The Hunt Has Begun Again | Shadowhunters Review 2.01

WARNING: If you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want any spoilers, don’t read this review. I’m going into details

TIME TO REVIEW SHADOWHUNTERS AGAIN! I really enjoyed doing this last year, as it made me love and analyse the show more. Plus it made me remember the previous episodes more which helped because usefully I have a terrible memory. Only a week has passed and I’m already like ‘who’s that’ ‘what’s that’ ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING’.

ANYWAY. The premiere was a solid start to what seems like a really good season. The first season only got better and better in my opinion and it looks like season 2 will continue that pattern. From the beginning on it already seemed that Dom’s acting only improved. So did Kat’s, but I feel like Dom had more opportunity to shine in this episode. I really liked the way he portrayed Jace’s hurt and omg can we just get him away from Valentine already? I mean just this one day is enough to mess him up. I really hope the writers and Dom will get the consequences of what Jace is going through right. So far I’m really impressed with his acting, especially compared to early last season. The way his eyes shifted when Valentine tells him Jocelyn left him was just really good.

Let’s talk about a few changes they made  now that they have a bigger budget! I’m really happy with the new seraph blades (though sad to let the lightsaber jokes go) and runes. They’re small things but it just looks so much better. AND THAT OPENING. I had already seen it, but to see it during the episode itself made it even better. And no more weird slow motion effects bless. Look, I won’t criticise the special effects because honestly, I don’t really care that much and while their budget is bigger now, it still probably isn’t that big. As long as the effects make sense I won’t complain. The slow motion effects last season just didn’t, since sometimes they were used and sometimes they weren’t. And the vamps had a different slow motion effect that made them look really really slow instead of fast? It was weird so I’m glad to see them go.

‘Clary’ actually being Valentine didn’t surprise me at all, since I guessed that that would happen ever since we saw the first trailer and Jace threatens (what probably is the real) Clary and tells her he’s sick of her mindgames. So yeah, maybe the promotion team shouldn’t have added that scene lol. I wonder how often Valentine is going to use this trick. Right now it won’t surprise me if Jace will be leaning towards Valentine’s side, as Valentine is manipulating him through and through. He told him Jocelyn left him to die and then Jocelyn tries to kill him. To make things worse Valentine took the arrow for him. Also taking him to those vampires? Valentine knows exactly what he’s doing (and while I hate it I also love it because I love calculating, manipulative villains like this. AND ALAN VAN SPRANG). Anway, it won’t surprise me if Jace will be very conflicted on which side he should be on (also Valentine’s speech on how one blood of demon blood means you’re evil and you can’t control your urges? That’s going to mess him up badly) but in the trailer we saw him threaten who he thought was Valentine. So I’m really interested in seeing how things will play out.

Also when Valentine is like ‘it made you stronger’ when Jace tells him how much he screwed up, it really reminded me of the ‘you fucked up a perfectly good … is what you did. Look at it. It’s got anxiety’ meme.

What did bother me about these scenes was the flashback Valentine showing Jace of him experimenting on unborn Jace. Isn’t he supposed to look younger? I watched the flashbacks of episode 6 again and the experiments can’t have happened that much later that Valentine looks that old. I mean, after the Uprising Jocelyn ran away with the Cup, and they all looked really young then. I get that the actor they used last season may not have been available, but this was just Alan in a wig. 


I’m also interested in seeing Clary and Jocelyn’s relationship. I’m still so happy that the show has chosen to show the adults and their relationship with the younger ones. Clary has all the right reasons to be upset with her mom, but Jocelyn isn’t wrong in wanting to protect her daughter as well. I mean, she thinks Jace is Valentine Junior and watched him break the Accords and then save Valentine. Can you blame her? Really interested in seeing how this will play out. And I hope we’ll get more Jocelyn and Luke soon! I pretty much melted when Luke refused to leave the Institute because he wanted to stay by Jocelyn’s side. They love each other so much and they have such a healthy relationship.

I’m really conflicted on Victor Aldertree. I absolutely LOVE the actor (did anyone see his Tuesday Takeover on Instagram? What a babe) but I’m not sure yet about Victor. I don’t blame him at all for not trusting Jace; he looks incredibly suspicious. And Jocelyn is not only Valentine’s ex-wife, she was an active member of The Circle and pretty much his second in command. So yeah, can’t blame him for that. But it looks like he doesn’t care much for Downworlders either. He has no sympathy for Simon when he says it’s almost dawn and he has nowhere to go. Also time to bring back my weekly appreciation for Alberto’s acting because he sounded so small and scared my poor son. AND HIS FACE WHEN THE WEREWOLVES KICK HIM OUT. WHY YOU DO THIS.

Speaking of good acting: Matthew! He captured Alec’s worry for Jace and the Parabatai bond so well. The hurt in everyone’s eyes in the first scene when Alec lets it out on them though. They’re such small things but it’s done so well. And we got so many great Malec scenes in which Alec knows he shouldn’t let it out on Magnus and apologises and they actually frickin’ communicate and just ajbfshgd. I love the Shadowhunters writers so much for writing them so well and for writing them as a healthy relationship. And Magnus pointing out that Alec shouldn’t have said that he ‘did so much for him’ because not marrying Lydia and coming out, that was all for him just carry me to my grave already will you. The way Matthew and Harry deliver these lines and look at each other and just act with each other. You can carry me off now.

I also really missed Clary and Simon’s friendship. They’re so cute together and so comfortable with each other. Also can you believe Simon cockblocked himself – iconic

Other things:

  • So glad to see my bae Lydia again I swear if she dies
  • SO MANY ICONIC LINES ‘The Clave being unhelpful? Who’s shocked? Show of hands?’ ‘Get off my docks’ ‘I’m a vampire I’m running slow for you’ ‘First rule of Shadowhunting: don’t give anyone your phone or stele’
  • Lydia and Izzy being smart and working together in the beginning of the episode hell yeah
  • When Clary, Jocelyn and Luke are having a serious conversation and Simon just goes very cheerfully ‘hey guys!’
  • Clary and Izzy silently communicating and Izzy comforting Clary and them training together seriously where is my grave I love these gals so much and their relationship
  • Encanto‘ Simon where did you learn that oh my god. Is that even a real thing?? I headcanon that Rafael thought him that just to mess with him
  • Also when he went to sleep he put his arms like a vampire what a nerd
  • I aspire to be as dramatic as Magnus. When Alec asks him to stop his magic training thing and he just dramatically throws it backwards and hits the lamp so Extra™

How did you feel about this episode? Let me know in the comments!


And That’s A Wrap | Shadowhunters Review 1.13

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Isn’t the finale a great moment to make a new banner for these reviews lol. This was the only warrior design in MomentCam that I could find that I liked, but hey Shadowhunters are warriors and I’m sure that at some point they wore armour like this

Warning: This is a pretty detailed review, sometimes comparing it to the books so if you haven’t read those and don’t want to be spoiled, beware. Also I don’t start talking about the episode in detail until you see letters in this size, so if you want to skip my rambling about the season in general and my hopes for season 2, skip ahead!

Anyway, can you guys believe this was the last one already? I can’t! It feels like only yesterday that they announced the show, that we waited in anticipation for the cast to be announced on Twitter, when we got the first promos and trailers… And now season one is over already! And boy did I enjoy it. Does it have its flaws? Yes. Definitely. Especially in the beginning. But it got better and better and honestly? I started to prefer it to the books. Don’t me wrong, I still love them (I think. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about them if I’d reread them). It’s just that the show is about all the characters, and the finale showed that once again. It wasn’t just about Clace and their ‘oh no we’re related but we’re still attracted to each other!’ I really hope the show handles the incest plot line well. They’ve done so many things right, so I have my hopes up.

There are multiple plot lines, that all came together nicely in the finale, opening up new possible plot lines for season two, for both characters and relationships. I do hope that Alec finding out about Magnus’ past relationship with Camille won’t lead to the drama in the books. Alec was really unreasonable in the books about the fact that Magnus had been in a relationship before, and while at the time I didn’t realise it because I was ignorant and naive, he was pretty biphobic. The show handles Malec so well though, so I hope they’ll just focus on the fact that Alec realised that Magnus is immortal and what that actually means (and that he won’t try to make him mortal behind his back like he did in the books)

I think it will be really interesting to see Simon’s new storyline, now that he’s no longer welcome at Hotel Dumort. And surely he will become a Daylighter in season 2? There’s also the Lightwood family drama of course, Jace has sided with Valentine and the alliance between the Shadowhunters and the vampires has been broken, which could also have an effect on the Shadowhunters’ relationship with the other Downworlders. And of course the obvious problem of Valentine having the cup. Plenty of stuff for season 2!

