Why You Should Watch Disney Descendants

If you followed me back in 2015 or if you happened to stumble upon it, you may have seen my post on Disney Descendants. With the sequel FINALLY being out, my love/obsession has started again and I wanted to talk about why I love it so much and why YOU should give it a chance too.

If you’re not familiar with Descendants, it’s a movie franchise in which all the Disney Villains were sent to the Isle of the Lost, where they’re pretty much prisoners. Their kids never got a chance to prove that they’re different than their parents, and only did what they had to do to survive, thus resorting to villainous ways. The first movie follows Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos, the children of Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella de Vill, who are invited to come to Auradon (where all the heroes live) for a ‘second’ chance (I mean they never got a first chance either since they’re being punished for their parents’ actions). This is all set up by Ben, the son of Belle and Adam. The four kids have to attend Auradon prep, where they meet many more kids of the good Disney characters.

So it’s basically fan fiction, except it’s from Disney and Dove Cameron, who plays Mal, said they told her it’s canon. So it’s like The Cursed Child except no one accepts that as canon

Why I love it and why you should give it a chance

Because I said so

💛 DIVERSE CAST! Out of the four original villain kids, only Mal is white. While Jay being the son of Jafar makes sense for him to not be white (or they’d be whitewashing), they didn’t have to cast Sofia Carson, who is Columbian-American, and Cameron Boyce, who’s half black. The Evil Queen is played by a Lebanese-American actress (though I’m a bit disappointed that she isn’t Columbian like Sofia, most movies would’ve gone with a white actress) and Cruella de Vill is black. In the sequel Uma, the daughter of Ursula, plays a big role (and it’s pretty obvious that she’ll return for the third movie), and is played by China Anne McClain who is black. Besides the main characters there is diversity among the supporting and background characters as well. Like Lonnie, the daughter of Mulan (who plays a bigger role in the sequel and just shines) and Audrey, the daughter of Aurora and Philip, is half-Mexican.

💛 FRIENDSHIP! Friendship between girls, friendship between boys, friendship between girls and boys – ALL THE FRIENDSHIP. Mal and Evie love each other so much, they have each others backs and would do anything for each other. They just want what’s best for each other and are never mean to each other. Sure, I ship them romantically (especially after that sequel y’all that was so gay) but I absolutely appreciate and love their friendship.

Jay and Carlos also have a positive relationship (okay I ship them romantically too but I have a lot of ships in this franchise okay), just having fun, supporting each other, having each other’s backs, believe in each other etc.
The four kids are best friends and would risk everything for each other. In the second movie Carlos calls it out that Mal and Evie always leave them and have their ‘girl talk’ and instead they all talk to each other and just mdfsdbg friendship
And the boys are also just supporting and caring towards the girls too they’re just one big happy family guys it’s beautiful

💛 BOYS SHOWING EMOTION. There are multiple moments where Jay and Carlos are not afraid to show that they’re upset and hurt. It breaks my heart but it also my makes me really happy because so many little boys watching Disney Channel can see that there’s nothing wrong with showing emotion


💛 FEMINISM. There are lots of amazing female characters in these movies, who take the spotlight, kick ass, are smart and talented, support each other, lead pirate crews etc. One of my favourite moments is when Mal tells Evie that she doesn’t have to play dumb to get a guy and that’s she’s so smart. There are so many great rolemodels and important messages for young girls watching these movies and it makes me so happy

💛 THE SOUNDTRACK IS SO GOOD. Look, I loved the first movie’s soundtrack, but the sequel’s??? It’s so good?? Oh did I mention yet this is a musical franchise (directed by the one and only Kenny Ortega from High School Musical but it’s better than HSM please don’t hurt me) because it is and the songs are SO GOOD. AND THE CHOREOGRAPHY. JUST EVERYTHING. Also the sequel has it’s own Gotta Go My Own Way except it’s better because it’s between two girls (not to get your hopes up, they don’t end up together. Not in this one anyway. We can remain hopeful)

💛 IT’S FUN!  I mean it takes place in one of my favourite universes, aka the Disney one. There are so many of my favourite characters, their children, references and everything. Also it’s a musical. Musicals are fun

💛 THE CHARACTERS DUH. Characters can make or break something for me, and I love all my children so much. The villain kids have been through so much, being abused by their parents and being prisoners for something they didn’t even do. They’re all broken but they’re still so pure?? Like they can keep saying ‘we’re rotten to the core’ but they ain’t fooling anyone.
Then there’s Ben who’s just a pure cinnamon roll who needs to protected at all costs and just does his best™, Lonnie aka the love of my life who’s just as kickass as her mom and I love how her arc in the sequel paralleled her mom’s story, Uma who has taken all these poor broken kids on the Isle under her wing and turned them into one awesome pirate crew and just wants her freedom and Harry Hook who’s so Extra™ I have no words I love him

Look at my Extra™ son

p r o t e c t h i m

l o o k  a t  h e r

a n d  h e r

And so many others! Like Doug who never assumes anything about his relationship with Evie and just supports her? He’s just a pure boy? Also they could’ve easily made him whine about the friendzone in the first movie and how nice guys never get the girl but they didn’t. Oh and Gil who’s not even trying to pretend to be a villain??

