💘 Blogs to Love This Valentine’s Day 💘

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate I decided to share some blogs I love with you 💘 Of course there are many more blogs that I love, some of which I’ve already talked about in my Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers series in 2017, so it’s impossible to cover every blog I love in one post. There is no order to this list: every one of these bloggers is so lovely and deserves the world, starting with your follow if you don’t follow them yet 😜

Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers Part I // Part II // Part III // Part IV

CW @ The Quiet Pond

The cutest blog?? The Quiet Pond is so much more than a book blog: it’s a magical world with the CUTEST inhabitants (I would die for all of them) and it’s so easy to get lost in. Say goodbye to whatever you had planned for today, you will be scrolling through The Quiet Pond.

All of CW’s post are so well-written and she’s a huge advocate for diverse books. There’s a good chance your TBR will be a lot bigger after visiting her blog.

Some of my favourite posts:
💛 Meet the Inhabitants of the Quiet Pond
💛 It’s a Corgi Christmas at Gen’s Art Garden!
💛 BLOG TOUR: The Weight Of Our Sky by Hanna Alkaf – A Malay Teen Searches For Her Mother During the Malaysian 1969 Riots (Book Review & Author Interview)
💛 The Pond Gets Loud: 8 Book Bloggers Share Their Experiences of Balancing Blogging and Life – Part I

Julianna @ Paper Blots 

Julianna already deserves all the love for making me want to read Ace of Shades (thank you!!) but obviously there are many more reasons why she deserves a shout-out. I just love her writing voice, the topics she comes up with for her posts and she always cracks me up.

Some of my favourite posts: 
💛 Fairytales/Myths/Folklore That Should Be In Young Adult Retellings More
💛 Writing Updates [3] 10 Things About My New WIP
💛 The Rising Author Tag // My (Nonexistent) Writing & Aesthetics (!!) & Awkward Snippets
💛 Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody [review] (This was amazing?? One of my favs??)

Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink

Ilsa recently got a new design which is so cute and colourful, but her ice cream linebreakers also make me very hungry* Ilsa is just so honest like when she exposed herself for saying she loved certain hyped books when she didn’t?? Iconic

* I just remembered I have ice cream in the freezer… hmm……..

Some of my favourite posts: 
💛 My Favourite Romantic Relationships in YA (I will go down with these ships!!)
💛 Do people think I’m genuine in my reviews? // a discussion
💛 Books I lied about loving because of the hype // I feel guilty but I’m exposing myself so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
💛 The Rising Author Tag // crafting my characters, why i love writing + snippets!!

Lu @ It’s Lu Again

Lu is just so funny and lovely, they always manage to put a smile on my face. They also had a great coming out series in which they discussed LGBT+ topics in YA which I can’t recommend enough. Read them!! And the rest of their blog obviosuly

Some of my favourite posts: 
💛 Screaming About My WIP To Motivate Myself For NaNo! (With Actual Snippets)
💛 7 Fantasy Expectations That I’ll Pine Over |Diversity, Stabbing, Characters, and More. E.g Me Handing My Heart Over To The Dark Side (#No Regrets)
💛 Coming-Out-Series (P4): Is LGBTQIA+ Rep In YA Books Varied Enough? Ft. Pride Month Screamings(!!)
💛 ARC Discussion: Pressure To Read And Pressure To Like // Why I’m No Longer Reading ARCs (Controversial??)

Olivia @ Purely Olivia

Olivia’s blog is just so soft, which captures her and her blog so well. She has great contemporary recs and such thoughtful discussion posts with unique topics. She’s also a huge Potterhead and has written some great posts on Harry Potter that are worth checking out.

Some of my favourite posts: 
💛 Insta-Love vs. Slow Burn Romances // Which Makes For a Better Love Story in YA Contemporary
💛 Review: A List of Cages // My New Favorite Book & A Must-Read
💛 What Does It Take For Me to Cry Over Books? // + Books I’ve Shed Tears Over
💛 5 YA Contemporaries You Should Be Reading // Mini Reviews!

Madeline @ Caffeine and Writing Dreams

Madeline’s blog is every writer’s dream, or at least it’s MY dream. All of her posts are just so helpful, inspiring and motivating. She really reminded me of why I love writing in the first place. Her blog is so easy to get lost in – one day I will have read all of her posts ever published.