Anyway, I also feel like the characters are much more dimensional than in the books. Some are better written and portrayed then others, but except for Jace I think I prefer most of the tv show characters to the book ones. The relationship between Clary and Simon also feels healthier, with Simon not depending on Clary all the time and not feeling entitled to her (that outburst in the books when he tells her he’s in love with her is kinda gross. I still love Simon though!). Malec has actual screen time and so far is healthy too. Izzy is a great role model, which I’ve touched upon multiple times. I’m not saying that book! Izzy isn’t at all, but the way she treated Clary in CoB for example was disgusting and now we have a healthy female friendship between two strong, dependent, smart ladies. Does Clary get on my nerves? Yes, but to be fair she did in the books too. So far I like her better than book! Clary though. And you know, the show added my bae Lydia so

Let’s talk about the episode in detail though shall we?

I think it was a solid finale, that wrapped up just enough to feel closure, but opened up enough new plot lines for season 2. I like that Jocelyn woke up in the end. It may have worked to keep her unconscious for a really long time in the books (actually it annoyed me), but in the tv show it would definitely not work. It would feel dragged out. Plus no annoying absent parent trope!

All the main characters played a big part (Izzy less so, but she still shined and let’s be honest Clary and Simon would be dead – uh Clary would be dead and Simon would be dust – without her), and so did the supporting characters like Raphael. I would’ve loved to see a scene with Lydia, but I guess there was no time for that.

It’s been a while since I’ve really ranted, but I’m really annoyed with the werewolves in the show. Shouldn’t they have heightened senses? I found it ridiculous that when Hodge hid from that wolf, it just ran the other way. He should have been able to smell him. And when Jace left and took Hodge with him, shouldn’t Luke have been able to hear him? I feel like heightened senses are a big part of werewolf mythology and I just find it weird that they don’t have them (and I don’t remember if they did in other episodes and that they just conveniently forgot in these scenes). Maybe Luke’s senses are normal when he’s in his human body, but the other werewolf was in his wolf form, so it still makes no sense.

Since we’re ranting anyway, let’s talk about Jace cutting of Hodge’s hand. Please tell me I’m not the only one who laughed? It looked so fake and the way the hand lay there was just hilarious to me. Or maybe I just have a weird sense of humour.

Malec was once again done well. Alec’s insecurities and in turn Magnus’ were in character and it broke my heart when Magnus asked if Alec regretted it. Magnus suggesting to slow things down really showed what a healthy relationship this is and how much he cares for Alec. I am a bit worried that they’ll follow the books with jealous and biphobic Alec, but let’s hope that it will continue to be a healthy and inspiring relationship. Also the way they talked about Lydia was beautiful.

I love how things that seemed really random to me at the time now start to make sense. Like Lydia’s awesome yet not necessary to the plot (at least it seemed that way at first) entrance and now the Forsaken attack. I thought it was weird that it was only one and that Valentine didn’t send anymore at the Institute, but now we know it wasn’t attack for the sake of just attacking. This makes a lot more sense and I like it. Well done writers.

So… Am I the only one who doesn’t pronounce Starkweather like Stockweather or something? I don’t know it sounded like that when Valentine said it. I’m at the edge of another pronunciation crisis guys. I pronounce it like shark but with a t instead of an h. Please tell me I’m not the only one haha. Anyway Jon Cor did a great job this episode (it was really awkward to watch his scenes with Dom because honestly I still find his acting really stoic, which is a shame because Dom seems like such a lovely person. Honestly watching videos of the cast I feel like Dom himself is more like Jace than tv show Jace lol. Maybe they should have let him keep his accent? Or is it the writers/directors’ fault? I really wonder) and he was very convincing. Also I loved that they showed his concern for Clary and Jace when Valentine tells that new Shadowhunter to look for them. I also can’t believe it took me 13 episodes to realise they got rid of that crow or raven (whatever it was, it was a black bird haha).

Every time when I think Clary is growing on me, she does something annoying. I get that finding the Book of of the White is not just for your personal gain, and that’s it very important, but the way  she talked to Raphael was so condescending. Raphael made some good points and you can’t blame him for refusing. It makes sense that you get annoyed, because there’s a lot at stake here, but this kind of behaviour is just

But all in all I really liked this finale!

Other things:

  • The subtle emotion in Simon’s eyes when Clary mentions Camille: 👏👏
  • My bae Lydia had not enough screen time, but she’s going to be fine and I assume we’ll see her again in season 2, even if it’s very short. Alec said she was doing better, but that it was still pretty bad. They can’t just leave it at that and not show her being okay okay
  • The opening felt REALLY out of place this time
  • Jace made an actually funny joke. It took him almost 13 episodes, but he finally got there
  • While I’m still not blown away by Kat’s acting, I do think she’s improved and I love her scenes with Maxime. It feels like a real mother daughter relationship to me
  • I really prefer the season finale to the book’s ending
  • Does anyone know if David Castro read the books because he’s got Raphael down to a tee
  • I may have gotten to the way portals and magic look, but I will never get over the weird slow motion yet speeding effects when the Shadowhunters fight (which aren’t always there??? Please stay consistent)
  • Simon’s ‘Yeah well what did you expect she’s a vampire’ when Clary was all ‘she’s dead’ was me like seriously Clary. She can be really clever, like two episodes ago when she made Valentine believe he had the Cup, when she still did, or she says stuff like this (remember when she thought Luke was her father when it was already established that Valentine was)
  • ‘If you want to stake her I will hold her down and let you do it’ True friendship right here. Seriously I prefer tv!Climon. Them talking about Jocelyn was also really cute
  • Izzy-don’t-insult-my-ship-Lightwood: ‘Say that again- you won’t last’
  • Simon did no one teach you to read important documents like this before you sign them

How did you feel about the finale, and the season in general? Are you excited for season 2? Let me know in the comments! 


IS MY BABY OKAY | Shadowhunters 1.12 Review

SPOILER WARNING: This review is pretty detailed, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now! Also sort of book spoilers

Okay so you probably expected the title of this post to be Malec-related; the episode was called Malec after all and now they’re also canon on tv! BUT WHAT I’M MOST CONCERNED ABOUT IS WHETHER MY BAE LYDIA BRANWELL IS OKAY. SHE BETTER BE. I TOLD YOU I’D FIND YOU WRITERS IF YOU KILL HER OFF. AND I WILL

*whispers* I will

You can’t introduce us to this badass, independent, strong, cinnamon roll, with great beliefs and adorable smile, a solid background story and lay the basis for some beautiful relationships (Alec, Magnus and Izzy) AND THEN TAKE IT AWAY YOU HEAR ME. She’d better be alive and well and back in season 2. The wedding just made me cry okay. She looked so beautiful and happy walking down the aisle, but all she wants is Alec to be happy. She’s too pure. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN HODGE.

And that scene where Clary confronted her. Like seriously Clary, just a second ago you were telling Jace he couldn’t just accuse Lydia of anything without proof, but you’re doing the exact same thing? Except you’re calmer than Jace would have been. And you go Lydia, like look who’s talking Clary. I will fight both you and Jace for even thinking of my bae (and probably lose because I’m weak and they’re Shadowhunters but that’s beside the point okay).

This was me several times during the episode at Clary, Jace, Maryse and Hodge

Before we talk about Malec (you guys know I want to haha) I want to talk about Magnus first. Harry just keeps outdoing himself every episode. Magnus grieving and the pain in his eyes, looking at that picture of him and Ragnor (oh and Camille but who cares, speaking of which, I wonder how she got The Book of the White?), imagining Ragnor being there with him and giving him advice. And oh my god him taking out that instrument- such a nice nod to The Bane Chronicles, though it made me cry. I just love all the little references they make to the books.

So Malec time! A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought that I wouldn’t start my Malec review with Malec, but Lydia’s safety is very important to me, and since we were on the topic anyway I decided to just talk about her haha. Anyway, can I say something sane about them that isn’t SANJG MALEC NJAGDH PERFECT ADGHBS THE FEELS AGNBDJHG KISS NKDSJGH

Literally me

I’ll try though. I think the writers handled it really well and it felt very realistic and in character to watch. Magnus looking hurt when Alec suggested it was all a game to him and all of Alec’s worries *nods* It was all just so perfect. And the fact that besides Maryse, and sort of Robert, all the characters were so happy for them and are basically fangirling. The smiles gave me so much life. And Simon being such a dork. I loved Magnus and Alec’s expression. Alec had no idea what was going on and Magnus was either amused or so happy that he just didn’t care. And Alec’s face when Magnus walked in was so cute like bae what are you doing here (can we give Izzy an award for inviting Magnus). And Alec not being able to breathe and just dfjbhs EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT OKAY CAN WE LEAVE IT AT THAT. There are people out there who can put this in much better words than me haha

I get why they had to go looking for Ragnor this early, but I really hoped this meant we could see more of him (and his friendship with Magnus), though I saw it coming, I really hoped they wouldn’t kill him off already (also I wonder what this will mean for Sebastian?). He didn’t completely feel like Ragnor to me, though he did have his Ragnor-like moments, especially when it came to his banter with Magnus, but he still felt out of character to me at times. Also I wonder why he wasn’t green? It’s not a big deal, but I’m just curious. Magnus calling him his cabbage made no sense because he’s not green. Now it just sounds like a silly ‘Magnussy’ nickname.

