did several times).

On Friday I got a haircut which I barely told anyone about, so it’s been fun seeing people’s reactions because…

I am no longer Rapunzel. I had been thinking about it for quite some time now but I was too scared to actually go through with it, so I didn’t even mention it to my mom. Two weeks ago I finally found the courage and showed my mom a picture of what I was thinking of (Kimberly from Power Rangers 2017) and since she was excited, that made me decide to just do it. I did have shorter hair when I was 13 but not quite as short as this, and I started to grow it out again at 15 so it did take some getting used to, but I’m really happy with it*

* My first reaction when I looked in the mirror was ‘BOY DO I LOOK GAY’ so mission accompished

On Tuesday my mom and I took my grandpa to Stedelijk Museum, where I work, which was a lot of fun, especially since he hasn’t been there in quite some time and a lot has changed since then. Though honestly that man needs to stop moving like he’s still 18 because the amount of times my mom or I had to grab him before he fell over on some piece of art was getting exhausting sdjgsh

On Thursday my mom and I went to the Efteling, which is a fairytale themepark in the Netherlands, which I had been looking forward to for quite some time now, but we kept waiting because one of our favourite rides was closed due to maintenance. Unfortunately this week they changed the info on their website, saying they didn’t know when it would open again, so we decided to just go this week since not all of the elementary and secondary schools are out for the summer yet and according to the park’s website Thursday would be less busy than the other days after that. Which was true! The longest we had to wait was 40 minutes, which is doable. We even managed to ride some of our favourite rides multiple times. I’m thinking of doing a post on the Efteling on my other blog, but if I do I’ll share it here in a wrap up.

Talking about why I often don’t write felt really good, especially after getting all of your lovely comments. It’s good to know I’m not alone (although obviously I don’t wish this on anyone!) and it really helped. After writing that post I immediately opened word and wrote quite a bit, which I really didn’t expect. Things were going great for the first half of the week, as I mentioned before, to the point that I wrote around 6000 words. I honestly thought I was going to be able to keep that up and reach 10k, which is half of my goal for this Camp NaNo. I chose that goal because I didn’t want to pressure myself too much and I have no idea how many more words I need to finish this? I’m SO close to finishing it. Like I’m about to resolve a huge plot point, but am I writing? No, because my stupid anxiety is getting in the way again. Even though I desperately want to write. Granted, I didn’t always have time to write these past two weeks, but I’ve spent hours doing nothing except scrolling through social media because I felt like crap and I hate it.

I did suddenly write a little bit yesterday evening. I’m not sure how happy I am with it, but I try to keep telling myself that it doesn’t need to be perfect and that’s what editing is for but dskgj Gotta love having anxiety and being a perfectionist :’)

Here are some tweets to sum up the time I actually spent writing:

HAHA YES I ACTUALLY DID THIS. All day I was struggling to get started because I was so tired and then all of a sudden I got inspiration?? For another WIP?? Thankfully I did end up working on my actual Camp NaNo project after but still

Here’s a snippet that I actually like:

wOW whAT a CoInCIdence ThAT it’S VAleNTine’S

Anyway, I’m hoping to get some writing done today so fingers crossed that my anxiety will just go away for a few hours

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I’m probably going to be a bit inactive for a while, both when it comes to writing blog posts and bloghopping. I’ll blog when I feel like it, but I’m mostly going to try and focus on my writing when I do feel inspired and motivated. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Oh! I almost forgot woops. My giveaway ended yesterday, and I’ll be emailing the winners later today! If I don’t forget because let’s face it I’m Dory dsgjh

How is Camp NaNo going for you? Should we start a support group?? Are you enjoying your summer? Let me know in the comments!

34 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #72 // Writing What Is That I Don’t Know It

  1. I am completely get that lack of motivation and frustration with the situation. I am definitely here rooting for you and am hoping that you’ll find an internship soon. *fingers crossed*
    Also, I think I said this on Twitter (or at least I hope I did), but I LOVE your haircut. It looks amazing and now that I know it’s Power Rangers inspired it is even more awesome than before. I am glad you took that step and went through with it.
    Sometimes, even though we want to write, there’s just no way of actually doing it and I hope this resolves itself for you, especially if you are about to handle that huge plot point, but I also hope that you prioritize your well being and won’t add the stress of not writing to your your other stress.