Some of my favourite posts: 
💛 How I Finally Stopped Comparing Myself to Other Writers
💛 3 Easy Steps to Creating Awesome Character Arcs That Hit Ya in the Feels
💛 How to Cut Adverbs for Stronger Writing // & When It’s Okay to Use Them
💛 An In-Depth Look at My Color-Coded 3-Level Revision Process

Kat @ Novels and Waffles

You might want to avoid Kat’s blog if you’re hungry, because… LOOK AT IT. She takes her blog name very seriously which I respect. Her graphics are just so good and cute and unique and?? Speaking of graphics: she also recently started a new feature in which she interviews the artists behind book covers, giving these people the love they deserve.

Some of my favourite posts: 
💛 20(ish) Books For Readers Who are 20(ish) // A List of NA Books Written in the YA Style
💛 Going Undercover // An Interview With Book Cover Illustrator, Maike Plenzke
💛 A Fiction Feast // The Five Best Books I Devoured in 2018
💛 Why I Still Read YA Fiction in My Mid-20s: A Call To Action Regarding New Adult Books

Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads

I haven’t been following Vicky that long yet, but I’m already in love with her blog. From her nice, soft design to recs of books I had never heard of before to her Writer Wednesday feature, in which she puts 2019 authors in the spotlight.

Some of my favourite posts: 
💛 Writer Wednesday: Ask Hannah, an Advice Column for The Dead Queens Club (+ INTL Giveaway!)
💛 If You Liked #12: Mental Health Awareness Edition!
💛 What NOT to Do When Describing Race in Novels
💛 Fantasci Book Recs: Books In Between Science Fiction and Fantasy!

GO CHECK ALL OF THEM OUT!! I hope I did them a bit justice, since I suck at putting into words why I love something, because they’re all amazing and deserve your love

Do you follow any of these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? Let me know in the comments!

My Fourth Blogoversary??? + Aesthetics Giveaway!

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE. For real. How has it been four years? I vaguely remember sitting down at the dinner table and just,, making a new blog. Being sure that this one wouldn’t last that long anyway, since I had never been able to keep up a blog for long. AND NOW HERE WE ARE. FOUR YEARS LATER. WHAT

Right now it’s easy to believe that I actually stayed with this blog for so long – I absolutely love blogging, shouting about books, meeting so many lovely people… Blogging has become a huge part of my life and it’s hard to imagine a life without it, but I’m sure if I were to go back in time and tell myself ‘hey this little blog you just made? I just celebrated its fourth blogoversary!!’ I wouldn’t believe that lol. I don’t know how many blogs I had before this, but there were quite a few. One of them I stuck with for about two years I think, but I didn’t blog very regularly nor was I that passionate about it. I guess I never really blogged about something that motivated me enough to keep blogging – it never even occured to me I could blog about books and writing, and that there were so many people blogging about those things!! (I was very clueless when I started this blog)

So things have changed a lot since I started this blog. This blog looks very different now compared to back then:

Can we,, can we just talk about that design? Or more like the lack of it dsjgh This is terrible. Also I had no clue what I was doing and my posts were terrible. Don’t even get me STARTED on my reviews. I reviewed all the books I read at the end of the month in a wrap up but since I barely remembered anything and had no idea how to review books it was like two sentences bjdhsg I wasn’t very critical either. I’ve improved a lot since then, thankfully. After this design my blog went through a few others, but my heart can’t handle more ugly designs sgjh So I’m just leaving you with my very first design because that one was definitely the worst

I’ve also changed a lot as a person of course, which really reflects in my blog posts. First of all I realised that I’m not straight, like, at all. And secondly I’ve become a lot more open about a lot of things. Of course I don’t share everything on here, but I do talk about my mental health and I even managed to open up about the abuse I faced in my Starfish review – which is not something I could’ve done four years ago, and I’m very proud of that.

I’m very grateful for the past four years. Blogging has taught me a lot, changed me for the better, helped me accept myself and brought so many lovely people in my life. Thank you all for sticking with me, whether you’ve been here since the beginning or just yesterday. You guys are what makes blogging so so worth it ❤


To thank you all, I really wanted to give something, but since money is tight and international shipping is a big no-no (and only doing a giveaway for my Dutch followers wouldn’t feel right), I’ve decided that I’d do an aesthetics giveaway instead. I will make an aesthetic for five winners, who can pick whatever topic. I can make an aesthetic for you yourself, your blog, books, tv shows, certain characters, ships, your WIP or characters, etc. though you might have to give me some guidelines because I may not be familiar with whatever you choose. It’s all up to you, but I do have some things I won’t make aesthetics for:

