The Weekly Hufflepuff #39

I can’t believe time is flying by THIS fast. I only have a month of vacation left, and while I’m excited  to go back to school, I’m also not excited about how busy I’ll be, the amount of stress and the lack of sleep. Anyway, let’s start this wrap up!


I FINALLY finished Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm. I thought I had started it this year, but apparently it was September 2015? I’m really bad at reading short stories guys. I have a post about it coming up this week. I also finished Anne of Green Gables. It took me a while since I found the beginning a bit slow and boring, but once I got into it I flew through it. Then today I started and finished The Hero, The Sword and Dragons, which was really bad. But hey, at least there were dragons.


This was a pretty relaxing week; I don’t even really remember what I really did? I did get a lot of blogging done: I posted every day this week and have three scheduled for the next! I need to start focussing on scheduling posts for September though. I went to Primark with my mom and a friend of hers, where I bought a beautiful Harry Potter duvet, a cute Chesire Cat tank top and lots of cute socks. I also caught quite a few Pokemon: even an Abra which really surprised me. I thought it would teleport away immediately.

Because I’ve been so busy blogging, I’m super behind on all my tv shows, so I don’t have anything to rant/fangirl about. I’m going out with a friend this week and we’re probably going to eat donuts (she talked about a new donut shop and she sounded really excited about it haha).

Basically a very relaxing week. Oh be sure to follow me on Twitter to see my legacy though

And there are more (I need help this has become an addiction)

what I posted-2


I’m pretty much all caught up guys! There are a few posts left posted throughout the weekend, but other than that I’m good

And that’s a wrap! How has your week been? And how do you feel about flower crowns? Let me know in the comments!