I like the way they handled the Jalec make-up. Of course Izzy set it up and I’m glad it was Jace who initiated it. It’s clear that their bond is strong, the way they listened to each other, quickly forgave each other and were soon comforting/giving advice. Also I’m just glad to see the Parabatais being Parabros again like Kat put it haha.


Speaking of Jace, I’m finally starting to warm up to tv!Jace. That or I’m getting used to him/Dom’s acting. Or maybe it’s because he hasn’t been acting like a major jerk lately. Except when he accused Lydia. But that’s just my bias for my bae talking (seriously I was ready to fight him)

Speaking of Hodge: I KNEW THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN THE MOMENT LYDIA OPENED THAT PANEL. They had been talking about a mole in the beginning of the episode, so obviously they weren’t just going to drop that and this was the perfect moment to show us Hodge’s true nature (not to mention next ep is the finale so really, perfect timing). Either the show is predictable or I’m getting really good at theorising haha

Let’s talk about my favourite siblings though, because I loved that Izzy immediately ran towards her brother to tell him how proud she is of him, to make sure that Maryse’s reaction isn’t going to make him regret what he’s done and he won’t mess everything up. Bless you Izzy.

Also I really like how they’re handling the Clace incest drama so far. I really hope they won’t kiss/pursue each other after all, like they kind of did in the books. That made me so uncomfortable, even though I knew they weren’t siblings after all (I figured it wasn’t really true when I read CoB so I spoiled myself by looking it up haha). So far they removed a lot of problematic things from the books (like Clizzy’s relationship in CoB), so fingers crossed that they’ll handle this well! I also liked how they stayed true to Jace’s feelings towards Jocelyn and how he thinks of Maryse as his mother.

Other things:

  • I really, really hope we’ll get a better opening next season
  • Who let Alec into Magnus’ apartment at the beginning of the episode?
  • Magnus calling Izzy Izzy gave me life – give me more of their friendship please
  • I loved Izzy coming to Simon for advice on how to throw a bachelor party
  • Why did they give me hope though – for a sec I thought Ragnor wasn’t dead
  • Where was Catarina or at least a mention of her? I would’ve liked Magnus calling her to tell her their best friend is dead. I LOVE MY WARLOCK TRIO OKAY
  • Jace adjusting Alec’s suit gave me life
  • His own suit didn’t feel very Jace-y to me though
  • Still disappointed that as the captain of the Malec ship Izzy didn’t take Maryse down when she walked angrily towards Alec
  • Seriously Simon’s reaction at the Malec kiss though. If he’d had popcorn he’d be eating it really fast during the scene
  • They better show us Malec’s first date. IT WAS SO ADORABLE IN THE BANE CHRONICLES I WANT IT. If it’s a different first date I’m okay with it too though. I JUST WANT TO SEE THEIR FIRST DATE
  • I want to know more about Hodge’s ring

Bonus pictures:

magnus clace2

magnus clace

So basically my face is broken from smiling so much, I’m anxious about Lydia’s fate (seriously if anyone knows anything, PLEASE TELL ME), Malec was done SO well, Harry’s acting was sublime (LIIIIIME); just seriously guys I’m so happy with how this show turned out. At first I was really excited and hopeful, than I got wary, but now I’m so excited again and I really love the show.



CALLED IT | Shadowhunters 1.11 Review

It’s been a while since the last Shadowhunters review! I’ll review episode 12 tomorrow, so that I’m right in time for the finale! Please don’t say anything about episode 12, I haven’t watched it yet and I don’t want to get spoiled!

SPEAKING OF SPOILERS: I’m sure YOU don’t want to get spoilers either! This is a pretty detailed review, and there will be a pretty big spoiler for you if you haven’t read City of Glass, so beware! (and a slightly smaller spoiler as well, but seriously the big one is pretty big)

So remember my last review?

Remember Lydia’s awesome entrance? At the time I was wondering what that was about. Yeah sure, she was testing the Institute’s competence, but it was kind of pointless to the plot. All it did was showing us that Shadowhunters have a rune to disguise themselves as someone else. Calling it now: Jace’s father is still Valentine, but he’s using the same rune to disguise himself. I’m guessing he used the that rune when he was raising Jace as well.


Speaking of Valentine: Alan was so on point. So he doesn’t have the hair (lol sorry Alan I didn’t mean it like that) but he’s playing Valentine so well. I’ve been enjoying his portrayal ever since he first appeared, but he was so on point this episode. AND THAT SCENE AT RENWICK’S. It was so much like the book. Jace wanting to kill him, but not being able to do it and then Valentine fleeing through the portal. I’m just so happy with Alan as Valentine guys. My notes say ‘ALAN/HE IS SO GOOD’ multiple times.

Let’s talk about my baby Lydia. I loved her development in this episode so much. Her speech at the end was beautiful. I think that being at the Institute, with the Lightwoods (specifically Isabelle) made her return to her old self, before her fiancé was murdered. It’s my headcanon that Izzy reminded Lydia of her old self and beliefs, and I love that so much.  Both their speeches in this episode guys. Pllus Lydia dropping the charges: this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship (IT BETTER BE WRITERS OR I’M COMING FOR YOU. YOU HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL HERE). Also Lydia pointing out the love between the Lightwood sibs (which no doubt also inspired her) and seeing through Magnus not doing it for payment at all, but because it’s the right thing to do


Now let’s talk about Izzy, because this was a very important episode for her. Guys, I seriously love tv!Izzy more than book!Izzy. She just feels so much more dimensional to me. Her speech was brilliant and I love how justified she is. There is just so much more to her than in the books, or maybe that’s just because I read them a few years ago. The fact that she accepted that she’d be stripped off her marks and be banished, because she didn’t want to live in an unjustified world like this anyway. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: tv!Izzy is a great role model and I will fight anyone who thinks otherwise (but really if you don’t think so I respect your opinion I sound so aggressive oh my god I’m not)

Since we’re on the subject of the Lightwood sibs: they’re going to be the death of me. Can I once again applause the writers for the way they wrote their relationship because it’s so beautiful. ‘I’m your big brother let me help you for once’ should be on my tombstone because it will probably be my cause of death. Seriously, while we know Alec loves his sister so much and he will always look out for her and protect her, before this whole trial it was Izzy looking out and being there for him. So now he wants to help her.

Speaking of things that make me want to die: MALEC. I’m pretty sure that I’ll want to live once I’ve seen next episode (seriously, don’t spoil me guys), but that didn’t make the pain any less. My notes are literally: MALEC *crying emoji* MAGNUS ALEC MALEC MY HEART.  Magnus’ wisdom in this scene is everything. He’s not just saying those things because of his crush on Alec, but because he knows both Alec and Lydia are going to be miserable. And he likes Lydia. I WANT MADIA FRIENDSHIP

am a bit iffy about Magnus first saying that he wanted Alec as payment. I guess he knew Alec was going to say no anyway, but it still bugged me. It just felt a little bit out of character to me for Magnus to want Alec that way. But I will never get over Harry’s perfectness. Oh and advocate Magnus was brilliant and I want more. His sass and his 100% done attitude with the Shadowhunters’ laws were so on point.

Speaking of on point: let’s talk about Simon! If you’ve read my previous reviews you already know that I think Alberto is the perfect Simon, so let’s not go there again, because that is getting repetitive. I love that he is now Raphael’s private advisor, that is definitely going to be interesting. I did also like him as the werewolves ambassador though, and was afraid that this would mean less of Simon and Luke (who are brotp, one of many anyway), but thankfully they were together again at the end of the episode. I love how Luke is mentoring him and how he’s a bit like a father to him, though they’re also bros. Speaking of Luke, I love tv!show Luke so much. Okay, I love a lot of the characters, even Clary and Jace are growing on me, as well as their relationship (right when the big incest plot twist happens lol), but it just feels like watching Luke. He’s calm most of the time, helpful, caring, a father figure to both Clary and Simon… And his comments are the best: ‘Maybe a wineglass would be better’.

