Dashing Through The Snow Tag

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Thank you Kat for tagging me for the Dashing Through the Snow tag! Last summer I was tagged to do a Summer tag, but I never got to it. I figured I should do this one immediately before Winter is over too haha. Besides, there are some Christmas related questions that I want to answer before Christmas. (I will do that Summer tag eventually, maybe in Spring, definitely before Summer 2016 is over though haha)


  • Thank the curator
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Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree!

There are a lot of books I’d love to see under our Christmas tree (I am a bookworm after all), but there are two (yeah I’m going to cheat) books I really want:

A book you’ll be reading during the Christmas Season!

The Christmas Season has already started and I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone illustrated, which is a perfect Christmas read~

Favourite Christmas Movie?

Okay maybe I’m biased because KATIE MCGRATH but I really love this film. It’s a bit underrated, but it’s so cute and fun; it just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

4. Do you like snow?

Yes and no. Like Kat I love untouched, white snow, but it quickly turns to grey/brown mud here and I definitely don’t love going outside when it has snowed. It’s tiring to walk through the snow and my feet will freeze. I’m not into snowball fights and building snowmen (sorry Anna) anymore, but I do love looking out at the snow with a hot tea or chocolate in my hands!

5. Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas day with!

The Weasleys! Okay so the question says ‘a character’, but

6. To give or to receive?

Both! I love picking out gifts and seeing people open them (it’s so hard for me to keep it a secret though. I’m often so excited that my mom has to tell me to keep my mouth shut because she doesn’t want to know), but of course I also love receiving gifts. Who doesn’t?

7. What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?

I’m going to very predictable

Hogwarts of course!

8. Fondest Christmas memory?

I always black out when someone asks me for my favourite memory. I just love all the moments spend with my family!

9. Can you say Christmas tree ten times FAST  in a row (pronouncing it correctly!)

Nope! I tried but at the fifth time I sad ‘Christmas tea’ instead!

I’m tagging:

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What is YOUR favourite Christmas movie? Can you say Christmas tree ten times? Let me know in the comments!