And obviously I love the original four villain kids too, but I feel like I talk about them enough in the other points and I don’t want to repeat myself

💛 HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. Okay Audrey’s relationships aren’t exactly healthy, but they’re never written to be perceived that way or romanticised. The relationships that you’re supposed to be rooting for though? They are. Are they all straight? Um yeah it’s Disney Channel, and while a main character on Disney’s The Lodge came out and Andi Mack is definitely going there too, it still has a long way to go. Descendants 2 has been long in the works though, and by the time these two shows went there it was already finished, so maybe these shows paved the way for more LGBTQ+ rep in the third one? Fingers crossed (I mean with Space Between I really feel like Kenny Ortega wanted to go there and Harry Hook ain’t straight y’all)
ANWAY. The relationships we do have, are healthy, supporting, caring, they communicate, they don’t tear each other down… They’re good. There are also interracial relationships.

Also the cast is so sweet, funny, supportive of both each other and the fans and love all their characters’ ships, INCLUDING the same-sex ones unlike a certain other cast *cough Supergirl cough* Basically I love these movies and this cast to pieces and I want to spread the love so I hope I convinced some of you

Did you watch Descendants 2 yet? What do you think of it? Better than the first one? Who are your favourite characters and ships? Are you also listening to the soundtrack non-stop? Let me know in the comments!

The Weekly Hufflepuff #51


I cought up on some comics, started Giant Days (another comic) which I’m loving and made little progress in Anne of Windy Poplars. I’m not loving that one as much as the previous books, but it’s still fun. I’m just not a fast reader when it comes to e-books.

It was supposed to be really warm on Tuesday, so my mom wanted to go to the beach, but once we were finally ready to go and got outside it was pretty chilly so instead we went to do some shopping haha. I spent so much money that I’m putting myself on a ban. But it was so worth it; there was a sale at a comic book store and it was all so cheap

The three comics on the right are the ones I got for free with my purchase (welllll minus two that I threw away *hides* they weren’t really comics though, more like thin magazines with info on the comics? But they were Hydra Cap related and well… Nope). I’m not sure what I’ll do with The Walking Dead one since that doesn’t appeal to me at all but I’ll find it a good home. Underneath the Ms. Marvel issue there are 5 others. I’m so happy to finally have my own issues, even though I don’t have them all yet. Those hardcovers were both around 10 euros so?? How could I not take them with me??

I didn’t just buy comics though! I also got a new Totoro notebook, a Pikachu phonestrap, some new clothes (including a shirt with Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl on it), a moleskine planner which I’ve wanted for a while now and a new notebook that I’m in love with so I’ll shall show it soon.

On Wednesday we did go to the beach, though about two hours in it started to rain terribly even though they said it wouldn’t rain until later that evening (#dutchweatherbelike) so we ended up waiting inside for it to stop (and were joined by two old guys because I was stupid and wanted to sit on a comfy sofa and in the end I didn’t even get to sit on the comfy side because when I got back from the toilet they were sitting there :( I was debating with my mom whether or not I should get ice cream, one of them said ‘that’s not good for your diet’ where did I ask) The weather cleared up though and all in all it was a nice day.

If you follow me on Instagram you may notice that my hair had gotten pretty long

My hair was in a ponytail here so it was actually longer. Yep, past tense because on Thursday I got a haircut. My hair was just waaay too long. I could barely do anything with it and it was taking forever to wash and dry it. I tried looking for a picture where you can properly see how much shorter it is but I failed haha. It’s still long though! I’m just no Rapunzel anymore #rip

On Friday my mom, grandfather and I went to castle De Haar which was absolutely beautiful. Also as a history and castles nerd I loved every minute of it. Sadly we couldn’t see everything of it because my grandfather is a heart patient so he couldn’t walk through the entire castle and garden, and we didn’t want to leave him all by himself while we looked around since that’s a bit rude.

