Goals for 2017 (Which I’ll Probably Fail At *cue maniacal laughter*)

Welp look at that negativity. I like to see it as realism though. Looking at the goals I set for myself in 2015 and 2016 and how many I failed at… Oh well, I still think it’s fun to set myself goals and it means I can make lists!!

As I’ve said in my December wrap up I’m no longer setting any reading goals for myself except for the Goodreads one (I’m once again aiming for 100 books), because at some point I forget about them anyway and it put too much pressure on me. Of course there’s a high chance that somewhere during the year I change my mind when I find a fun challenge to join haha.

So what goals am I setting for myself?


  • Like last year, I’m setting up the goal of: just write 
  • Work on my grandfather’s biography
  • Work on all my outlines
  • Finish at least one of my WIPs
  • Maybe start the Young Writers Chat again


  • Change my layout – I don’t think I’ll change my theme and I’m happy with my graphics, but I want my blog to be more colourful
  • Try to blog regularly again
  • Catch up on reviews
  • Catch up on tags
  • Become the Scheduling Queen™ I used to be again
  • Catch up on blogposts I need to read
  • Follow more blogs
  • Become more active in the blogging community again

I’ll probably come up with more goals throughout the year (though I hope not since I might not even complete these haha). So uh wish me luck?

What are your goals for this year? Are you setting yourself any reading goals? Let me know in the comments!


2016 Blogging and Writing Goals

I previously wrote a post about my reading goals, now it’s time to do a post about my blogging and writing goals!


  • Change my theme – I’m getting a bit bored of the one I have
  • Keep up posting a Discussing Hufflepuff every month – I love writing these, but sometimes I forget
  • Post a Blogsterdam every month – uh, I haven’t posted one yet this month and I probably won’t. This will change in 2016. I will post one every month! (I really hope this sentence won’t come back to bite me in the ass)
  • Be more active on Twitter – I love talking to everyone on Twitter, but after a busy schoolday, even when I don’t have any homework or studying to do, I’m just too tired! I want to be more active though!
  • Be more active on Instagram – Meaning not only post more, but also comment more!
  • Write the last two posts about my trip to America – I can’t believe I haven’t written these yet
  • Bring back the writing prompts I used to do – Someone mentioned in my survey that they missed these, and I missed doing them! I already have a great idea for one, but for some reason (read: forgetfulness, laziness, procrastination) I haven’t done it yet
  • Edit old posts – I’ve seen typos guys *shudder*. Plus there are posts that I want to change to my current format so that it will all match! Needless to say this will happen after my theme change! Otherwise I’ll have to start all over again
  • Schedule posts before school starts – I used to be a pro at scheduling posts. I’d like to be one again haha


  • Finish The Army of Quermo – This was a goal for this year too, but first of all I was an idiot for thinking I could do this being in my senior year. Exams were way too stressful and exhausting and even though I had a long Summer, I was too exhausted to write most of the time. When Summer was over, I started at a new school and my first term was incredibly busy (which you may have noticed as I barely posted), so I’m not surprised I didn’t accomplish this. Second, I decided to write in English halfway through the year so I had to translate everything I had written so far
  • Finish interviewing my grandfather for his biography – Um, another goal from this year. Woops. My grandfather has a lot of stories to tell. Also see the above point. Exams. Stress. Exhaustion.
  • Write more in general – After writing a few short stories this year I realised how much I missed writing those!
  • Work on another project that I’ve never talked about on here – Very vague, much mysterious (sorry not sorry for this). I’m very passionate about this and I’m scared that someone will steal my idea (not any of my followers, I trust you guys with all my heart! ❤ But anyone can find this blog and sadly there are people who will gladly steal other people’s work)

So these are my goals for next year! I’m curious to see how well I’ll do haha. Do you have any goals for next year? Let me know in the comments!



Post Exam Blogging Goals

As my exams are drawing closer, so is my freedom.

Not yet Dobby, not yet. But soon…

With that freedom, comes a lot of time to spend at this blog! After my exams I’ll probably sleep/watch Disney/read first, as I’ll probably be too exhausted to blog. Once I’m full of energy though, I plan to put a lot of time in this blog. I thought I’d share my goals with you, as I feel more pressured to actually do this stuff if I wrote it down and shared it with you guys.

  • A new lay out. I do quite like the one I currently have, at least more than I liked my previous one. It’s still not right though, but I just haven’t had the time yet.
  • More photography. I want to take more pictures myself to use on this blog, mainly of books. I like taking photos and I feel my blog will be more original if I use my own photography! Usually I’m just too lazy unless it’s for a wrap up post, but I want to change that.
  • Update my pages. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my reviews page for example, and I’m just not in the mood to do it right now. I also want to update my about me page (I just don’t seem to get that one right. I’m never fully satisfied with it) and I want a review policy page.
  • Clean my categories/tags.
  • Find out a way to get my Goodreads Challenge widget to update automatically. Any tips?
  • Maybe think up a blogging schedule.
  • Get more posts scheduled again! Right now I have nothing scheduled, only some Liebster Award posts as drafts (ready to publish once I don’t have time to blog anymore, which is soon *shudder*).
  • Post my reviews on Goodreads. I’m not sure if I’ll post the entire review or just a snippet with a link to my review on the blog. What do you guys think?
  • Write more discussion posts. I like doing these, but right now I don’t have that much time for them. I hope to do them more after my exams!
  • Write more about writing. I’ve been kind of neglecting my writing posts, but that will hopefully change after my exams.
  • Change my review format. I’m not entirely sure how yet.

So these are my goals for now. I might update it later on, but we’ll see. Do you have any blogging goals right now?

– The Writing Hufflepuff