The Blog

The Writing Hufflepuff is a book and writing blog, with mainly a focus on YA and here and there comics. Though it mainly focuses on books and writing, it also talks about art, the other sides of Amsterdam, travelling, personal stuff and topics the blogger finds important.


The Blogger

💛 Michelle
💛 20 years old
💛 Dutch
💛 Hufflepuff (if that wasn’t obvious yet lol)
💛 Writer (trying anyway)
💛 Journalism student
💛 Bi bi bi
💛 PTSD and anxiety
💛 Passionate about healthy romances in fiction
💛 I will talk about my period struggles  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
💛 Obsessed with pugs
💛 Tea lover
💛 Art and Aesthetics Hoe™
💛 Walking meme
💛 Wish I could be BFFs with Oscar Wilde

I can’t choose one favourite book but as you can probably guess Harry Potter is one of them (#detectiveskills)

I also occasionally blog at The Feministas, where along with other teens (that moment when you realise not all of you are teens anymore rip) I talk about important issues

Social: Twitter | Goodreads | Bloglovin | Instagram | Pinterest | WeHeartIt | Personal Tumblr | Aesthetics Tumblr | Photography Blog | Email


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  2. I’m sure you’re used to hearing this but I absolutely love your blog’s name. I’m hufflepuff too!
    I think that our other hobbies and the lives we live away from our screens are what truly shape our stories :)

  3. So, hi! I just stumbled across your blog. I’m also studying journalism, and love writing! Though, I’d rather do broadcasting news than print, because I think video news is SO FUN. I’m also bi, though I haven’t made a public blog announcement because anxiety and where I am in life.
    Anyway, pretty excited to follow your blog!

    • Hi! That’s so cool :) I’m not really fond of video news, but I think that’s my school’s fault as I did like it in my first year, but then in my second year they kept pushing us to make news videos about a super boring region here in The Netherlands, meaning we didn’t get to be creative at all. I would love to one day make a documentary though! Ahh I feel you, when I saved my new about page I panicked because should I really put it out there like that?? I have mentioned my bisexuality here and there in blog posts, but still, an about page is a lot easier to find. As soon as I saved the page I almost deleted it again haha.
      Thank you!

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