While I’m still sometimes iffy about Kat’s acting, I do love both her and Clary’s development. Kat’s exaggerating less and less and Clary’s becoming more fierce and badass. I already loved how she gathered Downworlders to fight with her and other Shadowhunters two episodes ago, and now she managed to fool Valentine. I do think that she’s getting good at being a Shadowhunter waaay too quick, but maybe they’ll explain that by saying it’s the Angel’s blood (even though it isn’t, but they can change that). I’m pretty sure that she didn’t learn this fast in the books, and believe me I’m fine with changes, but it just doesn’t feel that realistic to me. Though I love her badassness and that she doesn’t need Jace to save her 24/7. So while it’s unrealistic I do prefer it to the latter.

Other things:

  • The world’s best dad mug made a cameo! I loved that haha
  • Luke doing the ‘I’m keeping an eye on you’ hand gesture that he and Simon did in episode 1 don’t touch me I’m emotional
  • Seriously though the way Izzy and Alec look at each other so much love
  • And their hug
  • And the smiles
  • Just Lightwood siblings guys
  • ‘What kind of father should deprive a son of that happiness’ the kind of father who makes his daughter and the guy he raised as his son believe they’re siblings that kind of father that’s who
  • I’m still not sure how I feel about the Silent Brothers torturing people
  • Jace wanting to help Luke warmed my heart
  • Magnus magicking the papers into the air was like the confetti in Ace Attorney when you win a case – I’m sure this is a coincidence but I love it nonetheless
  • Also can we get more of Magnus and Izzy because that’s such a perfect, fabulous brotp, why didn’t we get more scenes like we get in the show in the books
  • I love that they went to Renwick’s after all, even though the finale is going to take place elsewhere. I wonder where that will be (if that’s revealed in ep 12 please don’t tell me)

Also bonus picture for you guys:


I couldn’t help myself

I’ll see you guys tomorrow with my episode 12 review! I can’t believe the season is almost over already. I’m going to miss both watching and reviewing the show so much. While it has its flaws, I love it a lot and in a lot of ways I prefer it to the books. Plus reviewing it is so much fun and has really made me analyse the show a lot more than I usually do when I casually watch something which made me appreciate it so much more.

So what did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments! And remember: please don’t spoil episode 12 for me! I know I’ve said that quite a few times already, but I really don’t want to get spoiled haha, especially since it’s called MALEC. 


Hi, I’d like one AU spin off, please | Shadowhunters 1.10 Review

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be aware that this is a very detailed review. Also, this review has a pretty big spoiler in case you haven’t read the books, especially the first one

While at first I had no idea what they were talking about and had no idea what was going on, I actually really liked the idea of Clary’s necklace being a part of a portal in an alternative dimension (can you see why I was having trouble following this at first since I’m exhausted and pretty much a zombie right now). They couldn’t just wait around for Valentine to show up like they did in the book (okay they didn’t actually wait for him, but you know what I mean). It would be really boring to watch, and what would they do at this point in the show? Clary wants to find her mom, that has been her sole objective the entire time and along the way she started to hate Valentine and wants to take him down, something Jace really wants to do to. And if they have to go through an alternative universe to get there, thus showing us some perfection, I’m down with it. Also the necklace was actually pretty important! I’m still iffy about it but at least they didn’t use it all the time to see what was going on, which would be a really lazy plot device and now Clary no longer has it.

Okay so the AU. Seriously can I have a spin off pretty please. I know there are no demons and Shadowhunters but stiiiiiill. At least do another episode in season 2 about the AU. YOU CAN’T END IT LIKE THIS. I want to see Sizzy living together, what happened to AU!Malec and AU!Clace (I mean AU!Jace thought that Clary was cheating on him before Jace took over his body, so um. WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT?!) and it was just so much fun to watch.

I love that Izzy was a developer working for what sounded like a big company. I love book!Isabelle, but honestly I’m loving tv show Isabelle so much more. She’s incredibly smart, confident, loves herself, bad-ass, loving, a great friend and sister… I can go on and on, but the point is she is an amazing role model. Imagine young teenage girls watching Shadowhunters and seeing such an inspiration on their screens. Also in the AU she’s taking boxing classes – my baby kicks ass even when she’s not a Shadowhunter.

Am I the only one who kind of shipped AU!Jocelyn and AU!Valentine? It looked like a healthy relationship and they were adorable. The Morgenstern family dynamic was just heartbreaking. SEE WHAT YOU CAN HAVE WHEN YOU PLAY NICE VALENTINE.

And oh my God Magnus’ commercial. IT’S THE BEST THING OKAY. It was so hilarious with Hodge and Luke. And Luke owning a bookstore in the AU. That’s such a nice nod to the books. And Magnus’ smile at the end of it #Dead

I don’t know if Alec is a professional party planner, or just doing it for fun. But I dig it. AND MY BABY DID SUCH A GOOD JOB THE PARTY LOOKED FANTASTIC. A+ JOB PLEASE PLAN MY PARTY TOO. And I love that they chose a Alice theme for the party. The Mad Hatter is perfect for Valentine and the whole ‘through the looking glass’ is a perfect fit for the episode.

Speaking of my baby Alec, my baby Magnus was adorable in the AU. CHAIRMAN MEOW AND CHURCH. MAGNUS’ FACE WHEN HE INTRODUCES CHURCE AND THE PILLOW (when he later on shows holograms of the cats to Clary – Magnus you adorable dork). I just love how Harry so easily shows all these sides to Magnus: charismatic, sassy, funny, magical (‘Magnus is quite… magical’), wise, hurt, graceful, a dork – Harry is so talented why is he not more well known. Oh and Clary imitating Magnus’ magic movements – priceless. I don’t know if her acting is improving or if she’s growing on me.

Oh and the Malec (if you didn’t think I was going to talk about AU!Malec you’re obviously new so hi!). THE PARALLELS. THE MIRRORING. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Alec invited him in without a second thought. The toasting and Alec being the one to say ‘to us’. Magnus leaving and Alec saying ‘playing hard to get. I love a challenge’. Oh how the tables have turned.

If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know I’m not too big a fan of tv show!Jace (read this review if you want to know why), but I love AU!Jace. He’s such a cute, sweet dork and I shipped Clace in the AU as well. It seemed like a nice, healthy relationship. Of course in the AU Jace didn’t witness his father being killed in front of him, but ‘a tragic past doesn’t excuse bad behaviour’ (seriously, read my review linked above, I don’t feel like typing it all out again). New favourite line: ‘It was a pleasure to nice’. Same Jace, same. No wonder he and Alec-do-you-come-here-often-he-ask-a-police-officer-at-the-police-station-Lightwood (wow that would be a long name, good thing he’s called Alexander Gideon Lightwood instead) are Parabatai. And I actually felt really sorry for him? Like the hurt on his face when he thought Clary was cheating on him. And then Clary kicked that demon’s ass while Jace goes into shock (which I loved. I really loved Dom in this episode as AU!Jace okay?) And then he changes into uh original universe Jace? You know what I mean. Look, I get that they want to show us that Jace is guarded and doesn’t want to get hurt, but he’s just so stoic and cold, that I don’t see the Jace I fell in love with, nor can I ship Clace because of it.

Now it’s time to talk about what was happening back in the original universe! While I hate Izzy getting arrested, it adds so much to her character and her own story (which she doesn’t really have in the first book, because she’s nonexistent like many others). Not to mention it gives the show more opportunities to show us the great love between her and Alec, and maybe help Izzy understand Lydia better. I really want those two to become great friends. Oh and the writers just keep tearing my heart out with the Parabatai growing further and further apart. ‘Jace is dead to me’ I am dead too.

Luke and Simon have such a nice relationship and I love watching them. I did wish we got at least one scene with Raphael, because those three together are perfect. I missed my sassy-100%-done-vamp in this episode. But back to Luke and Simon. I love that Simon knew he could count on Luke and I can’t wait to see more of Luke helping him learning how to control his vampire urges. Also Simon protecting Luke, even though he almost killed the guy. Was I the only one really creeped out by Simon? I honestly thought he had lost it, then I thought he was acting and that it was Luke and Simon’s plan, then that it was a shapeshifter posing as Simon and then it turned out my second assumption was right. *insert weekly praise for Alberto’s incredible acting like seriously he’s so adorable most of the time yet he really creeped me out* I mean seriously my notes were all: ”SIMON?? WHAT ARE YOU DOING”

And then, the big plot twist. To both book fans and non-book fans alike. ‘That’s my father’.

