The Weekly (#47) and Monthly Hufflepuff: April

And ANOTHER weekly wrap up! And a monthly wrap up! Is my blogging slump over? Am I going to rock combining blogging and school this term? WHO KNOWS BUT I’M EXCITED ANYWAY

Also I’m sorry that I once again have to freak out but… IT’S MAY ALREADY? Okay technically it’s still April but it feels like May since I’m wrapping April up. I’m kind of not ready for it to May already, because then soon it will be June and before you know it it’s June 6th and I’m turning 20

Peter Pan where you at mate

This month wasn’t very exciting when it came to books, though some good comic issues came out (I still need to catch up on some!). It wasn’t a bad month either though!

Zodiac Starforce was SUCH a fun comic I need more. I think there’s going to be a second series this year? Fingers crossed! Hopefully I’ll review it soon.

I read the 2015 Archie comics last month, so I started Jughead as well. While I do really love his character, I found it hard to get through. Also it made me really, really despise Riverdale’s Jughead even more. Not only did they erase his asexuality (and it seems like he’s aromantic as well, nor does he like to be touched) they completely erased his fun personality?? I will eventually pick up volume 2 though, because as I said I really love Jughead (also was anyone else really disgusted when in this week’s episode he said that Archie’s songs made you want to slit your wrists like that’s not okay??? Don’t joke about that??)

I really liked the first issue of America, but the second one? Wow. It was a bit of a mess story wise. There was so much going on that I got really confused. Still love the character though, so I’m not giving up (besides it’s only the second issue)

And I really, really need to get to reviewing Brave Chef Brianna and Goldie Vance as these comics are AMAZING. I’ll get to reviewing the BBC Class books as soon as I’ve finished Joy Ride. My review for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be up this week! I think I scheduled it for tomorrow?

This school week was so much better than the last! I’m really looking forward to this term now. It also helped that I only had three days of school (though I didn’t go to one of them because I was exhausted and needed to sleep) since Thursday was Kingsday and we had Friday of as well. This gave me plenty of time to do school work and blog – I scheduled three posts for this week again!

I missed Doctor Who yesterday (I’m already caught up though so here’s my weekly reminder that I love Bill Potts. Also the Doctor punched a racist bigot – iconic) because I finally went to see Hidden Figures! It was my most anticipated movie of the year, so I’m not sure why it took me this long. It was INCREDIBLE though. It exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were really high already. I need to see it again. It’s so powerful and just

I had no idea I posted this much this month?! I really hope I’ll be able to keep this up, because boy did I miss this.

And once again that’s a wrap! How has your week been? Have you seen Hidden Figures? What did you think of it? Are you enjoying Doctor Who season 10 so far? What have you been reading? Tell me all about it in the comments!

The Weekly Hufflepuff #46

A second Weekly Hufflepuff in a row?? I’m on FIRE

I finished The Stone House and started What She Does Next Will Astound You, another BBC Class book. I really like the formatting of this one. I also started The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which has been fun so far (I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen The Muppet version of this? So that makes it extra fun since I’m not that familiar with the story)

My final term of my second year has started this week (WHAT)  and um… It was a pretty stressful week full with panic attacks, but I’m okay now. I’m not saying that I won’t be stressed anymore and that I won’t get anymore panic attacks, because I know that isn’t true, but I do feel better than earlier this week. This term does look fun and I’m looking forward to it (mostly I’m looking forward to finishing it though woops – I’m just really really ready for summer vacation, I really feel like I’m at the edge of a burn out)

Last week I completely forgot to mention that I went out with a friend that week (because I’m a horrible friend) to get Dunkin’ Donuts because two stores finally opened in Amsterdam.

Not only does it look really cute, it tasted amazing. Like strawberries and with custard inside

And time to freak out over Doctor Who again! Another amazing episode. Lately I hadn’t been that excited about Doctor Who, but this season really feels like my favourite show again. Also did I mention I love Bill??

Other than that I haven’t been up to much. I’ve been trying to get back into blogging and the blogging community and so far I’ve been quite succesful? I’ve got 3 posts scheduled for next week and read quite a few posts!

I came up with a new feature! As you may know I work at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and I love art, so for a long time now I really wanted to talk more about art on here but I never got to it and didn’t really know how to do that. Then I came with the very simple solution: a new feature! I really wanted the name to have ‘art hoe’ in it somehow, as I love that term. And so, with feedback from some friends, I came up with ‘The Artsy Hufflehoe’! I don’t know yet when I’ll start this feature. Hopefully in two weeks!

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up and I’ll see you with another wrap up next week. How has your week been? Are you also in the last term of school? Any exciting summer plans? What have you been reading? Let me know in the comments!