    • Thank you Kat! I’ve got an interview this Thursday so fingers crossed.
      Yeah you did, but thank you again!
      That’s true, but I’ve found I really have to force myself to write, or I won’t write at all haha. What I found works for me, is to skip the point I’m stuck at and write something I’ve got inspiration for, which breaks my writing block and helps me get started on the more difficult plot points. Don’t worry, I’m definitely trying to take care of myself and not pressure myself :)

  2. Aaah good luck with finding an internship. It sounds very stressful but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end :) I’m in love with your hair!!! I want to get mine cut shorter now, well it was short but it keeps growing so quickly and I’m like “this isn’t gay enough” πŸ˜‚ I kind of want to get a pixie cut but I’m scared it wouldn’t turn out right ahah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m glad to hear you’ve been out and about a bit, even if you haven’t been feeling great. Scheveningen looks so aesthetic – I remember flying over a beach on the way to Amsterdam last week so maybe it was nearby??! Good luck with Camp NaNo :)

    • Thank you! I’ve got an interview this Thursday so fingers crossed. I definietly hope so!
      Thank you πŸ’• Hahaha I feel you πŸ˜‚ Ohhh pixie cuts are cute! You could always ask your hairdressers opinion? They should know what looks good on you :)
      Hmmm, I don’t think that was Scheveningen, considering its location and how I assumed you would’ve flown from the UK, but maybe they took a detour? I have no idea how flights work πŸ˜‚ Scheveningen is definitely worth a visit if you ever have the chance though!

      • Ooooh good luck!!!! I;ll keep my fingers crossed for you!! Yeah I could do!! I used to have a sort of pixie cut when I was smol, kind of miss it! :) Ahhh you’re probably right haha, idk how they work either!! Oooh I’ll have to remember it :)


    I also can’t believe July is going by so fast! Best of luck with finding inspiration, and I hope the rest of your month goes really well.

    • THANK YOU ❀️
      I knowwww and now it’s the last day??? What happened. Thank you! I had some ups and downs but overall it was a good month :) Hope the same goes for you! ❀️

  4. DEFINITELY focus on your writing! I feel like when you’re on a roll you just gotta go for it, otherwise (if you’re like me) you’ll fall into a funk again and nothing will get done. I’m on a downward slope with my Camp NaNo write now… literally all I wrote today was my four MCs sitting around a table eating various fruits and arguing with each other and it was pointless but… words, I guess? Ughhh. Don’t be me. Keep being you and rocking and resolving plot points and YES.

    Love the haircut, btw. Totes adorbs.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! :) I felt a bit strange to kinda abandon my blog for the rest of the month, but it also felt really good. I’m definitely like you haha. Whenever I didn’t have the time to write, I immediately lost my flow and it was so difficult to start writing again.
      Oh no, I hope things went well for you later on! You’re right though, words are words. You’re writing and that’s what matters :)

      Thank you!

  5. Hello Michelle!
    Wow that haircut looks amazing on you! I also love the floral headband that you are wearing there. Yes it is stressful to look for a job/internship, but just hang on tight until you find a place that you will really enjoy working for.
    Haha yeah being a writer is full of ups and downs, isn’t it? Some days I can barely string a sentence together without second-guessing myself but I live for the days when the words really flow.
    Thank you for linking to my blog post <3 Happy writing!

  6. I don’t particularly like The Summer I Turned Pretty series but it’s so popular and so many people liked it haha.
    I’m hoping you get an internship and that you start feeling better :) I totally understand how that can weigh on you and make you feel unmotivated but I’m sure you can power through it.
    Also, your hair cut looks great! I love it! <3

  7. Thanks for the ping :) Awww, lovely haircut! And you got this!!!! Writewritewrite! *cheerleadercrab.gif* I hope I’m being encouraging :D But if you hit the writing wave this week, I hope you get to sail far with it!!

  8. I’m sending you all the positive vibes and love, I get that frustration of writing tons of motivation letters and the stress that comes with it. I hope you’ll find an internship soon Michelle, fingers crossed, you’re doing great!! <3
    I LOVE this new haircut, you look SO GORGEOUS and it fits you soooo well?! I love it :D
    I'm happy to hear you've been writing a little bit and I hope that the motivation and inspiration will hit you again soon, take your time and focus on your writing, I believe in you! <3 <3 <3
    Have a fantastic week! xx

  9. COTTON CANDY IS A MANGA ABOUT TWO GIRLS FALLING IN LOVE??? I NEED IT. Also omg you’re so freaking pretty what the heck!!! <3 <3 Honestly I've been having a hard time writing too because while I /did/ plot I have no idea what I'm doing… lmao

    • YES IT IS AND IT’S SO CUTE!! Short and thus not as developed as I would like, but it’s adorable. Ahhh thank you ❀❀ Oh no! I hope things are going better for you now, sending you all the love and support ❀❀❀

  10. So I totally didn’t realise it was Camp NaNo until it was waaaayy too late! But also I’m kind of glad because I just do not have the time for it… Last time I attempted Camp NaNo I most definitely needed a support group, so maybe we should just start one for next time we both give it a go? Also I LOVE the new hair!! It’s so suuuuper cute!

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