(thank you Alex for introducing me to this brilliant gif)

Okay so first I thought that maybe they weren’t going to use the incest plot (I honestly would’ve been okay with this. I know it’s a really big change, but I hate the incest plotline), but then I started to think more about it, and I think the man is Valentine. Remember Lydia’s awesome entrance? At the time I was wondering what that was about. Yeah sure, she was testing the Institute’s competence, but it was kind of pointless to the plot. All it did was showing us that Shadowhunters have a rune to disguise themselves as someone else. Calling it now: Jace’s father is still Valentine, but he’s using the same rune to disguise himself. I’m guessing he used the that rune when he was raising Jace as well. I really wonder how this is going to turn out and I can’t wait for this week’s episode. Though I don’t know when I’ll be able to watch it.

Other things

  • Meliorn acknowledging Izzy’s intelligence hell yes
  • Meliorn being an important character with a personality of his own
  • I loved that while Shadowhunters find their weapons at religious institutions, Fae get their weapons from the earth. That is so cool
  • I really hope they’ll have a bigger budget next season so we’ll get a better opening
  • And hopefully better CGI, but I’m not too hopeful (I mean look at Teen Wolf season 5 – the CGI for the beast was terrible. I just couldn’t take it seriously)
  • ‘On a scale from one to namasté’ seriously Jace. That’s not even funny, it’s offensive. And since Jace is a fictional character: seriously whoever wrote that line? I love the show and the direction is going in, but this really bothered me
  • THE FORESHADOWING THOUGH: ‘secrets revealed will tear you apart’ I love foreshadowing
  • So that white book Magnus had was the Book of the White right? MORE FORESHADOWING
  • That Sizzy dance at the party though, it was so cute
  • The Climon was so perfect: ‘the Dracula stare’ felt like such genuine friendship. Two best friends who have known each other for almost their whole lives, having their own thing and being silly together
  • Oh and the… Mary? Clagnus? Anyway, I loved their scenes together and that Clary ‘gave him back a life’

Have you guys also noticed that every week I complain less and less? I mean obviously it isn’t perfect, but I’m not going to complain about the same few things every week and most of the cast is so incredibly talented, plus the writing is getting better. Shadowhunters has definitely become one of my favourite shows, and in a lot of ways I think I actually prefer it to the books *gasp*.

How did you feel about this week’s episode? Uh I mean last week. Damn this review is late. Do you also want to see more of the AU? Let me know in the comments!


Who Needs A Heart Anyway Certainly Not Me | Shadowhunters 1.09 Review

SPOILER WARNING: As always very detailed. Also one minor book spoiler if you haven’t read uh… all of the books. Sorry, I don’t remember which book this was revealed in, but it’s really minor.

Can we start out with wondering how the hell Alberto Rosende still looks this good after dying, being buried and drinking blood. Like how. Teach us Alberto. Teach a class: How To Remain Pretty When Dead, Buried And/Or Covered in Blood 101

I don’t know about you guys, but I really love where the show is going. Is it perfect? No. Are there some (small) changes that I don’t like? There probably always will be. Has it improved A LOT? HELL YES. I just love how so many characters are getting screen time, yet it doesn’t feel like too much. And they aren’t just there or a love interest, they are actually important to the plot and even have their own storyline. This is definitely a change I’m thrilled with. While the first book is mostly about Jace and Clary (and sort of Simon but he doesn’t really play much of a big role next to being Clary’s best friend and being the second love interest), the show is just as much about Alec, Izzy, Simon and Magnus who grow into main characters throughout the books instead of right from the start. And it’s also about their families, other Shadowhunters like Lydia and Downworlders like Luke (who  was pretty absent until the end of the book), Raphael and even Meliorn (who is actually an interesting character while I couldn’t care less about him in the books and I’m actually digging his relationship with Izzy but more on that later). And they’re already including so many other little storylines, like the Downworlders and the way they are treated by the Nephilim and Clary saying that they’re a second generation who believe in equality (thus building up to City of Glass which I absolutely love. I’m so down for all these new alliances). But let’s get started on discussing the episode in more depth!

I praised Raphael in last week’s episode, but he was once again on point. ‘I swear if this kid ruins on more jacket’ made me laugh out loud. He’s got his priorities straight. And of course: ‘this is not a hotel’ ‘technically it is’ and Raphael’s once again 100% done face.

Is anyone else getting really annoyed by Jace cupping Clary’s face and than that look on her face when she looks at him? And then Clary’s like ‘we need to talk about us’. Um. Excuse me. I think your best friend, Simon Lewis – remember him? You just basically turned him into a vampire – is running somewhere in New York City, very confused, very angry, probably hungry from all the running and ready to eat someone (McMom – I’m sorry I’m a horrible human being), he just really needs you right now? Talking about ‘us’ is not what you need to do right now. And Jace, you just heard that Alec, your best friend, Parabatai, brother, is hurt, and just a second ago you were in a hurry to go to him (YAY), so what are you doing? And of course they kiss. They need to learn about priorities from Raphael. It just really bothered me since it felt really out of character for both of them, who do everything for their best friends.

Speaking of our two Parabatai, while I’m still not a big fan of the way Jace is written and portrayed (especially two episodes ago when he was being downright mean), I love how they write the Parabatai scenes. They really do show us how important this bond between them is. ‘I don’t want to be alive if we’re on different sides’ was a great line and while I’m really anxious about them not being on the same side and where this is going, I actually love this development. I think their relationship is only going to be stronger after this.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t break my heart though. I thought it was a bit ironic that Jace and Izzy said that Alec can’t see the bigger picture, but I doubt they can? Jace’s entire motivation in this episode was based on Clary, Izzy’s on Meliorn. And while saving Meliorn was (hopefully) the right thing to do, Alec had a point as well. Should they torture Meliorn? No, but he was right to doubt that Meliorn was telling the truth. And if anyone attacks Lydia for her decision I will fight them because that poor thing was reliving her fiancé’s death. But I did love that they realised that Alec was having a hard time because he found out about their parents’ past and that they didn’t attack him personally. They aren’t dropping him in favour of their love interest. Oh and Magnus’ face in this scene

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-12 om 16.55.26

‘Don’t touch me’

Like I mentioned before I actually like Izzy and Meliorn’s relationship on the show. I was never a fan of it in the books, but I don’t remember it even really being a relationship in the first place? We barely saw any of it anyway. They really seem to care about each other and I love that Izzy never gave up on him. It also fits with the change they made in Izzy’s character. In the books she knew her father had cheated on Maryse (which I doubt she does on the show since she’s a daddy’s girl), which made her very cautious when it came to love. Izzy risking so much for Meliorn really shows what a great person she is and fits with the ‘we’re a second generation of shadowhunters who believe in equality’ speech Clary gave. But I do still ship Sizzy and Clizzy more though (on the show I really ship Clizzy more actually)

Also can we talk about my favourite cinnamon roll that is Lydia Branwell I will seriously be so upset if they kill her off or it turns out she’s evil. If she is evil, please redeem her, I might forgive you then (but I will still be hella pissed). The way she entered the scene and introduced herself to Jace was adorable. And she was clearly fangirling about Jace when she called him a legend. I can just imagine Lydia before she left Idris thinking: ‘I’m going to meet the Lightwoods. I’m going to meet the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. I’m going to meet the best Shadowhunter of our generation, Jace Wayland’ and just getting giddy about it. Izzy’s face at the news of the engagement broke my heart though. She tried so hard to protect her brother, even went as far to try and change herself (when she was comfortable with who she was despite her mom’s comments, which is so inspiring). I can totally understand why she was angry with Alec at that moment.

You know how in many young adult novels families are absent? This kind of counts for TMI too. Yes, Robert and Maryse do appear in the books, but they’re absent in the first one and don’t appear that much in the others either. Nor do Jocelyn, especially in the first three books, and Simon’s mom only appears like once, and his sister barely appears either, but while Jocelyn is still kind of absent (but we can’t blame her for that), the Lightwoods and Lewises are kind of a big part of the show, and I really love that. Especially that we get to see quite a lot of Simon and his mom and his sister too. The scene was pretty emotional and I loved to see how much his mom cared for him and looked out for him. And then we get the scene with Alec and his father and Alec tells him that they made him feel like he was never good enough. Both family scenes broke my heart, but in different ways.

Kat’s acting is still improving, though the scene with Simon in the Hotel Dumort was a bit overacted, I really do like Clary’s character development. She’s slowly turning into a leader and using her wits. I could really see the Clary from City of Glass in her. I loved how much they focused on Climon and that things weren’t okay at first and that Simon was mad at her, but in the end they worked it out and they’re still Climon, even though Simon is now living at Hotel Dumort.

