The Monthly Hufflepuff: June

Wait what no why am I wrapping up June already *start denial mode*


  • All The What Ifs by Angela Lynn ★★★
  • Introductions by C.L. Stone ★
  • Uprooted by Naomi Novik ★★★
  • Forever by Eric Marier ★
  • The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan ★★★★★
  • Renoir by David Spence
  • Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness ★★★★★
  • The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson ★★★★
  • Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner

Much better than last month! I absolutely loved The Hidden Oracle and Monsters of Men, along with The Unexpected Everything they definitely made up for some of the lesser stories. I’ve already reviewed Introductions, my mini reviews for All The What Ifs and Forever will be published tomorrow. I won’t be reviewing Renoir, since it’s a really short art book, nor will I review Politically Correct Bedtime Stories. I still need to write my reviews for Uprooted and The Unexpected Everything, and I might review the entire Chaos Walking trilogy together, though honestly I have no idea how I’m going to review it. JUST READ IT


  • I HAVE been writing. I just haven’t been working on what I planned – oops. But ay one of my goals was to just write more in general, sooo
  • I posted two Discussing Hufflepuffs, to make up for some missed ones
  • I was pretty active on Twitter this month. Instagram not so much
  • I’ve been editing some old posts
  • I read The Unexpected Everything for my contemporary challenge

what I posted-2


I have a lot of plans for this Summer, but so far I haven’t been doing much (though I have been writing, reading and blogging!). One of my friends is done with school today, another has her graduation coming up next week and I’m meeting up with another one on Sunday. My mom should be off from work soon as well, so I hope to do a lot of fun stuff OUTSIDE of the house, because as much as I love to write, blog and read, I really need to get out haha.

AND OF COURSE THE CURSED CHILD IS COMING OUT THIS MONTH. Please don’t forget to #keepthesecrets guys. Not everyone has the chance to read it immediately or they choose not to read it until they’ve seen the play (like me. Please don’t spoil me). AND OF COURSE CAMP NANO HAS STARTED TODAY. Thus why I scheduled this post. So that I’m hopefully writing haha (*whispers* help)

How has your month been? I’m surprised at how much I’ve posted considering I was still on hiatus during the first half of the month haha. Any exciting plans? Are you participating in Camp Nano? Let me know in the comments!


The Monthly Hufflepuff: February

This was supposed to go up on Tuesday, but I haven’t been feeling well this week, both physically and mentally, though mostly the latter. I’m feeling slightly better though, and since blogging makes me happy I decided to give it a go.


  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs ★★★★
  • A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston ★
  • The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (reread) ★★★★★
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer (reread) ★★★★★
  • Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (reread) ★★★★★

A Thousand Nights was such a disappointment that I basically went on a reread marathon (I started rereading Cress this week but I wasn’t in the mood to read). I probably won’t review Miss Peregrine’s, since it’s been a while and I don’t really remember it that well. If I do review it, it will be a mini review.


  • Write more in general: I wrote a little bit this month, but overall I’ve just been focussing on school. I’m just glad that I wrote though
  • One of my goals is to read the entire Miss Peregrine’s trilogy before Yalfest next month, so by reading the first one I’m one step closer
  • I’ve read one book for the retelling challenge (A Thousand Nights)


I might take a short break from blogging; I do think that I’ll feel better next week, but I’ll be busy catching up on schoolwork. I will definitely not neglect my Shadowhunters reviews though. Hopefully I’ll have this week’s review up tomorrow.

Next Saturday I’m going to see a musical which I’m very excited about. It’s a modern take/parody of Puss in Boots and it looks hilarious. I went to another play of the same theater company last year and I loved it, so when we found out about this one my mom and I knew we had to go.

And at the end of the month it’s finally time for Dutch Comic Con! I’m really looking forward to it. I was originally going to cosplay as Hilda/Touko from Pokémon White, but since that will be too cold, I’ll be going as Rosa/Mei from White 2 instead.

How was your month? If you live in The Netherlands, will you go to Dutch Comic Con this month? Or if you don’t live here, are you going to a con any time soon? Let me know in the comments!


2016 Blogging and Writing Goals

I previously wrote a post about my reading goals, now it’s time to do a post about my blogging and writing goals!


