Five Webtoons To Read This Valentine’s Day

While I didn’t set any official goals for myself this year since I didn’t want to pressure myself, especially with my burn-out, I did decide that this year I want to blog more about Webtoons, because I really want to share them with you since they’re amazing and have become such a big part of my life these past few years. I have at least one Webtoon to read each day of the week, which on my not so great days have been such a help. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I figured: why not talk about some more romance heavy Webtoons? Some of these are more romance focused than others, but there is a romance that’s central to the plot.

IMPORTANT: Please read Webtoons on either the website or the app. This is entirely free for you, but supports the artists as Webtoon pays them per view etc.

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Always Human

Set in a future with very advanced technology, Always Human follows Sunati and Austen as they fall in love. Always Human covers important topics like beauty standards and academic pressure, but mostly it’s about Sunati and Austen’s relationship, which is beautifully written. I loved seeing how both of them grew, both outside and inside the relationship, and how they slowly became more and more comfortable with each other.

ALSO! Always Human is completed, so you can binge it!

Read Always Human on Webtoon



Disaster Bi™ swipes right on a bunch of Gods and Goddesses and now finds herself bound to a contract and a prophecy. Which God or Goddess will win her heart?

When #Blessed was first added to Webtoon it sounded like a fun read, but I had NO IDEA Joanna was bi so imagine how much my heart fluttered when there were flashbacks to her previous disastrous dates and!! She had dates with girls too!! Joanna is the ultimate Disaster Bi™ and I love her so much. At first she’s not happy at all to have all these Gods and Goddesses show up and make a mess of her life, but she soon comes to love all of them and honestly I really hope there’ll be a polyamorous ending because I love all of them?

Read #Blessed on Webtoon

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is a slice of life comic, following tiny Fishball and – as the title suggests – her Giant Nerd Boyfriend. I’m not that big on slice of life comics* but gosh My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is just so cute and funny and absolute relationship goals?? Fishball also shows the downs of the relationship, but they always work through their problems.

* I say while I read three

Read My Giant Nerd Boyfriend on Webtoon

Super Secret

Super Secret more like super cute. Super Secret follows Emma and Ryan, neighbours and best friends since they were little, although Emma has no idea that Ryan and his family are actually supernatural beings. While I called it ‘super cute’, that’s mostly in the beginning. There’s more angst later on in the comic but it’s still funny and adorable. Emma is so clueless whereas Ryan is the Mom Friend™ we all need. There are also many loveable and unique side characters.

Read Super Secret on Webtoon

Big Jo

Big Jo is still on hiatus as I’m typing it and I really hope it will come back soon as it was supposed to come back in January please I miss my kids

God I love Big Jo so much. Jo is such an icon, not caring what people think of her. She does have some problems with how she sees her body at the start of the comic, but she has this beautiful realisation that she is beautiful and becomes 1000000x more confident and it’s awesome. I also love how the comic showed that fat =/= unhealthy. Honestly Big Jo is the body positivity comic we deserve. Big Jo will leave you with warm feelings and laughing out loud.

Also: more Bi Disasters™!! Jo herself is one (a possible female love interest popped up at the end of season 1 and?? I’m screaming?? THEY’RE GOING ON A DATE??) and so is the male lead, though he’s more of a Disaster™ than Jo is ksdgjgh legit he pretty much kisses EVERYONE* in a panic like??

Also there’s a butch janitor who’s dating a femme teacher who are legit goals and an English teacher who is 100% based on Tom Hiddleston which is super funny and he’s engaged to the cutest cinnamon and so many more amazing characters

* Just to clarify this is an exaggeration you’ll see what I mean when you read the scene

Read Big Jo on Webtoon

I have some more Webtoons to recommend, so hopefully I’ll do a part two soon? If I don’t get to it before Valentine’s Day I’ll just do it after

Do you read any Webtoons? Maybe one of these? Which ones are your favourites? If you don’t read any Webtoons: do you have a favourite comic or graphic novel? Let me know in the comments!

High School Basketball Team Trying To Live During the Zombie Apocalypse A.K.A Why You Should Read Shoot Around

Man that is a long title

I’ve wanted to write this post basically ever since I started obsessing over reading this webcomic, but for some reason I just didn’t get around it. So what is Shoot Around? Here’s the summary from the artist:

When a zombie apocalypse hits during the practice of a high school basketball team, it’s a whole new life for the coach, Jeff. The world’s turned upside down and the girls seem to be handling the changes way better than Jeff, who has troubles adjusting. A close-knit group of friends, the girls are eager to tackle this new world with its challenges!

Now that you know what it is, why should you read it?


I mean yeah, it’s about surviving too because they have to fight off zombies all the time, but the comic focusses more on living during a zombie apocalypse than surviving it, which is really cool. It’s about the girls and their relationships with each other, their coach and the supporting characters. It just so happens that there are zombies here and there and that the world isn’t such a happy place anymore.


Out of the seven main characters, only one of them is white. One of them is transgender, and only one of them is supposedly straight (I mean right now she has a possible male love interest but who knows what happens in future comics). And that’s just the main cast. IT’S GREAT. Though the romances are not always that great. Some are ADORABLE and OTP-worthy, but others will break your heart into tiny little pieces for the girls to play basketball with


Speaking of the cast, I love them all and they’re all my precious babies. No one hurt them. I will fight zombies for them. I shall protect them.


Like seriously these girls guys. The zombies attacked and they just took care of them. Were they terrified and stressed? Yes. Did they and do they still kick ass? Yes


Seriously the humour is so good. Suspu (the artist/author) easily goes from a serious to a light moment, without it feeling off. I’ve laughed out loud so many times. And it’s not just the dialogue, it’s the expressions drawn as well.


God guys I just want to rave about it all BUT SPOILERS. It’s just so good. I read all the chapters that were out back then in like a day. And I’m so devastated that I now have to wait every week (though of course it’s also great because it means I have something to look forward to


If zombie stories are usually not your thing, don’t worry. It’s not about the zombies like I said in my first point. It’s about the girls. It’s also not that gruesome, so don’t worry about that! The art is actually quite cute for a story with zombies haha (though the zombies are not cute of course).


Please please please read it either on the Webtoon site or the app (seriously recommend the app). Don’t read it on other websites and support the amazing Suspu okay? I mean it won’t cost you anything! But it does mean the artist gets paid

So are you reading this amazing Webtoon? Seriously I’m reading quite a lot, but this one is my ultimate fave so if you’re not *nudges you* GO READ IT. Do you read any other online comics? Let me know in the comments!