High School Basketball Team Trying To Live During the Zombie Apocalypse A.K.A Why You Should Read Shoot Around

Man that is a long title

I’ve wanted to write this post basically ever since I started obsessing over reading this webcomic, but for some reason I just didn’t get around it. So what is Shoot Around? Here’s the summary from the artist:

When a zombie apocalypse hits during the practice of a high school basketball team, it’s a whole new life for the coach, Jeff. The world’s turned upside down and the girls seem to be handling the changes way better than Jeff, who has troubles adjusting. A close-knit group of friends, the girls are eager to tackle this new world with its challenges!

Now that you know what it is, why should you read it?


I mean yeah, it’s about surviving too because they have to fight off zombies all the time, but the comic focusses more on living during a zombie apocalypse than surviving it, which is really cool. It’s about the girls and their relationships with each other, their coach and the supporting characters. It just so happens that there are zombies here and there and that the world isn’t such a happy place anymore.


Out of the seven main characters, only one of them is white. One of them is transgender, and only one of them is supposedly straight (I mean right now she has a possible male love interest but who knows what happens in future comics). And that’s just the main cast. IT’S GREAT. Though the romances are not always that great. Some are ADORABLE and OTP-worthy, but others will break your heart into tiny little pieces for the girls to play basketball with


Speaking of the cast, I love them all and they’re all my precious babies. No one hurt them. I will fight zombies for them. I shall protect them.


Like seriously these girls guys. The zombies attacked and they just took care of them. Were they terrified and stressed? Yes. Did they and do they still kick ass? Yes


Seriously the humour is so good. Suspu (the artist/author) easily goes from a serious to a light moment, without it feeling off. I’ve laughed out loud so many times. And it’s not just the dialogue, it’s the expressions drawn as well.


God guys I just want to rave about it all BUT SPOILERS. It’s just so good. I read all the chapters that were out back then in like a day. And I’m so devastated that I now have to wait every week (though of course it’s also great because it means I have something to look forward to


If zombie stories are usually not your thing, don’t worry. It’s not about the zombies like I said in my first point. It’s about the girls. It’s also not that gruesome, so don’t worry about that! The art is actually quite cute for a story with zombies haha (though the zombies are not cute of course).


Please please please read it either on the Webtoon site or the app (seriously recommend the app). Don’t read it on other websites and support the amazing Suspu okay? I mean it won’t cost you anything! But it does mean the artist gets paid

So are you reading this amazing Webtoon? Seriously I’m reading quite a lot, but this one is my ultimate fave so if you’re not *nudges you* GO READ IT. Do you read any other online comics? Let me know in the comments!