My Dream Author Panel

A while ago I was inspired by Eventbrite to create my own dream author panel. But where do you start when you plan a panel? I have so many authors I’d love to see at a panel, but obviously not all of them could come, even if it is a dream panel. So I decided to go for a theme: authors who deserve more recognition. I decided to keep it small and pick three authors, so that all three of them hopefully would get enough speaking time (after all they deserve more recognition, so it would suck if they still didn’t get that much recognition at the panel itself!).

So who have I chosen? I’m glad you asked! (ssh I know I was the one who asked no need to point it out)


Calista Lynne

While I didn’t give this book a five-star rating, it’s been on my mind ever since I finished it. It was just so cute and the way it represented asexuality was really beautiful. I would love to hear more about how Calista wrote We Awaken and her future writing plans. Plus I’ve read some of her blogposts and she seems like such a fun person.

Julia Ember

Confession: I haven’t finished Unicorn Tracks but I’m already really enjoying it. I can’t tell you that much yet since I’m only 40 pages in, but when Julia emailed me whether I wanted to review it or not she had me at YA Fantasy novel with a lesbian romance. I haven’t finished it yet, but I know I want to know more about Julia and her writing process.

Tara Sim

Tara is probably the most famous one out of the three, as I’ve seen Timekeeper around quite a lot, but not as much as say Throne of Glass or other famous YA books, and boy does Timekeeper deserve all the attention and praise. I won’t go into any details since I’ve already reviewed it, but if you haven’t read it yet please do (I will never stop telling you guys to please read it okay I will shout my love for this book from the rooftops). I woud love to hear more about Timekeeper and Tara herself seems like a really nice and interesting person.

And that’s my panel! Thank you so much to Eventbrite for coming up with this fun idea. If you want to organise and register for conferences in your local area, check out their website.

Would you come to my panel? Who would you invite to a bookish panel? Let me know in the comments! (also please gush with me over these books)


The Discussing Hufflepuff #5: ‘ANOTHER book set in that world?’

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! Can you believe it’s Christmas already tomorrow? I’ve got a Christmas post coming up tomorrow, but today it’s time for another Discussing Hufflepuff. Today I want to talk about something that has been annoying me for a while now.

Next year Lady Midnight is coming out, another book in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. Chain of Gold, also a Shadowhunters book, will hopefully be released in 2017. The Hidden Oracle, the first book in Rick Riordan’s new series The Trials of Apollo, will also be released in 2016. Now you may think: Michelle, where are you going with this? What do these books have in common?

All these books get comments, mainly on Goodreads, along these lines: ‘ANOTHER Shadowhunter book?’ ‘ANOTHER mythology book?’ ‘Can’t they write something else?’ and the infamous ‘they’re doing it for the money!’.

This really annoys me. You don’t have to read these, you know. A lot of us, including me, are very excited about these new series. Why does it bother you so much? The authors, and the fans, are not ready to let go of these worlds yet. They still have many stories they want to tell, they find them fun to write, and most of us find them fun to read, so what’s the big deal? Yes, they can write something else. And they have. Rick Riordan has written non-mythology books. Cassandra Clare is writing The Magisterium series with Holly Black. But if they hadn’t, what does it matter? They’re doing what they love, I say let them. As someone who loves to write, I’m sure not going to criticise them.

Also, how many people complained about Blood of Olympus? When I finished it, I figured there was going to be another series. I mean, spoiler: Apollo went missing for crying out loud. Uncle Rick couldn’t just leave it at that. I’m not remembering this wrong am I? I didn’t make this up myself, right? There were things left unresolved, and many more things we complained about that I won’t specify here to avoid spoilers, but if you’ve read Blood of Olympus and you’re part of the fandom, you probably know what I’m talking about. It sounds like all our complaints will be resolved in this new series, so why are we complaining? (when I say we, I’m obviously not including myself. I’m not complaining. I’M HELLA EXCITED. Remind me to never use ‘hella’ again please)

But what even irks me more, is that when authors don’t write another series set in the same world, people also complain (okay I’m guilty of this one). We whine and whine that there’s no book series about the Marauders. If J.K. Rowling announced that series today, would anyone say ‘another Harry Potter book’? And if afterwards she announced a series about the Founders, would anyone say it then? No, forget I asked that. Probably someone will. My point is, we often want more series set in these worlds. We’re often not ready to let go. And again, if you are ready, you don’t have to read this new series! No one will point a gun to your head and force you to (I hope).

And ‘they’re doing it for the money’? UM. IT’S THEIR JOB. WE LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE WE NEED MONEY TO SURVIVE. THEY NEED TO PAY THEIR BILLS AND BUY FOOD. HOW ARE THEY GOING TO WRITE WHEN THEY’RE DEAD BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF FOOD. Guys, I would KILL (okay, maybe not kill) to be able to write for a living. I know a lot of us are. They’re writing something they love, and they’re being paid that way. If a chef makes another pasta, will you go ‘NOT ANOTHER PASTA. CAN’T YOU COOK SOMETHING ELSE FOR A CHANGE?’ Please stop criticising authors for writing several books/series set in the same world. Unless there’s a really good reason to do so! If there is, please let me know.

So what do you think? If you disagree with me, let me know! I’m really curious to find out more about the other side of this ‘debate’. AND WHO’S ALSO EXCITED ABOUT THE HIDDEN ORACLE, LADY MIDNIGHT AND CHAIN OF GOLD?