Oh and can we get more of Luke/Raphael/Simon please? I loved their dynamic so much. The banter between Luke and Raphael and then Simon’s ‘BOOM’ and the box between him and Luke was so funny and adorable. More please

Let’s talk about Magnus because he too ripped my heart out. His ‘we should at least go to dinner first’ joke was so in character, especially since you could see him trying to hide the hurt in his face. Harry is such a good actor and he really gets his character. Oh and Alec telling him that family is everything to him and thanking him for his advice. Why don’t you take my heart, will you? Along with Izzy and Simon. And Lydia.

Other things:

  • I laughed so hard when Jace took that selfie to show Clary what rune to draw. I had no idea what was going on so it was hilarious
  • ‘Why would they think that?’ Clary asked when Jace told her the Clave think she’s working with Valentine. Uh, maybe because you didn’t tell them you found the cup and that’s really suspicious?
  • So are there cameras at the Institute or not? Or just in certain rooms? Because they were watching the interrogation, but apparently Alec hiding the Cup and Jace removing it isn’t caught on camera. It’s good to know that only Alec’s stele could open it though, because I was wondering if it really was a good hiding place (which it is unless you have a powerful Warlock on your side)
  • Luke’s face when he promises an alliance with the werewolves was priceless
  • Izzy looked so pretty this episode. I mean, she always does but I love her hair like that (at the end of the episode)
  • Why does Jace always have to draw a rune on Clary’s neck/shoulder or something when there are more convenient places I find it hilarious. Like I get it, you’re in love, but just draw a rune on her arm please
  • Please stop with the slow motion fighting scenes. It’s not necessary. I promise. The fighting scenes are fun to watch without it, really.

So how did you feel about this episode? Let me know in the comments!


Protect Lydia Branwell 2k16 | Shadowhunters 1.08 Review

Before I start this review I want to thank all of you for the lovely messages on my wrap up yesterday. You are the sweetest ❤ I’m feeling a bit better today and since I want to keep up with my Shadowhunters reviews (I’m so proud that I have reviewed every episode so far. I really thought that I would’ve at least missed one by now haha) and I love doing them I decided to go for it.

SPOILER WARNING: As always this is a pretty detailed review

We start with a pretty dramatic scene between Clary and Jace: ‘oh my god what if I didn’t have the cup I would’ve been dead’

Clary please. We went over this last week. You had a lightsaber* in your bag. You didn’t need the cup. Then Izzy enters the scene, being badass as usual: ‘There’s nothing a Shadowhunter can’t do in heels’. Alec points out how dangerous it is to keep the cup with them, but Jace and Clary disagree. Clary promises that she’ll keep the cup save blabla. ‘You have her word’ Jace says. This is how I expected Alec to respond (also how I responded)

sassy alec

* I’ve decided to call seraph blades lightsabers from now on because 1) that’s what they look like to me 2) I automatically call them that anyway (I kid you not) 

They hide the cup at the same place where they hid the necklace (anyone with a stele can open that hidden compartment thing, is this really such a great hiding place? I have a bad feeling about this) and then ALARM! There’s something coming towards the institute so naturally they grab their lightsabers and go out to investigate


Sorry not sorry

When I look at this screenshot they also sort of look like weird wands or flashlights. Interesting

Anyway, it’s Raphael carrying a dead/not dead Simon and they take him to some sketchy basement in the institute. I mean


Anyway, let’s get a bit more serious and fangirl (that is very serious business okay?) over Raphael because damn he’s perfect. He’s annoyed, sassy, looks 100% done with everyone shit like 99% of the time and I love that he undermined Camille once again. Speaking of Camille (whose portrayal I absolutely adore as well) what exactly happened to her at the end? The vampires closed in on her and then Raphael said ‘it’s done’ but um. What is? Did I miss something while I was writing down my notes?

Unfortunately things need to get a little bit negative again. I have mixed feelings about Clary in this episode. One moment she’s crying, frustrated, angry with herself etc. and then the next she’s sitting in Simon’s living room, about to tell his mom that he’s ‘not going to come home’ and she isn’t very emotional? I am glad that at the end when she was about to bury Simon she was too emotional to do it; at least that felt realistic to me (also Raphael awkwardly standing next to her bless. I just rewatched that scene and he kind of pulls her away from the grave in a comforting way?? STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS)

I wasn’t too sure about Jace telling the falcon story at this point (Clary’s ‘are you seriously telling me this story right now’ was me), but I’m sorry writers for doubting you. I actually get where you were going with it and actually I like it more than the moment he told it in the book as a ‘bedside story’ for Clary. Now the message ‘to love is to destroy’ really means something, as Clary loves Simon so much that she’ll bring him back as a vampire, and probably destroy him. Kudos to you writers.

Now time to talk about the woman that this post is named after: Lydia Branwell. When I first heard of her character last year I wasn’t sure how I felt about her. I’m always a bit wary of original characters in adaptations, but damn I love Lydia. Sadly I’ve already seen quite a bit of hate towards her, and that makes me incredibly sad. Guys, Malec is canon in the books and going to be canon in the show. Please don’t hate Lydia for ‘standing in the way’. She’s an amazing, strong female character. The way she caught that arrow was awesome. She seems like a caring person, the way she comforted Alec. She treated Luke, a downworlder, as an equal. She can’t wait to meet Magnus (also a downworlder) and basically fangirled. Most importantly: DID YOU SEE THAT BIG GOOFY SMILE WHEN SHE MENTIONS HER ANCESTOR HENRY BRANWELL AND MAGNUS AND HOW THEY INVENTED THE PORTAL AND HOW PROUD SHE IS. Please don’t hate on Lydia because of Malec. If you don’t like her as a character, that’s fine! But remember: Alec and Magnus haven’t known each other for that long and Alec wants to save his family. He is following his heart. He heard his parents worrying about him, Izzy, Max and Jace and wanted to help and protect them. It’s very in character for Alec. Also I can see Allydia blossom into a great friendship that I’m down for. They better not kill her off. I will find you writers *whisper* I will.


I love this change so much. BLESS YOU WRITERS BLESS YOU AND DID I MENTION BLESS YOU. And the fact that she figured out why the ‘Forsaken’ had angel blood and what was going to happen. Hell yeah. I just want to fly to America and hug the writers for this change like seriously.

Also did I mention how much I love it that Magnus is actually a main character? (I mean I love how we see a lot of characters on a regular basis in general). And that he’s not just there as Alec’s love interest. Lydia called him to help them out, because he’s the High Warlock of Brooklyn and incredibly powerful. Also he listened to Alec and gave him advice.

And Alec stumbling over his words when Lydia mentions Magnus. So in character. ‘Magnus is quite magical. He’s very good at magic.’

Simon was mostly ‘dead’ this episode, but oh my god once again: give this guy all the awards. And if we don’t get a second season, give him the lead in something. He’s too talented to waste. Why though, does he still look handsome covered in dirt and blood like that. Alberto what’s your secret

Other things:

  • MAX IS SUCH A CUTIE PIE HE MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS – so basically we’re screwed
  • Alec immediately jumped into action when Lydia walked in disguised as Valentine and protecting Max
  • That rune she uses to disguise herself though – is that a rune made up by Cassandra Clare or the show? I find it a bit annoying since it would be really convenient if Shadowhunters could disguise themselves like that. I mean Valentine or his men could easily disguise themselves and walk into the institute like that, so why don’t they? Especially now they know Clary has the cup (though Lydia’s entrance was badass)
  • I’m so happy that Izzy’s jealousy of Lydia had nothing to do with appearances but with how she caught the arrow. I was so annoyed when they implied she was jealous, because I’m so used to the media throwing women being jealous of each other at us all the time
  • Clary threw a great punch and I loved that little smile when she turned around. She was so proud of herself
  • Fun fact: before I saw the episode I already saw a gif of Alec proposing, but since I didn’t hear any intonation it looked like Alec was proposing to himself (‘will you marry me, Alec Lightwood?’) I mean if this were coming from Jace that would be 100% in character but this is Alec
  • Take note Alec Baewood haters: when you hurt our bae, Hodge will take care of you
  • Please stop with the speed effects it looked ridiculous when Simon and Raphael ran away
  • All the Lightwood family moments give me so many feels
  • The ‘Forsaken’ looks like a lovechild of a zombie and a troll (mainly because of the way they walk and that they carry a bat or something which I always associate with trolls for some reason?)

So what did you think of this episode? Have you noticed that my reviews are getting less and less negative?! (as in I give what I like to call constructive criticism wrapped up in a joke). The first half of the season was a bit of a mess (though that doesn’t mean there weren’t things that I didn’t love!), but I really hope were getting a second season


Give Alberto Rosende All The Awards Already | Shadowhunters 1.07 Review

Time for another Shadowhunters review! We’re halfway through the first season now and I must say, the writing really is getting better. The pace in this episode felt just right and the combination of the multiple storylines is done well.

