Christmas 2015

Ah such an original title. Fun fact: I first typed 2016. YES I’M SECRETLY FROM THE FUTURE BUT I MUST KEEP THIS A SECRET. Which I just failed to do. Um. I’M JUST JOKING I’M NOT FROM THE FUTURE.

Anyway! I’ll start with the promised pictures of our Christmas tree, because a Christmas tree is the start of it all! At least it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until our tree is up.

Under our tree we have my Christmas themed plushies haha. The hamsters are new (they’re the mascots for one of our biggest supermarket chains) but all the others were collected over the years. I think you can see the theme haha.

Here’s a picture of our entire tree plus the presents for my mom, grandfather, me and the people we got for Secret Santa. You can’t see the topper in this picture, but we want a new one anyway as it doesn’t go with the rest of the tree anymore.

The angel in the top right corner was made by me when I was little haha. It’s been a part of the tree ever since. Also, take a good look at Aurora. She seems to be missing something… Like part of a limp.

Of course I looked forward to Christmas because it meant spending time with my family (except for my mom and grandfather I don’t see the others that often!) but… I was also really excited because I could wear my Weasley jumper (not that I haven’t worn it already, but it feels so much more magical to wear it on Christmas itself haha).


We spent Christmas at my aunt’s, where we had lots of food (I really shouldn’t have eaten that much chocolate before dinner…), laughed a lot and of course opened presents. My six-year old cousin received all this stuff so he could be a knight (another sword, a shield and a helmet) so naturally I found myself sword fighting later on. If he had had a real sword I would be missing my hand now, let’s leave it at that haha. My mom was the victim later on, and he promised her he would bring his swords at New Years Eve so they can fight again (if he challenges me I shall bring out my wand. Just kidding, I’ll remind him how good my mom is. I’d like to keep my hand, thank you).

I got books (no surprise there). And some other book-related goodies.

The books I got are: A Thousand Nights, The Ask and the Answer, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Shatter Me and Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda. All in all I’m a happy bookworm! I also got sticky notes, new bookmarks and a mug.

I had to hold a photoshoot with A Thousand Nights though, because LOOK HOW GORGEOUS IT IS.

I hope the story itself is just as beautiful!

Before dinner my cousin was really hyperactive. At some point he claimed that we had to hide (‘Nah, I don’t have to. You go hide.’) which resulted in this gem:

If you can’t see him, you might have to zoom in haha. You may think he was that hyper because of the presents awaiting him, but nope, at this point we had already opened them!

We also held a photoshoot with him as a photographer (he refused to be in a picture himself). Though eventually my fabulous pose must have inspired him because he asked me to take a picture of him.

Then it was finally time for dinner (this is making me hungry – doesn’t help that it’s dinner time as I’m writing this). LOOK AT THOSE SHRIMP. Shrimp are very popular in our family. I feel like we all have some kind of obsession with them haha. This may not look like a lot to some of you, but there are only seven of us, and my six-year old cousin and grandfather don’t eat that much. Plus this picture is without desert. We had homemade ‘koekjespudding’ (I couldn’t find a translation, but literally it means ‘cookies pudding’).
My cousin actually wanted to play hide-and-seek after dinner, but I was too full to move. So that’s when my mom became his next sword-fighting victim haha. Lucky for her, my cousin had to go home so he could go to bed on time (seriously, he wasn’t even tired when they left. HOW. He was just a ball of energy throughout the entire evening).

So that was my day! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Let me know in the comments how your Christmas was! 



The Weekly Hufflepuff #16



I’ve been admiring and worshipping the illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (and reading it too of course). Expect a review soon!


I really need to write down all the things that I want to mention here because apparently I have a terrible memory (Edit: hey look, I remembered quite a bit!)

I’m not sure how I feel about the Once Upon a Time midseason finale. I have very mixed feelings about it. BUT HEY (minor spoiler in white. If you’ve kept up with casting news it’s not a spoiler at all even if you haven’t seen the finale yet): WE’RE THEY’RE GOING TO THE UNDERWORLD AND I LOVE THE UNDERWORLD AND HERC AND MEG AND HADES THEY BETTER NOT SCREW THIS UP (though I’m not sure how I feel about the casting of Herc and Meg)


I started watching The Heirs (Korean drama) this week and I’m quite addicted. I’ll probably write a post about it during my Christmas break.

I visited my grandpa today (which is nothing new
as I visit him every Sunday unless I’m ill/have exams for example) BUT ON MY WAY HOME I PASSED A PUG AND WE STARED AT EACH OTHER AND I SWEAR THERE WAS A CONNECTION. Me @ pug:

I swear I mentally squealed

Also I’ve started wearing hats this week (I know this is not very interesting but the next bit is): I was wearing my Pikachu hat and I passed two dogs who both aggressively barked at me. Is it the Pikachu hat?? Do they hate Pikachu?? What has Pikachu done to them??

If you missed yesterday’s posts (I don’t know in which one I mentioned it): I had a funny dream Saturday night. I dreamed that I was a talking panda with magical powers. I was on a boat with my classmates and we were being chased by some bad guys. I stopped them by creating a tsunami with my panda powers.

WE PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE THIS WEEK. I’ll take some better pictures later this week. Mainly of my new Disney ornaments I got this year that are GORGEOUS


An excerpt of The Hidden Oracle (book one in The Trials of Apollo, a new series by Uncle Rick which will be published next frickin’ year) was released. Read it here, you won’t regret it. I’m SO EXCITED. Way more excited than I am for Magnus Chase’s sequel (just realised I still haven’t posted my review…)

what I posted-2

Not much. I wanted to blog more, but I was so exhausted. There are so many posts I still want to post this month, I might have to post twice a day during my break to do so.


I’m once again behind on reading blogs… Oh well! I try to keep the amount of posts in my Bloglovin feed beneath 100. Here are some of the posts I liked this week:

And that’s a wrap! How was your week? What have you been reading? Are you all set for Christmas yet? I’m not! But that’s what Christmas break is for, right?