Pronunciation Crisis | Shadowhunters 1.05 review

Warning: Once again, pretty detailed! Proceed with caution. Siriusly, there are actual spoilers in here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I really think Shadowhunters is starting to get better with each episode from last week on. Okay, so we barely had any Malec, but I felt the plot was pretty solid in this episode and most of the actors are really growing (even the ones that were already on point). But let’s start from the beginning!

I’m really glad that Alec took away that stupid necklace. As I said before, it’s just a convenient way for Clary to know things she shouldn’t and it just seemed like lazy writing to me. I’m glad Izzy told Clary that Alec meant well, because it’s so important to show that Alec isn’t a grouchy jerk, but a caring, smart person. Also we had a Clizzy scene again! I’m so glad that they’re immediately friends on the show, since I hated their relationship in the first book.

Then Maryse showed up and she was perfect. She was exactly as I pictured her in the book (minus the clothes. OH GOD I DID NOT PICTURE HER NAKED I MEAN THAT I THOUGHT SHE’D WEAR DIFFERENT KIND OF CLOTHES. THAT SOUNDED SO WRONG I’M MORTIFIED). She’s tough, a strong leader, a cold mother and well, a bitch. Her acting was just perfect and so was Emeraude’s. It hurt so much when Maryse hugged Jace just when Izzy told Clary that Shadowhunters aren’t huggers, and in front of Izzy too.

Also um HELP PRONUNCIATION CRISIS HERE. That’s not how I pronounced Idris. I pronounced it like Ai-dris. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Rafael didn’t have much screen time in this episode sadly, but at least he was on point. I love his sass and I hope we eventually get to see more of him and Simon. I loved their relationship and interactions in the book, and I really think Alberto and David could pull it off.

Okay so the Malec in this episode was VERY short, but also VERY perfect. You guys should have seen my face. It was this emoji 😊 but my smile was like a million times bigger. I loved Magnus pick-up line: ‘You seem sympathetic’. I’ve already praised Harry’s acting in my last review and Matthew is once again perfect too (he’s perfect in the entire episode. ARE YOU GUYS SICK YET OF ME PRAISING AND SWOONING OVER MATTHEW DADARIO BECAUSE TOO BAD I’M NOT GONNA STOP)

So I can’t review an episode without leaving out the CGI. I think the werewolves actually looked pretty decent, until they transformed back into their human body. What’s with the green flashes? I’m glad that Luke became the alpha in the end, since it’s pretty important to the plot. I do wonder what it will mean for his job as a cop?

I love how much screen time Alec got this episode. Of course he gets a lot in every episode, but the focus was really on him and Clary this episode and he wasn’t in the background. I’m glad they’re giving them scenes together, so that eventually they’ll become friends like they did in the books. In the books, Alec realised she wasn’t a bad person (if I remember correctly), so it will be much easier for him to realise that if they spend some more time together. But back to Alec himself. In this episode the writers really focused on the fact that Alec lives by the rules. He doesn’t want to switch assignments or sneak out (even to go on a date with Magnus), he quotes ‘the Law is hard, but it is the Law’, he wants to go back to the Institute immediately and he tells Jace that they need to report to Maryse. I’m glad that they’re showing us this, because it’s so important for his future character development. Also his comments are life, there are so many that I couldn’t write them all down, but my two favourites are ‘the world’s been ending for a thousand years. It’s time to get used to it’ after Simon’s simple ‘it’s not the end of the world’ and the winner: ‘Almost certain I don’t want to hear this story’.

Also Simon got more screen time again! But you guys already know how perf I think Alberto Rosende is and though I don’t think I should stop praising him (he deserves it after all), I don’t have anything new to say except share some quotes. Like his cute ‘after me’ and ‘have you ever seen an action movie?’ I doubt it Simon, since he’s never even seen a mango. I also applaud the writers for Simon being witty even when he’s hanging upside down and asking ‘again?’. By the way, am I the only one who yelled ‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ when Simon found a phone and asked himself who he was gonna call? Yes? Okay then.