I may write a Travelling Hufflepuff about it (though maybe, maybe I should write those about London first #rip)

Finally, but definitely not least, DESCENDANTS 2 CAME OUT. You may not remember or maybe you weren’t following me back then, but back when the first movie came out I reviewed/fangirled about it. I have so much love for this franchise and this sequel? Spectacular. Even better than the first. Old and new characters shined (CHINA AND THOMAS WERE SO GOOD I’M IN LOVE), the soundtrack and choreography were even better than last time, the story was so much fun, the sets and costumes were on point and basically my obsession is even worse than last time. I hate that I  have to wait two more years again haha (I really hope it won’t be more than two years).

I ACTUALLY WROTE. Not much, but I still wrote. Also changed my NaNo goal to 15.000 because there’s no way I’m going to be able to write 25.000. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to reach 15.000 either, since my month has been a lot busier than expected, but I’m planning on taking it a bit easier this week and spend more time writing, blogging and reading. I need some time relaxing at home haha.

Oh also I started planning a new novel hahahahaha

And that’s a wrap! How has your week been? What have you been reading? HAVE YOU SEEN DESCENDANTS 2 

My Love For Disney Descendants Is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I absolutely love Disney Descendants. No, scratch that. I think I’m obsessed.

If you’re not familiar with this new Disney film, it’s about the children of four Disney Villains: Mal daughter of Maleficent, Evie daughter of the Evil Queen, Carlos son of Cruella de Vil and Jay son of Jafar. 20 years before the start of the film King Beast banned all the villains from Auradon (all the kingdoms combined into one kingdom) to the Isle of the Lost. His son Ben thinks this is unfair to the kids, who can’t me blamed for their parent’s crimes and thus decides that his first decree as king (his coronation is soon) is to let the children of the villains come to Auradon and get a second chance. As a trial he chooses our four protagonists to attend Auradon Prep.

Now, I may have had an advantage since I’ve read The Isle of the Lost (click for review) as it explains why Ben is coronated, how he gets the idea of his decree, how the protagonists became friends and I had already gotten to know the characters and fallen in love with them. I don’t think it’s really necessary to read this prequel, as they never mentioned the events of the novel.

Like I said, I had already fallen in love with the characters during the book, but I think the actors portrayal’s made me fall even more in love with them. They all had great chemistry between them, though I do wish we had seen more of Mal and Jay, as they had been friends before the beginning of the novel. But we did see more of Mal/Evie and Jay/Carlos which we didn’t really see in the book!

Ben was even cuter in the film than in the book, but that might have had to do with Mitchell Hope haha.

His relationship with a certain someone (I don’t want to spoil anything) was ADORABLE. I already shipped them in the book (they hadn’t even met), but I shipped them 10000000x more during the film.

Mal was my favourite character in the book, and she remained so during the film.

Look at this cute little ‘villain’

Also look at these two relatable gifs. I mean, everyone loves food right?


Also look #SquadGoals:

Blog Squad if we ever meet in real life, we need to do a slow mo walk shot haha.

We got to know a lot more kids from the Heroes than we did in the book, where we only met Ben and Audrey, who didn’t play such big roles but were still fun to watch. I did have a problem with the portrayal of the Villains in the film and in the book. Especially Maleficent was written differently. She made a lot of jokes and laughed a lot in the film, while in the book she was more serious? I wonder how much information they gave Melissa de la Cruz, as there were a few other differences between book and film, but they were small so I don’t mind. And obviously I’m not going to criticise the film for this! I did love Maleficent’s portrayal. Of course this is nothing like the original Maleficent, but I still adored it. I’m all for different portrayals!

Also thanks again Disney for once again giving me unrealistic expectations of men. I now want a guy to sing ‘Did I Mention’ to me haha.

Descendants is a fun, cute movie with a great soundtrack (which I’m listening over and over again to), a great message (don’t let someone’s background define them, everyone deserves second chances etc.), there are several POC’s and I laughed out loud quite few times. I know a lot of people have criticised their cover of Be Our Guest, but the rest of the soundtrack is a lot better (though I quite like the cover and just don’t compare it to the original). I also know there are people who hate the costumes, but I loved them (COSPLAY IDEAS). I just really love this film, guys. And I don’t care what the haters say!

They have already announced animated shorts (Wicked World) which I’m excited for and I’m not so patiently waiting for an announcement of the sequel (like not patiently at all. GIMME NOW).

Have you seen Descendants yet? Are you as obsessed as I am? And tell me about your ships!! And your favourite songs and just share your love with me if you love it just like I do haha.



Review: The Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz


Genre: Middle grade, fantasy, fairytale retelling
Series: The Descendants #1
Goodreads rating: 3.96
My rating: ★★★★


Twenty years ago, all the evil villains were banished from the kingdom of Auradon and made to live in virtual imprisonment on the Isle of the Lost. The island is surrounded by a magical force field that keeps the villains and their descendants safely locked up and away from the mainland. Life on the island is dark and dreary. It is a dirty, decrepit place that’s been left to rot and forgotten by the world.

