Still Waiting For Peter Pan – Siriusly Dude I’m Less Than A Year Away From Turning 20 This Isn’t Funny Anymore Take Me To Neverland

That title became a lot longer than I intended, but oh well. It’s the truth. I don’t want to turn 20 and no longer be a teenager and be an actual adult and have ‘responsibilities’. I literally dream of buying Tsum Tsums does that sound like a fully functioning adult to you? I don’t think so.

Anyway, my birthday was roughly two weeks ago, but since I was busy with exams and assignments I didn’t write a post about it. Though I did talk about how I celebrated with my family in my update post if you’re interested. Anyway, here are the presents I got:


The Tsum Tsum planner is a birthday gift from me for me lol. Not really, but I ordered it along with The Hidden Oracle (yay for people giving me book vouchers!). The books are gifts from my mom, grandfather and my close friend/brother from another mother (I don’t care if that term is cliché haha). The Tsum Tsums were given to me by my mom and a friend of my mom’s. I already had a small Minnie Mouse and a medium one, but apparently there’s another size because this one (and Alice) is slightly bigger than the small one. Plus they blush

I’ve thought of things to write in this birthday post. Like 19 things to do while I’m 19, but honestly, there aren’t any things I want to specifically do while I’m 19. There are the same things I wanted to do when I was still 18 and there are some new things, but those have nothing to do with me turning 19. There are also no ’18 things I learned when I was 18′ because honestly, I didn’t learn much from being 18 lol. My 18th year was a good year and I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I wish I could write some inspiring, beautiful post, but alas earwax (I wasn’t the only one thinking that, right?).

I’m excited for everything that’s to come, but can I stay a teenager please?


Surely there are some of you out there who feel the same way about growing up right? And to those of you who have already ‘grown up’ (I’m a firm believer of always staying a child at heart), any advice? 


I’m An Adult Now, Adults Are Cool

My birthday was last Saturday, which means I’m now officially an adult. You know, in the Muggle world.

What saddens me the most that I’m no longer the dancing queen (young and sweet only seventeen! ♫).

Just kidding (not really).

To celebrate I went out with my mom and my ‘brother’ (I call him that because we’re like siblings, but he’s my brother from another mother haha) to finally buy a Macbook Pro! My old laptop was getting really old and slow. There were times in the past few months that I really thought it was done for, but thank God it pulled through, as I really needed it for school and hadn’t had money yet to buy a new laptop (and I wanted a Macbook, as they work with Apple at my new school, they’re good laptops and they’re light so I can travel with it). I’m not really done yet with putting all my old stuff on here, but so far I’m really happy with it! It’s fast and light, the Retina-display is gorgeous and the keyboard feels nice too. I also like how everything looks on here and I can’t wait to try out some of the programs and applications. I definitely recommend it!



In the evening we went to my favourite restaurant: A-Fusion. If you’re ever in Amsterdam and like Asian food, go there. We tried some new things, of which not everything was a succes, but oh my tempura prawn sushi *drools*. Definitely my favourite dish of the evening. Of course regular tempura prawns are delicious too, but I hadn’t tried the sushi yet! Also ice cream with Oreo cookies… I’m sorry if I’m making you hungry haha. They also have all kinds of bubble tea, but if you’re only interested in that there’s a bubble tea shop a few shops away, which I also recommend (Yoyo Fresh Tea Bar).


LOOK AT THE FOOD. Again I’m sorry if I’m making you hungry. Seriously, if you get the chance go to A-Fusion. Talking about A-Fusion like this makes me want to write posts about places you should visit in Amsterdam haha.

The next day we celebrated with close family and some friends of my mom who are like family as well. It was a fun afternoon/evening, with plenty of food (too much food, we have so many left overs. Anyone interested? Haha).

Selfie with my nephew haha

Sadly I don’t have any bookhauls to show you guys! *gasp* My mom is buying me something in America and except for an order on Hot Topic I haven’t had the chance to spend any birthday money yet. I might save it for America though. I’m not sure yet.

Once I’m back from America I’ll be celebrating with friends, as one of my friends has a testweek coming up next week I decided it would be better for everyone to celebrate later (as I still needed to regain energy after exams this last week haha).

Do any of you have a Macbook Pro? How do you like it? Any important tips I should know? Are you an ‘adult’ yet? The night before I was contemplating leaving the window open for Peter Pan, but I figured that the only things that would come in would be mosquitoes, so I decided against it.

– The Writing Hufflepuff

Ps. If you got the title: YAY.