SPOILER WARNING: Like always, this review is very detailed 

Let’s start with Alberto Rosende, because this was his best episode yet. If Shadowhunters doesn’t get a second season, someone please offer him a main role on something else because he’s so talented it’d be a waste. The way he portrayed Simon losing his mind was brilliant. And when he was crying? Damn son.

And his family played a pretty important role in the episode! I hate the absence of families in YA, so I love that we got to see the Lewis family, their dynamic and worrying about Simon. But after breaking that desk, why did they leave at some point? Uh I’d be really worried about my son/brother and not leave him alone. But apart from that I really enjoyed seeing them.

Speaking of Simon, what was that in the beginning? It just felt like it came out of nowhere to me. If they had hinted at it in the last episode, it wouldn’t have seemed so random. And then when he hallucinates Clary being there instead of Maureen and he puts his glasses on. Yes Simon put your glasses on because without them you can’t differentiate them.

Sadly Magnus was barely in this episode, but the way he shut Jace up (parallel to the way he shut him up in episode 4) was brilliant. Also ‘it’d be like Beyonce riding a dinosaur’. Damn I love tv!Magnus. Thank you Shadowhunters for giving us a perfect portrayal of our favourite Warlock.

Let’s talk about my favourite siblings! Izzy is still captain of the Malec ship and I love seeing it since we don’t get much of that in the books, especially in CoB since Alec and Izzy barely appear. I love how she tries to get through to him that he can tell her everything and that she always tells him everything about her personal live. Ah and then my favourite scene when they’re at the police station and Izzy is like ‘it’s good practice for asking out Magnus’. Alec was such a dork in this scene; it was perfect. And it was so badass how he threw the ID at Izzy and the way she caught it. And seeing Izzy trying to be what her parents want (and basically turning into a mini Maryse especially in that dress) is heartbreaking.

I haven’t really talked about this yet, but is anyone else annoyed how quickly Clary adjusts to the Shadow World and how she’s really good at the Shadowhunter thing? I’m glad she didn’t deglamourise herself in one go, but still. It’s just not realistic how fast she’s learning, and if she’s such a natural, why wasn’t she carrying a lightsaber seraph blade? Did she really have to take out the Cup and threaten the demon with it? But speaking of Clary: SHE KICKED ASS IN THIS EPISODE. I was so annoyed because I thought she was falling for that demon’s trick and then BAM. Seraph blade. But if you were carrying that all along, why didn’t you use that instead of the Mortal Cup? The writers sure know how to contradict themselves. But it was awesome. Tv!Clary is slowly winning my respect and love.

I actually really loved the scene in which Clary tries to create a distraction. Dom’s acting wasn’t that bad in it and it actually felt like book!Clace. Also Vargas standing up for Clary. That’s what I’m here for. But that might not have been the real Vargas. Why did Vargas have to die? I actually liked Vargas damnit.

But I’m still not too happy with Jace. He didn’t upset me as much as he did in last episode, but I’m not okay with him just grabbing Clary’s phone and turning it off. That is incredibly controlling and disturbing, okay. Though to be honest I’m more upset that Clary wasn’t upset about that. It’s not up to him that Simon’s problem will have to wait, it’s up to Clary. Rant over (about this subject)

So while I liked the distraction scene, I’m not sure how I felt about the rest of Clace. It’s not just that I don’t ship Clace on the show, it’s just that it felt too fast and out of place. I’m just not feeling the kiss, guys. Also when Clary has to draw a rune on herself in the elevator, and chooses her shoulder out of all the clear skin? I laughed so hard guys, like that’s so illogical. I get that the writers did that so she’d need Jace’s help and we’d get a ~Clace~ moment, but come on. This makes no sense. She literally looked at her arms and went ‘nope, my shoulder makes a perfect spot!’ So this rune gives them night vision… Then why is Clary carrying witch light not much later? Writers you’re contradicting yourself

While I’m not a fan of tv!Jace, I do love that we got some Parabatai again in this episode and that Jace refused to leave Alec behind. Also mama Alec staying behind to protect the others and get the Cup to the institute. Yes please.

Some other points:

  • ’50 shades of amazing’ did Simon just make a 50 Shades reference how about 50 shades of no
  • ‘You always fall for the bad boys right. Oh is that just me?’ Vargas was clearly the protagonist of a YA novel in her teens
  • ‘And I need a slice of pizza’ same
  • ‘Your friends have a habit of turning up dead’ uuh isn’t Vargas the first one? At least that this Internal Affairs guy should know of? Did I miss something or did they just put it in the script so they could make that Facebook joke?
  • Lack of Magnus, BUT Malec hints plus the sneak peek… 😍
  • Let’s spread out – that sounds like a good plan. If only Simon had been there to make a joke about horror movies and splitting up *sigh*
  • I really, really love Camille
  • That last shot though. I laughed so hard. Just the weird speed up I can’t 

Guys I really think things are looking up for Shadowhunters. Though there were a few contradictions, the writing was so much better compared to earlier episodes. Plus Alberto-give-him-all-the-awards-already-Rosende like damn. How has he not been discovered yet?

So what did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments!


7 Things Shadowhunters Is Doing Right

Reviews of the past few episodes: 1 | 2+3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

I feel like there’s a lot of negativity towards the show lately. Of course I’m negative in my reviews too, but I’m also optimistic and I like to see my criticism as constructive. Also I try not to be downright mean or harsh, but to wrap it in some humour (I really hope I’ve accomplished that so far haha), but I’ve seen a lot of negativity especially on Tumblr and apparently people have actually tweeted Cassandra Clare to ask how they could petition for different writers. Since I already wanted to do a post of all the good things they’re doing (since it’s really easy to focus on the bad things), I decided now is a good time. This is in no particular order

1. Alec and Izzy Baewood being actual main characters and getting screen time

They barely appeared in both the book and the film, so I’m loving the amount of screen time they’re getting in the tv show. I love the books, but I didn’t really like how much the first book focused on Clace and the love triangle with Simon. Now they get just as much screen time as Clary and Jace and even their own plot line.

2. Magnus Bane wearing trousers and being a main character 

Magnus’ wardrobe is perfect. So is his hair and make-up. While I got a bit anxious since he barely appeared in the first few episodes, it looks like he’s now really a part of the main cast. Who doesn’t love seeing their favourite Warlock more?

3. The diversity of the cast

Like Cassandra Clare herself pointed out, a lot of the characters’ ethnicity was never specified in the books, but since white is the default, a lot of people assumed that they were white (though if they’re not white, shouldn’t you describe them that way?). I love that the casting didn’t care about ethnicity, but about talent. Plus representation!

4. The Lightwood family

We barely saw them in the books and they feel a lot more like a family now. A warm one? Not really, but it’s a realistic one and we know that Maryse and Robert aren’t exactly the best parents. In last week’s episode we did see that Maryse was human and does care about her kids. Yes, she’s still not treating Izzy right, but that comment about how Izzy reminded her of herself? And that passion wasn’t something good? I think Maryse is just looking out for Izzy and is afraid that she’ll make the same mistakes she did. Of course Izzy doesn’t understand that and only sees a coldhearted mom, so of course it isn’t the best parenting choice, but I really love this choice the writers made. Alec and Maryse’s scene was adorable to watch and so were all the scenes with Max. We didn’t see much of Robert, but so far he seems on point. And of course the relationship between Alec and Izzy. She’s constantly looking out for him, standing up for him, protecting him and doing whatever she can to ensure his happiness (I’m not crying you are)

5. Alec, Izzy, Simon, Luke and Magnus being on point

If you’ve read my reviews this is nothing new to you of course, but these five are just perfect. It feels like I’m really watching the characters come to life. Since I’ve already gushed about them a lot, I’ll keep it short and continue with the list (otherwise this post will get really long haha)

6. Clizzy

I do NOT like the relationship between Clary and Izzy in the first book. Just a big nope. No, I’m down for healthy girl friendships like they’re portraying on the show. This is definitely one of my favourite changes

7. Malec

Okay who didn’t see this one coming? Of course they still have time to screw it up, but I hope they’ll continue to go down this road. Matthew Dadario is portraying Alec’s feelings towards Jace and Magnus and all his insecurities so well and Magnus’ understanding is so important. I hope we’ll eventually get to see their first date from The Bane Chronicles because it’s just adorable and I know Matthew and Harry will do it justice.

I chose the number 7 because it’s a nice number (has nothing to do with Harry Potter at all *cough cough*) and I don’t want to make this post too long. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t more than 7 things though. These are just the ones that came to mind right now and that I love the most. Besides I should really stop writing because I keep messing up the order of my sentences (I most the love like what even).

