Merry Christmas Eve Ya Beautiful Bloggers

First off: sorry for kinda disappearing without saying anything. I had to take care of a lot of things before I leave for Manchester* and I’ve been spending all of my free time writing. So that led to me neglecting my blog. But I didn’t want to skip today’s Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers, because it’s Christmas Eve!


I don’t know if I’ll have time to post a Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers tomorrow, so today’s definitely couldn’t be missed.

What isΒ Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In the spirit of Christmas I shall highlight some amazing bloggers during this month. As there’s no way I can fit all of them in one post, there will be multiple posts over the last few weeks of this year. This isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random. You can find the first highlighted bloggers here,Β here andΒ here.

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

πŸ’› Reads and talks about lots of great diverse books – even makes lists to make it easier to find certain kind of diverse books like her list of books with native/indigenous main characters
πŸ’› Has a feature called Diverse Book Bloggers Discuss in which diverse book bloggers guest blog on her blog
πŸ’› Writes great discussions



Lia @ Lost in a StoryΒ 

πŸ’› Aesthetic Queen
πŸ’› Great reviews
πŸ’› Besides books she also talks a lot about writing
πŸ’› Has a feature in which she highlights newbie bloggers
πŸ’› Really creative, like this really cool book tag she created




Vivian @ Writing With Style

πŸ’› Looking for a great writing blog? Look no further
πŸ’› Seriously Vivian has inspired me SO. MUCH.
πŸ’› One of my favourite writing posts of hers is about why you should go to a museum for your writing
πŸ’› Also talks about books of course!
πŸ’› Seriously creative blog posts





Smiling Dreamer

πŸ’› Look how cute her blog is!
πŸ’› Lifestyle blogger, so she pretty much blogs about everything: travel, shopping, photography, books… You’re bound to find something that interests you!
πŸ’› Always puts a smile on my face






Mikaela @ The Well-Thumbed Reader

πŸ’› Queen of Discussions
πŸ’› Seriously, she ALWAYS has a new interesting discussion post to read, I don’t know how she keeps getting so many good ideas for discussion posts!
πŸ’› Interesting posts about diversity
πŸ’› Also talks about blogging struggles




Jasmine @ It’s Simply Me, Jasmine

πŸ’› Another cute blog
πŸ’› Look at those graphics!
πŸ’› Personal posts which a lot of us can relate too
πŸ’› Talks about lots of different things, including books






That’s it for now! I still have more blogs to share, so look out for the next part. I’m not sure when that will be as I’m seriously busy right now, but I promise I’ll get to it eventually.

Anyway, it goes without saying, but check out these blogs if you don’t know them yet!

Do you follow any of these blogs?Β What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!*

* I’m lazy and unoriginal so I just keep on copying this from my previous posts

Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | More Blogs To Check Out

What isΒ Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In the spirit of Christmas I shall highlight some amazing bloggers during this month. As there’s no way I can fit all of them in one post, there will be multiple posts over the last few weeks of this year. This isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random. You can find the first highlighted bloggers here and here.

May @ Forever and Everly

πŸ’› Mango Queen
πŸ’› Aesthetic?? On POINT
πŸ’› Funny, relatable posts which are always a joy to read
πŸ’› Great writer (often shares snippets!)
πŸ’› Blogs about books, writing, blogging and mangoes (I mean she ain’t the Mango Queen for nothing)





Cait @ Paper Fury

πŸ’› Is there anyone in the book blogging community who doesn’t follow Cait??
πŸ’› Doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t get some love though,
because she DOES
πŸ’› Will probably rule over all of us one day and tbh I’m looking
forward to that
πŸ’› Absolutely hilarious
πŸ’› Writes book in like,, a day?? And now she’s going to be published
next year!!



Mel @ Daily Prophecy

πŸ’› Basically a Disney Princess
πŸ’› Love fairytales and fairytale retellings? Look no further
πŸ’› Dutch bookblogger
πŸ’› Look at that aesthetic??
πŸ’› So many Disney references






Victoria @ Doodles and ScrapsΒ 

πŸ’› Personal, thoughtful posts
πŸ’› But also books, movies, music etc
πŸ’› A cutie pie
πŸ’› Also has a youtube channel which proves even more so that she’s a cutie pieΒ 
πŸ’› I mean just look at that header?? That is so cute??





