TV Shows I’m Currently Watching

Hey guys so I thought I should talk to you about the tv shows I’m currently watching (and convince you to watch them as well, well except for one). I mostly talk about books on here of course, but I love these shows so much that I decided to dedicate a post to them. So in no particular order, let’s go!


I’m not sure when I started to watch The Fosters, either after season 1 had aired or in between 2a and 2b, but I’ve been watching it loyally for a long time now and though there were ups and downs (downs being 3B) I’m still in love with this show. I love how diverse it is and how it tackles important issues. They regularly deal with topics like homophobia, sexism, racism, transphobia and rape. And they do it so well. On top of that (most) of the characters are amazing and loving. The family dynamic is so much fun to watch and even though it deals with dark topics there are also lots of light and funny moments to make up for it. Is it perfect? No. Believe me they have made mistakes (sadly), but that doesn’t change the fact that I think it’s a really important show to watch. Also warning: keep tissues at hand. I know I’m super emotional, but still, I shed a few tears during almost every episodes (not always because it’s sad! A lot of times because it’s beautiful and I’m so attached to these characters – well again most of them)


Oh boy where do I start. Okay so I’ve done a post about the games in which I basically tried to convince you guys to play them, because besides Pokemon this is my favourite gaming franchise. I love it SO much. Naturally I was beyond excited when the anime was announced, because I’ve been waiting for YEARS. Sadly while there have been good moments, it’s not the adaptation I wanted. They’re rushing through the storylines and honestly I really wonder how anyone who hasn’t played the games can keep up. I was excited after the first episode, and it kind of went downhill from there (except for episode 13, if you’re a fan of the games but gave up on the anime – can’t blame you – watch it. It’s adorable). Also they make really unnecessary changes, they left out such important plot points AND character background stories/arcs and honestly, I’ve been bored lately. Also really frustrated because they’re really digging their own grave with what they’ve been leaving out. Ace Attorney is SUCH great source material and would’ve made such a terrific anime, if they hadn’t screwed up. Oh well, I’ll continue to watch while waiting for Spiritual Justice to come out.


Speaking of anime, I’m absolutely loving the second season of Binan. I’ve wanted to do a post on the first season for forever now, but I still haven’t gotten around to it. I still will though! While I’m one episode behind, it’s as hilarious as always. If you haven’t heard of Binan, it’s a magical girl anime, except with boys and that it’s a parody. It’s super silly and just such a fun watch. I love it (more on it in my hopefully soon to be posted separate post on it)


I’ve talked a bit about Jane in my previous wrap up, because I’ve been obsessed with it. I just finished season 1 as I’m writing this and oh my God. It’s so good guys. Jane is my new favourite character and Gina Rodriguez is my new favourite actress. Jane is so relatable (at least to me) and all of the characters are so unique and complex. The writing is hilarious and clever. I love the family dynamic. Oh and there are several murders here and there. BUT! Nothing too gruesome. It keeps you at the edge of your seat at all times and just begs you to watch another one. THE ENDING OF SEASON 1 GUYS. I NEED TO CONTINUE WATCHING RIGHT NOW (except I also really needed to blog so here I am). Anyway, just watch it. I’m obsessed so expect me to try and convince you multiple times in the future as well.


Okay so I’m SUPER behind on this one, mainly because of Jane the Virgin. But it’s really good and enjoyable so far. I’ve been waiting so long for this one (Bae Suzy and Kim Woo Bin are among my favourite Kdrama actors. So them being the leads in the same drama? GIMME) so I’m kind of disappointed in myself that I’m behind, but in my defence: Jane was calling my name. Also while it’s beautiful and there are definitely light moments, I have the feeling that it’s going to be sad and I didn’t want that right now. ALSO! The longer I wait the more I can binge watch. But seriously, if you’re looking for a new Kdrama look no further.