Let’s keep up the positivity! What do you really like or love about Shadowhunters so far? Let me know in the comments!



I’ve Abandoned the S.S. Clace | Shadowhunters 1.06 Review

The episode starts with a ‘previously on Shadowhunters’ like always, BUT NOW WE GOT A MALEC FLASHBACK. At least that looks promising.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand I still think it’s getting better with each episode, on the other…

Let’s talk about Jace. The past few episodes I haven’t been a particular fan of Dominic’s portrayal of Jace, but now? Who even is this? Book!Jace is sarcastic but usually not in a mean way (it’s been a while since I read the books, therefore I put the ‘usually’ there), he’s cocky but not in an annoying, makes me want to kick his ass kind of way and he’s lovable. There’s a reason Clary and so many of us fans fell in love with him, but tv show!Jace? I’m starting to not just dislike him, but possibly even hate him. He’s being downright mean and he’s so arrogant it makes me want to strangle him, forget kicking his ass. I don’t know who this imposter is, but it’s not the Jace I know and it’s not the guy I ship Clary with. If Alberto Rosende wasn’t the perfect Simon (with the occasional out of character moments that don’t really make sense but I’ll get to that later), I’d jump onto the Clizzy ship because I ship them a lot on the show. Screw that, I’m multishipper trash so I’ll just steer two ships.

As you all know I’m in love with Alberto Rosende as Simon. My problems with Simon this week aren’t with Alberto (I doubt they ever will), but with the writers. I get what they’re doing. If you haven’t read the books, just skip until you see SPOILERS OVER. So obviously Simon is already turning. Fine, I knew it wouldn’t be one season per book, but why is Simon suddenly getting short-tempered and violent? AND WHERE DID THAT KNIFE COME FROM?

Look, the beauty of vampire Simon is that he’s still Simon. He’s dorky, funny, adorable. He’s not violent. Repeat after me: vampire Simon is still Simon. Now quickly correct this mistake writers.


Okay so… That vision Luke had in which Jocelyn told him to tell Clary everything? What was that? Dear writers, Luke is a werewolf, not a psychic, not a demigod, a werewolf. He’s not supposed to have visions. Jocelyn shouldn’t be able to ‘visit’ him in dreams. It was just plain weird. Unless this was a memory he remembered? But it didn’t look like that to me? I’m just very confused.

Let’s take a break from the negativity and talk about the blessing that is Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus. I love how much screen time he got again this episode (THEY BETTER KEEP THIS UP. MAGNUS IS A MAIN CHARACTER), his acting was on point again, I love his hair and his wardrobe. Basically, he’s perfect.

Speaking of Magnus, let’s talk about Malec. ‘I need Alexander’

I’m so glad the whole I need ‘virgin Shadowhunter energy’ thing was a lie though. I wouldn’t have put it past the writers to actually make that a thing. I don’t even care that he did need Shadowhunter strength or something, it led to more wonderful Malec (though I swear it didn’t make sense, I’ll forgive them because my love for Malec runs deep). Just: Malec holding hands, the look in Magnus’ eyes

And then Magnus leaning into Alec and Alec asking if he was okay and them sharing a drink and Magnus saying ‘to us’. TO US TO US TO US TO US

Alec’s face when he drank the drink, Magnus being a cutie and then saying ‘I wanted to see you’ and then Matthew’s acting being so on point; you could see the insecurity and him looking away and asking why and the emotion in Magnus’ eyes when he says he hasn’t loved anyone in a century and Alec’s stuttering and Magnus holding up his finger and Alec’s smile and Magnus’ understanding

By the way I’m writing to you guys from the afterlife because I’m dead because of all the feels

It’s time to talk about the horrible CGI again! To be honest I’m used to Magnus’ magic, but I’ll never get used to the weird slow motion in which the Shadowhunters sometimes move and then the way they speed up the running I just can’t

You know who I haven’t given enough love yet? Izzy. I’ve talked about her in previous reviews, but not enough. While usually Alec or Simon steals the show for me (closely followed by Magnus when he has more than one scene), Izzy was the star of the show this time. Not that I didn’t love her in other episodes, but oh my God was this one perfect for her. Her scenes made me tear up; her relationship with Maryse; playing with Max; standing up, looking after and protecting Alec… Her last scene really made me tear up guys. She wants her big brother to be happy so much I just can’t

Emeraude’s acting was so on point and she’s just perfect as Izzy

Speaking of the Lightwoods, Max is adorable and I love him. His interacting with his siblings is just perfect. Hahaha if they get to City of Glass we’re all so screwed (that hahaha is maniacal laughter by the way). I also loved how they showed us that Maryse is human and that she does care about her kids, including Izzy. Her scene with Alec was adorable to watch (‘I was so proud when you broke his nose’ and of course I swooned at Alec’s smile is that even a surprise to any of you) and so was Izzy’s with her dad for like… The first second. Papa Lightwood went from 100 to 0 very quick.

So Clary in this episode… Barely any Clace, which is good to me since I don’t ship them at all in the show and I still think Kat’s acting is best with the rest of the cast. There were moments that she delivered a line that really reminded me of the fierce Clary we know and love, plus her scenes with Luke were heartwarming. It did really bother me that she said ‘bring it Warlock’, like excuse me Clary Fray/Fairchild who calls Shadowhunters out on their shit for looking down on Mundanes and Downworlders would not call Magnus ‘Warlock’. Besides the writers are contradicting themselves ’cause later on she’s disgusted by Valentine’s beliefs and points out that many Downworlders so far helped her? Then why would she call Magnus ‘Warlock’? And why is she acting like a courtroom artist? But her and Alec bonding (‘Then I’m glad you did it for you’); I’m down for this. I’m so down for this.

So the flashbacks… I like young Valentine’s acting, but why is he using a regular sword instead of a seraph blade? (fun fact while taking notes I actually wrote lightsaber instead). It just didn’t make sense. Also I don’t like how they changed the story. I love that Jocelyn and Luke got an army together, how Shadowhunters and Downworlders fought alongside each other which only made the Accords stronger. I get that that story might be a bit long for one episode, but I’m sure they could’ve figured something out. Also I’m not sure how I feel about Magnus telling the story (though I love that he sounds like a professional narrator), but thankfully Luke continues it and drops a bomb on both Clary and us book fans: Valentine became a horrible human being because Jocelyn and Luke betrayed him: they fell in love. Okay first of all: Valentine was always that way. Second of all: yes, Valentine did know that Luke was in love with Jocelyn and thus led him to those werewolves, but Luke and Jocelyn didn’t betray him. It was Valentine who betrayed them. I really don’t like this change at all.

But I do really love Isaiah as Luke. He’s calm and kind, and I really do love his and Clary’s relationship. Also he really cracked me up when he went ‘Yeah. I MEAN NO’ when Clary suggested that he and Jocelyn had slept with each other. It did bother me that at some point during the story he had gotten up; like you’re healing?? Get the hell back to bed Lucian.

Okay to sum this up: I think the writing of the overal plot of each episode is getting more solid. It doesn’t feel like it’s all over the place anymore and the pace is getting pretty good. I do not ship Clace on the show. Simon being aggressive is not okay. Izzy was the queen of the episode. Alec, Simon (when the writers didn’t write him out of character), Magnus, Luke and Maryse were on point. Max was adorable. Kat’s acting is either improving or it’s because she has less scenes with Dom. I feel like the stage has been set up for the rest of the season and I really hope it continues to improve (though I realise that this review might sound quite negative haha. I did enjoy the episode!). Plus Malec is still on point.

Some other points:

  • I still refuse to believe that’s how you pronounce Idris
  • Magnus calling Simon and Jace Clary’s boy toys and Clary not even denying it
  • I’m siriusly in love with Magnus’ hair in this episode
  • What bastard dared beat up Alec Baewood when he was an adorable little cinnamon roll (he’s still a cinnamon roll, but a tall cinnamon roll)
  • Alec looking out for his mama: ‘We’re Lightwoods, we break noses and accept the consequences’ though thinking about this line, this is probably why Maryse is convinced that Alec should be the one forced into marriage…
  • Luke looked so out of place in Magnus’ bed I love it
  • Why was Jocelyn hiding that she was an artist (okay I know they explained this but it really bothers me)

We’re halfway there and I’m still looking forward to new episodes, which is good right? How did you feel about this episode, particularly about Jace? (remember when I was naive and said that the characters were on point during the pilot haha I was so cute) Let me know in the comments!

Ps. the title suggests I don’t ship Clace anymore. I still ship them in the books! Just not on the show. Just to make things clear