Holly @ Nut Free Nerd

πŸ’› Look at that cute blog design??
πŸ’› Will make you want to read all the classics
πŸ’› Lots of thoughtful reviews and bookish posts
πŸ’› Has a feature called ‘Feminist Fridays’ where she talks about feminists writers, texts and ideas





There you go, more blogs to check out if you haven’t yet! Part four should be up soon, but we’ll see as I’m a bit lazy. I blame the weather. All that cold and snow makes me want to curl up with a book instead of blog.

Do you follow any of these blogs?Β What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!*

* Haha yeah I copied this again. You might not have noticed if I hadn’t pointed this out… Oops

Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | Spreading More Blog Love

What isΒ Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In the spirit of Christmas I shall highlight some amazing bloggers during this month. As there’s no way I can fit all of them in one post, there will be multiple posts over the last few weeks of this year*. This isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random. You can find the first highlighted bloggers here

* last few weeks of w h a t

Yvo @ It’s All About Books

πŸ’› On hiatus right now, but still worth checking out
πŸ’› Reviews are short but to the point
πŸ’› Reads a LOT and from a lot of different genres, so it’s likely you’ll find something you’re interested in





Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages

πŸ’› Blogs about a bunch of different things, including books and fandom stuff
πŸ’› Very creative, like this DIY Galaxy Painting she made
πŸ’› Makes lovely playlists
πŸ’› Friendly Dinosaur





Elly @ A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts

πŸ’› Obviously I’d vouch for a Hufflepuff
πŸ’› Personal posts, but also books, beauty, playlists and other ramblingsπŸ’› Huge Dodie stan
πŸ’› Also cats
πŸ’› Blog’s design is just as cute as this bean



Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl

πŸ’› As her blog’s title suggests, is a huge fangirl
πŸ’› Β Super colourful design!
πŸ’› Β Aside from books, also talks a lot about manga and anime
πŸ’› Will talk about anything that she’s passionate about though, not just the former three





Analee @ Book Snacks

πŸ’› Pink aesthetic
πŸ’› Lots of fun, original posts
πŸ’› Lots of lists. Who doesn’t love lists??
πŸ’› Really funny and comes up with some really unique topics






Amy and Nikki @ Bursting with BooksΒ 

πŸ’› Nikki hasn’t posted in a while now and I haven’t been super active myself this year, so I might’ve missed if she quit blogging or is just on hiatus.Β Amy is still active though!
πŸ’› Really funny
πŸ’› I always feel like I can just feel their excitement through their posts




CΓ‘tia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much

πŸ’› I’m seriously in love with that header
πŸ’› If you love romance and new adult books, CΓ‘tia is your gal
πŸ’› Though she reads other genres and young adult too






Annemieke @ A Dance With Books

πŸ’› If you love fantasy (YA, adult, doesn’t matter), Annemieke is really the blogger for you
πŸ’› Also reads other genres and comics, but mostly fantasy
πŸ’› If you’re a Dutchie and are looking for more Dutch bloggers, look no furtherΒ 





Hopefully you’ve found some great new blogs to follow again! I meant to get this up on Saturday, but unlike Elsa the cold bothers me very much and I just stayed under my Eeyore blanket all day doing nothing*, but this week I’m hoping to get up another part, because otherwise I’ll never finish before 2018**. Though I guess if I really can’t make it I can just continue on in the new year***

* Well not NOTHING. I read. I looked at memes. I uh did other things?
** I know the feature is called MERRY CHRISTMAS but Christmas is the entire month so I still have those last days of December too

Do you follow these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!*

* Yes I copied this from my last post THIS IS MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT**
** See I’m a fast learner

Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers | Spreading The Blog Love

I can hear you thinking ‘Michelle it’s not Christmas yet??’ though on the other hand I know a lot of bloggers already yell ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’ November 1st so maybe not?

Anyway, I’ve decided that for this month I’d start a new feature/sort of campaign called: Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers, inspired by Home Alone. Well, the name is. Other than that it has nothing to do with Home Alone.

So whatΒ is Merry Christmas Ya Beautiful Bloggers?

In multiple posts this month, I shall highlight some amazing bloggers. I’ve been very hesitant to do this all year (I’ve thought of it multiple times) because I hate the idea of people feeling left out. Of course that’s going to happen anyway, but I still want to spread some love and introduce people to some blogs that they may not know. And maybe other people will pick this up and spread the love for bloggers I missed?

Also this isn’t limited to book bloggers and the order is completely random.