The Weekly Hufflepuff #45

When you haven’t written a weekly wrap up since November (!!) and you have to look at old posts because you can’t remember the format you know you haven’t been blogging since forever

I finally picked up one of the BBC Class books that have been on my shelf for months now. I really enjoyed The Stone House, so I’m excited to read the other two. Speaking of BBC Class, it started airing in America yesterday on BBC America, so please support it!! It’s an amazing show that needs a second season (and so do I). If you need some convincing, read this post.

This week I officially finished my third term and had some days off, meaning I could relax a bit. I did have to work, but it was fun! Especially when there isn’t a voice screaming in your head ‘YOU STILL NEED TO DO THIS! AND THAT! BEFORE TOMORROW!’

Oh and a new exhibition opened at the Stedelijk Museum this week, so my mom and I went to the opening. Openings are always fun, and I definitely like Seth Price’s work.

OH HAPPY EASTER. I completely forgot. I hope you all enjoy your chocolate eggs. Or whatever you’re eating today. Just enjoy your food.


I POSTED THINGS!! YES!! I really hope I’ll be able to keep it up this time since I really enjoyed getting back into the blogosphere this week and it made me realise how much I missed this.

I’m very behind, but I read some posts!! So let me share some

And that’s a wrap! Boy did I miss saying that. I dunno, while I did blog here and there, I just… Kind of forgot about my weekly wrap ups? Maybe it was intentional at first, as I barely read, blogged and read other people’s blogposts, so I felt like I didn’t have anything to write about anyway, and of course at some point I didn’t have the time and energy to write them anyway, but at some point I definitely forgot about these. ANYWAY. What have you guys been up to this week? What are you reading? Or watching? Let me know in the comments!

The Weekly Hufflepuff #44

Welp, this was a horrible, horrible week. I just want you to know that if you live in America and need to talk, my Twitter DMs are always open. Stay safe guys <3 (if you don’t live in America and also need to talk my DMs are always open too of course)


Aaand I just realised I never wrapped up September and October, so I’ll just stick to what I read this week and then I’ll do a massive three month wrap up at the end of this one.

This week I read and finished One by Sarah Crossan and it was beautiful. I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve also read a bit of We Awaken by Calista Lynn which I’ll hopefully finish soon.


The new term is starting tomorrow and I’m not really looking forward to it. Not just because last term was so busy that I need more free time to relax and catch up etc. but also because the new term just doesn’t sound that much fun? I’m not really looking forward to the classes. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s not really working.

I didn’t do much this week, since I really needed the rest so I just watched a bunch of stuff. I FINALLY watched Ghostbusters and I really enjoyed it. I’m also finally all caught up on The Flash and damn can we talk about this week’s Supergirl? I don’t want to spoil anyone so I won’t say anything but oh my God it was so good.

Oh and I reached 800 followers??? WHAAAAAT. Thank you guys so much <3 I really want to give something back but ugh money problems. If you’ve got an idea on how I can thank you guys without having to spend any money, please let me know!

what I posted-2

Can you believe I actually posted things I’m terrified I’ll disappear again after today hahaha (that’s maniacal laughter)


I haven’t been able to catch up really, but here are some posts:

And that’s a wrap! With my new schedule I have a four day weekend so hopefully I can get some time in to blog, but the three days I do have class are really, really long, so I’m not making any promises. How has your week been? What did you read or watch? Let me know!


The Weekly Hufflepuff #43

Hey guys! Well this week flew by. I’m going to try and do this wrap up as fast as possible, so if there are some typos you’ll know why. I have homework to get back to. I haven’t been active in the blogosphere at all; I really need to get back into my school routine, since I left most of my homework until the weekend even though I could’ve easily done some things before yesterday. Once I’m back into it (hopefully I will starting this week), it will be easier for me to respond to your comments and read your blogposts. Boy am I glad I scheduled posts for the coming weeks!


I’ve been reading Timekeeper by Tara Sim and am really enjoying it. If it weren’t for school I would’ve finished it already. Oh and you know, I’ve been reading stuff for school. But it’s okay because it’s really interesting so yay!


Soooo I hit my head last Friday. Yep that was FUN. I was on the bus and it abruptly stopped, so I flew forward and hit my head. At first my face just heard and I was annoyed because I knew it would result into a headache, but it only got worse and now pretty much my entire body hurts? And I’m dizzy and nauseous… I might have to go the doctor *sigh* Why the hell are there no seat belts on public busses

Besides that, I had an okay-ish week. My anxiety played up, but all my classes seem to be fun and interesting and my teachers so far are nice. I will have to do a lot of work, but I’m going to be on top of things starting tomorrow *nods* Unless my body decides differently because of all the pain *fingers crossed that that won’t happen*

Uuuh my memory is failing me again. OOOH OH OH. HOW COULD I FORGET. I GOT A JOB GUYS (I mean I didn’t forget this, but I forgot that I got the call this week haha). I’m starting this Thursday and I’m so excited. It’s at the Stedelijk Museum (modern art museum) where I’ll help organise events, workshops, hold tours etc. I’ll work every Thursday late afternoon/evening and one Saturday in the month, which is perfect because that way I’ll be able to combine it with school (and blogging and writing of course. Speaking of which I really really want to write but homework *cries*)

what I posted-2

And I’m afraid I’ll have to skip ‘elsewhere on the Internet’ since I didn’t read anything (I think? My memory is fuzzy. If I did read something it was like one post. Hopefully I’ll have loads to share next week, but no promises). So how was your week? Did you start school? How’s that going? Let me know in the comments!