But hidden in the mysterious Forbidden Fortress is a dragon’s eye: the key to true darkness and the villains’ only hope of escape. Only the cleverest, evilest, nastiest little villain can find it…who will it be?

Maleficent, Mistress of the Dark: As the self-proclaimed ruler of the isle, Maleficent has no tolerance for anything less than pure evil. She has little time for her subjects, who have still not mastered life without magic. Her only concern is getting off the Isle of the Lost.

Mal: At sixteen, Maleficent’s daughter is the most talented student at Dragon Hall, best known for her evil schemes. And when she hears about the dragon’s eye, Mal thinks this could be her chance to prove herself as the cruelest of them all.

Evie: Having been castle-schooled for years, Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie, doesn’t know the ins and outs of Dragon Hall. But she’s a quick study, especially after she falls for one too many of Mal’s little tricks.

Jay: As the son of Jafar, Jay is a boy of many talents: stealing and lying to name a few. Jay and Mal have been frenemies forever and he’s not about to miss out on the hunt for the dragon’s eye.

Carlos: Cruella de Vil’s son may not be bravest, but he’s certainly clever. Carlos’s inventions may be the missing piece in locating the dragon’s eye and ending the banishment for good.

Mal soon learns from her mother that the dragon’s eye is cursed and whoever retrieves it will be knocked into a deep sleep for a thousand years. But Mal has a plan to capture it. She’ll just need a little help from her “friends.” In their quest for the dragon’s eye, these kids begin to realize that just because you come from an evil family tree, being good ain’t so bad (Goodreads).


I had heard of Disney Descendants and it seemed like a fun film, so when I learned of The Isle of the Lost I knew I had to get my hands on it. So naturally I immediately bought it when I noticed it at the bookstore (only copy! Obviously I quickly grabbed it).

I’m going to start with the negative things, to get them out of the way. It kind of bothered me that all of the villain’s kids had one parent. Okay, Mal’s and Carlos’ their fathers are mentioned, but it was just ‘Hook’s daughter’, ‘Gaston’s sons’… And even Lucifer and Iago and some other evil pets had children, but there was no mention of their partners?

The names of the kids also really, really bothered me. Okay, so Mal is actually called Maleficent and named after her mother and I think it’s totally canon for Gaston to name his sons Gaston Jr. and Gaston the Third, but The Evil Queen’s daughter is called Evie. Jafar’s son is called Jay, Carlos and Cruella both start with a C and then the minor characters’ names all started with the same letter as their parents name (maybe with a few exceptions that I missed because I was so annoyed at the others’ names. Example: Hook’s daughter is called Harriet. Or remember Horace and Jasper, Cruella’s minions? Their sons are called Harold and Jason) Um, why? I really wished the author had gone for some more original names.

The characters themselves were fun and interesting though. I think they grew during the book and we got to know them better chapter by chapter. I also love how their relationships with each other developed and I can’t wait to see more of that in the film (WHICH IS TOO FAR AWAY). Also, they’re precious babies who aren’t even evil, but just want their parents approval (which leads to trying to be evil when your parents are Disney villains). Then there are the characters back in Auradon, mainly Ben, who had his own pov. Ben is the son of Belle and Beast (fun fact: for some reason my mind decided that Belle is called Belly instead…). He too just wants his parents approval and has a lot to live up too. We don’t get to read as much about him as the villain’s kids, but I can already tell I’m going to like him in the film. Also, I really, really ship him and Mal (Bal? Men? What would their ship name be??).

Then their are the awesome cameos of all or favourite Disney characters. Almost all of them make an appearance and there were fun references to the films throughout the book, which are fun to catch as a Disney fan!

The writing style was pleasant to read and quick. The story was fun and stayed interesting because of the multiple povs. It’s a fun prequel to the film, not really necessary to read before the film I think. In this book you get to learn the characters and how they became friends and how Ben got the idea for the plot of the film (which sounds really vague, I know. If you already know what the film is about, it won’t be a spoiler, but just in case I’m going to sound vague haha).

This is a Disney middle grade book, but there were still some moments that I was scared for the protagonists. I mean, we all remember Mufasa and Bambi’s mom and oh! Ray my favourite little firefly and of course Tadashi (though a sequel has been confirmed and I’ve heard rumors that he’s alive?!) and some others too of course. There were also some laughs and heartwarming moments. Definitely recommend to any Disney fan!

– The Writing Hufflepuff