I loved that we finally got more of Luke in this episode. I mean, I loved his one second last time (‘never too early for teriyaki’), but it wasn’t enough. I can’t wait to see more of his relationship with Clary. Is it just me, or is Kat’s acting best when she is with anyone that isn’t Jace? I mean, I love all of her scenes with Izzy and I loved this week’s episode in which most of her interaction was with Alec. And I really love the Climon scenes (though that’s mostly because of Alberto). Anyway, I hope they’ll be able to pull off Luke and Clary’s relationship. I did love how Luke took her stele away from her and carried her off. He has no time for your shit Clary (by the way, this doesn’t mean that I think Dom is a terrible actor! I just think his and Kat’s chemistry is off. I feel like Dom’s acting is also best with other characters)

Some other points:

  • just when I thought there was barely any CGI in this, they bring back the tracking. It really bothers me, since once again I just think this is lazy writing so it’ll become easier for them to find people
  • Clary really deserves the ‘most observant’ award for her ‘you’re werewolves’ comment
  • I don’t remember what he said exactly, but Jace made a sarcastic comment towards the end of the episode and the delivery was good. Hopefully this means his sarcasm is improving!
  • Oh and was that foreshadowing when Meliorn said The Fair Folk/he would choose the winning side…?
  • SIZZY WAS SO CUTE. It was like a second but still

I really like where the show is going. Of course there’s always room for improvement and obviously there not on the same level as some already established tv shows (let’s not forget that it’s the first season and that not every cast member has that much experience), but I really think it’s improving and that my ‘I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favourite tv shows’ comment isn’t going to come back and bite me in the ass (hopefully)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments!


MALEC MALEC MALEC | Shadowhunters 1.04 Review

Warning: MAJOR fangirling ahead. Also, just like my previous review, this is pretty detailed

There are a lot of things I wish the show did differently, but so far it seems they’re getting Malec right, which is so important. THE MALEC WAS JUST PERFECT OKAY. When they were at the party and Magnus checked Alec out (can you blame him I mean Matthew Dadario looks better every episode like seriously), Alec helping Magnus and then THEIR MEETING


IT WAS JUST SO PERFECT THE LOOK IN THEIR EYES, THE SMILES AND ALEC STUTTERING BECAUSE HE’S AN AWKWARD CINNAMON ROLL THAT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. AND THEN THE SCENE THAT WAS ALREADY ON YOUTUBE LAST WEEK A.K.A. MY FAVOURITE SCENE OF THE ENTIRE SHOW. It’s just so perfect: Magnus being fab, Jace being offended and Alec being a cute dork with that little shrug of his. And then when Magnus mentions that Michelangelo is good in bed and immediately glances at Alec oh my god. And Alec’s cute shrug again bless. AND THEN WHEN THEY SUMMON THE DEMON (I have a lot to say about this by the way) AND THEY HOLD HANDS AND IZZY’S LOOK AND WHEN THE DEMON IS DEFEATED AND ALEC WALKS OF AND MAGNUS FOLLOWS HIM AND TELLS HIM NOT TO BE ASHAMED. MY POOR BABY ALEC THOUGH.

Okay so now time for some none Malec-related things!

Clary dreamed that Magnus ripped out her brain what? Was that an exaggeration or a nightmare? Look, I may have never gotten my Hogwarts letter, but I doubt erasing someone’s memories involves ripping out someone’s brain. But hey, what do I know.

I didn’t talk about this in my last review, because I reviewed two episodes in one and I didn’t want to make it too long, but how do you guys feel about that opening? I wish they could’ve just gone with one simple shot of ‘SHADOWHUNTERS’ in a cool font or something and spend their budget on something else (*cough cough* like their CGI *cough cough*). Can you tell I’m not a fan of that opening?

Alberto Rosende was on point again. His concern for Clary was real and I loved how he called Jace ‘Captain America’ and yelled ‘come at me bro’. Bless Alberto. Also the hurt on his face when Clary won’t leave with him.

I really think Dominic needs to work more on his character. He’s just too emotionless a lot of the time, when I don’t think that’s who Jace is. Yes, he puts up a facade, but not an emotionless mask. He’s cocky and sarcastic, while when Dominic delivers his sarcastic remarks, he usually does so by barely changing his expression. Of course he’s not emotionless all the time, but it really stood out to me this time when he said he wasn’t saving Simon’s ass again.