Anyway, what better time to do this than Christmas? Let’s spread some love

Eve @ Twist in the Taile

πŸ’› Smol lovely bean
πŸ’› Will make you want to read Les Mis
πŸ’› And watch all the musicals!!
πŸ’› Talks a lot about (web) comics too
πŸ’› Oh and podcasts too!!
πŸ’› Basically if you need musical, (web) comics, podcasts and book recs Eve is the person you’re looking for
πŸ’› Also talks/rants about school, LGBTQ+, feminism, politics, and other stuff
πŸ’› Oh and they make lovely playlists!!

Janet @ The Storyteller

πŸ’› Another lovely bean! Okay everyone’s a lovely bean
πŸ’› Writes about anything really
πŸ’› Books, feminism, politics, personal stuff, movies, travel, guides for uni, advice…
πŸ’› Anything really!
πŸ’› Basically writes very helpful posts!
πŸ’› Seriously her university posts are so helpful
πŸ’› Also has a Youtube channel


Elm @ Just Call Me Elm Or Something

πŸ’› Actual Queen??
πŸ’› Seriously Elm is at the TOP of the blogging game
πŸ’› Such a great writer (just read this poem)
πŸ’› So lovely!!
πŸ’› Writes very personal and relatable posts
πŸ’› Is hilarious

Aentee @ Read at Midnight

πŸ’› Actual Queen of Readathonsβ„’
πŸ’› I’m serious she came up with another great one??
πŸ’› Also AMAZING graphics
πŸ’› Also makes wallpapers!! Of books!!
πŸ’› Writes thoughtful reviews
πŸ’› Also has a BEAUTIFUL bookstagram




Kat @ Life and Other DisastersΒ 

πŸ’› Mostly talks about books, movies, tv and writing
πŸ’› Seriously if you’re looking for new tv shows and movies to watch: KAT’S YOUR GAL
πŸ’› Seriously she is on top of it all (or so it seems to me haha)
πŸ’› Went to Canada for 6 months, visited tv sets and met a bunch of actors which is so cool??
πŸ’› You can read her WIP Arcadia hereΒ so what are you waiting for?


Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

πŸ’› Will give you so. much. wanderlust
πŸ’› Shares her blogging wisdom in a regular feature
πŸ’› Regularly rants about blogging #relatable
πŸ’› All her posts are super relatable tbh
πŸ’› If you need contemporary recs Marie is your gal
πŸ’› Also fun posts about writing!
πŸ’› Is everywhere?? Seriously if I’m reading a post and am about to leave a comment there’s a good chance I’ll spot Marie among the comments

Amber @ The Literary Phoenix

πŸ’›Β Insightful, well-thought-out posts
πŸ’› Also original!
πŸ’› Like she creates her own book box ideas (she chooses items for them, but doesn’t actually make them. She does link everything so you could make the box yourself)
πŸ’› Like this one!
πŸ’› Shares a lot of less known books


Em @ Yellow’s The Word

πŸ’› First of all look at that aesthetic??
πŸ’› Blogs about a variety of things. Like personal stuff, school, feminism, politics, world affairs… You name it. Now she’s busy with Blogmas**
πŸ’› Very thoughtful and relatable posts
πŸ’› But there are also lots of fun, cute posts
πŸ’› Also blogs in French like whaaat?? #talented
πŸ’› Β Is no longer looking for Herman because Elly found him*

* One time Em wanted to expres her love for German, but accidentally wrote ‘I LOVE HERMAN’ and thus Herman and our search for her soulmate begun. But recently Elly found Herman in a book so now we only need to reunite them
** Sorry that this isn’t in chronological order but I don’t work in chronological order. ANYWAY I first typed Blogman so almost a new man in Em’s life was born

So that’s the first eight! I’m not sure how many posts there will be in total. At first I thought I’d do one post a week, but I quickly realised that would not be enough haha. We’ll see!

If these blogs sound like your cup of tea, please go show them some love!

