Kpop Songs That Make Me Want To Write All The Things

Hey guys, so I’ve been getting more and more into Kpop lately and thus decided to share some songs with you that make we want to write ALL THE THINGS. This is only a small selection, because there are more, but maybe one day I’ll do a part two. Without further ado, let’s get started!


LOOK AT THIS MV. HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO WRITE A STORY BASED ON THIS AND START A REVOLUTION. I love this song and the music video so much – it’s so empowering, especially when you read the symbolism behind it. Obviously the story I’d want to write based on this is one of a revolution, lead by four awesome ladies fighting against an unknown force hiding behind a mask. I find the ending of the MV really realistic and I’d want to write something like that. Because revolutions sadly don’t always work out for the oppressed.


This song. I love it so much. It’s my favourite Miss A song along with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’. Another empowering song, but in a different way. It’s about independence and confident women who love themselves, who don’t need a man or anyone (just look up the English translation of the lyrics it’s beautiful). The story I want to write is one about female empowerment and girl friendships. They’re not looking for a relationship, they’re just working hard to get by (which they’re proud of just like in the song) and having fun with each other. Maybe they’re all sharing an apartment and it’s told from each of their POVs.

DRACULA – f(x)

The longer the night is, the stronger I get
A dark shadow that overtakes you
You better ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-run
(source of translation:

Told from the perspective of a female vampire who doesn’t sparkle and fall in love with humans, unless you’re talking about the taste of them. You’d definitely better run. I might alternate POVs actually, maybe someone looking into the disappearances around town after someone close to them disappeared. This would be dark and gruesome. If there’s romance (though probably not), definitely not between the vamp and the human (nothing against those stories really, just not what I have in mind)


This song is so cute and fluffy. And it makes me want to write a cute and fluffy story, taking place on the subway, nowhere else. Though not necessarily at the same day. NO. All at the same day, alternating between the stories à la Love Actually. Damn no brain stop thinking about this you can’t write this right nooow you have other WIPs to focus on.


Okay so remember my discussion about the romanticisation of abusive relationships? THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO WRITE A STORY ABOUT IT. Not the romanticisation part, but the abusive part. When you read the translation the relationship described sounds abusive, but as you can tell from the title they’re breaking it off. THIS is how you should represent abusive relationships. By showing the ugly side of it and someone getting out of it, saying ‘goodbye baby goodbye’.


I’d apologise for putting another Miss A song on this list, but I’m not sorry. Can you tell they’re my favourite girl group? Anyway, like I said before this is my favourite next to I Don’t Need A Man. The song starts of with ‘you don’t know me, shut up boy’ setting the tone for the entire song, which is about how boys are judging them for the way they dress and talking about them behind their back, when they don’t even know them. I don’t have a plot line yet, but something about a girl/multiple girls standing up for themselves and each other, maybe at a school setting, and putting an end to all the slut shaming.

Damn now I want to write all of these. Are there any Kpop songs that make you want to write ALL THE THINGS? Or just your favourite song(s) in general? And artists? Let me know in the comments!