💛 No MBTI and zodiac stuff unless you give me something to work with because otherwise I’ll be a confused lil bean (more than i already am lmao)
💛 No Ilvermorny Houses – I’m not that familiar with them (again, unless you give me guidelines! So if you explain what these Houses stand for I could still make aesthetics)
💛 Stuff that’s triggering for me. There are certain ships that I consider abusive, so please don’t feel offended if I don’t want to make an aesthetic for me, but for example Kara and Mon-el from Supergirl where incredibly triggering for me, so I really don’t want to make an aesthetic for them. Also please don’t request anything that has to do with 13 Reasons Why
💛 It’s possible that there’s other stuff I’m not comfortable making aesthetics for that I currently can’t think of, so please keep in mind that I might ask you to come up with something else

If you’re not sure, you could always give me more options so I could choose!

Here are some examples of aesthetics I have made:

One of my WIPs


Over Raging Tides

Cinderella Boy

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

One of my characters


Agatha Wellbelove from Carry On

That time I made an aesthetic for a Hufflepuff writer without realising that’s basically me/my blog name sdjgh

Mal and Evie from Disney Descendants



The giveaway runs from today until the 14th. Click here to enter

How long have you been blogging? Is your blogoversary coming up as well? How has your blogging experience been so far? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas Eve Ya Beautiful Bloggers

First off: sorry for kinda disappearing without saying anything. I had to take care of a lot of things before I leave for Manchester* and I’ve been spending all of my free time writing. So that led to me neglecting my blog. But I didn’t want to skip today’s Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers, because it’s Christmas Eve!


I don’t know if I’ll have time to post a Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers tomorrow, so today’s definitely couldn’t be missed.

What is Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In the spirit of Christmas I shall highlight some amazing bloggers during this month. As there’s no way I can fit all of them in one post, there will be multiple posts over the last few weeks of this year. This isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random. You can find the first highlighted bloggers herehere and here.

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

💛 Reads and talks about lots of great diverse books – even makes lists to make it easier to find certain kind of diverse books like her list of books with native/indigenous main characters
💛 Has a feature called Diverse Book Bloggers Discuss in which diverse book bloggers guest blog on her blog
💛 Writes great discussions



Lia @ Lost in a Story 

💛 Aesthetic Queen
💛 Great reviews
💛 Besides books she also talks a lot about writing
💛 Has a feature in which she highlights newbie bloggers
💛 Really creative, like this really cool book tag she created




Vivian @ Writing With Style

💛 Looking for a great writing blog? Look no further
💛 Seriously Vivian has inspired me SO. MUCH.
💛 One of my favourite writing posts of hers is about why you should go to a museum for your writing
💛 Also talks about books of course!
💛 Seriously creative blog posts





Smiling Dreamer

💛 Look how cute her blog is!
💛 Lifestyle blogger, so she pretty much blogs about everything: travel, shopping, photography, books… You’re bound to find something that interests you!
💛 Always puts a smile on my face






Mikaela @ The Well-Thumbed Reader

💛 Queen of Discussions
💛 Seriously, she ALWAYS has a new interesting discussion post to read, I don’t know how she keeps getting so many good ideas for discussion posts!
💛 Interesting posts about diversity
💛 Also talks about blogging struggles




Jasmine @ It’s Simply Me, Jasmine

💛 Another cute blog
💛 Look at those graphics!
💛 Personal posts which a lot of us can relate too
💛 Talks about lots of different things, including books






That’s it for now! I still have more blogs to share, so look out for the next part. I’m not sure when that will be as I’m seriously busy right now, but I promise I’ll get to it eventually.

Anyway, it goes without saying, but check out these blogs if you don’t know them yet!

Do you follow any of these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!*

* I’m lazy and unoriginal so I just keep on copying this from my previous posts

Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | More Blogs To Check Out

What is Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In the spirit of Christmas I shall highlight some amazing bloggers during this month. As there’s no way I can fit all of them in one post, there will be multiple posts over the last few weeks of this year. This isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random. You can find the first highlighted bloggers here and here.

May @ Forever and Everly

💛 Mango Queen
💛 Aesthetic?? On POINT
💛 Funny, relatable posts which are always a joy to read
💛 Great writer (often shares snippets!)
💛 Blogs about books, writing, blogging and mangoes (I mean she ain’t the Mango Queen for nothing)





Cait @ Paper Fury

💛 Is there anyone in the book blogging community who doesn’t follow Cait??
💛 Doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t get some love though,
because she DOES
💛 Will probably rule over all of us one day and tbh I’m looking
forward to that
💛 Absolutely hilarious
💛 Writes book in like,, a day?? And now she’s going to be published
next year!!