  • Change my theme – I’m getting a bit bored of the one I have
  • Keep up posting a Discussing Hufflepuff every month – I love writing these, but sometimes I forget
  • Post a Blogsterdam every month – uh, I haven’t posted one yet this month and I probably won’t. This will change in 2016. I will post one every month! (I really hope this sentence won’t come back to bite me in the ass)
  • Be more active on Twitter – I love talking to everyone on Twitter, but after a busy schoolday, even when I don’t have any homework or studying to do, I’m just too tired! I want to be more active though!
  • Be more active on Instagram – Meaning not only post more, but also comment more!
  • Write the last two posts about my trip to America – I can’t believe I haven’t written these yet
  • Bring back the writing prompts I used to do – Someone mentioned in my survey that they missed these, and I missed doing them! I already have a great idea for one, but for some reason (read: forgetfulness, laziness, procrastination) I haven’t done it yet
  • Edit old posts – I’ve seen typos guys *shudder*. Plus there are posts that I want to change to my current format so that it will all match! Needless to say this will happen after my theme change! Otherwise I’ll have to start all over again
  • Schedule posts before school starts – I used to be a pro at scheduling posts. I’d like to be one again haha


  • Finish The Army of Quermo – This was a goal for this year too, but first of all I was an idiot for thinking I could do this being in my senior year. Exams were way too stressful and exhausting and even though I had a long Summer, I was too exhausted to write most of the time. When Summer was over, I started at a new school and my first term was incredibly busy (which you may have noticed as I barely posted), so I’m not surprised I didn’t accomplish this. Second, I decided to write in English halfway through the year so I had to translate everything I had written so far
  • Finish interviewing my grandfather for his biography – Um, another goal from this year. Woops. My grandfather has a lot of stories to tell. Also see the above point. Exams. Stress. Exhaustion.
  • Write more in general – After writing a few short stories this year I realised how much I missed writing those!
  • Work on another project that I’ve never talked about on here – Very vague, much mysterious (sorry not sorry for this). I’m very passionate about this and I’m scared that someone will steal my idea (not any of my followers, I trust you guys with all my heart! ❤ But anyone can find this blog and sadly there are people who will gladly steal other people’s work)

So these are my goals for next year! I’m curious to see how well I’ll do haha. Do you have any goals for next year? Let me know in the comments!



2016 Reading Goals

Just like last year I decided to set myself some reading goals. I’ll also be participating in some challenges (I might end up participating in more, but we’ll see). These are my goals/challenges for 2016:


Just like last year, there are some series I want to finish/catch up on. All of these books have already been published, so I need to catch up! Some of these are series I didn’t manage to finish this year, others are new. Of course I might add series during the year or give up on others.

  • Geek Girl: (2/3)
  • Also Known As: (1/2)
  • Hex Hall: (1/3)
  • Princess Academy: (1/3)
  • The Selection:  (3/4)
  • The Grisha Trilogy: (1/3)


I’m going to YalfestNL in April, and of the authors attending I’m only familiar with Stephenie Perkins works. I already wanted to read the other attending authors’ books though, so this seems like a good excuse to finally read them!

  • Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda
  • The Shatter Me Trilogy: (0/3)
  • Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children: (0/3)

I might end up reading Lobsters and the Seeker series as well, as the authors of those books are also attending, but they’re not priorities.


I’m participating again in Mel’s (Fairytale) Retelling Challenge! I kind of failed last year, but it was fun nonetheless! This year I’ll be aiming for the Goose Girl level, which means reading 5-9 books.

  • Fairest by Marissa Meyer
  • Stars Above by Marissa Meyer
  • Heartless by Marissa Meyer
  • The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury
  • A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro
  • Return to the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz
  • Nora and Kettle by Lauren Nicolle Taylor

I can’t believe I still haven’t read Fairest. Every time I’m at the bookstore they don’t have it, and instead of ordering it I keep spending my money on other books…Oops. Also I CAN’T WAIT FOR STARS ABOVE. AND HEARTLESS. I love how Marissa Meyer kind of dominates this list. ALSO SEQUEL TO ISLE OF THE LOST. MORE DESCENDANTS BOOKS- YASSS


This year I’m also signing up for The 2016 Contemporary Challenge hosted by Jillian and Montana. I won’t pick out any books in advance for this one, as there are always contemporaries I want to read! I’ll be aiming for Peony: 11-15 books.


The year may not be over yet, but I’m 100% that I won’t complete this challenge this year, so let’s try again in 2016!

  • Persuasion 
  • Northanger Abbey 
  • Emma 
  • Mansfield Park
  • Sylvie and Bruno 
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 
  • The Lord of the Rings: Read (1/3)
  • Les Misérables 


Of course I’ll be participating in the Goodreads Challenge again next year! In 2014 I read 50, this year I read a little over 100, maybe I should aim for 150 this year? I DON’T KNOW I’M SCARED AND IT WILL PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE ON ME AND I HATE PRESSURE. I DEFINITELY DON’T WANT MY READING TO BE PRESSURED.

Basically, I’m not entirely sure yet. You’ll see once January 1st arrives haha.

So those are my goals and challenges for this year! Do you have any reading goals for next year? And are you participating in any of these challenges? Let me know in the comments!