Look, Simon’s sister isn’t very important, so I don’t care if she exists on the show or not, but at least stay consistent writers.

I’m sorry but Hodge’s rune is still stupid and annoying. Really wish they wouldn’t have gone with this. Not to mention Clary’s necklace. I really don’t know which one of the two I find more annoying. And can someone please explain to me how it works? Because now Valentine knew she was watching? How? 


And why does Magnus ‘long to reunite’ with that necklace? He gave it to Will? He didn’t want it anymore? What?? But then later on Magnus says that the Lightwoods have been wearing it for a long time, so maybe he did give it away? It’s just. What. I was very confused by the whole ‘baiting’ Magnus thing. He’s not a dog guys. He’s a cat. Sorry that was a terrible joke. But speaking of his cat eyes, didn’t he have those all the time? Are they saving on their CGI budget, because um. Contacts? Or is Harry Shum Jr. allergic?

That scene with Valentine and Pangborn with the poison gas coming out of his mouth was incredibly confusing. Did Valentine say that Magnus did that to Pangborn? What did he do? What happened to him? What was he? Or is it because they’re being idiots and hanging out in Chernobyl?

‘Never to early for teriyaki’ I feel you Luke. I feel you.


Izzy dressing Clary was adorable (okay Izzy is adorable in the first place but still), but that pink dress that she gave Clary at first? That’s not Izzy-like at all. I wrote down that they kept a line from the book, but I don’t remember- oh yeah that Clary is lucky to have such a flat chest. Seriously though, if you’re going to keep a line from the book, why are you going for that line? I SWEAR IF THEY GET TO CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS AND THEY DON’T KEEP THE MANGO SCENE, BUT THEY DO KEEP THIS LINE. Anyway, I loved that she went off to help Alec dress too. And good job Izzy, Alec looks mighty fine

Sooo…. Why is Jace sort of teaching Clary about the seraph blade again? Didn’t we go over this already last episode? You know, in that super cheesy, cliché scene in which Clary learned how to use a seraph blade in like five minutes? Also am I the only one who’s disappointed that they don’t name the blade? I know it’s a minor thing, but it’s part of the Shadowhunter world/culture and I always thought it was pretty cool and unique. Now it just looks like some kind of Star Wars rip off.

I already talked about Malec (and loads about Alec in previous reviews), but let’s talk about Magnus separately. I seriously love Harry’s portrayal of him. The sass, his voice, his gesture, the clothes (remember how they forgot to give him trousers in the movie), the way he walks… Harry is definitely one of the best cast members. And I loved that he wanted to protect Clary. It made him look like the caring person he actual is. ALSO HE MENTIONED TESSA


And then it’s time for some more Lightwood sibling time! I wish we could’ve seen Izzy picking out Alec’s clothes for him, which would’ve been cute and funny, but alas, we can’t have everything. I just really love their relationship and I like how Emeraude and Matthew are portraying it so far. Izzy constantly looking after him and giving him advice and Alec sharing his worries with her. Also that smile

So I’m still not sure how I feel about Clary, or about Clary and Jace, but I love how many Clizzy scenes we’re getting. SHE CALLED HER IZ.

Okay so. The memory demon. I have to say, it makes sense that Magnus gave them away so that Valentine would never be able to get them, but I still have mixed feelings about it. Especially when Magnus said that they’d have to each pay the demon with a memory of the person they loved most, and Jace’s face showed up as Alec’s most loved person (he’s Izzy’s most loved person- SIBLING LOVE). I feel like the whole demon was just a way to out Alec and I don’t like that. I am glad that the demon had a name though, and that he wasn’t just called ‘memory demon’ because seriously. And don’t get me started on the CGI. And Clary easily killing a greater demon? When she has no experience whatsoever? Not to mention she basically killed it with one hit? What?? I did love that Jace immediately ran at Alec and basically sacrificed himself. And Magnus’ ‘I don’t know does he normally lay like that without moving’ bless you Magnus.

