The Writing Hufflepuff was founded by a cute little badger who enjoys to read and write. Except she isn’t a cute little badger but a full-grown human being, though the reading and writing part is true. She’s currently studying journalism and about to enter her second year. This particular Hufflepuff, called Michelle, is very curious and righteous and wants to make sure that the world knows what’s going on so that things can change. She hopes to make a difference in the world, through journalism and writing, as the latter is her passion. It’s her dream to one day find her own books in the bookstore, and that these books can be for her readers what Harry Potter is for her.

This blog is mainly about books and writing, but now and then there are posts about this little (really, she isn’t that little. At all) badger’s other passions, like all things Japan, Disney, certain tv shows, games, food, music… But in the end it all comes back to reading and writing books.

You can find Michelle on Goodreads, BloglovinTwitter, InstagramPinterest, WeHeartIt and Tumblr

You can email her at thewritinghufflepuff@outlook.com

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  1. I’m sure you’re used to hearing this but I absolutely love your blog’s name. I’m hufflepuff too!
    I think that our other hobbies and the lives we live away from our screens are what truly shape our stories :)

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