Mel @ Daily Prophecy

💛 Basically a Disney Princess
💛 Love fairytales and fairytale retellings? Look no further
💛 Dutch bookblogger
💛 Look at that aesthetic??
💛 So many Disney references






Victoria @ Doodles and Scraps 

💛 Personal, thoughtful posts
💛 But also books, movies, music etc
💛 A cutie pie
💛 Also has a youtube channel which proves even more so that she’s a cutie pie 
💛 I mean just look at that header?? That is so cute??





Holly @ Nut Free Nerd

💛 Look at that cute blog design??
💛 Will make you want to read all the classics
💛 Lots of thoughtful reviews and bookish posts
💛 Has a feature called ‘Feminist Fridays’ where she talks about feminists writers, texts and ideas





There you go, more blogs to check out if you haven’t yet! Part four should be up soon, but we’ll see as I’m a bit lazy. I blame the weather. All that cold and snow makes me want to curl up with a book instead of blog.

Do you follow any of these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!*

* Haha yeah I copied this again. You might not have noticed if I hadn’t pointed this out… Oops

Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | Spreading More Blog Love

What is Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In the spirit of Christmas I shall highlight some amazing bloggers during this month. As there’s no way I can fit all of them in one post, there will be multiple posts over the last few weeks of this year*. This isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random. You can find the first highlighted bloggers here

* last few weeks of w h a t

Yvo @ It’s All About Books

💛 On hiatus right now, but still worth checking out
💛 Reviews are short but to the point
💛 Reads a LOT and from a lot of different genres, so it’s likely you’ll find something you’re interested in





Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages

💛 Blogs about a bunch of different things, including books and fandom stuff
💛 Very creative, like this DIY Galaxy Painting she made
💛 Makes lovely playlists
💛 Friendly Dinosaur





Elly @ A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts

💛 Obviously I’d vouch for a Hufflepuff
💛 Personal posts, but also books, beauty, playlists and other ramblings💛 Huge Dodie stan
💛 Also cats
💛 Blog’s design is just as cute as this bean



Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl

💛 As her blog’s title suggests, is a huge fangirl
💛  Super colourful design!
💛  Aside from books, also talks a lot about manga and anime
💛 Will talk about anything that she’s passionate about though, not just the former three





Analee @ Book Snacks

💛 Pink aesthetic
💛 Lots of fun, original posts
💛 Lots of lists. Who doesn’t love lists??
💛 Really funny and comes up with some really unique topics






Amy and Nikki @ Bursting with Books 

💛 Nikki hasn’t posted in a while now and I haven’t been super active myself this year, so I might’ve missed if she quit blogging or is just on hiatus. Amy is still active though!
💛 Really funny
💛 I always feel like I can just feel their excitement through their posts




Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much

💛 I’m seriously in love with that header
💛 If you love romance and new adult books, Cátia is your gal
💛 Though she reads other genres and young adult too






Annemieke @ A Dance With Books

💛 If you love fantasy (YA, adult, doesn’t matter), Annemieke is really the blogger for you
💛 Also reads other genres and comics, but mostly fantasy
💛 If you’re a Dutchie and are looking for more Dutch bloggers, look no further 





Hopefully you’ve found some great new blogs to follow again! I meant to get this up on Saturday, but unlike Elsa the cold bothers me very much and I just stayed under my Eeyore blanket all day doing nothing*, but this week I’m hoping to get up another part, because otherwise I’ll never finish before 2018**. Though I guess if I really can’t make it I can just continue on in the new year***

* Well not NOTHING. I read. I looked at memes. I uh did other things?
** I know the feature is called MERRY CHRISTMAS but Christmas is the entire month so I still have those last days of December too

Do you follow these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!*

* Yes I copied this from my last post THIS IS MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT**
** See I’m a fast learner

Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | Spreading The Blog Love

I can hear you thinking ‘Michelle it’s not Christmas yet??’ though on the other hand I know a lot of bloggers already yell ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’ November 1st so maybe not?

Anyway, I’ve decided that for this month I’d start a new feature/sort of campaign called: Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers, inspired by Home Alone. Well, the name is. Other than that it has nothing to do with Home Alone.