Do you follow these blogs? What are some of your favourite blogs? What makes a blog a favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Blogger Positivity Campaign | Wrap Up

I kind of disappeared this week as I was just completely exhausted and even though I wanted to blog, I just couldn’t make myself. So instead I watched The Heirs haha (thanks Raisa for the recommendation!). Also before I start this post, I’d like to share last night’s dream with you guys. I was a talking giant panda with magical powers. Maybe deep down I wish I was a panda? I don’t know, but I was on a boat with my classmates and we were chased by some bad guys so I created a tsunami with my magical panda powers to get rid of them. Sadly that’s when I woke up.Β 



I can’t believe the campaign is over already! It went by so fast, but it was a lot of fun and I hope we all spread lots of love and positivity :)


  • The (book) blogging community is huge, there are so many blogs out there that I didn’t know about (and still don’t!) and they all deserve lots of love
  • Just stating ‘I love blog A’ can make someone’s day
  • Spreading positivity and love is really easy and doesn’t take long
  • I already loved the book blogging community, but this campaign showed how loving and positive our community is
  • If you want to join the (book) blogging community, just do so! We’ll welcome you with open arms


  • Spreading love and positivity
  • Meeting new bloggers!
  • Seeing how hard everyone who participated tried to be loving and positive
  • The topics! They were diverse and fun to write



Of course I have to mention Joan! I’m so happy I got to meet you through this campaign!

And of course Jillian herself, as this campaign wouldn’t even exist without her!



And that was The Blogger Positivity Campaign! Just because it’s over though, doesn’t mean we should stop spreading love and positivity :)


5 Blogs I Recently Fell in Love With


The Blogger Positivity Campaign is a campaign hosted by Jillian @Β Jillian’s BooksΒ to spread love and positivity among book blogs.

For this week’s post I will share 5 blogs that I recently discovered and fell in love with. Obviously I recommend you pay them all a visit (and of course follow them)

First up is Joan from Fiddler Blue. She is lovely (though everyone on this list is!), she had the AWESOME idea of us bloggers writing a story together which we’ll start soon (I CAN’T WAIT. If you’re interested, you can still join!) and she is just fun to talk to!

Next is Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books, who has written hilarious posts about NaNoWriMo and uses great gifs. Of course not only her NaNoWriMo posts are great, the others are too!

Ms. Sassy from Sass and Sauce is as her name suggests, sassy. Her posts areΒ hilariousΒ and will definitely make you laugh. I suggest you read the post about MinMin the cat.

Sabrina from Books and Barks has a gorgeous blog design and doesn’t just talk about books. She has also written an excellent post about Doctor Who season 8 that I strongly agree with and other fandom related posts.

And last but not least I haven’t been following the lovely Jillian herself for that long! Of course she is awesome for starting this amazing campaign, but she also seems like a genuinely nice person. I also love her blog design and graphics, and of course her posts are fun to read (but everyone’s post on this list are).

So now you have five new blog recommendations! (unless you were already following them of course). GO CHECK THEM OUT.Β 


BPC: Things I Love About The Book Blogging Community


The Blogger Positivity Campaign is a campaign hosted by Jillian @ Jillian’s Books to spread love and positivity among book blogs.

When I first started a (book) blog last year, I didn’t even know about this amazing community that existed. Now, I can’t imagine not being a part of of the (book) blogging community and not being friends with all the amazing people I’ve met so far. So here’s a list of what I love about our community.

(Almost) everyone is super nice, supportive and chatty

I personally haven’t met a rude and/or mean person in the book blogging community yet, but sadly they’re probably out there. But the majority really is nice, supportive and chatty. Siriusly, if you’re relatively new to the (book) blogging community, don’t be afraid to talk to people! In my experience everyone wants to talk and I personally get all happy and giddy and giggly when people approach me. When you’re not feeling well, for WHATEVER reason, people in this community will be there for you, support you and comfort you. In my experience, most of us will always be there for you and will tell you that you can always talk to us. We all worry about each other and it feels like we have this big family in our little corner of the internet.

On that note, making so many new friends!

I do hope that our friendships willΒ actuallyΒ last forever unlike Tod and Copper’s friendship

Since everyone is so nice, supportive and chatty, and you already have one interest in common (spoiler: books) it’s actually quite easy to make friends! Not to mention whatΒ kind of friends (another spoiler:Β amazing ones)

Having people to fangirl about books with

I think a lot of us started a book blog because we didn’t know that many people that loved books as much as we did, so finding a community that shares your love for books is amazing. I know there’s always someone I can discuss my newest read with. If you want to fangirl, the book community is the place for you.

The book blogger community won’t judge you for having a harem of book boyfriends/girlfriends

I mean, most of us have a ton of book bfs/gfs, so it’s not likely you’ll get judged! The book blogger community understands that guys in fiction are so much better.

Waiting for new releases is much more bearable when you’re waiting together

Let’s face it, waiting for new releases will never be completely bearable, but being able to talk about the agony and your predictions and such with others does make the wait seem a little less longer (okay that’s a lie, but you’ll feel understood and talking about books is always fun!)

