The Weekly Hufflepuff #16



I’ve been admiring and worshipping the illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (and reading it too of course). Expect a review soon!


I really need to write down all the things that I want to mention here because apparently I have a terrible memory (Edit: hey look, I remembered quite a bit!)

I’m not sure how I feel about the Once Upon a Time midseason finale. I have very mixed feelings about it. BUT HEY (minor spoiler in white. If you’ve kept up with casting news it’s not a spoiler at all even if you haven’t seen the finale yet): WE’RE THEY’RE GOING TO THE UNDERWORLD AND I LOVE THE UNDERWORLD AND HERC AND MEG AND HADES THEY BETTER NOT SCREW THIS UP (though I’m not sure how I feel about the casting of Herc and Meg)


I started watching The Heirs (Korean drama) this week and I’m quite addicted. I’ll probably write a post about it during my Christmas break.

I visited my grandpa today (which is nothing new
as I visit him every Sunday unless I’m ill/have exams for example) BUT ON MY WAY HOME I PASSED A PUG AND WE STARED AT EACH OTHER AND I SWEAR THERE WAS A CONNECTION. Me @ pug:

I swear I mentally squealed

Also I’ve started wearing hats this week (I know this is not very interesting but the next bit is): I was wearing my Pikachu hat and I passed two dogs who both aggressively barked at me. Is it the Pikachu hat?? Do they hate Pikachu?? What has Pikachu done to them??

If you missed yesterday’s posts (I don’t know in which one I mentioned it): I had a funny dream Saturday night. I dreamed that I was a talking panda with magical powers. I was on a boat with my classmates and we were being chased by some bad guys. I stopped them by creating a tsunami with my panda powers.

WE PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE THIS WEEK. I’ll take some better pictures later this week. Mainly of my new Disney ornaments I got this year that are GORGEOUS


An excerpt of The Hidden Oracle (book one in The Trials of Apollo, a new series by Uncle Rick which will be published next frickin’ year) was released. Read it here, you won’t regret it. I’m SO EXCITED. Way more excited than I am for Magnus Chase’s sequel (just realised I still haven’t posted my review…)

what I posted-2

Not much. I wanted to blog more, but I was so exhausted. There are so many posts I still want to post this month, I might have to post twice a day during my break to do so.


I’m once again behind on reading blogs… Oh well! I try to keep the amount of posts in my Bloglovin feed beneath 100. Here are some of the posts I liked this week:

And that’s a wrap! How was your week? What have you been reading? Are you all set for Christmas yet? I’m not! But that’s what Christmas break is for, right? 


The Weekly Hufflepuff #13

One week of November left which means… 2015 is almost over. HOW. Though it’s scary it’s also really exciting. It’s almost Sinterklaas (Dutch holiday), winter break (which I already need woops), Christmas, New Years, SHADOWHUNTERS, so many new books, tv shows starting again (TEEN WOLF 5B AND THE FOSTERS 3B), Ace Attorney anime and a new game, Dutch Comic Con and YalFestNL and gosh so many more things! But I’ll talk about the future in another post, let’s talk about the past!


Last week I sort of started Winter. I had a lot to do that day so I didn’t really read much. On Monday and Tuesday I was home late and too tired to read, but once I picked it up again on Wednesday I couldn’t stop (I did though. I had to write my introduction post for The Blogger Positivity Campaign and do some homework). I spend Thursday reading as well (though once again I managed to stop so I could do some homework haha) and then I finished it on Friday. UM WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO READ NOW (I don’t know, maybe finish The Silkworm which you started a few weeks ago but you keep reading other books instead?)


So… I think I wrote a thousand words this week? Oh well, I was too tired and too obsessed with Winter to write haha. I’m just happy I wrote at all. I’ll write more about my NaNo experience in a future post (probably my monthly wrap up). I’m going to try to write a bit this week, but if I don’t, I’m okay with that!


Remember that pie/cake/thing I was going to make last Sunday? Yeah, we completely failed. It had to rise in the refrigerator, but it didn’t. It was disgusting

There’s really not much to tell since I spent most of my free time reading Winter

OH OH. ONCE UPON A TIME YOU GUYS. OH MY GOD. I won’t go into details since I don’t want to spoil anyone, but WOW. Did not see that coming. I haven’t watched The Bear King yet, since I’m not really a fan of Merida’s portrayal and arc in OUaT, though I do love Mulan and Ruby (and the moment this episode was announced I started shipping them and from what I’ve seen on Tumblr they’re are a lot of shipworthy moments in this episode? It’s the only thing that motivates me to watch the episode haha)

I bought and ate the most delicious muffin at school. It was a chocolate muffin, with nutella on the inside and white chocolate sprinkles on top of it. HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH

what I posted-2




The Weekly Hufflepuff #9

I’m really proud of myself that so far I haven’t missed one weekly wrap up! I really thought I would’ve at least missed one, because I was too tired, lazy or busy. But I haven’t!


  • I finally finished Cry of the Wolf by Rachel Roberts! I will write a review for the first three books in the Avalon series soon.
  • I read Made You Up by Francesca Zappia and oh my God guys read it because it’s perfection (warning: possibility of a reading slump afterwards)


In my last weekly wrap up I completely forgot to tell you guys about the pizza! You see Monday the 21st we had a meeting with all the editors to check everyone’s first big article for the magazine (I think I might’ve told you guys already, but in case I didn’t: one of our subjects is ‘First Issue’ in which we have to make our own magazine). It took us hours and at some point someone suggested to order pizza haha. It was delicious and fun. I can’t believe I forgot to mention it last week!

I stayed home for one more day on Monday, and it’s a good thing I did: the next day I felt really good! I still have a cough, but I’m energetic and excited to do all the things!

Wednesday was such a productive day for me. I don’t even really remember what I did, but I did a lot of homework and even wrote a blogpost for The Feministas. Considering I missed my last three blogging days before that, I’m really proud haha.

On Thursday I found out about YALFestNL and I’m still fangirling haha. I immediately bought my tickets (I was so lucky to get Early Bird tickets)

Saturday was another productive day! I wrote two blogposts and did quite a lot of homework again. For the past few weeks my weekends were anything but productive. I did the things that I had to do for Monday and then I read or watched tv. I felt very unlike myself, but I didn’t feel good so I couldn’t concentrate on my homework!

I’m still not caught up on Doctor Who *dies*, but GUYS. ONCE UPON A TIME. OH MY.

what I posted-2


I’m still slowly catching up, so some of these post might not have been posted this week!

And that was it for another week! I can’t believe I’ll start my sixth week as a journalism student tomorrow. Ever since I started studying journalism, time has gone by so fast. But enough about me. How was your week?