  • YOUNG JUSTICE: I LOVED season 1 and would recommend it in a heartbeat. I thought it would be one of my favourite shows, but I’m really disappointed with season 2 and am having trouble getting into it. I just loved the original team and they just introduced way too many new characters at once (with half of the original main characters no longer being main characters??). Anyway, I’m still planning on eventually at least trying to watch season 2
  • GILMORE GIRLS: It’s not funny how long it’s taking me to finish season 7. I’m just not enjoying it like previous seasons. I’ve got five episodes left. But I can’t bring myself to watch it. I will watch it before the new show comes out though
  • SUPERGIRL: I’ve watched the first three episodes, and while I liked it, I was also bored? I’m determined to keep watching though. Hopefully it will get better
  • HIGH KICK! THE REVENGE OF THE SHORT LEGGED: A sitcom rather than a Kdrama, I mostly started watching this because I love Krystal and then when I started it I noticed that Lee Jong Suk (who played the lead in Pinocchio, read my review here) is in it as well, who I absolutely loved in Pinocchio, which happens to be my favourite Kdrama alongside Dream High. So far I don’t find it that funny yet and the fact that there are 123 episodes or something really puts me off
  • YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL: I watched the Japanese remake years ago so decided to give the original Kdrama a try. I love Park Shin Hye, but at some point she tried to spit out a fire and that made me kind of nauseous so ever since I’ve been putting it off haha. I will try and watch episode 2 again (hopefully without getting nauseous) soon though, because what I had watched so far was enjoyable


  • TEEN WOLF: Waiting for the last season! Honestly I’m glad it’s ending. I’m still furious about what happened to Arden (read my post about it on The Feministas here) and shows should end before they go downhill (and honestly it has been going downhill already). I’m not looking forward to not seeing Kira, but it looks intense and you know. STYDIA
  • LIV AND MADDIE: I love this show so much. I am upset about what happened to my ships last season, but it’s still enjoyable. I love the characters and the focus on family and friends. It’s just such a breeze to watch, so I can’t wait to have it back in my life
  • THE REAL O’NEALS: I recently binge watched this and I loved it. Sure it has it’s flaws, but it’s hilarious and mostly positive. I fell in love with the characters so quickly and I laughed out loud so many times.

And that’s my list! Are you watching any of these? Any shows you’d recommend based on these? Just what are you watching in general? Let me know in the comments!




OBJECTION! Why aren’t you playing Ace Attorney?

What’s Ace Attorney you ask? Oh, only one of the best games in existence.

Okay, that’s completely subjective, but Ace Attorney is my favourite gaming franchise along with Pokémon, so to me it is one of the best games in existence. So what is Ace Attorney all about?

Ace Attorney is at first about one lawyer, named Phoenix Wright, who has to declare his clients not guilty of course. Now, you might think that sounds a bit boring, but it’s not! To declare his client innocent, Phoenix has to do a lot of detective work, interact with a lot of quirky characters and of course battle his enemies the prosecutors in court.

As of now there are five main games, two spin off games (of which only the first one has an official English release) and a crossover game with Professor Layton, with a sixth one on the way at the end of the year. The main games and the crossover are in visual novel style (except for Layton’s puzzles of course).

So why should you play it? Because I say so

Well, I’m glad you asked (what do you mean you didn’t ask):

  • It has a fantastic plot, especially the original trilogy. It all comes together in the third game brilliantly
  • Amazing characters
  • Seriously they’re so funny and relatable, or just plain weird and creepy, but most of them are very well developed and complex. And they must be protected at all costs (with the emphasis on most of them. All the murders and Sal Manella can just go to hell)
  • It’s incredibly silly
  • Yet really serious at times
  • Also heartbreaking
  • And tense, because murder
  • But all in all it’s mostly light and silly (though it can get dark real quick. And when it does get dark it gets pretty dark. BUT IT’S STILL REALLY GOOD)
  • THE STUPIDEST YET MOST BRILLIANT PUNS: Witness name: Mr. Sawhit and so many more that you might not even notice the first time around
  • Great jokes
  • Intense, exciting murder cases (though some are less exciting, they are all at least worth playing once!)
  • It’s seriously funny as hell
  • Seriously so many great running gags
  • The relationships between the characters are heartwarming
  • It’s just fun okay
  • Please just give it a try

Now let me introduce you to some characters

This is our original protagonist, Phoenix Wright who is basically a big dork and it’s a miracle he’s still alive. Seriously someone protect him

This is Maya Fey, the Burger Queen and Phoenix’ assistent in the original games and the crossover (AND ALSO IN ACE ATTORNEY SIX OUR QUEEN IS BACK)

This is Miles Edgeworth, the main prosecutor in the first game and fan of ruffles. Also big dork. Actually they’re all dorks. The entire game is full with dorks (and creepy murderers)

This is Apollo Justice and he is fine. He is the main protagonist of the fourth game, a main character in the fifth one and once again the protagonist along with Phoenix in the sixth one. He’s a smol child who needs to be protected at all costs.