And 243247365 other things but 5 is a nice number plus I’m lazy (which is nothing new). What things do YOU love about the book blogger community?Β 


The Blogger Positivity Campaign: Introduction Post


So Jillian from Jillian’s Books had the AMAZING idea to spread the love among bloggers through this wonderful campaign. For the next four weeks there will be a post on Friday spreading the positivity on all the participating blogs. You can never have to much love and positivity going around the blogosphere, so of course I signed up! :)

Introduce yourself and your blog

As most of you know I’m Michelle! I’m a Hufflepuff (even if you’re new, I’m sure you guessed that haha), 18 years old and currently studying journalism. It’s my dream to one day become a bestselling author, but I also want to make a difference in the world.

The Writing Hufflepuff is mostly a book and writing blog and was founded on June 30th 2014! I also sometimes post about other things that interest me and personal things, but since reading and writing are such a big part of my life they pretty much dominate this blog!

Where do you blog from?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands! Yes, the city where everyone is constantly on drugs *sarcasm* or at least according to Fox News (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here. It’sΒ hilarious).Β 

But siriusly, Amsterdam does have its faults of course, it’s nowhere near perfect (no city is), but um. It’sΒ nothing like what they’re saying in the video (until actual facts show up, but those aren’t from Fox, but from the guy who made the video and put it on Youtube I believe)

Who or what made you the reader you are today?

Honestly? I don’t know! I’ve been reading ever since I remember and before that I was read to.

Who or what made you decide to create a book blog?

I had never really read a book blog before I created my own (I had never found one somehow! Which is crazy since there are so many), which was on a whim. When I started my blog I didn’t even really know what I was going to blog about, but it became a book and writing blog pretty quickly!

What are your thoughts on the blogosphere today?

I love it! I’ve made so many friends and everyone I’ve met so far is so lovely and caring. I feel so lucky to have met you all (though of course I haven’t met everyone yet!)

5 random facts about you?

  1. I’m terrible at thinking up facts
  2. I’ve used above fact as a fact before and am ALWAYS tempted to use it again
  3. I’m really tired at the moment, though I don’t know why (I can hear my mom explaining it in my mind haha. To sum her explanation up in one word: school)
  4. I’m wearing a donkey onesie at the moment

5 favourite books you’ve read and loved?


No but seriously I don’t even have 5 favourite books read this year alone, how am I going to pick just five, out of all the books I’ve ever read?! Fine, I will try

  1. Harry Potter (bet no one saw that one coming *cough cough*
  2. Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus (THIS IS NOT CHEATING NOPE NOPE)
  3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  4. The Book Thief
  5. Made You Up


5 favourite book bloggers

Okay, I can’t listΒ five favourite book bloggers, because I have so many more. I mean, this whole campaign is about spreading love and positivity, so I want all my favourite (book) bloggers to know they’re among my favourites!Β Though listing them scares me, because I’m afraid I’ll forget someone and that makes me feel awful.


Aentee @ Read at Midnight |Β Alex @ Alex Raphael | Alexandra @ Twirling Pages |Β Alyssa @ The Ramblings of a Literature NerdΒ | Amy and Nikki @ Every Book You Need to Read and More | Anne @ The Life of a Secret Girl | Audrey @ Forwards and Bookwords |Β Bridget @ Stay and Watch the Stars | Cait @ Paper Fury |Β Caitlin @ A Little Daydreamer | Cassie @ The Magical Adventures of Cassie the Weird | Christina @ My Tiny Obsessions |Β Cora @ Smalltown BookwormΒ | Elly @ A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts | Emily @ Loony Literate |Β Erin @ Serenity BooksΒ | Eve @ Twist in the Taile | Evi @ Adventuring Through the PagesΒ | Fantasy Angel @ Avid Reader | Holly @ Nut Free Nerd | leannaatc @ Short Story Long |Β Janet @ The Storyteller | Jenny @ Jenny in Neverland | Josie @ Josie’s Book Corner | Kayleigh @ Miserable and Magical | Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer | Kira @ Delirious Dreams | Mel @ The Daily Prophecy |Β Nirvana @ Quenching the QuillΒ | Sam @ A Blast of Random | Samantha @ Reed’s Reads and Reviews |Β Sydney @ Love, Sydney | Yvo @ It’s All About Books

I’m really excited about this campaign and can’t wait to write the other posts! Are you participating?Β