My Love For Disney Descendants Is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I absolutely love Disney Descendants. No, scratch that. I think I’m obsessed.

If you’re not familiar with this new Disney film, it’s about the children of four Disney Villains: Mal daughter of Maleficent, Evie daughter of the Evil Queen, Carlos son of Cruella de Vil and Jay son of Jafar. 20 years before the start of the film King Beast banned all the villains from Auradon (all the kingdoms combined into one kingdom) to the Isle of the Lost. His son Ben thinks this is unfair to the kids, who can’t me blamed for their parent’s crimes and thus decides that his first decree as king (his coronation is soon) is to let the children of the villains come to Auradon and get a second chance. As a trial he chooses our four protagonists to attend Auradon Prep.

Now, I may have had an advantage since I’ve read The Isle of the Lostย (click for review) as it explains why Ben is coronated, how he gets the idea of his decree, how the protagonists became friends and I had already gotten to know the characters and fallen in love with them. I don’t think it’s really necessary to read this prequel, as they never mentioned the events of the novel.

Like I said, I had already fallen in love with the characters during the book, but I think the actors portrayal’s made me fall even more in love with them. They all had great chemistry between them, though I do wish we had seen more of Mal and Jay, as they had been friends before the beginning of the novel. But we did see more of Mal/Evie and Jay/Carlos which we didn’t really see in the book!

Ben was even cuter in the film than in the book, but that might have had to do with Mitchell Hope haha.

His relationship with a certain someone (I don’t want to spoil anything) was ADORABLE. I already shipped them in the book (they hadn’t even met), but I shipped them 10000000x more during the film.

Mal was my favourite character in the book, and she remained so during the film.

Look at this cute little ‘villain’

Also look at these two relatable gifs. I mean, everyone loves food right?


Also look #SquadGoals:

Blog Squad if we ever meet in real life, we need to do a slow mo walk shot haha.

We got to know a lot more kids from the Heroes than we did in the book, where we only met Ben and Audrey, who didn’t play such big roles but were still fun to watch. I did have a problem with the portrayal of the Villains in the film and in the book. Especially Maleficent was written differently. She made a lot of jokes and laughed a lot in the film, while in the book she was more serious? I wonder how much information they gave Melissa de la Cruz, as there were a few other differences between book and film, but they were small so I don’t mind. And obviously I’m not going to criticise the film for this! I did love Maleficent’s portrayal. Of course this is nothing like the original Maleficent, but I still adored it. I’m all for different portrayals!

Also thanks again Disney for once again giving me unrealistic expectations of men. I now want a guy to sing ‘Did I Mention’ to me haha.

Descendants is a fun, cute movie with a great soundtrack (which I’m listening over and over again to), a great message (don’t let someone’s background define them, everyone deserves second chances etc.), there are several POC’s and I laughed out loud quite few times. I know a lot of people have criticised their cover of Be Our Guest, but the rest of the soundtrack is a lot better (though I quite like the cover and just don’t compare it to the original). I also know there are people who hate the costumes, but I loved them (COSPLAY IDEAS). I just really love this film, guys. And I don’t care what the haters say!

They have already announced animated shorts (Wicked World) which I’m excited for and I’m not so patiently waiting for an announcement of the sequel (like not patiently at all. GIMME NOW).

Have you seen Descendants yet? Are you as obsessed as I am? And tell me about your ships!! And your favourite songs and just share your love with me if you love it just like I do haha.