So what is Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In multiple posts this month, I shall highlight some amazing bloggers. I’ve been very hesitant to do this all year (I’ve thought of it multiple times) because I hate the idea of people feeling left out. Of course that’s going to happen anyway, but I still want to spread some love and introduce people to some blogs that they may not know. And maybe other people will pick this up and spread the love for bloggers I missed?

Also this isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random.

Anyway, what better time to do this than Christmas? Let’s spread some love

Eve @ Twist in the Taile

💛 Smol lovely bean
💛 Will make you want to read Les Mis
💛 And watch all the musicals!!
💛 Talks a lot about (web) comics too
💛 Oh and podcasts too!!
💛 Basically if you need musical, (web) comics, podcasts and book recs Eve is the person you’re looking for
💛 Also talks/rants about school, LGBTQ+, feminism, politics, and other stuff
💛 Oh and they make lovely playlists!!

Janet @ The Storyteller

💛 Another lovely bean! Okay everyone’s a lovely bean
💛 Writes about anything really
💛 Books, feminism, politics, personal stuff, movies, travel, guides for uni, advice…
💛 Anything really!
💛 Basically writes very helpful posts!
💛 Seriously her university posts are so helpful
💛 Also has a Youtube channel


Elm @ Just Call Me Elm Or Something

💛 Actual Queen??
💛 Seriously Elm is at the TOP of the blogging game
💛 Such a great writer (just read this poem)
💛 So lovely!!
💛 Writes very personal and relatable posts
💛 Is hilarious

Aentee @ Read at Midnight

💛 Actual Queen of Readathons™
💛 I’m serious she came up with another great one??
💛 Also AMAZING graphics
💛 Also makes wallpapers!! Of books!!
💛 Writes thoughtful reviews
💛 Also has a BEAUTIFUL bookstagram




Kat @ Life and Other Disasters 

💛 Mostly talks about books, movies, tv and writing
💛 Seriously if you’re looking for new tv shows and movies to watch: KAT’S YOUR GAL
💛 Seriously she is on top of it all (or so it seems to me haha)
💛 Went to Canada for 6 months, visited tv sets and met a bunch of actors which is so cool??
💛 You can read her WIP Arcadia here so what are you waiting for?


Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

💛 Will give you so. much. wanderlust
💛 Shares her blogging wisdom in a regular feature
💛 Regularly rants about blogging #relatable
💛 All her posts are super relatable tbh
💛 If you need contemporary recs Marie is your gal
💛 Also fun posts about writing!
💛 Is everywhere?? Seriously if I’m reading a post and am about to leave a comment there’s a good chance I’ll spot Marie among the comments

Amber @ The Literary Phoenix

💛 Insightful, well-thought-out posts
💛 Also original!
💛 Like she creates her own book box ideas (she chooses items for them, but doesn’t actually make them. She does link everything so you could make the box yourself)
💛 Like this one!
💛 Shares a lot of less known books


Em @ Yellow’s The Word

💛 First of all look at that aesthetic??
💛 Blogs about a variety of things. Like personal stuff, school, feminism, politics, world affairs… You name it. Now she’s busy with Blogmas**
💛 Very thoughtful and relatable posts
💛 But there are also lots of fun, cute posts
💛 Also blogs in French like whaaat?? #talented
💛  Is no longer looking for Herman because Elly found him*

* One time Em wanted to expres her love for German, but accidentally wrote ‘I LOVE HERMAN’ and thus Herman and our search for her soulmate begun. But recently Elly found Herman in a book so now we only need to reunite them
** Sorry that this isn’t in chronological order but I don’t work in chronological order. ANYWAY I first typed Blogman so almost a new man in Em’s life was born

So that’s the first eight! I’m not sure how many posts there will be in total. At first I thought I’d do one post a week, but I quickly realised that would not be enough haha. We’ll see!

If these blogs sound like your cup of tea, please go show them some love!

Do you follow these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Do You Need To Read All The Blog Posts?

Though it’s something I always struggle with, with school starting again (having started again actually, by the time this goes up) it’s something I struggle with even more: do you need to read all the blog posts?

I by no means read all the blog posts published by every blogger I follow. Sometimes I have no interest in the topic, I don’t want to know ANYTHING about a certain book so I’m avoiding all the reviews, the post might be triggering etc. so when I say ‘all’ the blog posts, I don’t actually mean all the blog posts. I doubt any of us actually read all of them, even though we might have tried when we first started out (I did. And I forced myself to read posts I wasn’t interested in at all, really bored me and then I clicked like while I didn’t remotely liked it – don’t be like me kids).

