Nine Reasons Why You Should Watch Dream High


While I should have been studying for my exams, I got addicted to the Korean drama Dream High. It was the perfect way to relax after a long day of studying, though I wish I had started it a different day, as it was really hard to resist watching another episode instead of picking up a textbook. I managed though, barely.

Dream High is about six teenagers who attend Kirin Art School where they work hard to become idols. In one sentence. Dream High deals with a lot more than just singing and dancing, some of which quite serious. Do not, I repeat DO NOT read the blurb on DramaFever. There’s a huge spoiler for something that happens in a much later episode. Thankfully I read it after I saw that episode, so it wasn’t a spoiler for me.

Here are nine reasons why YOU should watch Dream High.


  • Fun, yet tense and dramatic storyline
  • Amazing, realistic, well-developed characters that go through great character development
  • Perfect and adorable cast
  • Catchy songs (plus inspiring)
  • Though at times also heartbreaking
  • Cute ships, both romantic and platonic. Like you’ll die from cuteness. I mean: 
  • Inspiring and heartwarming

Here’s one of my favourite scenes to win you over:

Me while watching dream high:

In conclusion:

Dream High 2 why oh why do you have an almost new cast? I’m slowly making my way through it, as it’s just not as addicting as the original. I will give it a shot though! If you’re wondering where you can watch it, I watched it on the DramaFever app, though they also have a website where I believe you can watch it as well (Update: if you watch it on the website the episode will be interrupted quite a few times by ads. Do not recommend).

I hope I have converted all of you. This is the second drama I’ve given a ten on My Drama List (the other being Hana Yori Dango) and it’s definitely a new favourite.