This is Athena Cykes, main character in the fifth game and while she will be in the sixth, it’s not known how big her role is. She’s adorable, loud, ready to fight 24/7 and precious.

And there are so many more! I wish I could introduce you to all of them, but ehm. Yeah. I can’t. So here are some of the main characters. I haven’t even introduced you guys to Franziska-I’m-Better-Than-All-You-Fools-Van-Karma, the judge who has no idea what’s going on 24/7 and has never heard of a digital camera even though it’s 2016 (yes the first game takes place this year! How cool is that? You can play the game in current time), Godot, Detective Gumshoe, Klavier Gavin, Emma Skye and so many more. Most of them are very lovable (except the creepy murders) and you will become very attached to them.

Putting my love for Ace Attorney into words and explaining to you guys why you should play it is harder than I thought. I just love these games so much. I discovered them during a hard time and they were my escape, the characters were my friends, so of course while they are amazing, that also plays a big part in my love for them.

While I do love them a lot, of course there are flaws! But all in all the games are really fun to play. If you love a good plot; detective games; complex, loveable, funny characters and a good murder, these games are for you.

If you don’t have a DS/3DS, don’t worry! You can play them on your phone (not sure if it’s only iOS or also android). I really recommend you to play them all, if you’re wondering about the order:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
At this point you can play the Investigations series, but it’s not necessary for the latter games. You can also play the Professor Layton crossover at this point, but again it’s not necessary to play it before 4 and 5
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

There is also another spin off game, that takes place in the past which looks amazing, but alas; no English release has been announced yet.

Anyway, I hope you guys will give these games a chance! I’ve played them so many times now I’ve lost count. Even though by the second time you’ll already know who did it, you probably don’t remember all the details on how to win the case, it’s still fun and you might catch some things you didn’t the first time (like stupid yet brilliant puns)

Have you played Ace Attorney? Or have I convinced you to give it a try? What is your favourite game/game franchise? Why? Let me know in the comments!


The Weekly Hufflepuff #26

I’m feeling a lot better today and even scheduled a post for tomorrow. If I do take a short break, it will be because I’m catching up on schoolwork and not because I’m not feeling okay – yay!


I started rereading Cress, but I barely read anything since I wasn’t feeling well


Like I mentioned in my monthly wrap up, I wasn’t feeling well mostly mentally, but also physically (the mental part resulted in the physical part), but I’m feeling a lot better today and I once again want to thank all of you for your lovely messages <3

I had to make another radio item, this time I had to go to Ikea and find out how students with not a lot of money could decorate their room. I felt very awkward at first, walking there talking into my recorder, but I got used to it pretty soon. Plus a friend of my mom went with me so I wouldn’t feel like I was talking to myself haha. She also bought me an adorable panda plushie (pandas are my favourite animal) since it was only 3 euros! (I don’t know if the prices are the same in other countries, but if you or someone you know loves plushies go to the Ikea seriously they were all so cheap)

TEEN WOLF 5B FINALE THIS TUESDAY I AM SO NOT CALM. There’s so much that needs to be resolved??? AND IT’S VERY LIKELY THAT SOMETHING STYDIA WILL HAPPEN? (the Stydia in the last episode omg) And I want confirmation of my precious cinnamon roll Kira Yukimura being in season 6 because I’m so scared that she won’t be. Also can the desert wolf leave please

MAYA FEY HAS BEEN CONFIRMED FOR ACE ATTORNEY 6 I REPEAT SHE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried. My burger queen is back. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I will soon do a post about Ace Attorney to convince you all to play it

what I posted-2


And that’s my week! I’m actually in the mood to write another blogpost for this coming week, so maybe you guys won’t even notice that I’m busy with schoolwork ;)

How was your week? Are any of you just as excited about Maya being in AA6 as I am? AND TEEN WOLF FANS. I know you’re out there. Are you ready for the finale?!