Oh and the whole tracking thing and then Parabatai tracking thing

Okay so back to the memory demon, because I just remembered (actually my notes reminded me) that I’m not done yet. Why does Clary need a rune to summon the demon? Warlocks summon demons all the time, they don’t need runes for that? Is it because she has no magic, thus she needs a rune for it? I just don’t get it. Also are you seriously telling me Warlocks need to draw that much detail? The pentagram was ridiculous. Or was that just to have Magnus mention Michelangelo? Also um, I’m pretty sure Magnus isn’t that old? Wasn’t he born around 1600? Didn’t Michelangelo die before that? And even if around 1600 means like 1580 or something, Michelangelo was old by that time. And not like immortal old. But I’ll forgive them BECAUSE HIS GLANCE AT ALEC AND ALEC’S SHRUG AND


But what was with those sound effects when they grabbed each other’s hands?

All in all, I’m a happy fangirl. Magnus had plenty of screen time, Alec was perfect again, MALEC, Lightwood sibling time, Clizzy, Simon though mostly absent was on point (and he’s going back to Dumort! Things are getting interesting) and there were some pretty good lines and jokes. I haven’t given up on this show yet, but it still needs a lot of improvement. It’s still enjoyable though! I even laugh at the bad stuff (even though it’s funny, you still need to improve on those points Shadowhunters. I’d like to not see you cancelled please because you do have potential and the cast just seems so lovely)

MALEC FANS WERE/ARE YOU ALSO REALLY EXCITED AFTER THIS EPISODE?! At least about Malec. I can’t blame you if there were things you were less excited about. Let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments!


In Which Alberto Rosende Is Still On Point | Shadowhunters 1.02 + 1.03 Review

I didn’t have the time to watch and review last week’s episode because of my exams, so I decided to review episode 2 and 3 together! I took notes this time, because boy is there a lot I want to discuss!

WARNING: This is a pretty detailed review. If you haven’t seen the episodes, but you’ve read the books, you’ll be fine of course! But if you want to watch the episodes without knowing too much, I suggest you come back after you’ve seen the episodes!

As my title suggest, I want to praise Alberto Rosende as much as I can, because he’s just perfect as Simon. He’s still slaying these episodes and dare I say that he’s the most talented one of the four main characters? (speaking of four main characters, WHERE HAS MAGNUS BEEN. THANKFULLY HE’LL BE IN THE NEXT ONE). His expressions, one-liners… everything just screams SIMON to me. I also love his relationship with Clary, though most of that really is more because of Alberto than Kat (I wrote ‘CLIMOOON’ several times during episode three). Oh and high Simon is so cute.

The CGI is still really odd; the way the Institute was restored, the way those vampires disintegrated and don’t get me started on the speed of the Shadowhunters and vampires. I bursted out laughing when I first  saw Izzy move that fast, and then later Jace does it too. IT REMINDS ME OF TWILIGHT GUYS. AND THEN THE ACTUAL VAMPIRES IN SHADOWHUNTERS LOOK LIKE THEY’RE MOVING IN SLOW MOTION? I’m still laughing about this. Also that vein at the end. I lost it. I won’t go too hard on the CGI and such, since it’s a new show and I assume they have a small budget, but oh my god.

Like last time I’m also going to swoon about Alec, because how can I not. I just loved his expression when he found Simon at the Institute

Basically me watching Shadowhunters went like this:

Alec: *breathes*


But I love all of his sassiness (basically most of my notes say ‘omg Alec’ because he said something sassy again) and him looking out for Jace. I just love seeing more of Jace and Alec’s Parabatai bond, how Alec didn’t miss a beat to tell Jace he was ‘never a stray’ and just constantly worrying about Jace. AND HIM AND IZZY IN EPISODE THREE. Lightwood sibling time yes please. His conversation with Izzy was just perfect and I hope we’ll see more of that soon. Also them slaying vampires together. YASSS

I loved the little hints of Sizzy (my notes just say SIZZYYYY a few times without any explanation. Okay Past!Michelle, thank you for being so helpful). I loved how she looked after him when he couldn’t come with. Also Jace’s warning about the food and later on Simon’s face when he’s eating said food. Priceless. I don’t remember why, but I wrote down that Izzy is a cutie. I wrote down the exact same thing during episode 3, so apparently I find Izzy really adorable (which she is), especially when she was so proud of Clary after they fought the vampires. YES TO ALL THE CLIZZY FRIENDSHIP.

