The Weekly Hufflepuff #22

This was my first week of the third term and it’s already a lot busier than last term. Okay, last term was really relaxed and we were really spoiled haha, but still. It was also a fun week though!


I finally started Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children!


So far my classes seem interesting and fun, and the teachers seem nice too! Hopefully I won’t be deceived like I was in my first term

On Tuesday I went to buy one of my friends’ a birthday present and to get Stars Above, but none of the bookstores had it *cue crying* I did discover a really pretty bookstore that I had never been to before (okay not entirely true; I had been there, but they’re in a new building now in which I had never been, and it just felt completely new)

That same friend celebrated her birthday on Wednesday. She had the entire week off and so did some other people, but others, including me, had class, so we went bowling in the morning haha. It felt so completely wrong to sit in a classroom to hours later. It was a lot of fun though!

THIS WEEK’S TEEN WOLF GUYS. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It felt like old school Teen Wolf with just the right amount of lightheartedness and humor and action and angst. I was just waiting for Stiles to fall off the table and I was not disappointed. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING CLUMSY STILES BACK

On Thursday that same friend and I went to visit our secondary school. Sadly our friend who goes there was absent since she was sick at home, but we did get to see  and talk a bit to some of our old teachers. While my friend was talking to her old physics teacher, my old maths teacher passed us and greeted us like normal, then he made a funny jump as he turned around and went

When he realised we don’t go there anymore haha

Saturday evening I went ice skating with two of my friends, which was a lot of fun even though I can’t skate at all haha. I kept to the side so I had something to hold on to. Thankfully one of my friends is on the same level as me (the other one can do any sport, which always annoyed us during P.E. haha). I only almost fell once! My athletic friend was holding my hand at the moment so she pulled me back up before I could hit the ice. I let out a terrible scream though, that sounded like I was being murdered. But hey, I didn’t fall! A pretty successful evening if you ask me

IMG_0060 IMG_0061

The left picture wasn’t taken when I fell, but I did lose my balance.

We stayed until closing hours, since my mom was going to pick us up and she wasn’t there yet. Just when we wanted to leave, we found the gate closed.


We stood there like idiots thinking we were locked in, not knowing what to do, my mom laughing her ass off at my selfie, when these guys arrived on a scooter and told us about a button we were supposed to push. Oops (there was also another button that I almost pushed, but thankfully I noticed the EMERGENCY above it in time)

what I posted-2


And that’s a wrap! I only have one post scheduled for this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to write some more, but if I don’t post and/or comment on your blogs, know that I haven’t disappeared but that I’m just busy with school.

How was your week? Are you anticipating the next Shadowhunters episode? Or maybe… TEEN WOLF?! And what have you been reading? Let me know in the comments!


The Weekly Hufflepuff #3


Anyway, what happened this week?


  • This was a slow reading week for me. I finally finished The Young Elites and it was okay. It took so long for things to get interesting!
  • I started The Warlock (fifth book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series) and am enjoying it so far. I had to look up summaries of the first four books since it’s been so long since I read those, but now at least I remember what has happened so far!


I translated quite a bit of my WIP this week, though not as much as I would’ve liked.


The Fosters mid-season finale though. Spoilers in white: DID WE SIRIUSLY GET A HAPPY FINALE OH MY GOD. I mean, okay Jonnor might break up (so not okay with that), but nothing majorly bad happened!! Also not sure how I feel about the new Jesus (I was so confused: ‘Who’s that. What Jesus? That’s not- Okay so we have a new Jesus’ I had no idea Jesus was coming back! I guess I missed that). I guess I’m still used to Jake T. Austin, but we’ll see what he’s like in 3B!

On Thursday I went to see Paper Towns with a friend. Getting there was terrible, as I hadn’t realised how busy it would be thanks to Sail! (If you don’t know what that is, it has something to do with boats. Somehow I managed to miss this events in my 18 years of living in Amsterdam). I barely got on time (which was really funny as it’s usually my friend who’s late haha!) and thankfully we were still allowed to buy tickets and go in. I won’t go into details, or this post will get really long, but I absolutely loved it. They made some minor changes, but they didn’t affect the plot too much and most of them I actually liked (like Angela getting screen-time). The cast all did a fantastic job portraying their characters and they had great chemistry with each other. One of my favourite adaptations, that’s for sure!

I slept over at my friends and we caught up on Pretty Little Liars (no spoilers please, we still have five episodes until the 6A finale). Of course we also talked a lot.

The next day we continued our Pretty Little Liars marathon (actually we went to bed at 3 AM so we continued it the same day haha. I had a really weird dream by the way, about Pretty Little Liars…) and baked muffins with chocolate chips!

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Muffins!! 😊

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Oh I also rewatched The Jungle Book (first time in English since I grew up with most Disney films in Dutch) and was very disturbed to find out Kaa and Winnie the Pooh had the same voice actor (I’M NOT OKAY THAT MY FAVOURITE BEAR HAS THE SAME VOICE AS THAT CREEPY SNAKE OKAY)

what I posted-2


I spy with my little eye… Some interesting blog posts!

That was another week! There’s only one week of August left- EEP. Which means I really need to post my first Amsterdam post since I promised the series would start this month. I STILL DON’T HAVE A NAME THOUGH. If you have any suggestions, let me know!
Anyway, how was your week? Let me know in the comments!


Music Monday: Nostalgia

It’s time for another Music Monday! Except that it’s Friday. Ssssh.

Music Monday is a bi-weekly link-up hosted by Bridget from Stay and Watch the Stars. This time the theme is ‘nostalgia’.

My playlist


You can also listen to this playlist on 8tracks.

Wish – Arashi

The song that introduced me to Arashi! Also my favourite Japanese drama <3

Crashed the Wedding – Busted

Probably not my first song (I honestly don’t remember which one was my first Busted song), but one of my favourites! I even made a music video for it with a friend haha.

Sakura Kiss – Chieko Kawabe

The opening song to my favourite anime! <3

Hakuna Matata – Lion King

Except the Dutch version is more nostalgic to me haha.

Pokémon Theme

This wasn’t just the theme song of Pokémon, it was the theme of my life.

Hanging by a Moment – Lifehouse

First song I heard of Lifehouse, now one of my favourite bands. I especially love to listen to them when I’m writing.

Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid

Again, the Dutch version is more nostalgic to me!

I’ll Be There for You – The Rembrandts

CLAP CLAP (I’m 100% positive I’m not the only one who claps haha)

Tale As Old As Time – Beauty and the Beast

And once again, Dutch version is more nostalgic, though I definitely prefer this one (as with all the Disney songs I prefer the original)

If you made a playlist for Music Monday I’d love to listen to it, so feel free to share the link to your post in the comments! Are any of these songs nostalgic to you as well?

– The Writing Hufflepuff