Goodbye 20Gayteen, Hello 20Biteen / 20Prideteen // My Favourite Books of 2018 Part I

January is almost over, so naturally it’s time to look at my favourite reads of last year*. Last year I read so many amazing books, that I was unable to narrow it down to 10, so I’ll be splitting this post into two parts. Apart from the first two (which are in a tied first place) this is all in chronological order.

* I’m actually earlier than last year! Last year I didn’t get around to it until February so yay progress

2018 was a very odd year. I almost immediately left for Manchester for almost four months, got a new job, finished an amazing internship, went to my first Pride, met and hugged Hayley Kiyoko (and saw her perform), saw Janelle MonΓ‘e, grew and learned a lot, became more comfortable with my sexuality, but also had so much stress and anxiety that I now have a burn-out. Like I said, an odd year. I honestly can’t say whether 2018 was a good year for me or not. But hey at least it was a good reading year! I read 134 books while my goal was 100*, the majority of them being 3-star reads or higher. So here’s hoping 2019 will be just as good.

* please ignore my widget in the sidebar, I haven’t updated it in forever adgknsdj If only it updated automatically *sigh* I’ll probably delete it soon instead of replacing it with the 2019 one

Anger is a Gift – Mark Oshiro

Are you all tired of me yelling about Anger is a Gift yet? If so, too bad because I’m going to continue to yell about it in 2019. Probably in 2020 too, if people keep sleeping on it. Please please read Anger is a Gift (unless it might be too triggering for you, as it’s quite graphic). It’s such an important look on police brutality and political corruption, plus it’s super queer!! Despite things getting worse and worse, in the end it still leaves you with hope that one day the world will be a better place. Read my review here

Starfish – Akemi Dawn Bowman

The best anxiety rep I’ve seen so far. I honestly never felt so represented when it comes to my anxiety then when reading Starfish. This one touched me in ways I don’t think any book dealing with anxiety will, at least any time soon. Starfish gave me hope that I too can learn to live with my anxiety and that things will get easier, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Read my review here

It Only Happens in the Movies – Holly Bourne

My first read of the year! And I’m very glad for it, as my year started out very stressful and chaotic – at least I also started it with a good book! Because things were so chaotic I never ended up reviewing it, but I’m very grateful to this book for helping me through it. It Only Happens in the Movies slams down clichΓ© and often harmful romantic tropes, making it both refreshing and a must-read.

The Geek Girl Series (books 3 to 6) – Holly Smale

I read the first two Geek Girl books a few years ago, but for some reason never ended up picking up the rest of the series. While not feeling so great mentally during my second week in Manchester, I bought the next three books in the series as there was a sale going on and I knew these books could cheer me up. And they definitely did. Harriet is such a fun and relatable protagonist, as I hardly ever see a realistic clumsy girl in YA. Harriet’s clumsiness spoke to my soul and while it made me cringe at times, it’s nice to see her clumsiness not being reduced to a lovable, quirky trait. Plus: cute friendships, cutest family, cute romance – just warm feelings all around!

Flight Season – Marie Marquardt

Flight Season deservesΒ soΒ much more love, as it deals with grief, moving on and the American immigration system. But my favourite thing is how allΒ three characters are dealing with their own grief and trauma and find comfort in each other.Β The friendship between these three is one of my favourites and still makes me tear up. They just love each other so much and they’d do anything for each other.Β Flight Season is one of those quiet books that manages to blow you away without even fully realising it. A year later I’m still not over it. Read my review here

Cinderella Boy – Kristina Meister

A very cute and empowering read. If you’re looking for a queer fairytale retelling look no further. Cinderella Boy follows a genderfluid Cinderella, his queer prince and a bunch of other queer kids, all fighting for their rights. Despite its slow beginning, I love Cinderella Boy with all my heart and would recommend it to you in a heartbeat. Read my review here

Autoboyography – Christina Lauren

Yes hi this book broke me?? Autoboyography is just so emotional and raw and everything?? I never ended up reviewing it (‘CAUSE HOW) and look I’m still not gonna be coherent in this post either. So lemme just quote myself from an earlier post in which I mentioned Autoboyography*: ‘I think Autoboyography could really help a lot of LGBTQIAP+ religious kids, while it also has great bi rep. While it can get pretty intense it’s also just beautiful, fun and cute.’

* Because why try to write some new, original thoughts down amiright

Are any of these on your favourites list? What were your favourites last year? Let me know in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Goodbye 20Gayteen, Hello 20Biteen / 20Prideteen // My Favourite Books of 2018 Part I

  1. Oh wow, congrats for the 34books over the goal πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    Starfish is on my tbr, making me even hyped to read it as the anxiety rep was a good one for you! I have enjoyed Eliza & Her monsters and found her to be quite like me aswell.

  2. Ahh Michelle what a fantastic list of books. I loved Starfish so, so, SO much and I’m so happy to hear it made you feel so seen when it comes to your anxiety, too. I loved Holly Bourne’s It Only Happens In The movies, I need to go on with all of her books! :)
    I hope you’re having a lovely January and year so far! Sending you tons of love <3

    • I only read one other book by Holly Bourne (the third one of her Spinster Club series) but I absolutely loved it, so same here! I can’t wait to read all her other books ❀
      Thank you Marie, same to you ❀

  3. Wonderful post, Michelle! I love your aesthetics; they’re all so gorgeous 😍 Starfish and Autoboyography are two of my favorite books ever, too!! They both mean so much to me πŸ’ž And I just borrowed Anger is a Gift on Overdrive and I cannot wait to read it; I’ve heard so many good things about it. Idk if I’m ready to cry though 😭

    I hope 2019 will be an amazing year for you, filled with great books and memories πŸ’“

    • Thank you! ❀ Ahhh I’m so happy to hear Starfish and Autoboyography mean so much to you! ❀ Also Anger is a Gift!! Hope you’ll enjoy/are enjoying/enjoyed it! And that unlike me you didn’t read it on public transport 😭

      Thank you, right back at you ❀

  4. Oh my goodness, this post is GORGEOUS, Michelle! I love it so much, I kept scrolling back up to look at your aesthetics. Everything about this post is wonderful ahhh. <3 (Also, Starfish was so amazing!)

    Wonderful, wonderful post, I hope this year started off great for you! <3

    • Ahh thank you so much ❀ Starfish is just dsjgjh

      Thank you! Right back at you ❀ Reading wise it’s been mostly good, but then again I reread one of my favourite series so it couldn’t go wrong haha

  5. Okay, first, your aesthetics are so frickin great, I love them. Esp the colour theme of Anger Is a Gift??? Perfection :’)
    I can’t believe I STILL haven’t read Autoboyography. I kind of forgot about this book after the hype died a bit and now I’m literally so mad @ myself. I shall read it v soon, tho.
    Great post! Hope 2019 is way better for you <3

    • Ahhh thank you so much ❀ Ohhh I feel ya, I often forget about books I want to read real badly. It’s easy to forget books tbh, no matter how excited you are for it, because there are so many great ones being released all the time! It’s hard to keep track of them all haha. I hope you’ll read it soon and that you’ll love it! ❀

      Thank you ❀ It’s okay so far, just trying to relax and get rid of this stupid burnout. Hope 2019 will be amazing for you ❀

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