Guest Post: Myers-Briggs and Hogwarts by Elisabeth Wheatley

I came late to the Harry Potter party, but seven books, eight movies, one Pottermore account, a Slytherin tie, a Golden Trio snow globe, and various HP shirts later, here I am. While I was still getting into the Harry Potter fandom, I started reading the research of Dr. Kiersey, one of the foremost Myers-Briggs authorities.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, the sixteen personalities outlined by Myers-Briggs are determined by extroversion/introversion (E/I), sensing/intuitive (S/N), thinking/feeling (T/F) and judging/perceiving (J/P).  These sixteen personalities fall into four subcategory temperaments—Artisans, Idealists, Rationals, and Guardians. They can have different names in different scoring systems, but that’s the one I will use. While reading, I realized that the four temperaments translated remarkably well to the archetypes of the four Hogwarts houses. Let’s take a look.

Gryffindor “Courage and Daring”—SP “Artisans”

Those of the SP “artisan” temperament are the most impulsive  people you will ever meet. Kind of like most Gryffindors. They tend to pay less attention to status and generally see others as equals. With a penchant for boldness and unconventional ideas, they embody the Gryffindor tendency for bravery—often because they simply don’t stop to consider consequences. (Harry Potter is generally believed to be an SP and I have to concur.)

Ravenclaw “Wisdom and Knowledge”—NF “Idealists”

The Ravenclaw desire for knowledge can also be associated with the “rational” personality type. However, Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood, and also what we know of Rowena Ravenclaw fits the “idealist” best. NF’s are the natural poets, dreamers, and empaths of the world. Often dubbed bookworms, they soak in the world on a conceptual, almost spiritual level. Their primary drive is the betterment and discovery of self, the question of “who am I?” Definitely Ravenclaw.

Slytherin “Cunning and Ambition”—NT “Rationals”

Dr. Kiersey writes that the NT “rational” personality type revolves around power—be it the possession of power, an attraction to power, or simply understanding of how it works. I cannot think of anything more Slytherin. NT’s value competence above all else, in themselves as well as in those around them. They also often share the highly Slytherin trait of cloudy morality and fudging the rules. However, they can still make imaginative, devoted romantic partners and fiercely loyal friends.

As a Slytherin ENTJ, I can confirm everything in this section firsthand. Don’t look at me like that. I use my powers for good, I swear!

Hufflepuff  “Loyality and Courage”—SJ “Guardians”

Like Hufflepuffs, SJ’s often get taken for granted. Described as “the bedrock of society” by Dr. Kiersey, SJ’s are the ones who embrace order, routine, and stability. They are the most faithful and devoted of the temperament types and while they can definitely be a riot to hang out with, they take their responsibilities very seriously. Without SJ’s, the rest of us would quite literally die since we mostly have them to thank for hospitals, schools, and—well—society itself.

Now, this isn’t to say all the characters were sorted according to temperament type. I’m pretty sure Hermione was an SJ and Tonks was probably an SP, but the house archetypes definitely align.

So do you know your personality type and Hogwarts house? Let us know in the comments. It’s for science!

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