When I say ‘all’ the blog posts, I mean all the ones you’re interested in, especially when you’re a bit behind on reading blog posts. Do you need to read them all? Is it okay to just skip them and read the latest ones? Okay, that last question is a bit weird, because OF COURSE IT’S OKAY. There’s no law that tells you what to do, but you might feel guilty if you don’t read everything, especially if it comes to your friends/favourite blogs. I know I do. Last year I got super behind, because the amount of posts overwhelmed me. Instead of just reading a few whenever I could, I didn’t read any at all. Didn’t work.

I know I’ll be trying to read all of them anyway, but I’m going to have to try and not stress myself out too much. Because that stress is another factor why I took a hiatus, and I don’t want another hiatus. I want to be able to keep blogging, read everyone’s posts and talk to everyone, because blogging brings me a lot of joy.

So now it’s time for my cry for help: how do you keep up with all the blog posts??? Help a fellow blogger in need 

Do you ever struggle with this question? Do you try to read all the posts, or do you just read whenever you can? Let me know in the comments!

3 Years of Blogging

For the past few weeks I’ve been telling myself: don’t forget your blogoversary!!!

Guess what almost happened.

It’s very lucky that I feel better (this past week I’ve been dealing with severe pains in my neck, back and shoulder due to all the stress I had this school year) and decided to check WordPress or I wouldn’t have realised that today was my blogoversary woops (why didn’t the WordPress app on my phone remind me)


I’m probably repeating my last two anniversary posts but oh well. Not everyone who’s following me now was following me back then and if you were, do you really remember those posts? I doubt it (if you do woah great memory)

When I started this blog exactly three years ago I did not think I’d still be here three years later. There have been lots of ups and downs, especially this past school year as I was in a huge blogging slump even when I had the time and energy to write. But I’m still here! I didn’t give up and I’m really proud of that.

Not giving up has a LOT to do with all of you. I’ve met so many lovely people that I can’t imagine my life without and this past school year I missed all of you so much. Thank you for sticking with me, whether you’ve been here from the beginning or since yesterday <3

Announcement About Tags

Okay, so I should’ve done this ages ago, but part of me just didn’t want to. See, I have a lot of tags to catch up on, and let’s be real here I’m never going to be able to catch up on all of them. So unfortunately I’ve decided that if I’ve already done a tag (especially more than twice) I likely won’t do it anymore. I didn’t really want to announce this, as I’ll kindly explain it when people tag me, but since I’ve already been tagged multiple times in tags I’ve already done, I wanted to explain it in a post anyway to all the people who tagged me in those tags. I’m really, really happy you guys tagged me and thought of me and I really wish I could do them (I really like doing them too!) but the ammount of tags I have to do is stressing me out. Plus, doing the same tags over and over again might not be that interesting to read? I don’t know, but I don’t want to bore you guys.

I really hope this doesn’t sound bitchy or ungrateful or anything. I love being tagged, I really do, but can’t keep up and I’d rather do tags I haven’t done yet. I hope you guys understand <3


Goals for 2017 (Which I’ll Probably Fail At *cue maniacal laughter*)

Welp look at that negativity. I like to see it as realism though. Looking at the goals I set for myself in 2015 and 2016 and how many I failed at… Oh well, I still think it’s fun to set myself goals and it means I can make lists!!

As I’ve said in my December wrap up I’m no longer setting any reading goals for myself except for the Goodreads one (I’m once again aiming for 100 books), because at some point I forget about them anyway and it put too much pressure on me. Of course there’s a high chance that somewhere during the year I change my mind when I find a fun challenge to join haha.

So what goals am I setting for myself?


  • Like last year, I’m setting up the goal of: just write 
  • Work on my grandfather’s biography
  • Work on all my outlines
  • Finish at least one of my WIPs
  • Maybe start the Young Writers Chat again


  • Change my layout – I don’t think I’ll change my theme and I’m happy with my graphics, but I want my blog to be more colourful
  • Try to blog regularly again
  • Catch up on reviews
  • Catch up on tags
  • Become the Scheduling Queen™ I used to be again
  • Catch up on blogposts I need to read
  • Follow more blogs
  • Become more active in the blogging community again

I’ll probably come up with more goals throughout the year (though I hope not since I might not even complete these haha). So uh wish me luck?

What are your goals for this year? Are you setting yourself any reading goals? Let me know in the comments!