I had a big problem with Hodge’s ‘vow’ and how he couldn’t speak about the Circle and Valentine without getting hurt. How convenient. It was really annoying to watch and a bit ridiculous. It’s just a way of stretching out the storyline so that they won’t find everything out at the beginning.

Another problem I had was with Clary’s necklace. Once again very convenient so she’ll know things she shouldn’t. Also I don’t get how it works. In the first episode when her mom gave it to her, I thought it was supposed to show her her mom or something, not Dot? HOW DOES THE NECKLACE WORK. Someone please explain it to me. Is it because Dot is a friend of Jocelyn’s so the necklace shows her too? Michelle confused (kudos if you got that reference).

I loved Magnus sass at Dot, but um. Magnus baby where you going you’re kind of integral to the plot. Aaaaand he’s gone. And he doesn’t appear in episode 3. The preview of episode four showed him though, so let’s hope he’ll get some more screen time this time.

Was I the only one who thought of this when Simon said ‘You’re Clary Frickin’ Fray’?


Not okay Jace, not okay

I thought it was odd how they immediately jumped into things the moment the Silent Brothers appeared. It just felt too fast-paced, but it could’ve just been me. And then I have a note that says ‘Alec omg’ so I’m guessing Alec was sassing Simon. Also I went on a kind of rage when Simon said he was an ‘only son’ SIMON YOU HAVE A SISTER. Who is of course not exactly relevant to the plot so it’s not really a big deal that they cut her out of the story, but sometimes you can’t control that little bookworm inside your head that wants to scream at all the changes.

So then Simon and Izzy go off to the van so that Izzy can listen to Simon’s music (‘Where is IT going’ omg Alec) and Izzy thinks she hears something so she tells Simon to stay in the van and goes of to find out what it is. Of course Simon puts on those headphones so if something that wants to kill him comes along, he won’t hear it. Is it bad that I laughed when that hand appeared out of nowhere?

I’m not sure how I feel about Clary finding out that Valentine is her father that quickly, but we’ll see how that goes. What bothered me more was Kat’s acting in this scene and then the way she ran off…

The whole Jace teaching Clary how to fight scene was a bit too cheesy for my liking, especially when Clary said ‘it felt like you were still with me’. I lost it at that. I’m glad they didn’t kiss though, because that would be too fast. Things are still going a bit too fast with Clace for my liking, even though of course things went pretty fast in the book too.

I loved Simon’s breakdown and especially Rafael’s face. Rafael was just perfect; his 100 procent done attitude, his sass and being such a little criminal mastermind (I love how he manipulated Camille at the end). Speaking of Camille, I loved her acting, but um. She froze Simon? What? Could vampires do that in the books? If this is a thing all vampires can do, I assume it only works on Mundanes, because if they can freeze Shadowhunters that would be very useful to them.

Then we have Izzy and Meliorn. I wasn’t a fan of them in the books (and I’m still not), but Meliorn is a lot more interesting on the show and they have more chemistry. But um. ‘The only thing I have to do is you.’ NO. JUST NO.

So that was my combined review of episode two and three. There’s no chronological order, but I hope it made sense anyway haha. I had quite a few problems with episode two, less with episode three, but both were enjoyable. It’s still not mind blowing, but I’m looking forward to the next one.


I was dying of laughter. Dying. And the CGI. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF SHADOWHUNTERS.

Also if anyone wants to see screenshots of my notes, let me know.

So! What did you think of these two episodes? Do you have the same problems I had? Do you have different ones? Let me know in the comments!



The Hunt Has Just Begun | Shadowhunters 1.01 Review

Naturally I had to take a break from studying to watch and review Shadowhunters. I DESERVED THAT BREAK. Besides, I couldn’t wait any longer. You guys should have seen me during the weekend. I was jumping up and down, with this big goofy grin on my face, thinking ‘SHADOWHUNTERS SHADOWHUNTERS SHADOWHUNTERS’

So did the pilot live up to my expectations and excitement?

