Hi I’m Alive!! // What I’ve Been Up To

I have a feeling I always use this gif when I come back from an unplanned hiatus? But it perfectly represents how I feel so it’s not like I’m being unoriginal. Just imagine me exactly like this. I’m even wearing Stitch jammies so it’s perfect.


Sorta. Barely? I’m getting there. While I’ve posted two reviews after Summer ended, I’ve mostly been MIA on here because, well, I’ve been busy and very exhausted to the point I got sick a few times. Fun times. But I’m back now? I’m going to take it easy, as I haven’t completely recovered plus I now have to do freelance work for school (I have to fill 200 hours!! Fun!! Can you hear me screaming!! I’m already so stressed again!!) so I don’t know how active I’ll really be, but we’ll see! I’ve really missed blogging and all of you so I really do want to be active more again, but I also have to think about my health and make sure I fill my hours.

Anyway, what have I been up to these past few months?

πŸ’›Β I completed my internship! I did my internship at an art magazine and learnedΒ soΒ much. Before this year I never realised I could pursue this interest in journalism, but now I know it’s one of the fields I’m interested in.

πŸ’›Β I MET AND HUGGED HAYLEY KIYOKO AND I’M STILL NOT OVER IT 😭 Also her concert was amazing it was so much fun and filled with so much love and just?? The energy of everyone in the room singing (let’s be real more like yelling sdkjg) along to Girls Like Girls?? Iconic

πŸ’›Β I also saw Janelle MonΓ‘e live and?? She’s so talented and underrated?? She put on a show as if she was performing at a stadium instead of a small stage?? Who even thought of giving her such a small stage like that she deserves better. Though on the other hand now I got to see her up close so I guess I’m also not complaning??

πŸ’›Β Got to dress up as a Hufflepuff at work and got mistaken for Harry Potter multiple times like yes I’m wearing a pointy hat and a cape, and yes I’m waving a wand around and YES I know have the same glasses but I’m not Harry!! I don’t have a scar!! And he’s a Gryffindor!!

πŸ’›Β I opened the door for some customers and went ‘Alohomora!!’ and got no reaction

πŸ’›Β A customer (on a different day) called me suspicious??? I’m still so confused??

πŸ’›Β I have no clue what else I’ve done?? Mostly I’ve just been busy with my internship and work, as my internship was four days in the week and then most of the time I worked two out of the other three days (one time even all three and I’m pretty sure I died and am now a ghost) So uhhh yeah I’ve pretty much been overworking myself rip

πŸ’›Β Oh I actually got a library card for the first time in years! There’s a deal going on that you can get one for free with a Stadspas (literally: Citypass. You get one if you have a low income) and I ain’t saying no to that. I’ve also since learned that nowadays the library actually has quite a few books I’m interested in?? Including new releases?? I was shook.

So that’s it I think? I’m sure I had more to tell you guys but who knows maybe it will come up in future posts. I’m hoping to do a reading wrap up sometime soon about all the books I read, because surprisingly I’ve been reading quite a bit? Usually when I’m this busy I don’t read (except comics).

So what have you all been up to? Any posts that I HAVE to read? Let me know in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Hi I’m Alive!! // What I’ve Been Up To

  1. Welcome back, I’m so excited to see you on my feed again! πŸ’— I’m sorry that things were so stressful for you lately, but I’m happy that you got to meet Hayley and that the magazine internship was helpful for you! 😊

  2. MICHELLE I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE POSTING <3 I'm glad you're back but take it easy and take care of yourself first and foremost, that's what matters <3 I'm really happy that you enjoyed your internship and met Hayley ahh that's very very cool!!! I'm sorry about all the stress though, I really hope that December will be a bright month for you, I'm sending you tons of love and hugs and I'm always here if you ever need to talk about it all xxx

  3. First and foremost, I am glad you are alive!! I really missed you on here, but also understand the stress and lack of time and energy that comes with life being busy. You have to cut some things and even if we love blogging, sometimes that makes the most sense. I am glad the internship turned out well and I hope you’ll get to experience even more in that field of work! It’s still so cool that you met Hayley – she’s an icon!
    And .. just … I don’t understand how anyone could mistake a Hufflepuff for a Gryffindor … just how???

    • Thank you Kat ❀ I missed reading your posts, but you’re right, unfortunately when you’re busy and have to cut some things out of your life, blogging is unfortunately one of those things. I really wish it wasn’t, as I really do love blogging, but alas.
      I know?! Those people were probably not really fans or just casual fans of the movies, but stilllll

  4. Welcome back! I’ve so missed your post 😊

    Congrats on finishing the internship! It sounds so cool and it’s a huge accomplishment. I’m also so jealous you got to meet Hayley Kiyoko!!!! She’s amazing 😍

    • I knowwwww like I know these people are just casual fans who have only seen the movies and just think ‘school uniform, round glasses, wand, pointy hat and cloak – Harry Potter!!’ but stilllll I don’t have a scar??

  5. Hi and welcome back!! That gif cracked me up so feel free to use it as many times as you want! I’m also a journalism major. :) I’m graduating in the spring and I’d love to do print journalism, so that’s so awesome you got to intern with a magazine. Take care of yourself first before you worry about anything else. Blogging is supposed to be fun. <3

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