The Weekly Hufflepuff #42

Welp it’s my last day of the holidays. Who here is freaking out with me?


This is such a good question. Because I also posted my monthly wrap up this week I don’t remember what I read this week besides The Raven King. My memory is terrible guys


Did I already mention that my memory is terrible? Seriously what even. All I remember is seeing my psychologist on Monday and going to an awesome book sale yesterday: sale by weight. Basically you pay five euros per kilo; it’s the best. But it might have been the last time that they did this? So I’m mourning. BUT LOOK AT ALL THESE BOOKS THAT ARE WORTH LIKE 170 EUROS AND I ONLY PAID 15 EUROS FOR:

Naturally I’m a happy bookworm

OH OH AND THE FOSTERS MID-SEASON FINALE. SO INTENSE HOW IT ENDED. But I’m not worried at all because I’m used to them giving us cliffhangers like this lol

what I posted-2


Aaaand that’s all because I’m still super behind. Like I mentioned in my August wrap up I’m in a sort of slump when it comes to both blogging and reading other people’s blogs. Hopefully that will change soon.

How has your week been? Are you starting school tomorrow as well and freaking out about it? What did you read? Let me know in the comments!


The Weekly Hufflepuff #41

Hey guys! It feels like it’s been a while, even though there were posts up on the blog all of them were scheduled. I didn’t mean to skip last week’s wrap up, but I haven’t been feeling well this week (yay for being a girl *sarcasm*). I’ve been feeling better, but I’m still exhausted from not sleeping well and feeling ill. This also means I’m super behind on reading blog posts again (I swear I’m either all caught up or not at all, THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN), but hopefully I’ll catch up again before school starts. It wasn’t all bad though! I had moments where I felt better and managed to schedule posts. I still need to do some more scheduling, but if I don’t get to that, at least I won’t disappear entirely once I go back to school. Anyway, let’s start this wrap up!


Okay so you may remember that I’m participating in the ReadThemAllThon. I was really motivated when I wrote my sign up post and when the read-a-thon first started, but I lost my motivation oops. It also didn’t help that for a few days this week I had such a horrible stomach ache that I didn’t have the energy to read. So what did I read since my last wrap up?

  • I’m still reading Persuasion. It’s not that I’m not enjoying it, but the letters are tiny and since I wasn’t feeling well I didn’t want to read it.
  • I read Harry Potter Film Wizardry and loved it. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a post on it soon
  • I read Born to Magic and was thoroughly disappointed. Review coming up (it’s already scheduled and everything! I’m so proud!)
  • I read the entire Orange manga (there are only 5 volumes but still) in one night and it messed me up. IT WAS SO GOOD GUYS. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a post on it
  • I read Blue Lily, Lily Blue and if everything goes to plan I’ll go get The Raven King tomorrow since I still have a book voucher left
  • I started rereading Prisoner of Azkaban since I felt horrible and I needed Harry Potter


So I have a crappy memory and I don’t remember everything that happened/I did, though not much this week besides staying home. Last week I did go to ‘Beeld en Geluid’ with my mom, a friend of my mom’s and his son (who I’ve mentioned before and is basically my brother from another mother haha). It’s a museum dedicated to Dutch television, but it’s also interactive since you can do things yourself as well, like reading the news. We had a lot of fun.


You could also pretend to be in a car chase (top right picture) and in the kids zone you could pretend to be a princess or a knight, and I know it now looks like a side for girls and a side for boys, but in the knight one I was both a blue and a pink knight, and in the princess one I changed into some kind of dragon slayer (I DIDN’T WANT TO SLAY THE DRAGON I WANTED TO BE ITS FRIEND. I was so devastated to see the dragon knocked out haha), so they were showing kids that you can be both, though on the outside that isn’t too obvious and I doubt many boys would stand behind the princess dress :/

Hmm what else. I need to work on my memory guys. Em recommended me a book yesterday and when I wanted to add it to my Goodreads TBR, it was already on there. It’s odd because when it comes to studying my memory is really good? Not to mention all the random trivia I remember. But I have no idea what’s been happening in my own life lol.

I do hopefully have something exciting to announce soon. Angel and I are planning something really fun that we can’t wait to tell you guys about, but we just need to arrange a few more things before we can. BUT I CAN’T WAIT.

what I posted-2


Alright so that’s a wrap! After today I only have ONE WEEK left of Summer holidays – EEK. How are you going to spend your last days of freedom? How has your week been? Let me know in the comments!