I have to admit, if I hadn’t known about the major changes beforehand, I would’ve been more like this:

But I had plenty of time to think over the changes, accept them and even to like them! While I’m wondering where the rest of Simon’s band is and I have to admit it was a bit odd to realise that the girl Simon sings with is Maureen (was that already known before the episode aired? If so I must have missed that), I’m really curious to see how that story will unfold! I wasn’t sure if I’d like Luke the cop, but him investigating the murders and seeing him interact with his colleagues (can we appreciate the fact that Vargas ships him and Jocelyn. CAN WE), besides the most important thing is that so far it seems like Luke.

That’s the most important thing about this show for me, that they stay true to the characters and the relationships they have with each other. Of course the plot is too, but I love these characters so much that I’d rather have them get the characters right than the plot. I’m glad to say that none of the cast disappoints me so far. I already had high hopes from seeing the trailers and sneak peeks, but at this point the actors really seem to get their characters, even though they haven’t appeared that much yet (like Magnus).

From the moment we were introduced to Jace, Alec and Izzy it felt like I was really watching these siblings come to life and interacting with each other. From their banter to fighting together. Dom had Jace’s sass and Emeraude is just the perfect Izzy. And can we just appreciate Matthew Dadario?

Plus he’s the perfect Alec. Just one look (I couldn’t help but sing that to the tune of Mamma Mia *ahum*) and he’s got me convinced (AND NO I’M NOT BEING SHALLOW BECAUSE HE’S PRETTY). Alec is my baby (along with Izzy) and they really didn’t do him any justice in the film. Of course he and Izzy were barely in it, but still.

But the most perfect one so far is really Alberto Rosende. From the moment I saw a picture of him with his glasses on, I immediately thought ‘SIMON HAS ARRIVED’, but looks are one thing. His one liners were perfect (‘Clary is there a meth problem we need to talk about?’) and his facial expressions while Clary was talking to invisible Jace were priceless. I just felt like I was watching my babies come to life okay? CAN WE JUST PRAISE THE ENTIRE CAST.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Maxime Roy as Jocelyn at first, but after really seeing her interacting with Kat, I was convinced. They seemed to really have mother-daughter relationship plus she’s as badass as I always imagined Jocelyn would be in the books.

Oh and Valentine. I knew Alan van Sprang would be fantastic (I was SO excited when he was announced. I love Alan van Sprang and miss him on Reign – even though I stopped watching a long time ago. But still). We haven’t seen much of him yet, but he’s definitely better than What’s-With-His-Hair Who-Needs-A-Shirt-Anyway Jonathan Rhys Meyers (I’m sorry but just his fashion style alone felt out of character).

In the beginning there were some time jumps, which I’m fine with, but the pace felt a bit odd to me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect it (the whole scene where Jace, Alec and Izzy follow the shapeshifter demon into the club and then fight the demons was already on Youtube, so I thought it was one scene, maybe that’s why I felt it was odd. I’m planning on rewatching it soon, so I’ll let you guys know), or maybe it really was, but the pace afterwards felt fine.

The end was a bit abrupt and some lines may have been a bit cheesy, but then again, so are the books sometimes! I like how it looks like there will be some new plot lines (like Valentine being after mundane blood. This wasn’t in the books right? Or is my memory failing me? Anyway, I’m curious to see where that will lead!) and um… Dot?? I really wonder what this will mean for something that happened towards the end of the book. I personally think it’s fun to not always know what’s going to happen! As long as they stay true to the characters, the relationships, the world and the overal plot, I’m down with it (is this statement going to come back to bite me in the ass?)

All in all, I was watching the pilot with a huge grin on my face, squealing and laughing. The effects weren’t that good (but does anyone remember the effects in the first seasons of Buffy? Different time period, I know, but it’s a new show with not that big of a budget yet, so I can forgive them for that!) and the episode wasn’t mind blowing, but it was definitely good, I can’t wait for the next episode and I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favourite tv shows (you better not mess up, Shadowhunters!)

Also can we talk about how everyone seems to follow Simon on Twitter?

I’m planning on reviewing every episode; let’s see how that goes haha. Have you seen the pilot yet? What did you think? Are you in love yet? Let me know in the comments!

Ps. I just found out that the second episode has already been released?? IS THIS TRUE.