Review: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles – Character Guide 2

Tsubasa guide

You may remember me telling you guys why you should read Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, today I’ll review the second character guide. I don’t have the first one, but one day I will.

When you open the guide you find some gorgeous coloured illustrations:

After that the guide looks back on what the gang has been doing so far, but this doesn’t add much. If you’ve read the manga, it’s nothing you didn’t already know.

Then the real fun begins, with a quiz that determines which character you are and in which country you should live!

I got Kurogane: a strong guy who’s kinder than you think. The people around you always rely on you. On the outside you seem cool and collected (hardly lol), but inside you’re very kind (on the outside too?). Your shyness is one of the charming things about you (good to know haha). I do relate to Kurogane at times, so I guess it’s pretty accurate (I don’t want to fight all the time though).

The country I got was the Country of Recort: a country overflowing with mysterious power. If you like fantasy (YES I DO), how about this mysterious country? It has schools that teach magic (YES PLEASE), and it’s central library has more books than anyone can read in a single lifetime! (*drools*). Okay so I’ve got to pack my bags to move to my new home guys. I don’t know if I’ll have wifi, but at least I’ll have plenty to read.

The character files after that are a bit disappointing. I thought they’d tell us something we didn’t know already, but it’s basically what they have done so far and they just point out the obvious personality traits we’ve already seen in the manga. I did love seeing some of Mokona’s special techniques on one page! (though it’s far from complete haha).

There are more pages than this dedicated to one character

Hey, that stats thing looks familiar…

So basically they are all Pokémon…

Thankfully the world guide that follows is a lot more interesting, with tidbits of information that I didn’t know yet! (of course it could be that I’ve already forgotten haha).

Throughout the guide there are ‘Tsubasa Mini Reports’ which look at the top 5 nicknames Fai most uses for Kurogane, the funniest scenes, romantic scenes etc. I really loved these! My favourite was the ‘angry scenes collection’ where they showed some of the scenes Kurogane lost his temper and his percentage of anger haha (I forgot to take pictures and now it’s already too dark outside. Of course I can take them later since I’ll schedule this post, but I’ll probably forget)

There’s also an interview with CLAMP which was fun to read, plus an interview between Mokona (one of CLAMP’s members) and Takao Yaguchi, who is her favourite mangaka. She gave some pretty good advice to all of us fans out there: ‘I didn’t get a very big allowance, and I couldn’t afford to buy the manga. So what I did was introduce it to my father and get him hooked, so that he would buy the manga.’ So if you don’t have enough money, get your parents interested in the book/manga/show/film/game etc. so they will buy it for you.

She also said that she and the other members fight about things like who ate the last cake haha.

Of course it also includes a bonus manga, which is very short but adorable.

The rest of the book contains a fashion check in which one of the editors of the magazine Vivi talks about the fashion style of the characters, the results of some polls, a Q&A with Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona (Mokona’s answers are adorable and hilarious: ‘Mokona is a genius!’ Where can I order Mokona, thank you (a live one, I have a plush haha)), concept art, a quiz (I’m a die-hard Tsubasa fan) and a few more fun little things.

While some things were a bit disappointing, it’s definitely a fun read for any fan of the manga!

Have you read this character guide yet? Or maybe one of the others? (I need to get my hands on them *grabby hands*